WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack Sale

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  • Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer - 5 Pack

Re-fillable MEGA Clearomizer - 5 Pack

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A Larger version of our brand new MEGA Re-fillable Clearomizer 5 Pack. The MEGA Re-Fillable Clearomizers hold twice as much juice and will provide enough vapor off of one fill to have you vaping all day for sure!


The new Clearomizer improves upon the original Cartomizer's design and is the next evolution in cartomizer technology. Our clearomizers are constructed out of a clear plastic tube and does not use a cotton polyfill. Fill the reservoir and you'll be vaping all day without needing a refill! A clearomizer is a one-piece unit that incorporates a proprietary atomizer/wick design and a juice reservoir in one piece and provides a convenient way to get vapor clouds similar to dripping without all the hassles. Try them out today and you'll soon be a believer!


  • 5 MEGA Clearomizers

The Needle Tip Bottle Cap must be used to fill these with eLiquid prior to use. You can not drip directly onto the clearomizer

* Needle Tip Bottle Cap not included

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Decent But, Not Durable
    Review by Donon 1/3/16
    The Mega Clearomizer is awesome in design but, does have a few drawbacks. The 5 pack I purchased has been decent on how long a tank of juice will last (approximately 24 hours, depending on how much you vape) but, they will leak and are not very durable. I have had one clearomizer leak from a hairline crack by the base after only 2 weeks of use. The second one was coming off the base and had to be push back into position but, it has not leaked yet. I have used 3 of the 5 clearomizers so far and have noticed they will clog up with frequent use, which will lead to some leakage at the base. I would take advantage of any sale prices on these and stock up during those sales because the regular price is a little much if you need to replace at frequent intervals.
  • Overall
    Having trouble with clearomizer
    Review by Maliyaon 2/28/15
    I am disappointed with these. I"ve throw more away than I used. What is the little blue needle tip used for? The cartomizer wasn't any good either. Both have burnt taste. I just went back to the regular coils. I got tired of wasting my money. I love ordering from Volcano and the inferno is great. I love the liquids and the service is awesome.
  • Overall
    To fill Clearomizer
    Review by Lindaon 10/29/14
    I use a medical needle giving my clearomizer a shot of whatever kind of juice flavor I want. It is so easy! I love the clearomizer.... I clean them in boiling water when they start tasting burnt. Be sure and check out the cleaning video, that way you can use them longer and save some money.
  • Overall
    Miss other manufacturer
    Review by Karenon 9/15/14
    I agree with the previous reviews on the quality of the new (clear plastic wrapped) clearomizers. While this method of E juice delivery is by far my favorite I am frustrated with the number of DUDS received. The manufacturer of the older tubes did a much better job of quality control. I hope the higher powers at Volcano are aware of this issue and take some corrective steps.
    Regardless of any quality control issues, Volcano offers the best line vaporizing products!!!
  • Overall
    Great For a Day
    Review by Aaronon 9/9/14
    These are my favorite delivery system with one small problem....they usually only give good TH vape and TH for one day or so. Every once in a while I'll get one that will last a week but for the most part 1-2 days. The $12.99 adds up. But man they're great while they last.
  • Overall
    Works pretty well
    Review by Troyon 12/9/13
    These things are pretty sweet! I always get the best flavor from these versus other delivery systems and the vapor production is fantastic. My only problem is that I usually receive about 2 defective ones for every 5 I order. The other 3 that work, usually break only after about a week of use. So beware that they are fragile and are usually hit or miss. Besides that, great vaping! My only suggestion for improvement would be to make them a little more durable and built a little better.
  • Overall
    Love this!!
    Review by NICKon 12/4/13
    I've quit smoking 3 weeks ago and couldn't have done so without my Ecig. I love it. I
  • Overall
    Some duds but still best atomizer money can buy
    Review by Christopheron 11/11/13
    A year or two ago there was two options for MEGA clearomisers. I was a fan of the previous model--they were extremely reliable, the seals along the threads lasted longer, and I hardly ever ran across a dud. Out of my orders for since the discontinuation (change of manufacturer?) or whatever happened, I am finding a dud in every package. Rarely I run across a pack with two duds. However, I absolutely love volcano and have to rate 4 stars because this atomizer smokes every other one on the market IMO. =D Besides 4 stars out of five because at least 4 work out of every pack. The old Megas were best though.
  • Overall
    Review by Maion 11/11/13
    Smokes great!!! Sometime the plastic fall apart and the juice comes gushing out but overall I get a great smoke everytime.
  • Overall
    Amazing Flavor!
    Review by Dannyon 7/24/13
    By far the best atomizer setup I have ever purchased. I have owned the Inferno Tube Tank & An Ego-C tank, and this 510 threaded Magma Clearomizer is out of this world! I love them, great flavor, great vapor production, and awesome longevity. Also I no longer have to worry about a lint/eliquid filled driptip! The only downside to this clearomizer is that you have to use VolcanoEcigs fill needle and that only works with their bottles of e-liquid. I can see why they did this, but I love my Tribeca!
  • Overall
    Love this!
    Review by Willon 7/8/13
    Just got this in the mail and can tell these are made from quality parts! These hit like a champ and last a LONG time when filled all the way. Will be purchasing more for the future!
  • Overall
    Easy to use...
    Review by Saravuthon 6/22/13
