WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Menthol Burst E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Menthol Burst E-Liquid - 30ml

Menthol Burst E-Liquid - 30ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg

This intriguing eliquid, redolent of breath mint with an intense, full-bodied menthol flavor, is designed for mixing with other flavors and provides and explosion of menthol flavor.

Suggested flavor pairing: Bluewater Punch, Blueberry Breeze, Halawa Guava, Pearadise, Maui Mango, Lahaina Lychee, Pipeline Peach, Grape Escape, Pineapple Punch


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Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Menthol Burst e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Great flavor
    Review by Lynnon 1/14/19
    Love Menthol Burst but absolutely hate the new bottles. They are so hard to squeeze out the liquid and it’s just impossible to see how much you have left in the bottle. Please go back to the clear, easier to squeeze bottle.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by PATTYon 1/3/19
    Hate!!!! The new Bottles!! Why change something that's not Broken? What a waste! It's the same as when you up and changed the Inferno?? Why??
  • Overall
    The only menthol I'll vape
    Review by Jeffon 12/15/18
    I love the strong menthol taste and it's the only one I'll
    Vape. Not to crazy about the new bottles, but still the best.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by kevinon 12/1/18
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kennethon 11/15/18
    I love the product but the new bottles really suck
  • Overall
    The best!!!
    Review by bgc96734on 9/26/18
    This is the best! It's a good clean taste and smell, and doesn't clog up the coil quickly, which makes the coil last a very long time. It's almost like vaping a mint candy.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kennethon 8/25/18
    Good taste, I found out that if you stick too one liquid, you heating coils last longer. I just like Menthol Burst E-Liquid the best.
  • Overall
    Menthol Burst
    Review by Jeffreyon 7/16/18
    Plenty of crisp minty menthol flavor with none of the aftertastes I've found in other brand menthols.
  • Overall
    Menthol brust... the best
    Review by kennethon 7/8/18
    I have been ordering this product for a while now (3 years at less) and can’t find anything better anywhere online or locally. Pushing my nearby stores to order it for when I’m out. I use it directly, no mix, and the flavor is strong and rich. If you like very strong menthol test I definitely recommend this you won’t be disappointed.
  • Overall
    Favorite menthol EVER!!
    Review by SASHAon 6/24/18
    So good that I keep coming back for more—even with the high price tag.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Matton 6/12/18
  • Overall
    i love it!
    Review by marshelon 6/7/18
    I am a menthol smoker and this is the only thing close to a menthol for me
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by P.L.on 4/3/18
    Love this flavor my fav
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by kevinon 12/26/17
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Roderickon 2/12/17
    Good taste and clean smell
  • Overall
    Excellent menthol
    Review by Isabelon 12/3/16
    The best in menthol out there!
  • Overall
    Best menthol
    Review by Wendyon 9/4/16
    No after taste! Nice refresing liquid! Really the total best in menthol.
  • Overall
    Best menthol
    Review by Tonyon 5/30/16
    I love menthol, so I tend to add a dash of this to everything I vape. Very clean juice. I find it helps to extend coil life as its so clear and doesn't clog the cotton. If you love menthol, try this. You wont be disappointed.
  • Overall
    My Favorite
    Review by Theronon 1/5/16
    This is by far the best menthol flavor on the market. I would highly recommend this one, regardless of where you buy it from.
  • Overall
    Cleanest Menthol in the world.
    Review by Philon 11/29/15
    The fine folks at Volcano seem to insist it's intended for mixing with other flavors but I vape Menthol Burst all by itself. It seems everyone wants to "improve" menthols by adding other candy/fruity/sweet flavors, but this is perfect just the way it is. All the others taste like a candy cane to me. Ugh!

    I'm one of those vapers who just can't tolerate any sweetness in my e-liquid. This is the ONLY menthol I've found anywhere that just has pure menthol flavor.

