WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

1 Year Limited Warrantye-Cig Warranty

MAGMA Starter Kit

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Meet the leader of the pack

The MAGMA e-cigarette mimics the look and feel of tobacco cigarettes, which makes it that much easier to make the switch. With its top-preforming battery life and retooled cartomizers, The MAGMA starter kit features everything you need to get started and is the perfect choice for half-pack a day smokers.

USA Made e-Liquid

Quality assured and tested.


Easy portable charging case and 2 batteries included.

1 Year Warranty

The best starter kit, backed by the best warranty around.

Make a Clean Break

No tar. No ash. No offensive odor. The MAGMA is built to last from the nation's first e-cigarette brand. Designed in the USA, The MAGMA kit comes complete with a one year warranty and everything you need to make the switch right out of the box.