    I actually filled up all my clearos with different flavors. It's so easy to switch from one to another! I love the freedom to vape whatever I'm in the mood for. The vapor production is great and a whole lot easier than some people think...I'm going to purchase more of these...does anyone knows how long these last? Because I've refill them at least 5-6 times already and they still perform like a champ, love em!
  • Overall
    Review by Neena1Luvon 6/2/13
    I've had my Inferno setup for about 3 months and have tried a myriad of different clearos from many places. I must admit that this has become my go-to for a small and refillable clearomizer. The vapor production and flavor is great out of these little guys! I've yet to find a clearo that doesn't leak (I live at high altitude so that may be a factor) and it's very minimal with these. That is the only reason I give 4 stars. In over 3 orders, I've only had 1 DOA out of a pack. I will continue to keep purchasing these into the future, for SURE! Great customer service and fast shipping. Thanks Volcano!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Shaneon 5/6/13
    Just picked up a 5-pack from a local store, and I'm glad that I did!!! Huge vapor clouds and the best flavor I've had. Tank is ok, dripping is a pain, this is the best of both worlds!
    Keep up the great work!
  • Overall
    Review by RED LILYon 5/4/13
    These give the BEST throat hit and vapor of all the products I have tried (and there have been many). The only problem I have is, some of the plastic holders are not snug enough and liquid seeps around the bottom.
  • Overall
    Far Superior to the Tube Tank
    Review by Jackon 5/3/13
    A complaint I had about the tube tank system included with my starter kit was its weak draw; I had to puff so hard on my Inferno that it was akin to smoking an ultra light cigarette. The clearomizer completely settles this problem -- the amount of vapor produced per puff far surpasses the tube tank system. It is convenient because it produces huge clouds of vapor without resorting to dripping. These should be included in all starter kits!
  • Overall
    good but you must clean them first
    Review by Jaredon 4/9/13
    I was so excited to get these in the mail. I watched the video, followed the steps and when I went to inhail I got burnt taste. Tried again and it was gone. Sat down to enjoy it and again at about the second inhail it was burnt again. After trying a few more the conclusion is that where the sauldering was done some of them were burnt there which was going into my juice. Once I cleaned them the taste was gone and I'm in love again.
  • Overall
    Review by Alexon 3/2/13
    i just started vaping and i thought the tubetank cart was the only way to go....i was wrong i just got my clearomizers and BAM the flavor is amazing the hit is super smooth i have the inferno kit gonna upgrade to the lava tube soon..hopefully and i cant wait to try the clearomizer on it! Awsome product
  • Overall
    Review by Heathon 2/21/13
    Do these work with the volcano battery?
  • Overall
    Want the ones I recived in my first order. These are awful.
    Review by Williamon 2/19/13
    The first set of Clearomizer you sent with my first order were great. They had a black wire on the inside and a different looking wick. These new ones as shown in the picture are awful. They make little to no vapor and have a lot of resistance on the draw. It's like sucking a pea through a straw. Please go back to the old ones these are horrible.
  • Overall
    Review by Johnon 2/14/13
    how long do these clearomizers typically last?
  • Overall
    best product ever
    Review by Gabriel on 2/11/13
    Great product
  • Overall
    Dry Burn
    Review by Ryanon 2/9/13
    Just got my clearomizers in the mail today, I've been using the tankomizer for the last month or so, and have been pretty happy with it. I read the reviews on the clearomizer and thought it sounded great. I followed the filling instructional video to the "T", but repeatedly get a "dry burn" taste...I've tried 2 different clearomizers and have gotten the same results both times...I've tried taking slower hits from it, shorter hits and the best I can get is 1 maybe 2 good flavored hits before getting another "burnt" one. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I haven't read too many complaints about this in these other reviews...any tips/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    I'm giving this a rating of 3 stars...3 because it seems like a good design, I like the look with the cone, but -2 because, thus far, I haven't had a very pleasant vape from one.
  • Overall
    slightly confused....
    Review by Brenda on 1/28/13
    I have 2 of the mega m batteries. I recently bought some of these clearomizers and they don't work on both of the batteries. What have I done wrong? Other than that i love them.
  • Overall
    works but im having an issue
    Review by Johnon 1/20/13
    i just started using these not to long ago i fill them up but after the next day i cant get any more vape, i don't think i did anything wrong but idk
  • Overall
    Love the upgrades
    Review by Kyleon 1/5/13
    The new mega clearomizers are amazing! No more cracking and leaking in my pockets! Volcano has listened to customer needs and surpassed our expectations! I lost my bumper sticker though :( Bummer! Thanks Volcano!
  • Overall
    What resistance are these?
    Review by Davidon 1/3/13
    I would like to know the resistance of the MAGMA Re-fillable MEGA-Clearomizer and are they 510 compatible? Thanks.
    volcano- Yes and 2.5 ohms
  • Overall
    Review by christianon 1/1/13
    Two questions. How long do these clearomizers last, and can you use 100% vg e lquid in them? I have tried them with my inferno on day one and very impressed so far.
  • Overall
    substituting tips on these...help me please :-)
    Review by Ericaon 12/15/12
    I have a volcano, but I'm upgrading to a Inferno due to switching batteries off n on outta my v-pack all day. Im wondering if you can take the end cap off these and substitute a drip tip piece instead? I'm new to vaping, but i've done some research. i dont want the blank carto's becuz of the filler and loss of flavor. But I'm worried about any e-fluid coming out when I'm not using it, and the tube tank is just a supersized ml of the blank carto's.
    Volcano, can you help me?

