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  • LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod


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This product is no longer in production. Check out new products

This high performance box mod is armed with EVOLV’s powerful DNA 200 microchip for a feature rich vaping experience. The LAVABOX is equipped with the latest in temperature control, has a powerful output of up to 200 watts, backed with an internal lithium polymer battery, cell-by-cell monitoring and an built-in 1A balanced charger. With upgradeable firmware to keep you on top of the ever-changing vaping world, the LAVABOX is the only DNA 200 box mod that you will ever need. Handsomely designed with superior grade 6061-billet aluminum alloy and wrapped with interchangeable rubberized grips, makes for an elegant device that is durable in structure and feel.


Introducing the much anticipated LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod by VOLCANO. A true masterpiece of a vaping device, each aspect of the LAVABOX has been meticulously designed to offer the best vaping experience in performance and appeal.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 has been precision-machined from 6061-billet aluminum metal alloy, an alloy that is most commonly used for the construction of aircraft wings and fuselages due to its strength yet lightweight properties. This aluminum alloy is also known to be resistant to corrosion even if its surface is scratched. This makes the LAVABOX a remarkably strong and durable device that will provide a long-lasting and dependable device that will last a user for many years.

The LAVABOX DNA 200’s 6061-billet aluminum shell is treated with a black anodization process, which increases the range of the natural layer of oxide that is found on the surface of the metal alloy. This treatment gives the device an amplified resistance to corrosion and daily wear and tear. Once the anodization process has been completed, the body of the LAVABOX is then coated in a superior-grade oxidized black paint, which gives the device an added textural feel for an anti-slip finish.

As if the anti-slip texture wasn’t enough, the LAVABOX is also wrapped in a sturdy black rubberized grip to provide both an appealing, rugged look and added security to the user while the device is being used. The removable grip is built from durable high-quality polypropylene plastic and dipped into a protective rubber coating for a hardwearing finish on this ultra-sleek device that gives an ergonomic and comfortable user experience. The LAVABOX’s grip comes standard in Stealth Black, but comes available in Crimson Red, Azure Blue, and Taffeta White to suit the user’s taste.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 is furnished with a universal stainless steel 510-connector that is surrounded by eight bored airflow channels that lead air directly into the atomizer for increased airflow and added vapor production. The center pin of the device is spring-loaded, a characteristic that virtually ensures a solid connection between the LAVABOX and any atomizer or tank that is used. This center pin has also been gold-plated for superior electrical conductivity, which affords unmatched operating capabilities especially if the device is used in temperature control mode.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is equipped with a crystal clear HD OLED operating screen. This screen is able to display a multitude of information regarding the device’s current user settings and allows the user to easily monitor and modify the diverse settings of the device. The HD OLED screen can display the current wattage / voltage settings, the temperature of the atomizer coil (in temp control mode), the resistance of the atomizer coil, the remaining battery life and even a puff counter based on the user’s rate of use.

The LAVABOX is also backed by EVOLV’s EScribe software. EScribe is a managing software program that offers 93 separate customization options for the LAVABOX. With this program installed into the user’s computer and the device plugged in via the USB port located at the front of the LAVABOX, the user will be able to customize their vaping settings based on their preferences. EScribe then allows the specific settings to be downloaded into the LAVABOX, which makes for direct access to their specifications while on the go. EScribe even accepts up to 8 different user profiles based on what tank, atomizer or resistance is used. With EScribe, any user can configure specific settings in different profiles for each coil, tank, atomizer that they use and can quickly set the device to the correct profile for a user experience that’s as easy as twist on, choose profile, prime and vape!

Like the LAVATUBE devices, the LAVABOX DNA 200 is also a variable voltage and wattage vaping device. The wattage can be adjusted from 1 watt to an astonishing 200 watts of vaping power. This incredible range of wattage settings allows the LAVABOX to be used with virtually any resistance atomizer coil build that truly makes for a mod that can be enjoyed by any vaper whether they prefer standard or sub ohm resistances.

In addition to the LAVABOX’s amazing wattage capabilities is its temperature control, sensing and limiting capability. When used with Ni200 Pure Nickel or Titanium coils, this cutting-edge device is able to accurately set the temperature of the coil build of the atomizer. This temperature control technology can essentially guard a user from experiencing dry hits, burnt out coils and vapor that is uncomfortably warm. In temperature control mode, the user can also dial in on the perfect temperature of their vape may it be a satisfying warm or a refreshing cool.

What powers all of this vaping technology? The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is backed by a powerful 900-mAh 3-cell lithium polymer battery that can give any vaper a full day of vaping satisfaction without the need for constant charging or swapping batteries.

This charging ability is made possible through the micro USB port located at the front of the device. Not only does it allow the device to be charged, this port also gives the LAVABOX its access to EVOLV’s EScribe software and gives the user the ability to update their device’s firmware so the LAVABOX always stays up to date on the latest in vaping technology.

The LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is a stunning, powerful and feature-rich vaping device that is supported by a host of safety features. Any user can vape with confidence with the LAVABOX’s protective features like short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, under and over-voltage protection, over current protection and lock/unlock features.

An exceptionally advanced, beautifully engineered device, the LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod is truly the pinnacle of vaping technology and is the only DNA 200 box mod that you will ever need.

LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Features:

  • Material: Superior-Grade 6061-Aluminum Alloy
  • Grip Material: Rubber-coated Polypropylene Plastic
  • Variable Voltage / Wattage
  • Temperature Control / Limiting Capable
  • HD OLED Screen
  • EScribe with Upgradeable Firmware & 8 User Profiles

Protection Features:

  • - Over-Discharge
  • - Under / Over Voltage
  • - Short Circuit
  • - Over-Current
  • - Lock/Unlock Capable

LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Specs:

  • Threading: 510-connector
  • Connecting Pin: Spring-loaded & Gold-plated Stainless Steel
  • Power Output: 1 Watt – 200 Watts
  • Voltage Output: 0.5 Volts – 9.0 Volts
  • Chipset: EVOLV’s DNA 200 Chipset
  • Software: EScribe (requires computer)
  • Dimensions: 46.19mm x 28.15mm x 94.87mm
  • Battery: Removable Lithium Polymer 900-mAh 3 Cell
  • Current Output (Continuous): 50 Amps
  • Current Output (Instantaneous Peak): 55 Amps
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F - 600°F
  • Grip Colors: Stealth Black (standard), Crimson Red, Azure Blue & Taffeta White

LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod Includes:

  • (1) LAVABOX DNA 200 Box Mod
  • (1) Micro USB Cable
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) Gift Box

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    hope to see more DNA devices
    Review by Michaelon 1/3/18
    Lava Box 200. I have 2 after returning the 75. Sad to see they have discontinued these. Please have some more with DNA chips folks! I like their reliable efficient chips in a good box like this.
  • Overall
    Good device, good design, ok gle
    Review by Samuelon 12/28/17
    I purchased this device in May 2017 and have overall been extremely satisfied. The device is well designed, and I like the use of magnets to hold the battery case in place.
    However, it seems that the force of the magnets pulling against each other is extremely rough on the glue that holds them in place and (at least on my device) wasn't strong enough.
    The top two magnets holding the back plate in place fell out of their original installation after a while and, while I was able to super-glue them back in place without much issue, the fact that I've needed to re-super-glue it a second time gives some hint as to how much force those magnets are exerting on the glue.

