WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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INFERNO BC TubeTank System

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  • INFERNO BC TubeTank System
  • Same paint scheme
  • Fill and go!
  • Removeable, replaceable coil system

INFERNO BC TubeTank System


Availability: Out of stock


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Innovation has arrived! The new INFERNO BC TubeTank System is a revolutionary new vapor delivery system that pushes the envelope forward in terms of design, performance, build quality, and ease of use. With a simple fill-and-go design, we've created the new standard in vapor delivery systems and we're sure you're gonna love it.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The BC TubeTank is constructed from the same high quality stainless steel as our INFERNO Batteries and has the same paint scheme making it the perfect match for your INFERNO.  The see-through tank holds 2.5ml of e-liquid and is constructed from Stainless Steel and FDA Certified food-grade plastic which gives you the perfect view of your e-liquid well.  

The food-grade plastic well is high quality and will have no problems holding up with any type of our e-liquid. Each BC TubeTank System comes pre-loaded with a removeable, replaceable 1.8Ω heating coil that has a Kanthal wire coil and silica wick assembly.  This new setup is a top performer right out of the box!  Flavor reproduction and vapor production is phenomenal with this unit and the simple fill-and-go design will make this new tank system your best friend! Give it a shot today and become a believer!

*Includes (1) 1.8Ω Heating Coil.  For more replacement heating coils for the BC TubeTank System, please click here.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by elizabethon 1/13/19
    This is my favorite, I’ve been using it for almost 5 years. I purchased the new model and hate it.. please bring this model back.. PLEASE!!
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Orsonon 9/14/18
    The first gen Inferno was a great product and did not deserve to be discontinued. Big mistake. bring it back. I bought the new Inferno and don't like as much as the 1st gen.
  • Overall
    Please please bring back. product!!!!! PLEASE
    Review by Jessicaon 7/20/18
    This ia the best small vape i have found. Disappointed!!! Its discontinued! c
  • Overall
    Please please bring back. product!!!!!
    Review by Jessicaon 7/20/18
    Used this for years and love it! Guess i will take have to go somewhere else now...... very disappointed.
  • Overall
    Inferno BC tube tank
    Review by Haroldon 6/12/18
    Pls bring back this tank. Do not like the fat replacement. If you’re not will be looking to buy other brands with same small diameter.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Sarahon 5/21/18
    Frustrated that this has been discontinued. Being forced to switch devices to something you don’t want is wrong. Probably time to switch vendors and go else where sadly
  • Overall
    I hope this will be back in stock soon!
    Review by Laureenon 3/17/18
    I hope this will be back in stock soon! It's the best around and I've been using these for many years now. Since Day!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Williamon 3/15/18
    Will you be getting this tank back in stock? I LOVE this tank!!!!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Sherryon 1/25/18
    I’m ordering this kit hoping that it is the ORIGINAL model. I ordered one of the new style models that is shorter, with the fatter tank. I do NOT like the new one at all and want my older model back.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Thomason 5/21/17
    The tank seal broke after about 1 month. My original lasted several years and had been dropped numerous times. My new one was handled with care and never drop but leaks now and this product of course is out of stock.
  • Overall
    5 years Inferno tube tank...♡
    Review by Jillon 5/5/17
    All I need, my coils and eliquid ea. Mo. ♡
  • Overall
    Review by Rachelon 3/6/17
    I have been using volcano products four years and this new tank us everything I've wanted tanks to be. It is super easy to fill and holds a lot of juice. I love the taste that comes through and the amount of vapor produced. I prefer pen style to box style devices and I have never been let down by a volcano product. I love that you can buy all of the replacement parts you could need and there is a rewards system. I would never get another brand of vaporizer.
  • Overall
    A must
    Review by DAWNon 12/3/16
    This tank is a great alternative to the cartomizer.
  • Overall
    Excellent tank system
    Review by Carrie on 11/29/15
    And no more wasting liquid, no leaking! It smokes better and uses less liquid! Great product!
  • Overall
    Review by johnon 8/18/15
    Just received my BC 2 tank system. I watch the instructional video and everything is worked out fine it is one of the best Volcano has offered to date. I look forward the eBay bidding for a very long time Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kennethon 8/17/15
    Probably one of the most reliable tanks on the market, my job is a rough job. I can do hard labor outside in the heat and carry it in my pocket from sweating and it still works fabulous. Had a tank last me 3 months straight and that's after dropping it from 4 feet off the ground numerous times. Componets are very reliable. To ensure your tank last long change out your cartomizer, and rubber seals. Also cleaning is part of the maintenance process.
  • Overall
    Works very well
    Review by Matton 4/12/15
    This tank/coil works very well until the tank deteriorates and starts leaking from the bottom. The time for this to happen is very inconsistent. I've had tanks last one month and I've had them last months at a time. I think it might depend on what type of juice you like to vape which may (or may not) take a toll on the tank fittings. I try lots of different juices every month so it's hard to say definitively. All this being said, I really like this tank system. Very satisfied. I would recommend this to a friend looking for something small and simple. And, even though I've graduated to a LavaTube, I still carry the Inferno with me in the car for longish trips because it's easier to manage while driving. Good job Volcano.
  • Overall
    Review by ddforton 4/1/15
    I first started out on another band my son had bought me. It was all and forever leaking. Strolling through the mall I saw VOLCANO. I checked it out and bought the Inferno Inferno starter kit. at that time I had the Drip system . within a few months they cam out with the BC tank. I loved it. I had no more leaking. I LOVE TH E CLEANER TASTE, AND THE EASE OF USE. I ALSO LIKE THE WAY I CAN CLEAN IT. YES I SAID CLEAN IT FOR A MUCH BETTER TASTE. Follow the directions or ask a sales person. EVERYONE ONLINE AND IN STORE KNOW THEIR PRODUCT. BC TANK ROCKS!!!!
  • Overall
    Nice Design but a bit fragile
    Review by Willon 3/8/15
    I bought a second BC Tube Tank because the glue bond on the original, (where the Air Shaft window and Tank connect) broke. Low and behold the same thing happened on the replacement. Its an easy fix with some crazy glue and electrician's tape though. And it doesn't seem to be happening with the majority of everyone else, so maybe it's just my dumb luck. Otherwise this thing puffs like a champ.
  • Overall
    BC tube tank for the Inferno
    Review by Raymond on 2/14/15
    Wow! yes just received the BC Tube Tank for my Inferno and so far loving it! Been on analogs for 43 years and I am hoping I will be able to kick the analogs for good. The BC Tank with the bottom technology is exactly what I needed, give me a throat hit that is really like my analogs. I get this hit every time without trying, very nice. The Inferno kit that I bought a year ago was ok, I but I couldn't seem to get a consistent throat hit that I was uses to, and when I did get that throat hit I had to work at it and take very long slow drags. So far the BC Tube Tank gives me exactly what I need every time, with just a regular pull like I would with an analog. So yeah way to go Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    A really nice upgrade to the old Tube Tank
    Review by Paulon 12/15/14
    Let me start by saying that I find Volcano hardware to be superior to the majority of what is on the market today because of the care and attention that the company gives to its products.