    Volcano- Yes you can
  • Overall
    Work Great - But M-Pack?
    Review by Nateon 12/11/12
    I've been using these for about a year now and stock up when I do. The new version (which is made of stronger plastic) doesn't seem to fit in the M-Pack. It won't go in the front slot 2nd from the right. Is this just me? If not, will the M-Pack change?
    Based on performance I give it a 5, but would love for it to fit in the M-Pack like the previous version did.
  • Overall
    Improved version!
    Review by cindyon 11/17/12
    I just ordered some packs of regular and mega clearos, and they are now thicker and dont crack!! I love the new version so far. The wick is a "braided" rope instead of 3 threads. The wick cover piece is loose in the tube which makes it pull out easy because the needle slots are very tight, but that works for me because I clipped just a tiny bit off the corners of the squared holes that cover the wick to prevent that "dry burn" that occasionally happens. Mine actually filled easier without using the needle since that piece came out and it goes back in easily enough you just have to line it up.
    Havent taken the new one apart yet to boil out and recycle- they've normally lasted a couple weeks for me because I use very thick sweet liquids. Also Volcano sent the awesome bumper sticker- "Its Vapor, Youre Welcome" which is going on my car just for people who look at me like Im smoking drugs or something lol. I love it.
  • Overall
    Love these things
    Review by Karenon 11/8/12
    Love these things, they're the best. Why is it I can only see 10 of the 40 reviews. Am I missing something?
  • Overall
    A little hard to get into at first-
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    I went from doing the blank tanks which is like doing e-cig on easy level, to these which is intermediate. It's just a little tricky at first to fill them and know when they're out if it's a clear liquid, because with the design they look full sometimes already if the liquid is clear. So you just have to learn what it looks like full, where the liquid is and DEFENITLY learn how to fill them, it's not simple, you have to take it slightly apart, and I had no idea, heh. So these are not like the blank tanks, there's a bit of process to 'em but the flavor is noticeably more powerful with flavors like Coconut, for others I didn't notice a difference which is fine because then I use those flavors with my blank tanks and a clearomizer for the's that are noticeably different.
  • Quick Question
    Review by Christopheron 9/18/12
    Will the new XL inferno cones completely cover these? I know the standard size doesnt fully cover the little ones.
    volcano- covers 95% of the clearomizer
  • Definitely a **MUST** have...
    Review by Kuuipopualanion 8/19/12
    I have 4 different flavors from Volcano, but I wanted a way to have all four on hand without having a tube for all four flavors nor carry around all of the bottles all day. So my question was answered at the Pearlridge Kiosk and I'm much more happier with this kit. I had this kit for about 2 weeks and it soo durable and now there's less weight to carry around. But I like these alot, so when I'm showing off my kit I can let people try all 4 of 'um in a jiffy by just unscrewing one and screwing in the next. The refilling with the syringe needle isn't an issue to me, but it would be nice to have these wider like the tube. Durability is great, as I've banged these around sometimes even though I have the case and the lanyard too... But the flavor is wayyyy better and the it's warmer too on the throat hit.. Though I have to agree with Jason, Is there a way to conceal these??? Please let me know as I'd definitely would like that too. OTHER THEN THAT, THIS WOULD COMPLETE YOUR KIT ""HANDS DOWN""...
  • Works as advertised.
    Review by Williamon 8/17/12
    I bought these for my girlfriend so she could vape with my old magma batteries and it worked great, i vastly prefer my Tube Tank to these, but they get the job done if you have a smaller battery. Gives a good amount of vapor on each puff, the first one i used came apart when i tried to unscrew it from the battery though, the other 4 have worked perfectly.
  • CLEAR Os
    Review by Marieon 8/9/12
    short, simple and sweet Love the Clear Os Yes I have had them Leak and I have pulled one apart removeing my Inferno cone Yes it made a mess I didnt toss it I cleaned it put it back together and used brush on superglue Its still kicking and hasnt leaked or come apart Repaired it only because a new order had not come in yet so it was Glue it or anolog it and its no way Im going back to anolog cigs
  • Clear Os
    Review by Marieon 7/31/12
    I have used every delivery system Volcano has And I use the clear o more then anything else The short ones do seem stronger and they dont leak, The mega ones I wrap clear tape around this seems to protect them a bit For the people who like different flavors and change up I put a small color line in the clear o before wraping in tape Like red for cherry, green for menthol ect ect Super fine tip Sharpi pens work great Long story short I LOVE MY CLEAR Os short or long give em a try if you havent already
  • Awesome!
    Review by Rickyon 6/30/12
    I love these things. Great vape and last quite awhile. My only issue would be that the look of it being completely transparent does not look that great towering over the cone of my black and chrome inferno. I wish they would either make a taller cone for the inferno or a semi-transparent mega-clearomizer that came in different colors so that it does not stand out as much. Other than that this is definitely the setup to go with. Thanks Volcano!
  • Question ...
    Review by Joanon 6/4/12
    I have the tank-o-mizer ... will these work with it? Thanks!

