WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  • INFERNO - USB Battery Cap
  • INFERNO - USB Battery Cap

INFERNO - USB Battery Cap


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A Replacement Battery Cap for your INFERNO USB Battery

*Price is for 1 Individual battery cap


A Replacement Battery Cap for your INFERNO USB Battery

*Price is for 1 Individual battery cap

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    A must have
    Review by Geishaon 1/4/14
    I purchased the replacement battery cap for my Inferno because i am a vaping fanatic... I bought a second tube tank so I can always have two flavors to choose from at any time. So of course I wanted to be able to carry two setups safely.
  • Easy to lose
    Review by jasonon 5/23/12
    Love the original and the replacement. Don't leave this out if you have a pet... they love things like this. Got mine knocked down a vent. The replacement is exactly like the original.
  • Dont get this if...
    Review by BroknAngelon 3/23/11
    It's a cap that protects the USB port on the 650 battery. Indispensible for me, but if you have a non-threaded USB don't get this. If you ordered a threaded USB battery, don't get this except as a replacement in case you lose your original cover.
  • Great replacement cap!
    Review by Rob Rilon 2/8/11
    Works with the pass-through Inferno only but that's what its intended for in case someone is confused. This is a spare to use as a replacement. The threads are perfect and it does its job keeping the mini-USB port covered well. The flame design is also better looking than competitors' logos! :D
  • it's all good
    Review by Shawnon 1/22/11
    All the Inferno 650 mah passthrough batteries now have threaded ends (I believe the very first original ones did not). So this will work with any smaller Inferno batt you buy now. The battery comes with one, so this is just a replacement in case you lose it.
  • Not so great
    Review by Chrison 12/27/10
    This only seems to fit on my RED battery which came with one. The Black and Silver do no have the threading to use this product. So if you lost it from a red batt it will be an amazing product otherwise its not needed.

    Volcano- this is intended for all the Inferno 650 mah passthroughs that have a threaded end.