    Considering that the back plate is designed to be opened in a downward swinging motion, I think they could resolve this by simply using 1 magnet and a metal bar to secure the top of the backplate.

    PS: Yes, I know, I probably should have simply contacted Volcano instead of bodging a fix for it myself.
  • Overall
    I pray they make a new one! Or reproduce!
    Review by Stefanon 12/6/17
    Love it! I just received my newest one this week, sad that they are gone:( I hope Volcano comes out with a new one or re produce the LAVABOX 200 and the LAVABOX M.... all good things must come to the end, my vape life is dull and gray now:( I have alot of devices but NONE compare to Lavabox/ Volcano! R.I.P LAVABOX
  • Overall
    LavaBox200+Limitless Exo XL
    Review by Ironsighton 5/3/17
    This is my first DNA box and it is absolutely hands down the best mod I have ever bought. I have the murdered out all black paired with the black and gold Limitless Exo Xl tank and it is like the two was made for each other! A must have in everyone's collection period..
  • Overall
    Battery issues
    Review by Steffenon 4/27/17
    I like the look and feel of the device. Very lightweight and packs a punch. That being said I've had nothing but battery issues since I got it about a month and a half ago. I would take three puffs and the battery would be down to about 50%. I figured changing out the 900 for the 1300 would fix this issue but it did not. Which is sad because I really do like the mod.
  • Overall
    Great Mod
    Review by Shawnon 3/17/17
    I love my lavabox dna 200. I've had my device for quite a while paired with my smok big baby beast tank. The device still looks beautiful and performs flawlessly. I've had it since the device was first released. The only thing I wish it had is a longer battery life. The extended battery came later. I feel it should've been included vs the lipo in it. Therefore I get about 1/2 to 3/4 days use out of it. Other than that it's light, portable, built with high quality and very reliable. I definitely would recommend this device to anyone.
  • Overall
    Changing out the upgraded battery.
    Review by Danny L.on 3/14/17
    Hey guys and gals, I've noticed a lot of reviews that quote that they have stripped out the screw heads when trying to get to the battery. Just a tip to those that are about to upgrade their battery. I too noticed that the screws were extremely tight and what I did is make sure you have a phillips headed screwdriver that fits the screw-heads, they are tiny and the smallest screwdriver that fits into the screw is what you need and then I used a pair of vise-grips or pliers and clamped down about the middle of the screwdriver, then with the screwdriver push as much as you can into the screw and use the pliers or the vise-grips ( which is better) to help break the tightness, after it breaks free then you can just use the screwdriver to easily finish screwing out the screws, on re-assembly just tighten the screws with only the screwdriver, as they don't need to be that tight. Probably they were assembled with an air pressured assembly screwdriver that torqued them down too tight. Hope this helps and no one strips the heads of the screws anymore. I am and older guy (65 yrs old) and have been around for a while.
  • Overall
    Amazing mod
    Review by Cody-Foxon 12/7/16
    its a really great mod but when I tried to put on the battery extender all the screws were too tight I basically stripped every one of them
  • Overall
    Fricken great
    Review by Alon 7/22/16
    I cannot emphasize how amazing it is, everything about this mod is perfect the feel the weight and the power.
  • Overall
    Review by Evgenion 7/15/16
    I'm have been using this mod for half a year and I have to tell you its PERFECT. Great quality, great performing, comfortable size, good grip.
    It performs like a monster and now, after we have an option for a new battery - you won't ever need any other device.
    That is my opinion of course. But I'm telling you, this is THE mod!

    I've bought a Vaporshark dna 200 for my wife, because of the lighter weight - she told me that my Volcano was too heavy, but as a result, we've got a very disappointing experience.

    Vaporshark's design is not comfortable in the hand. It looks like a brick. I don't know why, but it performs worse than volcano, even though it's the same chip. Waste of time. Light weight for couple of grams, that's the only good thing about it. The price is higher, the quality is shitty.

    When the smaller version of volcan would be released, I'll buy it for my wife instead of vaporshark for sure!

    Don't think anyone on the market now has better product.
  • Overall
    My first DNA device
    Review by VBon 6/7/16
    I finally decided to get a DNA device after seeing all the reviews on them. At my local shop, one of the employees was using one and let me try it out. I was sold and decided to get it and have no regrets. This device does what is on the screen and with the extended battery, it lasts me all day. The performance, form factor and price are all great and I don't see myself getting another one. Well, maybe the 75w version when it comes out.
  • Overall
    Best of the Best
    Review by Reneon 5/27/16
    Although the Lavabox was not my first TC device, it has been by far the best. The combination of the DNA 200 chip and the beautiful design of the Lavabox makes this an amazing device. Since using TC on this mod, I have not even looked back at the shelf of mods and devices sitting in the corner. Love the build quality and have had a lot of comments about how great it looks and how amazing the vape is.

    If your looking to get a DNA 200 mod, look no further.
  • Overall
    My Second Device
    Review by JCon 5/22/16
    This is the best device that I have purchased from Volcano. I had the Lavatube 2.0 and I love it. I decided to upgrade to the Lavabox and I am extremely happy with it.