    I really like the design of the BCT Tank system. It looks great, is easy to use, and much less mess prone than its predecessor. But, there are two issues that this system has.

    One, the BCT Tank system is not really a beginner friendly set-up. The first uses gave me the burnt coil blues, and I used up my supply of replacements. Prime and prime again did nothing to alleviate the issue. The only thing that I found that worked every time is to fill the tank, prime the coil, and then let the complete tank sit overnight. I have yet to have another burnt coil issue. I just wish I had thought about doing this before I used up three coils in a day (yes, I'm bitter about this).

    Second, and really the only thing that I do not like about the BCT system as a whole, is the amount of e-liquid that you end up wasting because of overdraw into the tip basin. Maybe this is just an issue of too much suction on use. I am experimenting with draw strength in the hope that I can find a comfortable draw that won't waste much e-liquid.

    But, don't let these issues prevent you from picking up this little gem. It really is a fantastic product from a great company. It just may take a little time to get used to it.
  • Overall
    A Definite Improvement!
    Review by SmokeFreeon 9/19/14
    Just got my BCT tank today, and I'm truly impressed. This is a definite upgrade to the Tubetank/Cartomizer system, and, like others, I can report better flavor and smoother vaping as a result. The Tubetank has helped me stay off analogs since November 2013, but I did have some issues with properly priming the cartomizers. After today, I am confident that the BCT innovation will make a world of difference.

    Some observations:

    - The flavor is fuller and the throat hit is excellent, while remaining smooth
    - Sure, some juice seems to accumulate in the "bowl" beneath the Drip Tip, but, if you draw more gently, you don't get any in your mouth. The old Tubetank system often required a stiff drag to get any vapor at all--especially near the end of a cartomizer's life. I'm guessing that this will eventually happen with my new BCT coil, but the ease of replacement of the coil, I'm sure, will make this a non-problem.