    Volcano- This will work with any battery, not with a tankomizer..just by itself
  • Perfect.....
    Review by jasonon 5/25/12
    ....but the picture is a bit misleading. I've ordered these several times and have never received the drip tip and needle cap along with the clearomizers. Maybe they could update the photo and not include those..or at least say "note, does not come with drip tip and needle cap". No problems with the actual clearomizers...they are the best.
  • Game changer
    Review by jasonon 5/23/12
    Sometimes an idea is so good it overshadows all other alternatives. This is the case with the mega clearos. Future designs of refillable delivery systems should build off of this design. Improvements would be to find a way to fill them without syringes...larger capacity...concealable options so people don't think you're smoking meth :)
  • Outstanding!!!
    Review by Alexon 5/4/12
    The mega clearomizer is now my main method of vaping. I love these so much. I have not had any problems with them and mine seem durable. It's nice to have the extra juice and be able to see how much you have left and this thing produces nice large, warm clouds of vapor. If you have never tried these you should definitely buy some, you don't know what your messing.
  • Awesome! *****
    Review by Brianon 4/27/12
    I started with the tank kit, and the clearo has way better flavor! Perfect for the vaping connoisseur on the go. Good juice capacity, great flavor, and consistent vapes! Highly recommended
  • Good product.
    Review by Tonyaon 4/18/12
    I like it, it works pretty well and you get a great vapor production. I like how long the resevoir lasts too.

    The only negative thing I can say is that I've found they leak a fair amount and are kind of fragile. In my opinion, the smaller clearos leak less and don't break as easily. But I am pretty hard on my gear.