    If you have the chance to move to this device, DO IT!!! Worth the money!!!!
  • Overall
    The best so far!
    Review by Nateon 5/18/16
    The lavabox is beautiful looking and amazing when it comes to everyday nonstop use. It works so well with the dna200 chip but the only huge complaint that I have is the stock 900mah battery that comes with it. It has no battery duration but now that I swapped it for the 1300 it is right back to pure perfection.
  • Overall
    Best Mod Box. Period.
    Review by Elijahon 5/17/16
    This is without a doubt the best box out there! Especially with the 1300mah battery upgrade, and a Uwell Crown tank.
    I'm a pretty heavy vapor, and the battery life on it is absolutely amazing! I've tried KBox 200s, Sigelei Fuchais, and the Wismec RX200, out of all of them this one wins every time. When I have extra money I'm absolutely buying another one for back up! Volcano is the best seriously! The feel of it is great fits hands perfectly too!
  • Overall
    Zagg will give you military protection of your screen
    Review by Shayneon 5/14/16
    This box is awesome I too had a bit of a problem with the screen cover scratching easy but have the top notch fix. I zagged it with an old apple 3gs back I had. Made a tracing of the front face and button locates. Cut a rectangle out of the Zagg back and cut out the button/usb. Now the front face is protected, will not scratch and the rubbery feel of zagg increases the comfort/grip. Best mod I have owned to date. Don't complain just fix it ;-).
  • Overall
    Best dna 200 in my opinion
    Review by Nikitaon 5/12/16
    Love this device, bottons and screen, everything about it is screaming premium !! So i love it and reconend it, but order it with 1300mah extension pack)))
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Ronnieon 5/2/16
    I'm on my second lavabox
    The first one had an error message after the first week saying check atomizer and come to find out it was the device and was told to mail it back to them which sucks cause this is what I'm using to quit smoking but I'm not going to take to many stars away only cause the same day it was stolen

    My second one is working great i have no problems so far being 3 weeks in like the last. I especially love the style of this box and even talked 9 people into buying one and they all thanked me after receiving it for recommending it to them
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Frankieon 5/1/16
    Nice buttons love the feel but the battery life sucks but I just ordered the 1300mah upgrade so I'm sure I'll have no problems. Other then the battery it's flawless
  • Overall
    One of my favorite DNA 200 devices
    Review by Michaelon 4/21/16
    I have the blood red edition, love the looks, ergonomics are great! Fits perfectly in my hand. Only downside is 900mah battery life but Volcano Ecig took care of that with the battery extender pack, which I also purchased. The 1300mah battery does the trick!
  • Overall
    Best DNA 200 Mod
    Review by Calion 4/11/16
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Timothyon 4/9/16
    Overall this is a great Mod. I love the fact that they offer the expanded battery pack. The ease of set up plus the dna 200 chip program make the Lavabox amazing. The only down side that I've found is even with the bigger battery I still drain it in about 6-7 hours when running certain tanks or Atty's. Not a huge issue, and I'm sure they're already working on better batteries for future purchase. Love the device, and won't be going back to my ATLAS box mod anytime soon.
  • Overall
    All I can say is wow.
    Review by Calvinon 4/6/16
    Absolutely amazing, I honestly could not have made a better short term and long term investment even if I tried.
  • Overall
    Great device
    Review by Scoton 4/1/16
    No issues, 5 stars!
  • Overall
    Well worth the wait
    Review by Justinon 3/14/16
    I have waited years to get this mod. Hands down from packaging to the feel in my hand best device I have owned in my 4 years of vaping. Well worth the wait in my opinion. Shipping was fast. Even got a same bottle of each flavor from the fluid line! Too notch company. Too notch device! Vape on!!!!
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Richardon 3/11/16
    Love it. Works well will last about 2 days on a charge. Very well built. My only problem is that the charging cord would not plug in to the box. Had to use a cord I had in a drawer to get it to charge. Not sure why the one that came with it wouldn't plug in.
  • Overall
    Looks great, works great!
    Review by Nomaron 3/4/16
    Best device I've ever owned and looks better than anyone else's mod
  • Overall
    Top notch construction and more power than anyone could ever need.
    Review by Codyon 3/3/16
    I ordered the Lavabox several weeks ago and have not put it down since. Volcano got my mod out to me from Hawaii in an incredibly short amount of time. The Lavabox is my first Dna200 mod. The Dna200 chip and escribe were almost made out to be intimidating by some reviewers. I expected a confusing, jumbled mess of settings and a far from user-friendly interface. I was pleasantly surprised by easy to change values and settings and any confusion was easily explained away by any of the million guides readily available online through a simple google search. The Lavabox is everything it claims to be. Comfortable, well-built here in the USA from top quality materials (which is a big selling point for me), and of course it's capable of cranking out a true 200w of power without hiccups or complication. I've read reviews from others and, of course, I have to acknowledge that many of them complain about battery life. I won't sit and say that the Lavabox has the best battery life of them all, it doesn't. I can't really say it's all that bad either. In my opinion the only thing causing the Lavabox's battery life to become known as an issue doesn't lie in the run time, but in the fact that the battery can't just be popped out and replaced with another in a few seconds like we've all been used to. The battery charges back up rather quickly, and the wait time before you can pick your vape back up feels longer than it is. The replaceable grips are of a unique feature to say the least. It seems simple, and it is, with a matter of 4 screws between you and making your Lavabox a different color. They give the user the option to customize their mod without having to play with annoying stick on wraps. The Lavabox has thoroughly impressed me. The only regret I have at this point is a feeling that maybe I should have opted for the limited edition red rather than the black. Who can I blame for that?
  • Overall
    Great device and awesome support
    Review by Kyuon 2/25/16
    Have been loving this device from the start. Had a little issue with it but the Volcano took care of it and sent me a new replacement. Thank you so much~
  • Overall
    Almost perfect
    Review by Justinon 2/25/16
    Love the design, love the DNA 200, love the feel and durability. Don't love the battery life. It's not horrible, but it could be better.

    A suggestion: release a battery upgrade kit, with a larger battery, replacement battery cover, and grips for a seamless look. Have already seen people online adding custom "washers," but would love an OEM solution. Not everybody would want a larger mod, but some of us would appreciate the option.
  • Overall
    pretty great
    Review by jarethon 2/25/16
    Got this mod and so far its been treating me perfectly. design is sleek and simple, fits well in my pocket. Commands are easy to do, buttons are nice and "clicky" but not to clicky, and the interchangeable colored grips is a nice touch.

    only negative i could say is that the battery life is pretty short. if you are a constant vapor who needs to have a puff every few second, this product will run out of battery power pretty quickly. but if you use it sparingly and take brakes things will work out well.

    i give it a 4 out 5. a great device overall.
  • Overall
    Review by Ikaikaon 2/23/16
    Will be making an ocean blue version?
  • Overall
    Very good device overall
    Review by Nathanon 2/21/16
    This device is amazing right out of the box! Hits hard, stays reasonably cool, etc. The only complaint I had is the battery life of the original lipo pack, being only 900 mAh. However that is easily fixed by upgrading the lipo, so it isn't a huge issue for me. I am also always near a USB charger, so I can handle the smaller battery life.
  • Overall
    Absolutely amazing
    Review by Hunteron 2/18/16
    The best box I have ever owned by far. Feels great in the hand, light, and easily and all day carry. 10/10 would bang
  • Overall
    Really diggin this thing
    Review by Johnon 2/15/16
    Love it! Plenty of power, customize it anyway you want and it fits perfectly in my hand. The battery life IS slightly disappointing, hopefully a fix is in the works.