    Because of this excellent e-liquid, I've not smoked an analog cigarette in over two years. Oddly, I never smoked a menthol cigarette in my life. When I made the switch, I thought I'd want tobacco flavors to emulate the cigarettes I'd been smoking for forty years. Nope. Some hint of sweetness (to my palate) in all of them that I just couldn't tolerate.

    I tried Menthol Burst as an experiment, and found it gave the the mouth and throat hit I missed from smoking, allowing me to leave cigarettes behind forever. The menthol flavor is indeed quite strong, but it is quite enjoyable and has no hint of the sweet flavors I dislike so much. I hope Volcano never stops producing this, because it has changed my life. I know we can't claim health benefits for vaping, but the harm reduction this has given me is very obvious.
  • Overall
    Love this flavor!
    Review by Leighon 11/8/15
    Love this flavor! Tried other brands but this is the best!
  • Overall
    stands alone
    Review by ddforton 1/13/15
    While the description saying it is designed to use with other flavors, I like it just as it is. I don't care for the flavored eliquids. I guess I smoked for so long I just prefer the tobacco taste. This one, however has a taste a bit different. I prefer this over plain menthol. I love the fact that it is made in the USA. THEY HAVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The items ordered come quickly. Thanks to Volcano I only vap now.MY DOCTOR gives me great news about my lungs being clear. I haven't used an inhaler since I started vaping.: )
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kevinon 12/9/14
    Love the Menthol Burst. I add this to almost all different flavors. It gives the flavors either a little breath of freshness or a lot depending on how much Menthol burst I add. Please keep this flavor for ever and ever.
  • Overall
    the best menthol ever
    Review by Hezon 11/22/14
    my juice of choice. ive tried many other menthol juices and hands down this one is the best.
  • Overall
    Absolutely incredibly !!
    Review by Corinne on 9/22/14
    I've always been a menthol person, and I am SO happy that now at least I'm not getting all the crud I used to get before. So Renee and Lydia, I'm on your side ............... -:)
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Lydiaon 8/7/14
    I love this favor. ..it's. great. ..and it's by far the best
  • Overall
    Review by Reneeon 7/5/14
    My all time favorite eliquid!
  • Overall
    So refreshing and consistently good!
    Review by Ericon 1/24/14
    I smoked menthol cigarettes for 20 years. After trying Menthol Burst, I've not touched a cigarette and it's been 10 months! So refreshing and pleasant I vape this all day long and the cravings are zero!
  • Overall
    Great Menthol
    Review by josephon 1/18/14
    I smoked non filter Kools for years and this comes as close to it, that I have tried so far. If you like intense menthol you will like this.
  • Overall
    Very relieved
    Review by Hilaryon 11/13/13
    I have always been a menthol smoker, so when I decided to quit analogs and start vaping, finding something that would keep me from craving menthol was in the top 3 things to look for. I read the other reviews and it seemed that what the 5 stars had in common was the fact that they were adding this to other flavors- not always vaping it straight. I bought a chocolate mint flavor from an outside supplier and picked this menthol burst as my included bottle of liquid with my starter kit. I couldn't be happier. Minty and crisp enough to make my mouth tingle, and I didn't even get the Full Flavor level for fear of it being too intense. I can add more drops if I'm craving more mint or not put as many in my tube tank if I want to get more of the other flavor inside. So far, I like this BETTER than the menthol analogs I smoked for years. Definitely recommend it to menthol lovers.
  • Overall
    Review by Augustoon 11/9/13
    Great flavor very cold sensation ! A great kick on the back of throat
  • Overall
    The Best Flavor!
    Review by Nicholason 10/2/13
    The very first Time I tried this flavor I was amazed, It is absolutely my Favorite one! I Used to Smoke Menthol Cigarettes. So When It comes to E-Liquid and flavors, the Menthol Burst is by miless the best!!!