    All around, a great improvement, as far as I can tell.....
  • Overall
    Review by Marilynon 9/18/14
    Awesome tank, best for lung hitters tho. Just saying.
  • Overall
    great for testing flavors and short trips
    Review by Jimon 7/28/14
  • Overall
    Great unless you use a cinnamon liquid
    Review by Davidon 7/27/14
    I have 3 of these tanks and they are a large improvement from the previous tube tank system. The biggest flaw I have found is in the plastic that the tube is constructed from gets cloudy and brittle with the Red Hot Lava flavor liquid. 2 out of 3 BCT tanks I've owned have had the plastic turn cloudy then break. The one tank that hasn't turned brittle and hazy/cloudy is perfect!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Davidon 7/27/14
    I have 3 of these tanks and they are a large improvement from the previous tube tank system. The biggest flaw I have found is in the plastic that the tube is constructed from gets cloudy and brittle with the Red Hot Lava flavor liquid. 2 out of 3 BCT tanks I've owned have had the plastic turn cloudy then break. The one tank that hasn't turned brittle and hazy/cloudy is perfect!
  • Overall
    Review by Elaineon 7/12/14
    Way to go Volcano. This is best of the best. I have mine tuned to perfection now with no leaking at all. This is perfect in every way. Ordering for friends and relatives ...sells itself! Been off analogs for over a year. Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Ginaon 7/8/14
    way way way better. I didn't think that volcano could top their previous design. I was wrong. I love the new design of this and it seems like the bct last longer and has less "failure" rate than the previous cartomizers.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by derrickon 6/26/14
    I love it after the leaking of my old tank and it never gave me a draw so smooth i was a little unsure about trading up but glad i did
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Jenniferon 6/6/14
    I bought my Inferno last year then switched to an ego style because it seemed less of a hassle then came back because it didn't produce enough vapor and throat hit like my inferno. I have had my bct tank less than a week and noticed the left over e juice I was using from another company was making the tank cloudy and then today it started leaking from just below the mesh, where the plastic meets. I went to pull the tip off cause I was tasting e juice and it snapped at the mesh line. So needless to say I'm ordering another tank now and I won't be using any other cinnamon flavored e juices except for Red Hot Lava, I am hoping by using their own brand this won't happen again. I know the cinnamon e juices can be quite harsh on these plastic tanks. Overall I love this new tank.
  • Overall
    Love it! (but a bit fragile)
    Review by Christopheron 4/29/14
    This is the absolute best design yet from Volcano!

    First the good:
    Ease of use, check
    Perfect pull, check
    Flavor, check
    Coil lifespan, check
    Maintenance, check

    Now the bad:
    My first BCT worked perfectly for 3 months, until I noticed some leaking from connection point between the top of the clear window and metal tip. Turns out the plastic tube had cracked 80% around its circumference. Crap, I must have torqued it somehow, somewhere! Oh well, my bad, I’ll just order another one and be more careful.

    Got the replacement on Friday, on Tuesday morning I’m greeted with a lap full of juice when the second one failed exactly the same way. This plastic tube splitting completely in half in the exact same spot while I was taking a hit.

    I guess I’m harder on these things then I thought I was. Maybe I got too comfortable with the nearly indestructible original Tube Tank, replaced worn O rings twice but the tank itself still looks new.

    Sure I’m not very happy about breaking two in a row, but I will buy these again without hesitation. Handle it with a bit more care then I did and you will be very happy with your BTC.

    PS: After looking on how the BTC is put together, they were actually easy to fix with a bit of super glue and gorilla tape. Both working perfectly again, if a bit on the ugly side.

    Suggestion to Volcano: craft the BTC completely out of meta,l with a small clear window on one side, and you have the perfect (and nearly indestructible) vaping device.
  • Overall
    Only reason not 5 stars is because not lava tube compatible
    Review by Kon 3/19/14
    I've been with volcano for a long time... Through carts, cartos, original tanks, etc...

    This is their best innovation by far... My only complaint... They won't work on my lava tube ... Even with a 510 to 510 adapter.

    I still prefer it with a little higher voltage so have been using it with my "twist"... It's a little "flatter" using just a regular inferno... But the ease of filling and "cleaning" makes this a real winner... Didn't have to dry burn until 10+ days of heavy usage... And at two weeks the bct element is still going strong.

    Yes, fluid does accumulate in the reservoir below the Drip Tip... Just clean it out after each fill... Prime it with the "dry" draws after a fill and you're good to go...

    Highly recommend... Best bang and convenience for your buck.
  • Overall
    Get It!
    Review by Johnon 3/3/14
    DRAMATICALLY better performance than anything else I've used. Very little resistance on the drag, and enough vapor to made me cough because of the unexpected amount. Wonderful innovation.