    Now see as how you guys came out with the blood red version... A blue something or other version would make me buy a second lavabox.
  • Overall
    "The be all end all"
    Review by Vape Gawdon 2/11/16
    Gawd, what a beast mod. Simply put, not a single complaint. I see many complaints about the battery but for me I use to and from work as well as breaks and a couple more hours after i get home from an eight hour day. Takes about an hour to charge, no problem if you have an extra mod laying around.
  • Overall
    Dopest mod ever, but fuckin...seriously?!
    Review by Louon 2/9/16
    They would release a dope as fuck red version literally the same fucking day that the first version arrives at my house.

    ^ Only complaint.

    Oh, and the battery kinda sucks yeah, but who isn't around a plug most of day? just need one or 2 20 min boost charges and ur good to get thru the whole day.
  • Overall
    Review by Zacharyon 2/6/16
    Amazing Box Mod but I feel like it could have an upgradable battery so there is more battery life. Is that a possibility?
  • Overall
    Best box on the market right now
    Review by Trevoron 2/3/16
    Makes any RDA/Tank hit perfectly, the grip and feel of it in your hand can't be compared and the DNA 200 chip is by far the best to have in a box right now. If you have to money, this is a must buy!
  • Overall
    best dna 200 mod
    Review by jboogon 2/2/16
    I was very pleased with this lavabox mod. IMO, the best dna 200 mod out there. Thumbs up!
  • Overall
    Lavabox DNA 200
    Review by Michael on 2/1/16
    The Lavabox is my first premium mod I have owned. My first mod box was a eleaf estick which worked okay but could never provide me with big "clouds". My second was a kangertech all in one box and though the clouds were much better, it always leaked. I received my lavabox and paired it with the Aspire Triton and I could not be happier. The lavabox gives me huge clouds and a ton of options which I have not used yet but once I get more familiar with the device I may experiment with. I like the Aspire Triton too since I can pour from the top and control my airflow on the bottom. Which keeps the atomizer from leaking, getting all over the place, and simply wasting my expensive e-juice. My only complaint with the atomizer is that it takes a couple twist before using which is difficult when driving.
  • Overall
    5 Star box
    Review by Benjaminon 1/28/16
    Great mod
  • Overall
    Overall good
    Review by Tim G on 1/19/16
    Very technical device. Build extremely well. The sides that are removable to customize are easily removed along with the battery if ever needed. Simple to use and hits extremely smooth. My only concern is when vape with a low build like I was (.07ohm) at 70 watts it will die in 3 hours. With internal batteries that can be a pain. I am currently looking into upgrading the batteries tho. Great device though.
  • Overall
    Review by Luis Aon 1/18/16
    Excellent product,very well made,very confortable and great looking. Software once you get use to it is excellent. Good Price.Excellent Company.
  • Overall
    4 out 5
    Review by Christopheron 1/11/16
    This is a good device, finish is excellent. Only downsides are: I ordered another color handle and the screws are so tight I was unable to take one screw off. Now the screw is stripped so I will be stuck with the one color. Also my device didnt come with the charger cable or wall outlet, it was empty!! But besides that it is a good device battery last about one day with moderate use.
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Chrison 1/11/16
    I have had this for about a week and have really no issues at all with the device. Battery life lasts only about a half of day, other than that zero issues. It's a quality well built device. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. There is a small learning curve using the software for custom built coils but nothing too difficult. Definitely has the power and consistency I look for in a mod.
  • Overall
    Awesome! Best mod ive ever had!
    Review by Jeffon 1/6/16
    This thing is GREAT! Its smooth, the temp restriction is spot on, and the features and convenience, both physically and internally, are bar none the best!!! 5 STARS!
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Hazyon 1/5/16
    This box is absolutely amazing, first DNA I have ever gotten, upgraded from my SnowWolf 200 and I definitely would not go back! This box is nice and sleek, fits perfectly in the hand, screen is not the most amazing material but I have no problem with that as it is a wonderful box! Lots of amazing features and perfect size to carry around! Could not recommend this anymore!
  • Overall
    Fantastic mod, only one slight issue but it's on me.
    Review by Dylanon 1/5/16
    Overall I'm impressed with this mod, it's constructed well and performs the same way. My issue is based on low resistance builds, but this can be fixed by having spare batteries. This thing can go really low also, am currently running a parallel nichrone build that ranges .05-.10 and it never misses a beat in sessions. I would definitely recommend this mod to anyone looking for a user friendly device that can handle intricate builds.
  • Overall
    The only Vape ill need again
    Review by antonioon 1/3/16
    Just to start the amount of power in itself contained in this size and weight is incredible. Christmas just passing the vape life in New York is booming. Seeing all these Other products running Dna 200 technology nothing compares to the Hand Grenade feel build, feel, ease of use and Power. I grabbed a cauldron 2 and its running dual alien coils with ease throughout the day on a steady 80-110 depending on who wants to see this monster. Volcano outdid themselves on this box. Grab one, Customize that bad boy and enjoy the Perfect vape for today's technology.

    Ease of use
    Sophisticated Chip - one of the safest Ive ran into. gives you full info on whatever coil you stick on that platform.
    Battery- so much nicer than your mechanical 18650, me losing, getting batteries stolen etc. the built in system with an easy plug in charge capability is a huge win to anyone.
    as of now blowing mass clouds. i cant put it down, haha
    where you are putting your rda,rba, tank whatevermabobber, if you have a bad habit of screwing your stuff on till it dont come off easily. it might rough up the area around the screw hole. but its cosmetic not going to stop clouds .