    I only Wish It was a bit cheaper in price. but the quality is 5 stars!!!!!
  • Overall
    Review by Ronon 9/15/13
    This juice over satisfied my menthol craving. It was borderline too strong for me. It instantly cleared my sinuses if inhaled through my nose. If its menthol minty-ness you are after, you will get your money's worth with this one. I think it might be one of the strongest menthol juices you can buy. I'd buy this again.
  • Overall
    Review by Eveon 7/12/13
    I love, love, love this flavor! As a previous menthol smoker of 25yrs I am happy to say I been smoke free for 17 days. I may be new to this "vaping" program however, I know what I like & what's working for me. The Menthol Burst is crisp, clean, very mentholated, has a great throat hit, & my mouth enjoys the freshness it offers as does my throat. Menthol Burst would be great if you have a cold to help open up your sinuses too. So far this will always be my number 1 go to e-liquid although I do vape peach, cotton candy & vanilla bean too. If you don't like an intense menthol this would not be for you. I haven't tried the regular menthol yet, so I can't compare it to it. Not sure if I would bother either since I started out on such a stronger menthol flavor that I really love! 10 stars from me if it went that high. :)
  • Overall
    versatile, refreshing, etc.
    Review by Brandonon 7/2/13
    i've tried 7 other flavors from volcano and this might be my fav, and i was never a menthol smoker. this stuff really fixes that unpleasant nicotine sting that comes with most liquid, and luckily it mixes with everything! add it to any (particularly fruit) flavor for a refreshing *burst*, but just as good on its own. A+
  • Overall
    Nice throat hit
    Review by Tiffanyon 6/1/13
    This was the first e-liquid I ordered with my inferno kit and I recommend it. I add this liquid to other flavors to give me that good throat hit. I noticed with a lot of the other juices that they don't give me that hit in the back of the throat that satisfies my craving... but adding a few drops of the menthol burst definitely makes this e-liquid a must have for me! Even if you don't like it on it's own you may find that it adds to your vaping experience if you add it with some of your other favorite e-liquids.
  • Overall
    Excellent clean taste
    Review by Jeff S.on 5/21/13
    This is now my preferred vape! I use this straight in my Inferno Tank and LOVE IT! It has a very nice "clean" feeling hit. Used to mix with the standard menthol and was quite pleasant, but straight this stuff is THE BOMB! Thanks to Volcano and Menthol Burst I am now completely free of analogs which now taste nasty and "dirty" If you like menthol flavor do yourself a favor give this a try!
  • Overall
    It's Ok
    Review by Roseon 4/30/13
    This was my second e juice that I have purchased with Volcanoe. I was a menthol smoker for many years and found that this flavor taste best when mixing with other flavors. I don't know what it is, but it did not do that much for me, on its own. However I will say it did help me to convert from a half a pack a day smoker to a full time Vapor LOL so I guess I cant complain all that much :) :)
  • Overall
    The BEST if your a menthol smoker
    Review by Meghanon 4/21/13
    I smoked camel menthol and since I bought this with my starter kit I've not picked up a cigg since! Just me my inferno and MENTHOL BURST!!! Try it
  • Overall
    Best V juice around
    Review by Alsafyshon 4/19/13
    8mg on LW atty, Clearo, & TT