    I did purchase a new battery because I saw someone post about how this system does not work with older batteries. I'm not quite sure what the person meant, as mine connected just fine. It even showed me that my suspicions about the two year old battery going bad was wrong. It still performs great.
  • Overall
    Best So Far
    Review by defaulton 3/1/14
    Best BCT tank I've tried so far. I only have one complaint - same complaint for all of these type of systems; refills can be a bit messy sometimes. But I'm sure sooner or later this problem will be innovated away as well.
  • Overall
    I Still Prefer the Lavatube System!
    Review by Nealon 2/28/14
    I've been analog free for over 4 years now, thanks to Volcano, and I purchased the "BCT System" from your great kiosk in NJ from your very knowledgeable crew, not to mention the Great Manager Kitty Greer!! However, I still prefer the "Lavatube System" . My BCT tank started to leak right where the metal sheath meets the plastic tank! Maybe mine was a defect? Also, it does pool up like other people mentioned in the very top underneath the mouthpiece. I'll try what Shane said about adding another washer and see what happens. I'll also purchase another Tube Tank and see if it still leaks from where the sheath and plastic tube meet. All in all, not a bad product. It provides a slightly better flavor than the Lavatube, Oh, also I purchased some 510 to Ego adapters, so that i can use it with my Lavatube Mod. I wish Volcano sold this so I didn't have to go elsewhere!
  • Overall
    Review by Rickon 2/26/14
    The best tank system yet . The Bct tank screws on very tight , does not detach from the battery when carrying in your pocket . The old Tube Tank would do this all the time. I seen people complain that e juice is coming up into there mouth . This will happen if you hit it to hard . It seems to flood and not produce much vapor . The key is slower longer drags . This thing rocks with clouds of vapor if you hit it with slower consistent drags . The Bct tank makes your Inferno a little longer than the old tube tank , but not a big deal . This inferno with the Bct tank is a very high quality E- cig , even feels like a precision instrument in your hand . Thank you Volcano
  • Overall
    Head Seals
    Review by Davidon 2/13/14
    I love my BCT tanks they work awesome. They provide good flavor and produce great Vapor. The only thing I wish is Volcano would add the tank washer inside the tank head to the accessories List. After a lot of continuous use they are wearing out . And I have lost one when cleaning the tank head because after while they fall out easy. SO PLEASE VOLCANO make these available. I have one tank I can not use because of this.
  • Overall
    This is great!
    Review by Terion 2/10/14
    I like the new design and how it works. No dry hits at all. I finally get a smokers experience without smoking a cigarette. Awesome!
  • Overall
    Review by Brandonon 2/5/14
    this works great. But i wanted to write this review to caution buyers. Don't bend the BCT attachment while it is attached to the battery.

    I had it in my back pocket at work, and when i squatted, it caused the screw-on connection between inferno battery & BCT system to strip. Now it doesn't have a solid connection, I have to jiggle it. So I'm repurchasing everything; not sure if the BCT is stripped, or the battery itself. Pretty sure it's the BCT.