    10/10 thanks volcano \ picked up the Cauldron 2 if you really liked my opinion i love how smooth the rda runs and how they kept it to the 3 post. does me wonders check it out.
  • Overall
    The only Vape ill need again
    Review by antonioon 1/3/16
    Just to start the amount of power in itself contained in this size and weight is incredible. Christmas just passing the vape life in New York is booming. Seeing all these Other products running Dna 200 technology nothing compares to the Hand Grenade feel build, feel, ease of use and Power. I grabbed a cauldron 2 and its running dual alien coils with ease throughout the day on a steady 80-110 depending on who wants to see this monster. Volcano outdid themselves on this box. Grab one, Customize that bad boy and enjoy the Perfect vape for today's technology.

    Ease of use
    Sophisticated Chip - one of the safest Ive ran into. gives you full info on whatever coil you stick on that platform.
    Battery- so much nicer than your mechanical 18650, me losing, getting batteries stolen etc. the built in system with an easy plug in charge capability is a huge win to anyone.
    as of now blowing mass clouds. i cant put it down, haha
    where you are putting your rda,rba, tank whatevermabobber, if you have a bad habit of screwing your stuff on till it dont come off easily. it might rough up the area around the screw hole. but its cosmetic not going to stop clouds .

    10/10 thanks volcano \ picked up the Cauldron 2 if you really liked my opinion i love how smooth the rda runs and how they kept it to the 3 post. does me wonders check it out.
  • Overall
    Loved this box but
    Review by Zachon 12/31/15
    This was my go to box for the 2 weeks I've had it worked but now it won't charge :(
  • Overall
    Review by Harrisonon 12/30/15
    Absolutely in love with this mod. My 4th box mod, and my favorite by far. Lightweight, intuitive, accurate. Looks great, smaller than I imagined but still comfortable in my giant hands. Hits smooth, only problem is battery life (not even really a problem, micro USB charger is convenient and fast). Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a great regulated device with endless capabilities
  • Overall
    Two Words: IN LOVE!!!
    Review by Jeffreyon 12/29/15
    I loved this mod right out of the box. Feels amazing in hand. The grip is perfect. Looks sleek. EScribe software is awesome and easy to use. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
  • Overall
    Sick box, looks great
    Review by Shaneon 12/27/15
    I'm very happy with the Lavabox dna 200 and I'm glad I bought it from volcanoecigs.com
    I'm able to use it even at 0% battery and it hits instantly unlike most mods I've used. It's so far great and seams well built. I have a full carbon fiber wrap on its way and can't wait to put it on to keep the box nice and give it a nice look
  • Overall
    Excellent mod!!
    Review by Hairilon 12/25/15
    Excellent mod!!
  • Overall
    Pretty nice box
    Review by Clinton 12/22/15
    I recently bought one of these and the only real complaint I have and as others have already stated is the plastic lens because it scratches way to easy. If this was glass instead of plastic it would have 5 stars for me. That's my only complaint about it. Other than that I'd buy it again.
  • Overall
    Awesome Mod!
    Review by GravyGoodnesson 12/21/15
    This has become my go-to for everything. Works great on my drippers and my sub tanks. I have basically hung up my mech mod after receiving this box. Only gripe I have is battery life, but I can always charge it and keep going. Awesome build quality and the DNA chip is the best on the market. Well worth the purchase price!
  • Overall
    Top DNA200
    Review by Cldbluckyon 12/18/15
    We have 5 of the available DNA 200's. VS, VT, Wmec, etc. and now the Volcano Lavabox. The DNA 200 is supurb in all of these devices. I really like the lava box. Feels great in the hand. Build quality is off the chart. Solid, great feel super high quality. The screen is very stylish unlike any other DNA200. The 510 makes great contact on even the most sensitive tanks with Ni200 so the spring is strong. I use the DNA200's in TC mode on Ti, Ni200 and SS so the spring tension is VERY important. This is one of the TOP 3 DNA200's out there and I HIGHLY recommend it. Nice Job Volcano!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Overall
    Couldn't ask for a better mod
    Review by Jayon 12/17/15
    So this mod was a HUGE upgrade for me - this retired an Innokin MVP 20w and I couldn't be happier. With my old mod, I was using a Nautilus Mini tank and 50/50 juices with anywhere from 12 to 18mg nic. and still having cravings for analog smokes. I would supplement with them 2 or 3 times a day. Haven't felt the need since I got my Lavabox last week. It's nice not to have to walk around smelling like an ashtray anymore!

    Right now I'm using it with a black Uwell Crown tank, .25 ohm coils and 20/80 pg/vg juice at 6mg nic. The vapor and clouds are excellent! I've been hovering between 65 and 75 watts for the past week or so and I have been loving it.

    The only negative thing I can think of to say is that the battery life just isn't the greatest. I knew about that before I purchased though, so it wasn't a surprise. I work at home and can charge it up anytime I need to. In my opinion, it's a solid trade off vs having to buy separate batteries and a charger. Your opinion may differ. Vaping at 75w, it's not uncommon for one 4 second puff to gobble up 1 or 2 % of the battery. Just be aware that if you chain vape this mod, you're going to see the battery meter drop pretty quickly.
  • Overall
    Best thing since sliced bread
    Review by Levion 12/11/15
    I'm very new to gaping and had a pen type for a month and want happy with the available vapour . After searching the web and looking at my options I decided to go with a mod box and I am so glad I chose the lava box
    I went with the kanga mini and the flavour is amazing I have been running at 20 watts with a temp of 100c/212f I haven't built my own coil as yet so am using the occ supplied with the kanga mini
    After receiving the products I was vaping in minutes
    Holds a charge all day and is built real nice
    My only concern for any of these mod box options is how durable they are when dropped I'm sure there will be damage to working parts of dropped to many times . I would have liked a little cover for the drip tip.
    Everything I got was of very high quality as I expected from the reviews I had found.
    Haven't had a cigarette since it arrived ,absolutely stoked !
  • Overall
    Simply Amazing! A builders box!
    Review by Justinon 12/11/15
    This thing is amazing! My first Box, coming from a heavy mech background, and the Lavabox is everything i could have hoped for. Within weeks of having it I'm building TC coils and using every feature completely. My battery lasts a long time using TC, after that initial 200w punch, even my biggest coils only use 50-60 watts. Tweak your device properly, add some custom CSV's for your builds, and you'll have the perfect box!
  • Overall
    Good, not perfect, getting it replaces
    Review by Son 12/11/15
    First off, the design is fantastic. Super comfortable and just really nice, I have not complaints about it.

    The battery life and the DNA board itself are a little wonky. The battery drains really fast and I can't change certain things (such as what the screen shows when charging) so I went through volcano to get it swapped and they held up their end of the deal.