    Best flavor, intense to be sure. I've mixed it and also smoked it straight. Great both ways.
    I hate TH, and have noticed only minimal. Perhaps the menthol covers it up because whoa it is the only thing you feel is cool freshness.
  • Overall
    the "Real Deal"
    Review by Elijah D. Offutton 4/12/13
    Like the description says if you plan on vaping this straight then its intense. Way more so then any analog cig. I can tell you know from a Black person's perspective(Original menthol connoisseurs) this kicks ass. its refreshing and smooth once you get your vapor lungs. I love menthol and if you are looking for a analog supplement or substitute this is the only option in my opinion. if you are looking for something stronger then the typical but not as icy i would try cutting it with the standard menthol flavor. this pairs well with citrus and fruity liquids, but not well with double synthetic flavors like chocolate, coffee or cotton candy. M favorite pairing for a quick change up in the blue at a 2/3 ratio.
  • Overall
    Review by Jenniferon 4/12/13
    I was a menthol cigarette smoker for many years so when I tried Menthol Burst I was pleasantly surprised at how powerful it was. I'm very happy with this one!
  • Overall
    I love this.
    Review by Leslieon 4/7/13
    I read most of the reviews of this eliquid before I bought it, and most people were saying that this one was too strong to use as an all day vape by itself. I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE this one. I love how fresh the menthol is, and the throat hits are cold as ice. It is my go to daily vape, hands down.
  • Overall
    Great mixer
    Review by Charleson 3/25/13
    On its own, its very strong, add it to others like mauna dew or cotton candy, its great. I keep a bottle and add a few drops to whatever other liquid i have to kick it up a notch.
  • Overall
    LUV IT!!
    Review by DawnKon 3/14/13
    Okay, so I got my Inferno starter kit two days ago. A friend had a similar e-cig that I was extremely impressed with, but I wanted to buy directly from the manufaturer, non of these fly-by-night shops where you could be sure your product was being sourced from. So, I searched far and wide and found Volcano. Needless to say, my efforts were not in vein. I love the Inferno! What's more, as a long time menthol smoker (Virginia Slims Super Slims) I knew I would need a v-liquid that would truly satisfy me. I read all the reviews, and found that most of those who formerly smoked menthol cigarettes really liked this one. I wholely concur! This v-liquid is is just perfect for me. I didn't even buy the set to "quit smoking" so much as to save money over the long run. It's been three days and I can honestly say that traditional cigarettes are a thing of the past. If you smoke menthol, I highly recommend the Menthol-Burst flavor. I found it to be a perfectly smooth and clean tasting replacement for my old cigarettes. What's more I have had not one, but three friends try this v-liquid and they all loved it. Two have already ordered starter kits with this very v-liquid and one is ordering come pay-day. If you have smoked menthol cigarettes, this will be a no brainer replacement for your old standard flavor. I am excited to branch out and try new flavors and nicotene free vaping in the very near future. Oh what a glorious solution to the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes! No harmful effects, no loss of flavor or full bodied vaping, and no fear of weight gain from finally kicking the habit of smoking tobacco products! The flavor of this menthol is as robust and satisfying as traditional menthol cigarettes and tastes even cleaner, fresher, a truly better overall experience.
  • Overall
    Review by Jack on 3/9/13
    My gf and I both have Volcano Infernos, and this is our favorite flavor. What's funny is that I HATE menthol analog cigarettes but love this and the regular menthol (which we mix with this flavor, 24mg strengths). It does taste like vaping a breath mint. Not too strong or sweet, and 5 bottles of this last us both a month - a LOT cheaper than regular cigarettes, even where I live (they are cheap here). 4 thumbs up, 5 stars!
  • Overall
    Review by Alexon 3/2/13
    WOW i did not expect such flavor with this i have smoked marb menthols for years and since i got this i havent had one or any anolog cig in over three months( high fives everybody) also goes GREAT with Sweet tart 2/3 sweet tart 1/3 menthol burst =AMAZING
  • Overall
    best menthol
    Review by Andrewon 2/23/13
