WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The LAVATUBE v2.5 - (Device Only) Sale

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  • The LAVATUBE v2.5 - (Device Only)

The LAVATUBE v2.5 - (Device Only)

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Our LAVATUBE v2.5 E-Cigarette is the culmination of our team’s R&D and is a powerful and customizable personal vaporizer. We’ve reworked the design of the entire device and are proud to bring you one of the most advanced vaping devices on the market.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.


Document Icon User Manual


Variable Vaping with Volcanoecigs.

This is only the device; it does not come with batteries or a charger.

It's time to to take your vaping experience to the next level with a device tuned like no other! The LAVATUBE v2.5 is a specially designed electronic cigarette that lets you fully control your vaping experience with few clicks of easy to use buttons. Our team spent many months designing this device and there are many high tech features that separate the LAVATUBE v2.5 from the crowd. Here are the full set of specs:

LAVATUBE v2.5 Features:

NEW: Variable Voltage & Variable Wattage
NEW: Device memory that stores your settings!
Lightweight aluminum alloy body
Anodized aluminum finish
1 power / activation button
1 Voltage up button
1 Voltage down button
1 Bright blue LCD screen
1 510 threaded connection
1 Lanyard clip hole
2 vent holes
18650 battery compatibility


Tech Specs:

Selectable Voltage Range: 3v to 6v in 0.1v increments

Selectable Wattage Range: 3w to 15w in 0.5w increments

Power / Activation Button: Click five times fast to power the device on / off; Hold the button down to activate.

+ Button: On press, increases voltage/wattage. 

- Button: On press, decreases voltage/wattage

Auto Shutoff: If the activation button is held down for 15 seconds or longer, the LAVATUBE will shut itself off until the button is released to prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.

Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection: The LAVATUBE can recognize an atomizer with too low of a resistance for the current voltage setting and will drop the voltage/wattage to a low enough setting to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out it will shut off power to the device to protect the LAVATUBE from being damaged.

Reverse Battery Protection: Protects the device in case you put the battery in the device backwards

Battery Monitoring/Over-Discharge Protection: The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically display "LO" on the display and turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery and the device by overly depletion.

Battery Voltage Meter: The LAVATUBE has a voltage meter built in! This way you can monitor the power left in the battery before it needs to be recharged. (18650 batteries provide 4.2v at peak charge and over the life of the battery that voltage will decrease to about 3.2v level before needing to be recharged) This will help you monitor the life cycle of the battery.

Atomizer Ohm Meter: The LAVATUBE has an atomizer ohm meter built in.  It will display the ohm's resistance of the atomizer that is connected to the device. 

Amperage Limiting: 3 amps – The device should monitor and shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.

Vent holes: 2 Vent holes on the bottom of the device for added safety


*Special Warranty Information:

The LAVATUBE v2.5 unit will include a 90 day Limited Warranty against any manufacturing defects from the date of purchase.

The AW IMR 1600 mAH High Drain 18650 LiMN Rechargeable Batteries will be warrantied for 90 days from the date of purchase.  Please make sure to fully charge your batteries in-between use and to follow safe storage practices when they are not being used.


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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Jakeon 11/10/17
    That's not how you spell great :(
  • Overall
    Love this thing!!
    Review by Penny on 7/7/17
    I used the Inferno for a long time and it was a real work horse but decided to upgrade. Since my inferno was so awesome of course I chose its big brother. My LavaTube 2.5 is amazing!! durable, easy to grip, easy to use and fits in my purse awesomely.