    Just a warning; treat this thing well, and it works amazingly. I love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Tinaon 2/3/14
    I had a really hard time getting the hang of priming with the tube tank and cart. This is fantastic, so easy to prime and vapes really well. Thanks for making vaping easier with this BTC tube tank!
  • Overall
    volcano tube tank
    Review by Bobbyon 2/2/14
    Awesome tank! , the only thing I have found to maybe become a problem is the bowl under mouthpiece can fill with e juice and possibly leave you with the taste of e juice in your mouth , and not the tasty one . But other than that I have had the tank for 2 days so far and it works like a dream. Good vapor production and taste. Well done volcano ! May order another
  • Overall
    Almost perfect
    Review by Christopheron 2/2/14
    Like previous reviewers, sometimes when using the BCT system the liquid seems to pop up when taking a drag, however aside from that minor inconvenience (I say minor because when mine spits up it's not much at all) it works without a hitch. Not sure what reviewer Brandon was referring to about the battery - have had my Inferno since last March and my BCT screwed on just fine.
  • Overall
    In response
    Review by Jameson 2/2/14
    In response to Ryan and several others this is a bottom-coil cleaomizer system, which isn't really "fill and go"
    When you first fill the tank you need to wait about ten minutes for the liquid to make it's way to the coil, after that you're golden (provided you use a fairly normal PG/VG juice)
    I've noticed that thinner liquids seem to make the tank gurgle a bit, but that's an issue with any tank.
    All in all it's a good system, especially if you vape something between a 50/50 and a 30/70 mix
  • Overall
    LOVE IT!
    Review by Anglelaon 1/30/14
    I've only had the bct tank for two days now, but will not go back to the old tube tank. The new bct tank is far superior. At first, I too, thought it had a burnt taste, but as soon as I changed the drip tip from the new metal one to an old acrylic one, the bad taste went away! My only complaint is minor, my Inferno is now too long to fit in the old Inferno carrying case.
  • Overall
    Looks Cool
    Review by Ryanon 1/27/14
    Just wanted to start off by saying, I love your product. Been analog free for 5 months now...thank you. This is a very cool design, heard a lot about them. There, sleek, smooth, and easy to fill. I was excited to use mine when I got it. But, for some odd reason I was getting this awful, almost burnt after taste. Thought I'd burnt it out so I replaced it with a new one...same thing. Took it to a few places to see if I was missing something. Come to find out, (correct me if I'm wrong) the silica wick assembly can possibly effect the taste. Was wondering if you (volcano) can come up with a cotton one like the Inferno's tube tank carto's. I still use and love the taste out of those. Keep up the good work!
  • Overall
    tube tank bct
    Review by Douglason 1/25/14
    I really wanna get one, but you never have the blue one to match my inferno. I see it and i'm excited to try it. other than that, I love my inferno. I went back to smoking and now i'm back to volcano and I don't know why I stopped. I do admit the tank I have leaks, that's why I want to try the new one but I want the blue that matches my inferno and you never seem to have it to order.
  • Overall
    Review by Brandonon 1/24/14
    This tube tank is MUCH better than the cartomizer/tube tank. If you use a new heating coil, all you gotta do is attach it, fill the tank up with your e-liquid, put together, & take 3 small drags to prime it & you're good to go. With the cartomizer tube tanks, it took awhile to get the cartomizer primed. And these new tube tanks bring out the best in your chosen flavors & hit much better. But if you own batteries that were made before these BCT tube tanks came out, you are more than likely going to need to get new batteries because they won't screw onto the BCT tube tank. Overall, this product makes the Inferno the best e-cig I've ever owned!!
  • Overall
    Review by Carmenon 1/17/14
    Loving mine
  • Overall
    Awesome but with a slight flaw.
    Review by Shaneon 1/11/14
    This is probably the best design I have used over the past 2 years of being analog free. But as I am sure others have noticed there is a slight flaw . The gurgling effect you get with use ! This is easily fixed. As I cannot show pictures in the review I will try to simplify in text. The mouth piece (drip tip) has a round washer on it -- Do not remove! You will need that same washer to drop in around the exit pin and bowl you see if you remove the mouth piece. Using a extra washer in this area eliminates the gurgling you experience as it is a flaw in the fitting of the mouthpiece to the pin on exit. Hope I describe that in conceptional detail as it works.

    Still its the best I have tried.

  • Overall
    Fix it please
    Review by Kevinon 1/10/14
    This a very cool design. Very innovative, and easy to fill. However, after a few pulls, fluid works its way up the tube and pools inside the bowl right below the mouth piece. After so much pools in the bowl, the fluid will work it's way up the mouth piece too. Of course, I can pull the mouth piece off and flip that excess fluid out, but why should I have to do that? Maybe Volcano will come up with something to fix this quickly, such as a little screen at the base of the tube, or something. But until then, I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you like the taste of e-juice.
  • Overall
    floods and gurgles a lot
    Review by Melanieon 1/9/14
    i like the flavor but it constantly gurgles and floods out the top where the tip goes in....how do i fix this?
  • Overall
    EPIC Upgrade
    Review by Isison 1/8/14
    I just received my new tank. I'm in love with it! I always had issues with the priming, and was never completely satisfied with my vapor production until i updated my tank. Now i am more than completely satisfied with my vaping experience! This is a mandatory upgrade for all Inferno users!!!
  • Overall
    in love! but....
    Review by charleneon 1/7/14
    Was sick of ordering new cart packs for tube tank and getting duds or ones that didn't stay attached was almost ready to give up and go back to regular cigarettes yes I know bad! I'm loving the new system. It has made my extra high liquid seem stronger not sure if its just me but my new liquid order I'm dropping down my nicotine level...bonus maybe...also it only fits one of my batteries securely hence the four stars could just be my battery is bent up don't know ( bad habit of putting it in my back pocket) but regardless get this one so much better!
  • Overall
    Much improved MOD..Can still be tweaked
    Review by Christopheron 1/7/14
    Put on my BCT system 1-2-2014 and am still going strong with the first coil. I can vape 2 tanks a day easy, sometimes 3. The flavor and cloud production is outstanding compared to the Carto & Tube Tank system. I have switched between different flavors without any noticeable cross flavor happening. Refill is a breeze.