    Over all though this thing is great, its worth it if you are looking into a 200W device.
  • Overall
    Review by Chrison 12/10/15
    My last review of one star was over the holiday and I had not had a chance to deal with the help department. What great customer service. What a great mod. Thanks for all of the help.
  • Overall
    Overall I would recommend.but Read review!!!
    Review by davidon 12/9/15
    -solid build
    -nice look
    -functionality is excellent (if u push a button it works first time)
    -well packaged
    -good connections with every tank
    -Shipping was 3days to Mississippi
    -finicky with custom builds
    -battery life is fairly short but lasts me all day at work /takes a while to charge
    -although tanks fit snug they also leave a scratch in finish no matter how careful u are
    -I have concerns about warranty issue and lengthy (return for inspection) process
    -doesn't ship with battery specs and updated firmware installed for instant use (have to go to Escribe and change settings so battery operates/charges properly
    OVERALL IT IS THE BEST DNA 200 available Imo
  • Overall
    Great product, highly recommend!
    Review by Jonathanon 12/5/15
    First mod and I have to say, this one hits it out of the park! Works great, looks great and feels great! I have it paired with a Smok TFV4 tank and it is phenomenal. Highly recommend, thank you!
  • Overall
    Fine as wine
    Review by Gon 12/1/15
    I enjoy every moment spent using this device. The one and only downside that I've encountered so far is the battery life (I lose 1% per 1-2 hits) and would like to see a battery upgrade in the future. Apart from this single issue, the LAVABOX is easily my favorite mod!
  • Overall
    Great mod!
    Review by Tedon 12/1/15
    I gotta say this is the best mod I have. A little confusing for the novice, but total control over your vape. I had issues that were quickly addressed by Volcano and I have to say that the best part of buying a Lavabox is the custumer service that comes with it. Lindsey and the techs at Volcano took the time to explain what I was doing wrong without making me feel more foolish then I already felt. Excellent machine, better customer service!
  • Overall
    DNA 200
    Review by Jeffon 11/30/15
    Nice feel, is fairly pocket friendly. Except, as many have stated, Battery Life. not sure if the Battery needs a Break in period.
    These types of batteries some times do, and will last longer (as in, more than a year before replacing), and might extend charge life a little. not entirely sure. Look up these types of batteries in the RC World to see what I am talking about.
    The vape is extremely smooth though. Noticeably smooth.
  • Overall
    Evolv's Escribe Software
    Review by Lanceon 11/30/15
    Oh, for those who are searching for the software for the DNA 200 chip. It's really difficult to find a download link in Volcano's website.

    I had to wander around the entire website before I finally stumbled across the link to download the eScribe software. ...After I've already downloaded it directly from Evolv's website. The two links are as follows:

    On Volcano's Website:
    The link is nearly at the bottom of this page, which is the Lavabox Instructions page, itself not easy to find.

    On Evolv's Website:
    The link is in the third frame down.

    Hope this helps anyone looking for the software that allows one to tweak and customize their Lavabox! Enjoy!
  • Overall
    A Good Choice
    Review by Lanakaon 11/30/15
    I've been on mechanical mods until recently when I bought my first regulated box, a Sigelei 150W TW. While it's good, I found myself wishing for more flexibility and better ability to optimize my vapes. I was advised to check out the DNA 200 and did some researching on the various boxes on the market. Almost bought either a Snow Wolf 200 or the Vape Shark, but decided to wait a few months for the Lavabox and the reviews on it. Because of the strength of the almost invariably good reviews (despite of battery longevity, or lack thereof, complaints), I went ahead and bought it on the day after Thanksgiving (even tho there were NO Black Friday special for it). Glad I did buy it.

    While the evolv escribe software has a bit of a learning curve and the DNA 200 mods are definitely NOT for the newbies, I find the LAVABOX and the DNA 200 to be an excellent choice.

    The Lavabox looks, feels and works great. While I agree that the battery life could be better (this is coming from a guy who chainvapes subohm RDAs with 8-10 second pulls and habitually carries around 2-4 18650 batteries and 2-3 26650 batteries with my 2-3 mods). However, keeping in mind my vaping habits, the Lavabox still lasts me most of a day and the fact that it has rapid charge ameliorates much of the longevity issues. My only wish is that it was approximately 2-3 mm larger on the 3 sides around the atomizer so that even 30mm atties don't overhang the edges so much. Now the only thing to find is a belt holster for it...
  • Overall
    almost perfect
    Review by Jasonon 11/29/15
    this box has a great in the hand feel it contours well to me, I enjoy the profile settings that I can create and great customer service I had an issue out of the box but by email Volcano was able to help me fix the software issue

    the two down sides I would say about this device is
    I don't like how dark the screen is and I wish the buttons had more of a solid click they have an almost mushy feeling to them

  • Overall
    dna200 device with style
    Review by Logan on 11/29/15
    the package and finish of the device are superb, even tho there are two very small dents on the mod, which i can live with. loving it so much i order all three color grip (red, blue and white) during this black Friday sale along with volcanic RDA with matching color sleeve. this will be my end game devices!
  • Overall
    Amazing device. Durable. Sleek. DNA200!!!
    Review by Jakeon 11/28/15
    Pro: Dna200 is the best chip on the market. Hands down. The lavabox design is beautiful. And seems like it could handle a solid beating. Different available skins is a great bonus. Buttons are great, dont wiggle. They click well when pressed, not too much force, not too far, but not too sensitive, just right. All around flawlessly manufactured.

    My ONLY con, is common amongst almost every dna200 device. 1amp charging. Evolv made the boards only capable of handling 1 amp charging, which is unfortunate because battery life is not great. Which is understandable obviously, too make the device not huge, and output 200watts, it trades battery life for size. Which is what i personally signed up for.i vape a lot so i need to charge it 3-4 times a day. So waiting for a 2 hour charge is rather depressing. There's only 1 dna 200 device that supports 2amp charging... but i won't mention them, as they should be boycotted for several instances of dishonest business tactics.