    I absolutely recommend enlarging the wicking notches, this maximizes performance!
  • unbelievable!!!!
    Review by Kelly on 3/1/12
    why does it take so long for you guys to get these back in stock? It seems like this is the only thing that you don't get back in fast! If so many of us love them seems like you would order enough to keep in stock more than a few days!!!
  • Great
    Review by Steveon 2/29/12
    Great Vape! But need more down to my last one!
  • Cha Ching!!
    Review by Frankon 2/28/12
    These work! I have them in black and I'm waiting on the clear to be available for my inferno. 0 problems, great vapor and taste. I'm sold on these. Best I have found yet.
  • love these
    Review by Susanon 2/23/12
    I really love these, was nervous at first but not that bad to use at all. I am only disappointed that they are ALWAYS out of stock and SLOW to get them back.
  • want megas
    Review by kasonon 2/10/12
    hope they will get these in stock soon
    Review by Leson 2/6/12
    Ok Ive spent a small fortune with Volcano. I have tried all of the delivery systems for juice. While I like the Tube Tank it has nothing on the Clearomizer for taste, cost and ease of use. My only complaint is ( and it only cosmetic) I wish you guys would make a larger cone for these for the inferno Batt. I am picking up some of the regular size clearos just for those times your out and the tubetank is just to freaky to be smoking on in a crowd. One last thing is I HATED the tankos yuck never could stop tasting plastic.
  • Just what the doctor ordered
    Review by Keithon 1/13/12
    I didn't even know these existed until volcano and I must say they totally rock.... i get massive vape, good throat hit and they hold a lot of juice. Watch out cause there's a new sheriff in town!
  • All Day...
    Review by Steveon 1/11/12
    ...or at least a GOOD PORTION of the day. I drive a truck locally for a living and one cartridge will last me from 7am until at least 9pm that night. Worth every penny.
  • Great Product
    Review by Alanon 1/8/12
    Love the Clearamizer, fill up the reservoir and vape all day without having to guess how much fluid is inside. Only problem is you forgot to include the needle tip so I had to pull out the plugs and drip from the bottle. Other than that I really enjoy it.
  • Worth it.
    Review by Baxteron 12/5/11
    Just adding to the praise. I bought an Inferno kit which is awesome but the tankomizer leaves just a little too much to be desired. These make up for it. Cheap and very sturdy. I'm excited that so many are saying they last so long with some common sense care. I'm about to make sure I'm up to stock for a vacation I'm taking soon. A couple of packs of these and some e-liquid and I have no worries. Thanks Volcano.
  • a must
    Review by rawrrrdinoon 12/2/11
    this are hands down the best CE2 cartomizer/clearomizer I have ever tried. they're easy to clean, easy to refill with the new handy needle tip bottle caps, and even easier to enjoy.

    since I chain vape like it's my job (which I should get paid for, btw), I take the cup seals out of mine so they wick fast enough to keep up with me; however, that won't be necessary for most users. I've had no issues with leakage, and the only cracks I've ever had are around the base after a significant amount of use. I've been using the same 5 pack since they were first released in August, and I've had to toss 1(!) so far. the other 4 are still going strong and showing no signs of stopping.

    in short, these things are awesome and everyone who loves a good vape should try them out.
  • WOW
    Review by Derekon 11/28/11
    These are awesome... AWESOME vape and not too hard to refill... love them
  • Clearomizers are the BEST
    Review by Daleon 11/11/11
    Five Stars. I got the Magma starter kit and a box of Clearomizers. They are the best way to vape. I do suggest that you get rid of the soft plastic tip and use a drip tip. It makes the unit a bit longer but it's the only way to vape.
    Another suggestion is use one of the Inferno batteries with Clearomizer and drip tip.
  • The best, low maintenance vape
    Review by τhε Vαpδrαtδron 10/30/11
    Seriously... Of all of Volcano's ways to vape, nothing beats an Inferno battery with the Mega Clearo's! Just make sure you follow the instructional videos in the forums.

  • "Clearly" The Best
    Review by KLRSKIRon 10/27/11
    This is the best clearo/carto I have used from Volcano, hands down! Thanks you for the consistent products. :)
  • like hitting a real cig
    Review by tomon 10/26/11
    my first imprestion with these is HELL YA.been useing magma and inferno tanks (liked magma alot better)don't leak as much as inf tank.tryed these and found heaven they are like hitting a real cig which i didn't think was possable.will not be going back to tanks except for emergance.was thinking about buying a 5volt mod to get a easyer hit but now i don't think i need to.definently buying more of these.as far as shipping goes people say it takes forever to receive order.i live in ohio was sent snail mail on friday receved it wednesday i think thats prity dam good. i agree with other reveiwers you should give stickers hats shirts depending on what you buy to advertise the great bussiness you have i got lucky and found you guys before wasting my money on crap elsewere.thanks valcano
    Review by Pwnable N00bon 10/14/11
    On a slightly more serious note, I got my new & improved Mega Cartomizer & some Grape Escape ejuice in da mail today. At least this time I wasn't home to scare the crap out of the postman while openning the door within seconds of him openning my mail slot.. :P

    This thing is nifty, filled it with a kit that looks like a needle one would shoot drugs with but with a plastic bendible tip. Hence, no stab wounds.. Filled it up with my new, lowered nicotine level ejuice from the same company that made my vaporizer, in this case it is a tastey grape flavor that is quite a nice vape as a fan of grape coolaid. Its a 16mg juice which probably amounts to an untra light cigarette, to me at least. The obsorbtion meathod is much different than the tar of smoke & even high nicotine ejuice/eliquid (like 36mg), doesn't give one the so called "satisfaction" of a burning smoke for a varriety of reasons which at this point I'm actually glad as I've grown weary of the cruddy feeling of "the nicotine buzz" & over all effects you get from smoking; see also: I quit smoking.