    The cons are few. Like others have written, the threading could be improved. Ive noticed it floods easier but in it's defense the flooding does not kill the coil as it can the cartomizer. On one situation the O-Ring from the coil slipped out and could have been lost had I been in a darker environment or not paying attention.

    Overall I am very pleased and recommend it to everyone using the Inferno.
  • Overall
    Review by Darrellon 1/6/14
    Just received my new BCT system today. Pretty much fell in love with the first vape. No more pre filling of cartomizers, just fill the tank and go. I was blowing strong clouds with the cartos but using the BCT is just ridiculous. Absolutely love the style, a little heavier but I'll get over it. Great job volcano, you've done it again!!
  • Overall
    Review by Joelon 1/5/14
    Easy to fill. Excellent design. Definitely at the forefront of e-cig technology!
  • Overall
    New technology
    Review by Geishaon 1/4/14
    I bought this new tank system recently when I went to my local Volcano Kiosk to buy cartomizers and I absolutely love it. I always had the bad luck of getting at least one dud cartomizer in every box I bought, so I am grateful that I won't have that problem ever again! This new tube tank is a lot heavier and that took a few days to get used to. It is so much easier to use!!! I am so grateful to Volcano and all their wonderful products...I stopped smoking in July 2013 thanks to my Inferno. Keep up the good work, Volcano! I am a lifelong customer!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Melissaon 1/4/14
    Looks cool, Easy to fill and Vapes are nice!! Great Job Volcano
  • Overall
    Way to go Volcano!
    Review by Melanieon 1/4/14
    I absolutely love it!! Not sure if I'll eventually have to replace any parts though. If you can advise accordingly, please email me at mkrossi@gmail.com. Thank you!
  • Overall
    Keeps getting better
    Review by Darrinon 1/4/14
    Awesome improvement in functionality, style, and price. Vapes wonderfully out of the box.
  • Overall
    Review by Lauraon 1/3/14
    I am so happy you finally got these. It is awesome. Super Easy to fill, so much better than the tube tank cartomizer's those were annoying, messy, and didn't taste near as good. Love the metal drip tip.... So glad you guys finally got this. Thanks. What about selling the coils is a larger more discounted package? I vape a lot and it only lasts me about 7 to 10 days (1 coil that is). But thanks for a GREAT product.
  • Overall
    Review by Ralphon 1/3/14
    OMFG, this thing is super easy to fill takes no time to prime and gives you the best flavor and vapor. I have used every product you can think of this is the best and will be the last tank you will ever buy.
  • Overall
    Review by Louiseon 1/3/14
    Finally a tank that works every time you fill it up. Aside from possibly having to buy a new coil eventually this is the greatest fill able system they have come up with. Thank you Volcano. Keep up the good work.
  • Overall
    Review by Philipon 1/2/14
    I was super excited to see the BCT system and the 5 star ratings as I was getting frustrated with the cartomizers not performing consistently. Sadly, it seems that the threading is a bit off and you have to be very careful when threading it onto the battery. I also find the system to be very unforgiving. If I draw a little to light, I get the burnt taste, a little to hard and it draws the juice into the cap. In between and I get very little vapor. Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the Inferno overall and have not fond a better setup. Just hoping that refinements can be made. Keep innovating as I intend to be a loyal customer.
  • Overall
    I like it, but...
    Review by webfloater2.0on 12/31/13
    This thing delivers in terms of flavor, vapor production and durability...only thing is that it seems to flood more than any other. Am I doing something wrong? It is constantly gurgly
  • Overall
    Simply Awesome!
    Review by Darinon 12/30/13
    Better in every way than the original tank. It is infinitely simpler and easier to use and fill. It looks much better. And, most important, it vapes a lot better. Absolutely awesome improvement for the inferno!
  • Overall
    Review by Toddon 12/30/13
    Just got mine today I love this works so much better now I stopped using the inferno because it was a hassle to fill and never hit right I am so pleased I also have the lavatube witch works ok I just wish the could of come out with sooner now just make one for the lavatube
  • Overall
    Review by Ericaon 12/30/13
    I lost my Inferno over the holidays (hopefully it will turn up), so I decided since I have 3 batteries I'll just order this new system - and oh my gosh I am actually GLAD I lost my old one! This is amazing, it tastes so much better and it is so easy to fill. Peace out burnt taste, nobody's going to miss you!

    I'd give this 6 stars if I could.
  • Overall
    Leaps and strides.
    Review by Jeffon 12/26/13
    Large improvement from the basic tube tank. They were a lot of hassle and after all the work you had to put into them, they were not very rewarding. Ended up using the Mega Clearomizers with the XL atomizer cone for the longest time. They had to be filled a lot more oftne but had better flavor and slightly more vapor production. The BCT system takes everything a step further. Filling it is simpler than both the old tube tank AND the mega clearomizers. Vapor production is much better than both as well, a full drag looks like you just hit a hookah. Flavor is incredible, can taste the liquid much better than the others and has a clean taste. Highly recommended.
  • Overall
    The best
    Review by Matthewon 12/26/13
    Throw everything else away this is all you need.