    This is not only the best menthol but the best ejuice ive ever vaped, i love it, its like inhaling a breath mint. Pretty strong when you first try it but its awesome when your taste buds start to get used to it.
  • Overall
    Super fresh menthol~ Burst is an understatement!
    Review by Tracyon 2/23/13
    Have been a menthol light analog smoker for years and this Menthol Burst sure packs a punch! I love it to add to the Pineapple punch e-liq, but is a bit strong for me straight up. I am really glad I bought it for just this purpose! Love my new Inferno! Thanks Volcano!
  • Overall
    Good mix
    Review by Jerryon 2/17/13
    Love it with vanilla bean or bluewater punch, smoked kools for years and love the menthol flavor. Thanks again Volcano
  • Overall
    Review by michaelon 2/15/13
    I was a casual menthol smoker, and this flavor is honestly much more satisfying than menthol cigarettes. A great mix with strawberry and red wings too!
  • Overall
    Review by jihyeon 1/23/13
    This is the first e-liquid i got with the inferno kit and I love it! I can't put it down and I have not desired an analog Menthol cig at all. Absoutly Love It!!!!
  • Overall
    Very good menthol flavor
    Review by Johnon 1/23/13
    I really like this by it self or mixed with other flavors, my wife thinks its too strong but she likes it when it's mixed with other flavors, five thumbs up from the flip from Frisco.
  • Overall
    Not only best menthol, but also !amazingly! good, even better than menthol cigarettes
    Review by RCon 12/22/12
    As a former Menthol smoker I have tried quite a few menthol e-liq and from multiple vendors/sites. Put simply, except for this one, none has been good enough to even be a reasonable daily driver. This one, on the other hand, is not only the best menthol I have tried, but also amazingly good, and so much so - it is even better than tobacco/real menthol cigarettes.
  • Overall
    Review by Danon 12/18/12
    I smoked Marlboro Menthols for 15 years, this will knock your socks off. Very strong menthol. I like it...just can't vape it very long.
  • Overall
    Review by Lowon 12/11/12
    Being a menthol smoker for the past 5+ years, I thought I'd give this a try. Really nice, cool throat hits. I've tried a couple of other flavors, but this one quickly became my go-to all-day vape.
  • Overall
    Fresh and smooth
    Review by Joannaon 12/7/12
    If you like menthol you'll love this juice! Strong enough on its own, but also probably great to combine with other flavours. Will definitely be one I keep in stock all the time.
  • Overall
    update on review
    Review by Bettyon 12/5/12
    Im still vaping all day everyday with my menthol burst and loving it. Great company to work with and saving a bunch of money ;) Wish someone would have invented this years ago if you know what I mean
  • Overall
    Changed my view
    Review by Robert on 11/30/12
    I have never been a menthol fan. I ordered this for my wife who smoked cools all her life. She loves it and I have to admit, it's pretty darn good. I use this once in awhile and she uses it as an all-day vape. If I find a flavor I don't care for too much, I add some of this to it and it makes a bad juice a good juice. Well done, right on the mark.
  • Overall
    A Must Have in your Liquids
    Review by Justinon 11/29/12
    I'm not a menthol smoker as such, but occasionally I do like a bit of the taste (especially when I'm sick and whatnot).. I wouldn't personally suggest vaping this all on its own, but that could just be my personal taste.. ALTHOUGH... it is a GREAT addition to many many other flavors. A few drops of this in with Tobacco Pure or even Sharks Clove and you've got a great tasting menthol flavor for those days you just feel like a menthol.. Great work..
  • Overall
    Mom's favorite
    Review by Lorenon 11/21/12
    This one is my Mother's favorite vape. She was able to quit smoking analogs with this juice. Thank you Volcano!!! This juice is pure menthol, strong and satisfying for a menthol addict.
  • Overall
    Review by Keithon 11/8/12
    i love the flavor and also i love mixing it with waikiki watermelon
  • Overall
    Review by Matthewon 9/10/12
    I have vaped for about 1.5 years now and during the first year of vaping I was searching every "order" for another flavor and through many different vendors. One day, I came back to my roots (Volcano was my first vendor for devices) and decided I would give some of their new juice a try. I ordered a small bottle of Menthol Burst as I was a menthol smoker.