    Anywaaaay, since I started vaping about a month ago (has it really been a month without smokes? It went by so quick! Woohoo!) I've been looking for an effective way to vape while driving. Driving & smoking always went side by side with me, ask anyone who's ever ridden in my car (if they will even speak on the subject without at least gagging a little..). It always smelled bad, even to me after the desensitization of my senses came back.

    Well, so far dripping & driving is a lot like drunk driving, you end up all over the road. Its like trying to put a very complicated puzzle together upside down at a high rate of speed, not the safest option. Then there is the tankomizer that came with my starter kit. It holds definitely an hrs worth of juice but can taste kinda funny if it vapor locks or gets too hot, & when I'm looking to improve my health the last thing I think of is the plastic flavor I keep getting from this thing. Its good for an occasional go to, but the flavor is also hidden somehow by the tank system & without the flavor I might as well suck on a smoke machine & save myself the trouble..

    Now I had a hard time looking up how to fill this thing properly online, & while it is a new version I was dissapointed not to receive instructions nor find any on the site. I almost started modding my new cartomizers while watching one video & popped a piece out of one of five I got for $12 & when I thought I broke it forever I wanted to kick dat brittish wanker right in his crumpets & scone. Well, I decided I was smart enough to figure it out myself after retrieving & putting back in an essential piece of one of my "new version" "cartos".

    After compairing it to a fresh one & figuring it was as good as it was gonna get, (thanks you limey bastard lol) I went for a sure thing with the newly openned one & proceeded to fill dat bad boii up with my new favorite "purple draaank" flavored eliquid (which is growing on me, & fast!) & let it sit so the wick could soak up enough juice for it to work properly (that much is common sense, whadoyah tink I'm stoopid? No way I'm burning this wick & making all my delicious new, lower nicotine juice taste like burnt ass hair..).

    Well, I finally gave it a toot & I must say without a doubt thus far; BEST DELIVERY METHOD EVAAAAR!... it has this little rubber cap that is maluable & far more pleasant to put my lips around than that alluminium drip tip I've been drooling on most of the time. Even the plastic tankomizer tip is more pleasant than sucking on a peice of metal all day.
    The tip is tapered just right so it has a smallish hole which really centralizes the vapor into a small area as it enters your mouth & hits your tongue & represents quite well a similar, but thankfully not identical pull to that of a traditional smoke or cigarello. You can really feel the warmth on your tongue with this thing, & having it aim the vapor directly at your tongue really brings the flavor directly to my newly awakened taste buds (after depriving them of true flavor for fifteen years they've been a bit flooky for the first few weeks, but are starting to balance out now..). The draw is great, unlike an atomizer where it is varried at best & feels quite like sucking vapor through a tiny hotwheels hubcap, or the tankomizer, which is reminescent of cigarellos or blank & milds back id the dizzay before I was old enough to buy what I was suckin' on with all my might. Thank you tobacco vending machines in entrance ways & exits of most bar & grills/pool halls/& even arcades across the country when I was 15-17 yrs young & foolish. Put them where no one can see or monitor them, good call... :/

    The vape produces very nice consistant hits without all the sound effects the other methods make much of the time, the rubber is soft & has a lot of play to it on the mouthpiece, the vapor is nice & warm yet not hot which is a total bonus compaired to the cold vape of a tanko & the oft times too hot vape of the finicky, fussy, touchy, easily mismanaged & malfunctioning atomizers that are used with drip tips which are notoriously spotty & oft times fail or act funny within just a few days at 56.99 a pop! The atomizer inside my tankomizer has yet to fail on me, though I admittidly use it less (but when I use it I reeeally use it.. I oft times puff my now too strong vapor like a cigar so I get just the nicotine in my mouth, so its seen & made it through a great deal of abuse to its credit.). I have to line up & clean five different atomizers just so I can enjoy my flavors without mudding up too many flavors in one, with one clean spare put aside in the likeliness that they will all eventually fail me at one point or another (which is why it is wise to buy them when in stock, even if you don't really need them at the time. Better safe than sorry! Although by this point Id much rather drop a drop of ejuice on my tongue every so often than to go back to smoking!).

    These results, however premature in nature as they haven't stood the test of time just yet (will test the crap outta this first one for shits & giggles), I can easily say I will be stocking up on another two packs of these beauties, as well as a larger, even lower nicotine level bottle of Grape Escape in the hopefully not too distant future.