    Will we be seeing one for the lavatube please say yes.
  • Overall
    Review by Ruthon 12/25/13
    I have to agree with all the other reviews. I hated the other tank systems. I went to dripping only even when driving. This is just like dripping but better and easier. I LOVE this system!!!!!
  • Overall
    Better Vapor
    Review by Vettiemon 12/24/13
    I think filling the tube is my favorite thing about this new tube. I was so frustrated with the other one and the mess I made every time I had to change the cartos. The first vape was AWESOME! I hope I can get rid of the cartos that keep leaving a burnt flavor in my mouth. So far a a great vaping experience.
  • Overall
    Review by Ivanon 12/23/13
    I just got this baby delivered, and i am very impressed! There is a clear difference in VAPE. Richer clouds, smother, easier to refill then the tube tank, looks better then the tubetank! I think im in love with this!
  • Overall
    Just Awesome
    Review by Amberon 12/23/13
    These new tanks are simply AMAZING! So much more simple, easy to use. Give a much better flavored hit. I'm impressed.
  • Overall
    Much better
    Review by brandonon 12/21/13
    In every way this just better. No hassle, feels a lot more solid, easier setup, and way better hits.
  • Overall
    Excellent tank
    Review by Davidon 12/21/13
    The quality of all of the inferno accessories are unbelievable but carts have been hit and miss as is the tubetank. The BCT is the solution, The pictures do not do it justice the BCT is beautifully made just as high quality as the other inferno accessories. It is all metal and perfectly made with no visible flaws. Everything fits like it was custom made, this is a testimony to the quality of the inferno product construction. It is super easy to fill and draws perfectly. It does not leak. The whole system is just slick. It is the equal in quality to the Kanger protank II but better in that it is sleeker and makes the whole system esthetically perfect. The only thing I would change about the tank would be to use pyrex glass instead of plastic for the tank.
  • Overall
    Review by iamthegreengrabberon 12/21/13
    Throw away your cartos baby, the BCT is here!
    Order this now! I can taste my eliquids, clouds
    and clouds! I have to go back thru all my juices!
    The Salted Caramel tastes soooo good!
    I filled the large tank in seconds, vaping like crazy!
    This will go thru the roof so get it before it sells out.
    The style and appearance is sharper, fits lanyard!
    Carto hell is over, the flavors are delicious!
    Thank you Volcano peeps!u
    No smoking since May 2013.....never again.
    Im gonna write my name on the Volcano cards I hand out, this new BCT tank is heaven.
  • Overall
    Review by Garyon 12/20/13
    I don't know who the genius was that came up with this idea, but they deserve a huge raise. This is awesome! Excellent design and no priming. I hope it lasts much longer then carto's. Thank you guys!
  • Overall
    Review by Gregon 12/20/13
    All I can say is WOW ! Finally flavor and a great vape! I have always been disappointed in my Inferno due to it's lack of flavor and complicated messy refills of the old style tube tank. The new INFERNO Tube Tank BCT System is awesome and a product well overdue! Great R&D guys keep up the good work :)
  • Overall
    Wow, Wow, Wow!
    Review by Pon 12/19/13
    Thanks to Volcano products I have been analog free for 3 years this October! Started with the original Volcano and all the cartos, moved up to the Magma and now the Inferno for over a year. I have tried EVERYTHING Volcano offers from clearos to cartos to tube tanks and never liked anything as much as dripping. Just got my BCT today, filled it up and started vaping. Before I did it I was committed to sticking with it all evening to break it in. No need! It was amazing from the start. Solid design, a surprising and pleasant warm vape, lots of of it and GREAT flavor! Home run Volcano. I never thought I would give up dripping but this is it. BTW it's a lot safer for driving than waiting to drip at stop lights. One happy customer.
  • Overall
    Review by Sugsmissyon 12/19/13
    Just received this new setup this afternoon. Awesome right out the box! I've been vaping with my Inferno since February 2013 and haven't touched an analog since. I've tried every set up from dripping, tube tank, clearos and the thing that uses blank tanks; and while no one setup has been perfect, the tube tank w/cartos has been my primary. The tube tank w/carto gets the job done but can be a little tricky to keep the vape and taste consistent. My new BCT setup is smokin hot! The flavor is awesome, the draw is smooth and effortless and the set up was simple. No video required for setup! This thing is so awesome I can almost ignore the fact that it looks like I'm vaping a yardstick when attached to the 900mAH battery! Lol
  • Overall
    First Impression, Awesome
    Review by Larryon 12/19/13
    Started vaping with the inferno and Tube Tank a few months ago and haven't touched an analog since. Nevertheless, the experience with the Tube Tank and cartomizers wasn't ideal. Difficult to deal with and the taste wasn't ideal. But it was good enough to keep me from going back to the analogs.