    Note.. I prefer the Nautilus Mini as my tank on this Mod
  • Overall
    a better device due to greate vape
    Review by ANNETTEon 6/21/17
    I've owned and several provari devices this a better device due to greate vape, not having to constantly clean battery due to it not staying charged
  • Overall
    my search is over!
    Review by Pennyon 6/17/17
    I have no complaints for this device. It is a workhorse and provides clouds of vapor. Combined with the aspire nautilus it is my only set up now. I want another color but its hard to find them in stock which I think speaks for itself. Good Job Guys!
  • Overall
    Lava tube 2.5 device only
    Review by Charleneon 2/9/16
    My old lava tube broken. I was so happy to see this on sale for device only as my tank was just fine.
    I rally like how this vapes.
  • Overall
    Good now
    Review by Alfredoon 1/27/16
    When I first received the unit, the firing button would stay stuck in firing which was frustrating. I took out the battery and sprayed some WD40 on a Q-Tip and worked my way around the rim of the firing button pushing in and out and now problem is fixed. It's been 3 days and is working flawlessly. Great unit once problem was fixed.
  • Overall
    Awesome when you set it right
    Review by Rickon 12/22/14
    Was a little disappointed at first, was vamping on voltage set to 4.5 . It worked pretty good but kept flooding after awhile. It's because resistance changes when coil heats up, so you must constantly change voltage, kind of like manual mode. I then set it to wattage and OMG this thing rocks . In wattage mode it automatically adjusts voltage to different resistances . With a 3.5 ohm coil and 50/50 pg, /vg juice, I set wattage to 10-11 watts and this thing is amazing. No more flooding and you get clouds of vapor.
  • Overall
    Review by Jimon 12/12/14
    Love the new tank, the Chrome mil specs should be thicker.
  • Overall
    Review by Timon 10/12/14
    This is a great device. Perfect size, all the right bells and whistles, and look great TOO. Great job Volcano!
  • Overall
    Love, love, love!!!
    Review by VprGrlon 9/29/14
    This device has every single feature on my checklist of what I was looking for! Then you add how gorgeous it looks and how easy it is to operate. If you've been searching for the mod that will not only give you the vapor satisfaction you seek but will also compliment your chic style, your search is over. Colors to fit any taste! Just get it!
  • Overall
    Review by Davidon 9/14/14
    I finally spent a little more money to get a better mod- boy it was worth every penny! Such a smooth and relaxing hit every single time and the flavor is unreal! Well worth the $$$$
  • Overall
    Review by Angelon 5/5/14
    This is my first Volcano product and purchase, and I love it. It's beefy but not too big or heavy. You can feel the quality and care that went into this just by holding it in your hand. Love it
  • Overall
    Great PV
    Review by Barryon 4/22/14
    Variable voltage, variable wattage, saves your settings between battery changes, the 18650 battery will last all day, even if you're a heavy vaper. You could spend more for the same thing, or spend the same for a clone... but why would you?
  • Overall
    Could be better
    Review by Jordan on 4/1/14
    Overall I like the LavaTube. I think it's a good device with decent build quality, but I feel it's lacking a bit. At least lacking a bit when it comes to the $80 price tag.

    I didn't like that there was no manual included with the device. It was easy enough to figure out how to turn it on, but having a list of basic functions, locking..etc would have been handy.

    I like the way the device looks, but I feel the device itself has some way to come before it should have an $80 price tag. Basic things like being able to see into the device when looking at the LCD screen and not having a lock feature or indicator light when the button is depressed are basic things every mod should have fixed or included.

    For this being the third? version of this device I don't feel Volcano really put much effort into the basics. Yes, the device works and looks nice but that's only half the job.