    That being said, i believe this to be the best dna200 mod, however, be prepared for not-so-great battery life and waiting a while for a charge. You could vape while charging, but that will diminish the lifespan of the battery. I hope volcano e cigs eventually offers discounted replacement batteries for lavabox owners, or a battery expansion pack or something. An expansion would be awesome actually, EVEN if it just acted as powerbank. But the addition of an expansion that allows for a second battery to be connected in parellel (and possibly separately balance charged) would be amazing. Volcano, if you do this, i better get one for the idea;)
  • Overall
    First impressions, and feel is great. Love the profile settings
    Review by Nickon 11/28/15
    I am very happy with this product. The mod is noticeably lighter then the joytech mini. Size is nice i do like how it fills my hand even for smaller hands it does not feel overwhelming. Price is good for what i know the DNA 200 goes for in other mods. One issue i think it has is the Battery life. I feel like it is a little on the low side. I do have it set up with the Smok tank. I feel if you are going to run it on anything above 50-60w you may want to carry around a battery charger. Again this was only the first day so i cannot say with much experience with the device that you wont last a day on a fully charged battery. The other issue i have with the device is that it you cant manually power down the mod. I think this has a big part to play in battery life. Because of those 2 very minor and picky things i dont like about it i am giving this a 4 star out of 5.

    Dna 200
    Profile settings

    short battery life (maybe)
    automatic power down.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Seekeromon 11/27/15
    hello! :)

    i've got my order today - lavabox and CAULDRON 1 RDA.
    some things are good and some were a bit disappointing...

    good things:

    1. great customer service!

    2. Mod and Rda looks like a great quality.

    4. Great design.

    3. i like that the box weight is very light and it is pretty small.

    not so good:

    1. i've expected that the stuff is made in US and when i saw that it was made in china it was disappointing to me :((

    2. cauldron doesn't have spare o-rings and spare srews

    3. cauldron cuts the wire of the coil when screwed .... tried couple of times ... the same situation - the middle stand is fine, but the side stands cut wires :(

    thanks guys! i enjoy your products even though there were some minuses for me...
  • Overall
    Overall solid mod
    Review by Wesleyon 11/24/15
    The DNA chip is obviously lovely in this mod as it is in the others. But the design amd size sold me on this one immediately. The only con I can find is that switching between vaping my subohm tanks and dripping a few times through the day, I almost always end up with a weak battery warning twice a day. So don't be too far from a charger. But it does charge decently fast. This mod is perfect if you are the type to have a few other mods to use and balance your battery life. Luckily I am one of those as well, so i am a happy customer.
  • Overall
    Great exterior design
    Review by Chadon 11/23/15
    I ordered the Lava box after having an issue with the battery in the Lava Tube -there were no more Lava Tubes in stock.

    Out of the box I love the feel and design. This is by far the most in-hand comfortable feeling box mod I have purchased. I wanted this as my carry mod because is it light weight while still powerful enough to meet my needs - In this case more power than I use. The temp control works great and I get a good solid vapor.

    The down side is the screen flickers and does not shut off some of the time. It also tells me the battery is dead almost immediately after removing it from the charger. This is the same issue I had with the Lava Tube only with the Lava Box it keeps working but I just don't know how much battery I have left. The other downside to this mod is that the battery does not last long at all. I am a moderate to heavy vapor and the battery goes dead within 2 hours or so. Because of the screen flickering and the incorrect battery monitor I cannot judge how much life the battery has.

    These seem like issues that should have been worked out prior to release. With that said, it may be a chip issue. Not sure what the problem is but if the battery lasted longer this would be my go to mod. However, the way it is now it basically sits on the shelf because of the battery life.
  • Overall
    awesome product
    Review by chris lewison 11/23/15
    I love everything about the lava-box and have received many complements on it( have the red grip on her).

    this mod performs well and the DNA 200 chip-set is easy to learn and work with as far as software goes.

    i am thinking of getting a lava-box for my girlfriend because i love it so much and its so easy to use and carry.

    the only thing i have heard people complain about is the battery life on this thing with the smaller sized battery, i personally vape all day and it lasts me the same amount of time as my TESLA 200 with 2x 18650s i haven't had an issue.

    would love to see them come out with an extended back plate/additional hand grips so people can add larger batteries just to accommodate the people who want this (i would buy it just because, who wouldn't want more juice available

    otherwise, if you are on the fence about this product don't be its an amazing company with fast delivery and awesome customer service, and the device blows everything else I've owned/tried out of the water.
  • Overall
    Awesome mod!!
    Review by Dewreckon 11/23/15
    Love the dna200!! Wish it was mac compatible, but other than that awesome vape!!
  • Overall
    Was a nice upgrade
    Review by Johnon 11/23/15
    I have been using a istick 50 watt. So lava box is a big upgrade. I real like it battery life is little short does not make it all day with my stok tank. Charges quick I would give it a thumbs up
  • Overall
    Fantastic Mod, Solid and Stylish
    Review by Rhyson 11/22/15
    Been using this mod for about one month now and am extremely happy with it. It is well built, study, looks great and feels great. The battery life isn't the greatest of the high end box mods, but I think they have found a good balance between size and capacity, I vape quite regularly at 50-60W and it will last me all day, I just put it charge at night. The only other criticism I have is the surface which contains the screen is highly prone to scratching, and as the buttons and USB port are on this face it is hard to prevent it getting scratched up a bit.

    All in all a brilliant mod, and very reasonably priced, hopefully replacement lipo cells become available in the future because this mod will long outlast the batteries!
  • Overall
    Better keep a charger on hand
    Review by Cavinon 11/22/15
    Yeah and I hope you didn't expect to easily use titanium either. That being said, it is my favorite mod on hand, the escribe is fun to work with at times and painfully meticulous at others. All in all I do really like it I just wish the battery life was better..
  • Overall
    Review by Bryanon 11/22/15
    The lavabox is the only choice. All around best vaping experience available. This device checks every box on the list. Buy one.
  • Overall
    Great mod. Lacking battery life
    Review by Aaronon 11/22/15
    Overall this is a great mod for the price. It works great looks good and feels comfortable in the hand. The only thing it lacks is battery life. It only last me half the day vaping 65 watts at 450 degrees. Volcano should come out with a battery extension door and a larger mah battery
  • Overall
    Great DNA200 Mod
    Review by Toddon 11/22/15
    This Mod fits great in the hand. It is light yet very stable when you set it down. I love the buttons and the interchangeable grip colors. Packed with all the DNA200 features this is a great value with the awesome support from Volcano.
  • Overall
    Great device
    Review by Michael on 11/21/15
    Incredible chip. Incredible design.

