WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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MAGMA Cartridges - Menthol

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  • MAGMA Cartridges - Menthol

MAGMA Cartridge Pack - Menthol


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Looking for that minty, top of the mountain flavor? Our signature menthol will give you that crisp refreshing feeling you’ve been searching for.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

CLOSEOUT SALE! We are discontinuing our cartiridges and are offering at a super low price so get them before they are all gone! Being that this is a closeout item, they are being sold as is and will not be eligible for no returns or exchanges.

Looking for that minty, top of the mountain flavor? Our signature menthol will give you that crisp refreshing feeling you’ve been searching for.


(Not for use with the Volcano)

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Customer Reviews

  • very strong for lower mg..
    Review by Katon 2/6/11
    well i love this one because it produces a lot of vapor and the throat hit is soothing.
  • Perty Darn Good
    Review by Tonyon 1/6/11
    Let me start by saying I hate menthol cigarettes. I hate the smell, the taste and the cheesy; "come to cooool country" advertising! Menthol carts? Love 'em, tastes like a cross between mint and mint chocolate - it's praptically a hug in a cartridge. It or they aren't my fave (Tobacco or Kona) but I wouldn't look away in disgust either! Definitely better than Blu (from what I can 'member.)
  • One of my favorites.
    Review by fackdaddyon 12/1/10
    I just started vaping about 2 weeks ago and this is one of my favorites. Very minty and produces better vapor than some of the other flavors.
  • Strength
    Review by Keoon 10/27/10
    I really like these. Throughout the day and night, I drip but first thing in the morning I'm still craving that first cigarette. These do help so that I don't go for the analog but I wish they would make them stronger.
    I'm still experimenting by taking a few drags off my Magma with a menthol cart and then adding a few drops of liquid menthol which has more nicotine in it. It would be great if I didn't keep ending up with liquid in my mouth! :)~
    I still hope they come out with a cart that's a LOT stronger! Meanwhile, I'll stick with these for the mornings.
  • Pretty decent Menthol
    Review by Roberton 10/8/10
    Ok, first off the menthol hit was a little stronger then I thought it would be. After a few puffs I was getting into it. Very minty, nice throat hit and excellent vape. Only thing missing here is a taste of tobacco. But over all a great cart.
  • great
    Review by HYPERformanceon 9/21/10
    great taste great vape one of my number ones
  • Yum! Mint!
    Review by Ashleyon 9/7/10
    This is an amazing flavor! I've tried all of the flavors now, and this is by far my favorite! Great throat hit, not at all like a real menthol, SO much better than an analog cig! The aftertaste is the best! an the lack of smell is a total bonus! When my husband kisses me, he says it tastes like I've been chewing gum :) YAY!
  • its more like mint
    Review by vapeon 8/26/10
    First of When i was a smoker I used to smoke non menthol. I found these to be more minty then menthol. But does have simular feel. MUCH less harsh then analog menthol cigs. I got it for my mom to try vape. I would give it 7 out of 10 pleasant, minty, but not quite menthol to me ( which to me is a good thing)
  • Amazing
    Review by Chuck on 8/17/10
    I've smoked malboro menthols for about 3 years until I got the magma with these cartridges...I can't believe that I actually got that menthol hit in the back of my throat with this cartridge...I haven't had a cigarette in 2 weeks and I feel great, definately the closest thing to a real menthol cig!
  • Beautiful
    Review by Ryan Awesomeon 8/16/10
    I love these cartridges! Actually, I love every cartridge i've tried from this company. I was a menthol smoker for about 8 years until i switched to the Volcano Magma, I would recommend these to ANY menthol smoker. I would compare this flavor to the Marlboro Smooth cigarettes.
  • WOW!
    Review by Magmatrixon 8/11/10
    This is my first rechargable e-cig, the Magma. Just got it maybe 5 minutes ago, and started vaping right out of the box. Got the menthol Full Flavor and....
    Hits harder than my Camel Menthols!
    Fantastic taste, great throat hit, awesome, sleek, stylish PV
    I LOVE IT!
    I plan on getting a drip tip and some liquid friday!
  • My Fave
    Review by DDCon 8/5/10
    I'm new to the vape world, but this is by far my favorite. It's a true menthol feel, minty taste and great throat hit. Closest thing to a cigarette without the bad smell and taste....LUV IT!!!
    Review by omaron 7/10/10
    The very first pull on this cart will give you a refreshing mint taste and a huge cloud of vapor. definately need to add this to you list of choices if you are trying to figure out what your first five should be.
  • Great Flavor and Great Throat Hit
    Review by Nickon 4/5/10
    Great taste, it's almost like chewing a piece of wintergreen gum.