    Knowing Volcano they'll drop another device which has all this included, but I'm not too happy that I'll need to drop another $80 to get basic features such as a locking feature, closer LCD screen and indicator light.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Jesseon 2/14/14
    This is my second Lavatube from Volcano first one being the Version 1 and finally was able to get the version 2.5! I ordered it on the 10th and with Fed Ex 2 day shipping I received it on the 12th. The device was in use within 2 minutes of delivery and I have been very pleased with it every since. Only complaint I have with it is lack or air flow. I originally tried it with a Pro Tank version 1 screwed on snug and had zero air flow. I back it off 1/4 turn and worked fine. I then tried my Pro Tank Version 2 and the same thing happened again. Also tried a Vivi Nova and again the same thing. I have went and got a Pro Tank X10 in black (same as my Lavatube) and I can screw it all the way down and get a draw but back off a hair seems to give a great hit. Not to mention looks really great on the Lavatube! Such a great match the color and even texture of the paint is exactly the same as if they were painted together by the same person!! Overall I believe Volcano has a great product on their hands and I am happy I own 2 of their Lavatubes and can't wait to see a version 3?? Maybe a 26650 mod???? I hope so!!! But then again not really sure if this one can be topped, may have outdone yourself. Thanks Volcano!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Vickieon 2/4/14
    I have 4 of the Lavatubes now and love them! I gave one to a friend who wanted to quit smoking and she loves it too. I love the quality of this product; the finish on it holds up really well and they perform flawlessly. The Lavatube is my favorite device and I've tried quite a few now. I'm going to be ordering a purple one next and maybe the green.
  • Overall
    Review by Pamelaon 1/25/14
    I have 5 Infernos!!!!... I love them!!!... I have not smoked since March 18, 2013, that is my Grandma's B-day, she would be so proud of me!!!! ... I sure miss her!!!!....

    After I bought the 5, I also bought my Mom and Dad one, got 3 of my sisters to buy one and a brother-in-law!!! They all have quit smoking cancer sticks!!!!

    But now I feel it is time for me to go BIG TIME and buy the MONSTER "LAVATUBE V2.5"!!!...I want the green one, but my hubby thinks the purple would be pretty for me, so I guess I will get the purple this time, but If I really like it and I know I will, I will be buying that green one!!!...

    I hope it is all what people are saying about it!!! ...But I really believe it is, NO DOUBT!!!

    I will rate it after I get and try it!!!....

    And one other thing I have to mention, the staff there at Volcano, YOU ALL ARE AWESOME!!! SO NICE AND HELPFUL!!! AND I WANT TO SAY: THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME AND MY FAMILY TO QUIT SMOKING!!!

    My daughter is so proud of me and that means the world to me!!!! ... So YES, THANK YOU ALL THERE AT VOLCAN0 BC WITHOUT YOU ALL, I WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO QUIT SMOKING!!! YOU ALL SAVED MY LIFE AND MY FAMILIES ALSO!!!

    Okay, so I have to rate something I haven't tried yet, so I will rate the looks!!!
  • Overall
    V2.5 is what changed the game
    Review by Ericon 1/14/14
    I am working on my 4th purchase of this model. I started with a black one from my local vendor and gave that to my wife and she loved it. Then Volcano decided to come out with fancy new colors. So the wife gets a shiny new purple one for her Christmas present and it was what she wanted. She went to work one day and got up to go to the restroom, comes back and someone at her work had swiped it just 9 days after getting it. She was in tears and devastated. I did the only thing I could and jumped online and ordered her another purple one immediately. But I gave her back the black one till that new purple one arrived.

    Now fast forward a couple of weeks and my black one got some juice in it and decided it didn't want to read any more carto's or my igo-w. So now I am ordering another one for myself and this time I am getting the green one.

    These mods are the best that I have had the opportunity to try out of all the ones I have tried.

    I love the variable wattage best because it allows me to raise or lower my settings and I don't have to worry about my ohm's on my coils because it automaticaly adjusts to fit the ohm's of the coils in the wattage mode. I run my coils from 2.2 ohms to 3.4 ohms depending on my builds. These ohms are just right for proper vaping when you are truly a vaper and not a cloud chaser. Not saying that I don't produce clouds but I vape to get my nicotine and not to show off (unless I am showing off my mod to try to get conversations started to nearby smokers).

    I have gotten friends and family to make the switch and vaping has saved my wifes life the most. She was a 2-3 pack a day smoker and now she vapes exclusively. Also got my mother (40+ year smoker) to make the transition as well.