    Seems indestructible and you want to hold it all day. Battery access and DNA firmware make it future proof.
  • Overall
    Pretty sweet!
    Review by Joeon 11/21/15
    Love the DNA200 chip and the escribe software for it. Love the look and size of the mod and the different grip colors. Gave it 4 stars simply because the battery will absolutely not make it through the day for me. Since I can't really swap the LIPO easily, I can't keep a spare on me when I'm out, so I generally need to have it plugged in when I'm not using it and keep an external battery on me when I can't be near an outlet or computer. The Lavabox would be the ultimate DNA200 mod if I could just replace the battery easily!
  • Overall
    Love every minute
    Review by Chrison 11/21/15
    I've had mine since the first orders came out and love it. Its got good weight, not over welming but doesn't feel cheap. About the size of the kanger tech sub box mini. Battery life is not as bad as everyone claims . I'm using a smok tfv4 with quad kanthol coils at 90 watts and at the end of the day I'm at around 40% to 30%. Escribe is fun to tweak things on it. I created my own Fallout layouts and it fun to show off screens while showing off the mod. I have nothing but good experience with it
  • Overall
    Love It!!
    Review by Edwardon 11/21/15
    Feels Great in the hand.Best vaping experience to date and i started in 2004!! Wish the battery lasted a bit longer but it charges fast.
  • Overall
    Very well designed
    Review by Frankon 11/21/15
    I ordered this mod shortly after they became available. I am extremely happy with it. I watched the first impression reviews on youtube and they were right. The hand feel is great, the battery lasts a long time and charges quickly, and the mod looks really sleek and stylish.
  • Overall
    Lavaboxx DNA200 - Awesome!
    Review by jackmormonon 11/21/15
    Absolutely love the mod. Flawless experience so far. Great quality and and design. Volcano e-mailing suggested mod settings is above and beyond most nowadays. I keep hearing awesome things about their customer service but I haven't had any problems to bug them about ;)

    Buy one!
  • Overall
    Great Mod with just one gripe
    Review by Adamon 11/21/15
    So far I have been using the Lavabox for a few weeks and overall have been very impressed by both the DNA200 chip as well as the package which Volcano has installed it in. It is very comfortable in the hand and feels very solid and well made despite its light weight. I personally chose to purchase a red additional grip and I don't think it could look any better.

    As with many LiPo DNA200 mods there is always a concern about battery life. Personally, as a light to moderate vaper I have had no issues at all with making it through the day without needing to charge. I could see how some heavy vapers would have difficulty getting through a full day on only one charge. However, with everyone having easy access to USB chargers I can't see it being too much of an issue. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to see a larger battery option as well. It wouldn't be too difficult to make a larger battery door and put in a larger LiPo pack to give you some extra juice. This is just an idea which I would have found interesting. Personally, I have no issues with the battery life so it doesn't lose any points in this section.

    The one area I do have a problem with is the initial setup of the mod. This is the sole reason why I am rating this 4/5 stars and is easily fixed. My Lavabox (and everyone elses who has had theirs shipped as far as I know) have had none of the hardware specific setup done at all. The battery analyzer was not run. The case analyzer was not run. The mod resistance hasn't even been set. Volcano has released information on the mod resistance recently and hopefully that setting is coming preset on the mod itself from this point on. However, as of the writing of this review Volcano has still not released the proper battery and case analyzer results. In my opinion, this should have been run on many different units and an average taken for a baseline. This baseline should have been shipped installed into each and every chip. If the individual customers wish to run it again to get the results specific to their device they are able to. However, requiring every customer to run these tests (many of which may not know that they need to or even how) is unacceptable. Volcano had months to run these tests and incorporate the results so that their customer have the most accurate temperature control as well as battery information possible.

    As I said, these issues are easily remedied. It looks as if Volcano has started to take steps in this direction. However, it doesn't excuse this important information being omitted upon shipping. This is the only blemish on an otherwise stellar mod.
  • Overall
    Awesome Mod
    Review by Joshuaon 11/21/15
    This is a great box mod. Dna chip is great. Only drawback is the battery life. I usually run around 75 watts and it usually last me a work day. It's fine for me, but if you are constantly on the go it could get tedious. Luckily it does have a rapid charge.
  • Overall
    AWESOME!!!!...... But....
    Review by Jesseon 11/21/15
    This device is incredable. It's comfortable, powerful and beautiful. It's the best mod I have ever owned, and will probably be the last. But...... I really wish this had better battery life. I'm using an IPV4 tank at 85 watts with the T3 coils, and I'm lucky if I get 3 hours at full power with light to moderate use. Granted, if u was using a normal tank at 35 watts I would probably more than double the life... but, that's why I bought a 200 watt device. Would I have bought this again knowing that... absolutely!
  • Overall
    Favorite DNA 200 Device
    Review by JeepBearon 11/21/15
    This is my favorite device in four years of vaping. Weight, durability, size, versatility with different size atomizers, perfectly aligned and tensioned buttons; of the three DNA 200 devices I own, this gets the most use by far.
  • Overall
    Amazing box, best DNA200!!!
    Review by Terryon 11/21/15
    Iv been vaping on this lavabox for about 3 weeks now and I'm loving it!! It's powerful and small, light weight and looks amazing. 10/10 for this one guys this is a perfectly made DNA box
  • Overall
    Review by Richardon 11/11/15
    Volcano's LavaBox DNA200 is well constructed and awesome mod. I have been off tobacco for 3 years and owned many products and built my own mech boxes. This is definitely the best and ONE SOLID mod. More importantly, Volcano customer service is the best. I had a couple of issues and their response is unbelievable! I vape all day with it and put away and started selling off my other mods! I want to purchase another one as a back up already! I can't wait for the next evolution of this product hopefully with a better battery but keeping the same form factor! I know I want my cake and eat it at the same time! Great Job Volcano. Keep up the great work. You have earned this customer's praise and loyalty!
  • Overall
    My favorite
    Review by Aprilon 11/4/15
    5 stars for this mod. DNA 200 is awesome board.
  • Overall
    Best mod yet
    Review by Equinediveron 11/3/15
    Been using my Lavabox for nearly 2 weeks and I love it :)

    Only drawback is having to charge it, knowing Volcanco's excellent quality products, going to try the Lavatube 3, as with an active lifestyle, I need to be able to change batteries on the go.

    For coming home to a great vape, the Lavabox is the best around.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by M.Ahsanon 10/30/15
    Great DNA 200 mod for the price
  • Overall
    Great Box Mod
    Review by Haydenon 10/28/15
    The DNA 200 chip itself is great but put a sexy lavabox design around it and the result is incredible. By far my favorite box mod on the market right now. Thank you for this great and affordable mod Volcano, keep it up.
  • Overall
    lavabox DNA 200
    Review by Ryanon 10/27/15
    Best DNA 200 on the market right now