    Each pack comes with 5, & each are supposed to last 5-10+ refills depending who you ask, what kind of juice you use, how much abuse they receive, whether or not you can or will be cleaning them (correctly), & the luck of the draw in the batch you get I assume, not to mention the fact that you can't check the juice level from the outside & if you vape these things too dry it is said to give them that burnt asshair taste/smell everyone seems to loath when it comes to the wick system inside cartridges, tankomizers, atomizers, & cartomizers alike.. personally I've taken to cleaning my main equipment with a lil water & some TLC since I depend on it to make quitting smoking & weaning off the main ingredient; nicotine, suck far, far less..

    All in all I'm psyched about this new method, no more will I suffer drip tip stop light worries (for once I'm actually hoping for a red light, go figure!), nor suck priming my tankomizer like a gay fish on a fishstdick, nor will I have to shake it like a polaroid pictchaaa to avoid vapor lock, deal with that ode de plastice' flavor the tanks give my delicately flavored ejuices, nor have to fiddle around to refill it/replace it mid tank to avoid that burnt garbage flavor I've come to accept as a scolding for not keeping my atomizers wet enough at all times. True, I will have to make sure my cartomizers remain topped off with an easily broken & seedy looking seringe kit thing-a-ma-jig, but once every few hours (needs further testing) beats once every few minutes with the drip, or once every 1/2 hr-1hr with the tanks.

    The thrilling conclusion of this "New New Version" of the "Newly Designed" "Mega Magma XL Cartomizer" by "Volcanoecigs.com", is that it is THE BEST addition for my new little, damage reducing, clothes refreshening, house not stankin', tongue unbrowning, cig stain removing, lung recopassitating, life renewing, outlook on like refreshing, potentially life saving, shakes easing, tension relieving, stress reducing, addiction weaning, deliciously tasting & totally geeky adult toy! The icing on the cake is that the throat hit is extra ordinary for anything I've encountered thus far in the vaping world (though admittedly I'm still a n00b in the vaping world, but I'm indeed a fast learner to my credit!...).

    I still wanna get me one of those e-pipes tnst glow with LED lights & actually replicate a real tobacco pipe quite splendidly.. check 'em out, super neat-o! I want someone to design me a Gandolf styke pipe, which would rock my world especially if it came with names of ejuices straight out of The Lord of the Rings trillogy & comes from The West Farthing! That alongside a ecig peace pipe would make my lil granola eating hippy heart explode with the joy of a hundred free vege burritos & backstage passes to a complete, across the country Dead tour.

    That is all... for now at least, I think my thumbs are gonna become stronger than my bicepts if I continue to harp & lark on my driod keyboard any longer.

    Happy reading my facebook equivenlent of a tech junkie product review, & to those of you on the wagon & fully onboard this vape train to Chillsville, happy vaping my brothers & sisters!

    Kiss my shiny metal ass RJ Renolds, eat a fat sack of crap Phillip Morris! Dis shits da bomb, so much so that I may very well continue vaping long after my nicotine level reaches zero freakin' mg's..

    (P/S: Yes, I can really type up a storm properly inspired, & just as I was a full throttle smoker when I smoked & was determind to smoke no matter what people said, the same now applies to not smoking. I truly do love the innovation & creative design I'm seeing in the vape world nowadays & once I can afford it a herbal only vaporizer will grace my presence as soon as humanly possible.).

    You're friend/family/resident compulsive extrodinare,

    -A chronic pain/chronic illness sufferer
  • Love this product!!!!
    Review by klmon 9/14/11
    I decided to give these a try after a near accident while trying to drip and drive lol, I couldn't be happier, they're even better than I had hoped for, I love these!!! It is almost as good as dripping! I did have a little trouble figuring out how to fill them, but found an awesome video on the forum. A definate must have!!! I wish the instructions had been a little more clear so maybe Volcano could improve that but the product itself is great!
  • These Things Rock
    Review by Stephenon 9/10/11
    I have used several carts in the past, but these are by far the best I have tried. Filling is a breeze and they hold A LOT!! I was really surprised to get almost a whole mL per cart. Impressive. Fits the Inferno with the cone perfectly. If you are getting a little too much throat hit via the drip (LR Atty) and tired of the leaking tanks, this is perfect. No mess, quick and effective. Fits all Volcano drip tips perfectly. A+++.
  • After nearly a month of use
    Review by Jameson 9/1/11
    I've bought about 4 of these 5 Packs. Still best clearo I've ever had.
    With some care warnings. Although these are stronger than the previous version. If left in a hot area, like a car in the middle of summer (on a hot day) the plastic will become a bit more brittle. The plastic can crack at the lip, and at the base.
    The issue arose when I gave my girlfriend a few to use, and she left hers in the car. She let me know that she lost the drip tip that I also gave her because it was loose. I noticed a crack and gave her a new one.
    I had recently left a few in a case in my car, and have noticed some leaks, didn't think much of it till I put one on a battery this morning, an noticed the plastic spun freely of the internals. Close inspection shows a crack at the base.
    Without paying attention I could have removed the plastic, and dumped juice all over my battery and self.