    Thank you Volcano for saving the lives of my family and friends.
  • Overall
    change of style
    Review by Scotton 12/30/13
    Since i got this mod, it has been put to great use!! I have no idea that my vape could taste so great!! I used to use a magneto telescopic mod and was always afraid of having low power and not enough power to burn the juices right. With this mod, i can do both and included with style as well as light weight!!!! Amazing!!
  • Overall
    Pretty great!
    Review by Jerodon 12/24/13
    My wife loves this upgrade. It vapes better than the original and really brings out flavors without burning them. However, I really wish she could use her Kanger Protank 2 normally without having to leave it partially loose. Is there any chance there's an adapter or something to allow more airflow?
  • Overall
    Pleased as punch.
    Review by Cameronon 11/26/13
    I stopped vaping a few years ago, at which point i had only used the magma. I liked that product but it left something lacking. It wasnt until i started using som friends VV devices that i decided to get back on the wagon.

    I have had the product for about 3 days (it took a mere 3 days to arrive, which impressed me), and am completely satisfied thus far. Long lasting battery life, nice vape overall. I just would like to see Volcano come out with some nice rebuildable parts. I highly reccomend the starter kit, gives you everything to hit the ground running.
  • Overall
    Better than I thought
    Review by Justin on 9/1/13
    This is the best battery i have ever had.
  • Overall
    Review by Roberton 8/23/13
    Just bought the Lavatube v2 as a upgrade to the Inferno @ the wahiawa branch. I was advised by friends who vapor to buy Lavatube v2 instead because it gives more control. Though the inferno is a good starting point, I growing to love the Lavatube v2! I recommend to any new customers to go for the Lavatube v2. It gives you a lot of control and flexibility. Only gripe I have is my carto was bad so I got a replacement. Second carto lasted only 2 days and died. Make sure you buy extra carto's. And note, I am still new to vaping.... still learning its limits. (I think I inhale too hard and burns carto out). All in all I am extremely happy with my new Lavatube v2 and would highly recommend to all my friends who are interested in vaping.
  • Overall
    Who needs a Provari
    Review by keithon 6/28/13
    I have had mine for about 5 months now and love the new LT 2 design.This thing is rugid and just a beefy MOD,vapes like a champ,without miss firing.The only con i can find with this device is,it is missing VW,only complaint.This device will last you a long,long time,everyone should have one in there vape arsenal.
  • Overall
    Ordering #2
    Review by Brianon 6/4/13
    Just ordered my second Lavatube v2 in red. I will probably order two or three more just because I like them so much. My first one, about six months old, quit working on me so trying to find out how to get that fixed or replaced. I love everything about this mod; the appearance, size, solid construction, the beefy look and feel, how it feels in my hand, the way the mod unscrews in the middle to insert the battery, the ohms meter, the up and down buttons, the battery icon, the lanyard hold on the side, the colors, and the warranty. There isn't one thing I dislike. Volcano has made a fantastic product they should be proud of. Long live the founder of Volcano ecigs!!! Quitting smoking has been a breeze using the Volcano products.
  • Overall
    Review by Kennethon 5/29/13
    i have had my lavatube for almost 2 weeks now, It is purely amazing. So easy and does what I need it to do. I got it in the blue and everyone in the vape shop is in awe of it! Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Several months later, still going strong
    Review by Brandonon 5/29/13
    I've had one of these since the day it came out, so I figure after all this time I'd put in my 2 cents.