    When my order arrived and I took my first puff I instantly knew this was the juice for me. I have been using it now for at least 4 months on a daily basis as my main vape. I love it and highly recommend it to others who like a nice strong menthol hit.

    Thanks Volcano for giving me this wonderful all day vape!
  • Excellent Juice!
    Review by Bettyon 9/2/12
    Well I just wanted to let everyone know that this juice is great all around, throat hit is the best ever and for the menthol smoker you will be thankful you got this one...Its my favorite all day juice. I recommend it to all menthol users you will not regret it . Used for 4 weeks everyday all day ;)
  • Holy OMG
    Review by Salvadoron 8/23/12
    Just got my first order from volcanoecig and i order the menthol burst to try it out and omg. this juice is amazing. im using lavatube with tank and also driping on atomizer and by far i must say this is the best menthol i ever tried. Is rich and strong in a great way. i will be ordering more from you guys. if cherry taste as good as this menthol i might just move to hawaii, yhank you so much.
  • very strong!!
    Review by Joshuaon 8/12/12
    This is like a Chuck Norris round house kick to the throat!! By itself it is to strong, so far i've mixed pear, pineapple, papaya, peach, and RY-4, and it is good in that aspect. However, by itself, it is way to strong.
    Review by Davidon 7/31/12
    This stuff is strong as heck! For me this is just too strong to vape without mixing it with something else. I started using this in a different tank/carto and the flavor started really popping out.

    The flavor reminds me of Peppermint Altoids. Definitely a aftertaste too.
  • Not for the recreational menthol user....
    Review by Dustinon 7/11/12
    I thought this vape tasted just like a Newport light and it was a huge turn off for me personally. I know a lot of menthol lovers that absolutely love this liquid, sorry to say I do not share that sentiment hehe. I probably should have tried the other menthol first,but alas now I stick to the other flavors that do not remind me of a cigarette. So if you like the occational "dessert cigarette" as I used to call them lol ,but prefer straight tobacco this vape probably isn't for you but it will most likely be easy to share! ;)
  • Menthol Burst
    Review by Lindaon 7/9/12
    If you LOVE menthol, you will love these, I have tried almost every menthol liquid out there, found one I liked and was sure that was the one I was going to stay with, then came across your Menthol Burst and thought what the heck I will try one more..and WOW!! This is my forever menthol without a doubt. Cant get any better than this!! THANKS
  • awesome
    Review by Bobon 7/8/12
    this is great. I was not a menthol smoker when I did smoke, but vaping this is awesome. This is the best of the 5 flavors that I've had from this site, and I'd vape this all day every day. About to order this again, but this time I'll get the 30ml bottle.
    Review by Davidon 7/6/12
    Holy crap the menthol is strong. I was a analog menthol smoker for 18 years and never tasted anything this strong.

    I used to smoke analog menthol lights and the 8mg is not strong enough for any kind of throat hit.

    Closest comparison I can think of is a Peppermint Altoid. Flavor stays in your mouth for a long time after vape.
  • YESS
    Review by marcon 6/2/12
    I'm an avid menthol user. This is by far one of the best i have had. It have a minty taste, and also leaves a spear mint tingle! Great vape.
  • Yep, I found my new home
    Review by Joshuaon 5/3/12
    I used to mix my own menthol juice with the "menthol" from J Creek and add pure menthol crystals. Those days are long gone. Being a Camel Menthol smoker for years, this one hits the spot. Mix about a 1 part Tobbacco Pure with 3 parts Menthol Burst and HOLY COW!! Huge menthol taste with the undertone of tobbacco. Clean after taste and better than the Camels ever were. Thanks Volcano!! I threw out the last 3 packs of Camels I had and am vaping my heart out.
  • Smooth and clean
    Review by Robon 4/4/12
    I've been vaping this juice exclusively for a couple of months, would definitely recommend it. The first couple of hits when you first try it are SUPER strong, but it mellows a bit after you get used to it. Remains cool and refreshing though, like mild minty gum.
  • Big flavor, great TH
    Review by Scotton 3/29/12
    Just got my bottle today and love it, the menthol hit feels really strong to me (a good thing). Another winner from Volcano!