    I have still noticed that keeping the carto upright is a must, as the juice may leak from the top "gasket", as there is nothing keeping pressure there.

    On new ones (just filled) the while in use the lip side can become hot. To sensitive lips this can be painful. The provided saloon tip is useful during this break in period, or a drip tip, to provide space from the heating element and the lips. Not sure if this is a design flaw, or just user error, affirming the fact I vape alot!

    The latex or rubber gasket that holds the heating element center and stable, and keeps juice in, does not have any method of keeping in place. Ones that have been filled 5 or more times may become loose, and can be dislodged. (It can also be forceably dislodged.) Which may be useful in filling without a syringe, but may also be a concern for those who accidentally remove and dump juice from the open end. Although I have not had this problem as I tend to take care in filling and monitoring this, it may be something to bear in mind. When filling I make sure to use a cotton swab to clean up excess juice and lightly push on the gasket to press it back in place, to ensure a snug fit.

    Can be used for about 10 to 20 refills, or more, but throw in trash near that end of life. Heating element will become dark and visible crud collects, also dark juice may coagulate in the bottom of the cart, near this end of life.

    Again, still best clearo on the market. I give a 4 out of 5 because of the aroused issues.

    I hope this helps anyone looking to buy. A definite must have for the pro.
  • Beyond impressed
    Review by Bradleyon 8/17/11
    i have to same i'm not a carto fan, tried them on a recommendation, and was presently surprised. no spitting juice in my mouth, awesome wicking time, easy to use and clean, no bad taste, all in all only had one small complaint, had to adjust connector on 4 of 5 of them. minor inconvenance concidering how much i've come to like them for ease of use and care.

    i'd have to give them a 4.5 out of 5... only due to the connector issues with this pack. highly recommend, and if you where like me and not a fan of the cartos, i dare you to try a pack of these out. they will change your whole vaping experience for the better
    Review by Angelaon 8/8/11
    I just got mine today...I have been using magma tankos on an inferno battery but these are awesome....warm vape...clouds and clouds...and....I actaully taste my juice so much more than with the tank system. The only con is the filling...it's a bit of a pain. I am not sure how long these hold up compared to the tank system but for tonight I am loving my Clearos!!!!
  • Ultimate Vape Ever!!!
    Review by Williamon 8/1/11
    What else can I say but, WOW! This with an Inferno battery, nothing can even compare. I want the whole world to know, buy this and place your favorite juice into it and vape away. You cant go wrong here, thanks a bunch Volcano E-Cigs, your the best.
  • Works great for me!
    Review by ThirdCoaston 7/31/11
    I use a syringe to fill to about 1.5 ml--often a mix. I replace the small washer above the fill holes, pop the cap back on & I get no leaking outside the Cart. I do get a little juice in the airspace between the washer & the cap, but don't mind it. I can see the level & the flavor from the juice color. GREAT!
    How many ohms are these?

  • Love the new clearomizers
    Review by Carolynon 7/21/11
    Love these new clearomizers. Hold more juice than the originals. Very nice throat hit with these as well.
    Keep up the great work Volcano I love all of your products!
  • Update to my last
    Review by Jameson 7/15/11
    After allowing the pressure to equalize in the carto, I have notice it has not leaked any more at the top.
    If these last longer than the old style, I will buy more.
  • Two small complaints, but BEST CARTO EVER!!!
    Review by Jameson 7/15/11
    I got the mega, because I need more juice.
    I got it on sale, so that's a plus, thanks Wednesday Chats!

    Now I filled it with 1.5ml of juice, using the soft tip syringe.
    I let it sit for a minute, allowing the juice to wick into the filament.
    Took a nice puff, and what, no burn? No bad taste. AMAZING!
    Let it wick some more, again, just pure juice. A little harsher than I'm used to with tanks. But decent taste.
    BEST CARTO EVER (I call a carto a carto. A clear carto is still a carto.)

    First complaint, it's a little slower to wick than I'm used to. But I'll survive.
    Second complaint, the rubber you poke through needs to be softer, to prevent the juice from entering the mouth end. It's leaking quite a bit. =/ Within writing this I've got about 3 drops worth into the mouth opening. So proper storage is a MUST!! KEEP THE CARTO UPRIGHT WHILE NOT IN USE!!

    I would give this a 4 out of 5, only because of the leakyness. Everything else is STURDY!!! Well made! And tastes great!