    -Durable (the aluminum is insanely thick, mine's taken several hits and isn't even scratched)
    -Solid button, no mushiness
    -Works well with IMR or ICR batteries
    -Can even take 2 18350's (though I don't recommend this as the chip doesn't seem to read the increased voltage well, probably doesn't properly shut off when batteries are drained)
    -Bright display, very easy to read
    -Very well ventilated in case of battery blowouts

    -It's a bit large compared to other mods (I myself like this a lot as I have big hands, but others who have handled it tend to mention the size as a drawback)
    -510 connection is press fitted
    -No VW setting
    -Drip well is practically nonexistent

    It's not perfect, but after buying or handling many other devices (including the supposedly legendary Provari) and getting caught up in the whole mech mod/Genesis atty craze, I always find myself going back to my trusty Lavatube. I'd buy it again, and I still recommend it to anyone asking my advice on what APV to buy.
  • Overall
    Love at 1st Vape
    Review by Vernonon 5/22/13
    Have had my Blue V2 for 1 day and can't keep my hands off of it. Vapes great and very consistant. Solid feel , sturdy construction, my new favorite device for all my downtime at home. A couple points that cost a star in my humble opinion. With all the tech and fine details put into this, why doesn't it have the clearer OLED screen and a VW adjustment.
    I purchased this when it was finaly in stock to replace my vv/vw device that was a cheap buy. Can't say enough how much I like this for only having it 1 day.
  • Overall
    Loving it!
    Review by RyNoon 5/8/13
    I just recieved my Lavatube v2 today and it is simply amazing. I upgraded from a non-variable battery and am now wishing I would have ugraded months ago!! It is also very simplistic and easy to setup/use. I have others who are currently deployed with me in Afghanistan and if you just take care of this device it will last!! Soldier tested! lol Enjoy
  • Overall
    This is how I roll
    Review by Justinon 4/24/13
    I needed to buy a version 2 because my version 1 has been broken since the first month I owned it. A 3 foot drop onto carpet from the table broke the cheaply glued cap off the top part. It still works fine but constantly snapps off and I have to shove the wires back in, annoying. Anyway the version 2 looks and feels great. For a guy with large hands it is nice not having a danty and flimsy little tube. Looks better, feels better, and hopefully when some cartomizers which actually work come will vape better.
    I will be attaching a lanyard to it though. Not because I need something to attach to but so that the perfectly round tube doesn't role off another table and break on carpet again.
  • Overall
    Almost perfect , almost.....
    Review by Jordanon 4/13/13
    Version 2 vs old version 1

    Pros: lighter weight, better grip, improved power button, nicer display, easier to change battery, more colors to choose from.

    Cons: could have been slimmer like the version 1, not as compatible with different batteries.

    The older version is compatible with 4000mah or above batteries, as for this version 2 when i first got it i thought i bought a lemon...it didn't work with my 4000mAh batteries that i used on my old Lavatube (yes, vapemarathon till your lips blister ^^). so i ended up buying a new one to get by the day, than later traded my high mAh batteries with my friends for 2000-3000mAh ones.
  • Overall
    Review by jaymanon 3/20/13
    Love it. want another just because I can.
  • Overall
    None Better
    Review by Stevenon 3/11/13
    I have been useing the lavatube 2.0 for about a week now and i love it. This is by far the best mod i have owned. I have used many diffrent mods and i like this one over the provari.... The construction is great ...its light weight and a little bulky but feels great in ur hand. If ur lookin for a great mod this one is for u. and the price range is great
  • Overall
    Totally impressed . with my Lavatube
    Review by Nicholason 3/1/13
    This is my new favorite toy . Way cooler than I expected and very happy with it . I ordered 3 different cartomizers and the tube is the only way to go .
  • Overall
    LavaTube 2
    Review by Teresa Gon 2/28/13
    Truthfully I don't like the Ver 2. I don't like the size and the weight of it. To me it is bulky and awkward. Yes, it is solid and better made than the Ver 1, but why couldn't it have been improved on without making it so big and heavy. With the technology that is out there it seems this was over kill in size. Maybe it was mainly made for men and women not considered. I will be watching to see if they come out with a smaller variable voltage that uses the replaceable chargeable battery with the same bells and whistles. I am still using my Ver. 1 that I have had for about 14 months and it is still working fine. I like the feel of it better. I use the Vision Spinner the most now, but still wish they had the replaceable chargeable batteries.
    LavaTube Ver. 2 works great and if you don't mind the size and weight it is a good product, just not for me.
  • Overall
    Much better than first lavatube!
    Review by Jerryon 2/17/13
    5 Stars to Paul for all the help and time he spent going over products with me. Lavatube version 2 the way to go. Love mine in black!!
  • Overall
    Amazing mod!!
    Review by Joelon 2/9/13
    By far the best VV mod I've used. I was skeptical at first, with the size of it, but I got a chance to see and feel it in person at the Las Vegas kiosk and instantly feel in love with it. It's such a beautiful mod and feels so right in my hand. The buttons on it are really nice and give good feedback. The LCD is clear and easy to read. I really love the simplicity of getting to the atty resistance and battery level. It's all around an amazing piece of equipment.