    My BCT tank just arrived and my first impression is that it is an awesome product. Easy to use. Easy draw. Great flavor. We'll see how it holds up over time, and how frequently the coils need to be replaced, but out of the box, I love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Billon 12/19/13
    Better flavor, better throat hit, much better design. Loving it.
  • Overall
    yep love it
    Review by P.L.on 12/19/13
    got mine yesterday, wanted to order another one but out of stock
  • Overall
    BCT system
    Review by Mikeon 12/19/13
    This came yesterday 12/18 and I am very impressed. Solid, fits around the battery making the whole unit feel more solid also. There's no comparing the vaping experience to the previous tube tank, this blows it away. Easier to use, more vapor, less fluid waste, and solid. Did I mention that before? That was my biggest complaint & they fixed that and made great improvements. No more tube sock. Curious how long it lasts before I have to change the heating coil. Very pleased with volcano. I vape menthol burst straight up. It's like Christmas in my lungs all year round. Keep up the great work.
  • Overall
    Loving it so far
    Review by Nathanon 12/18/13
    This seems to be a major improvement. I stopped vaping with the previous tube tank system for a while because it just wasn't as enjoyable as analog cigs. There is definitely a learning curve going back from analogs to the previous tube tank. You have to do everything just right to get a good hit. With this new tube tank system, it is just as easy as lighting up an analog. Priming it is super easy. No need to get light headed from priming. Just take a couple of soft breaths and watch the bubbles. Then hit the button and take a slow draw. I get more vapor and flavor. The vapor is also warm and smooth, which is a nice surprise. I vape Chocollia Haze. The new system is sturdy and doesn't seem like there will be problems with regular use... So far. I’ll update as I progress. I've only had it for one day now. It's definitely a solid, heavier piece of equipment. Not like the Clearomizers. Those crack at the base and don't last as long as they should because of leaking, are difficult to fill, and the vape is not as satisfying and this new tank system. Sorry Volcano for criticizing two of your products, because I’m sure many people still prefer them, but, they didn't meet my needs. If this new system is as good as I think it is going to be, I’ll be done with analogs for good. Great work Volcano team! I'm excited to spread the word on your progress to current users and future users. Thank you for your dedication. Keep on Vaping.
  • Overall
    Amazing product so far
    Review by Paulon 12/18/13
    I think it is a great upgrade from the last system. Way less fluid lost and better hinge system. Hopefully the cartomizers last longer than the last ones. GOOD JOB VOLCANO!!
  • Overall
    bct tank
    Review by Matton 12/18/13
    It's a must have item just got it today and must say it's so much better than the cardo's. Great job on this product hope they make one for the lava tube.
  • Overall
    BCT system
    Review by Davidon 12/18/13
    Holy Cow!! what an improvement. I love the new BCT system and will never use a cart again. I am a customer forever and enjoy the enhanced taste this system delivers. Thanks Volcano for making the Inferno product a lot better. Keep up the good work and your customer service is above outstanding.
  • Overall
    Love It!!
    Review by Darleneon 12/17/13
    Just got the new tank tube and I just gotta say I am in love with it. It's so much easier and the taste is so much better. I will be coming back tomorrow to buy one for my husband!! Great job on the new tube tank!!
  • Overall
    Absolutely Love this!
    Review by Stephenon 12/17/13
    So clean and simple! I was not a big fan of tube tanks before, because of the work it took to use them. Keep them maintained. I had the previous version and I preferred using my drip tip. I have been using this for two days now. All I can say is WOW! This is easy to fill, no worries about slipping apart. Fill and go! Great vaping!
  • Overall
    INFERNO Tube Tank BCT System
    Review by Tracion 12/16/13
    wow huge difference from the old tub tank. won't be using the old one anymore.clouds of vapor and more taste love this new system would recommend this to everyone!!!and the new look is very cool.
  • Overall
    Review by Charleson 12/14/13
    I havent received my BCT Tube tank yet.. But I can tell you right now that VOLCANO doesn't release anything until its the best! Thank you so much VOLCANO for making my INFERNO that much better!
  • Overall
    Review by Pamelaon 12/14/13
    How often do you have to change the coil?