    Good job Volcano team, you guys do an amazing job and I love all your products.
  • Overall
    Review by DavidRHon 1/31/13
    This mod is great, best I've ever had. The battery life is 24 hours heavy vaping with 18650, while other mods I've owned gave me 6-8 hours. It's durable and the only mod you'll ever need. I love it!!
  • Overall
    awesome mod
    Review by Daniel Won 1/30/13
    I had the lavatube version 1 for about 6 months.. still works great... and when i wanted an upgrade i knew i wanted a lavatube version 2.0.. very solid build... love the fact that it has an ohm meter built in.. great display screen.. just cant say enough about this solid unit... do yourself a favor and get a vivi nova 2.5 tank and your in vapor heaven.
  • Overall
    awesome mod
    Review by jordanon 1/17/13
    I like everything about this mod except one thing. Holding the plus and minus button doesn't lock the device. Just a little nitpick but I can live with it. The screen lights up very nice. This thing feels like it was made to last. Overall I'm impressed With Volcano's new mod.
  • Overall
    Great mod
    Review by Williamon 1/12/13
    I have just received the Lavatube 2. It is big and heavy and I love it. The construction is top notch. It's not a cheep feeling mod. The fit and finish are awesome. The buttons are metal and have a very positive feel. Love the quick menu on this. Forget the Vamo get this Mod instead I promise you will love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Kathleenon 12/10/12
    I've been vaping for a little more than 2 years on a mechanical device and loved it. The lavatube Is the very first vv I've ever used and to be honest I was very nervous about the purchase. I've had it for a little over 6 hours and haven't been able to put it down. I was surprised that there was no wiggle to the cartomizer when I attached it, big plus. The vape is great, the button so far fires every time. It feels good in my hands and is a very nice looking PV. The only problem I've noticed so far is when I push and hold the minus button to get the battery reading it flickers back and forth from the volt and battery readings. All in all it's a great PV that I'm happy to own.
  • Overall
    Very well built
    Review by Dboon 12/3/12
    I got this to replace my lava tube version 1. It is a very well-built device and would highly recommend it. I also like that it opens in the middle because on my version 1 the cap Fell off after dropping it and made it very difficult to open. It is bigger then the lava tube version 1 but that doesn't bother me. Very sleek design. Overall would highly recommend the upgrade if you are on the fence about it.
  • Overall
    Best yet
    Review by Danielon 12/3/12
    I have a Lavatube v1, it was nice, but a little difficult to read, all the new features on the Lavatube v2 make it well worth the investment (just got mine in earlier today). The display is much easier to read, the vape is 10x better due to better air flow, and the feel is more comfortable for my hands, and the ability to read the voltage and ohms is a very nice addition. Keep up the great work Volcano, these new ones are absolutely wonderful.
  • Overall
    I love this thing!
    Review by Earlon 12/2/12
    I had the version 1 originally which lasted less then a year but in all fairness it had been dropped a few times.
    Version 2 Is a bit wider and taller but it seems extremely sturdy. The LED screen is nice and bright and its definately a upgrade to the original.
    As always another quality product from Volcano!