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  • Needle Tip Bottle Cap

Needle Tip Bottle Cap


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The perfect tool kit to fill your cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks!


The perfect tool kit to fill your cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks! The Needle tip bottle cap replaces the cap and dripping tip of our current bottles making it a perfect tool for those who like to use cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks. It also works great for dripping on atomizers and will reduce the amount of excess liquid that sometimes clings to the side of the atomizer drip-tip. To install, simply remove the existing cap and the dropper from your existing bottle of VOLCANO eLiquid and screw on the needle tip cap for easy cartomizer filling! Genius.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    The Best!!!!
    Review by Paulon 11/19/16
  • Overall
    The Best!!!!
    Review by Paulon 11/19/16
  • Overall
    Great Tool for E-Liquid!
    Review by Darillon 3/3/15
    These are great to have! It makes the job easier to fill almost any type of tank or cartridges!
  • Overall
    great accessory for the e-liquid bottles
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    great thing to have and works great. only thing is the liquid comes out way slower than the dropper bottle but that is not that big of a deal. i do wish however that the tip was a real needle so i could poke into the cotton when priming my cartomizers. and also i wish it would screw onto the bottle over the dropper part so i wouldn't have to disassemble the bottle to use this but other than that it works great.
  • Overall
    must have
    Review by stevenon 3/6/14
    makes refilling flawless. a must have for any vaper
  • Overall
    Great accessory!!
    Review by Jack on 12/22/13
    I use this ti fill my inferno all the the time. Great accessory for someone who is shaky. Makes filling te tube tank a breeze
  • Overall
    Review by Jackon 5/3/13
    Unless you already have your own syringe, this highly useful juice dispensing cap is required for filling the clearomizers. It's very easy to use and makes filling my clearomizer a breeze. My only complaint: it should be included in all starter kits!
  • Overall
    Add a couple of these to your order!
    Review by Maganon 4/17/13
    We have found that you cannot have enough of these. On our first order, I decided to throw a couple in our cart since they looked like they might come in handy & were inexpensive. The 2nd day of being vaporizer owners we knew we should have ordered more of these because they make filling everything a breeze. They're also great for sucking up the overflow in the cartomizers so that you don't lose any flavor. My only complaint is that the rubber cap cover is flimsy & the needle pokes through very easily. This doesn't bother me much though because we leave it off to let the liquids breathe & steep.
  • Overall
    Fantastic !! ;-)
    Review by Leslieon 3/16/13
    Sooooooooo easy to us. Saves on any accidents & possible loss of your liquid, ordered 2 previously , and am now back for more, 4 to be exact. All for my new purchases of experimental flavors!!!! ;-)
  • Overall
    Am I , an idiot?
    Review by Hopeon 2/27/13
    I too couldn't figure out how to put the needle cap on but thanx to crumpitt, it was a breeze.
  • Overall
    Ultimately Works great, instructions needed tho.
    Review by Crumpitton 11/21/12
    I bought this item with my inferno kit. Figured it would make filling the tube easier and I was right! The only thing that I didn't like about it was that there were not instructions.
    Why do you need instructions for a needle tip like this, you ask? I didn't think I needed them either, until I tried to use it and let me just say: EPIC FAIL.
    Then I came here to red the reviews again, I was sure someone else would have mentioned this problem and I was right! =0)

    What you need to so is remove the little dropper tip that comes on the e juice bottles FIRST!! I took a look at it and it didn't look like it was removable, but it IS!

    Looke closely at the dropper tip that comes on the bottle, and take a pair of pliers if you have to, and GENTLY nudge it up and off of the bottle. Then you can screw on this little needle end tip and fill away with ease. Hope this shells someone out there in vaping land!!!

    Otherwise I love it! Good price, great little item, and I would recommend you pick up one for each of the flavors of juice you normally use. I planned to clean it out between flavors, but for $2 it's worth I it to pick up a few of them! =0) thanks volcano!
  • Overall
    I suggest buying at least 4
    Review by Courtneyon 10/12/12
    These are great, I bought 4 of them, so I don't mix them up with different flavors, (but they're easy to wash). I haven't had a problem with them, but to fill the clearomizers since it is a project, you have to take your time with it and have patience. They don't really "screw" onto the bottle, what I do is put it into the clearomizer hole and since it's already standing up, I just put the the bottle to it and gently drip into it, the only problem is sometimes I get juice on my hand if it overflows. But not everything is perfect guys, and for Volcano, they're such an excellent company you shouldn't have to worry about a little hassle with 10% of their products. :D
  • Please sell empty bottles
    Review by jeremyon 6/30/12
    i really wish Volcano would sell empty bottles-- so I could pre-mix before dripping.
  • Not Satisfied
    Review by Karenon 5/29/12
    I purchased this item because it was recommended to fill the clearomizers. I can't even get this little goodie to stay on the bottle. I've scrapped it because I don't want to waste e-juice.

    Karen, you need to take of the tip of the bottle before applying the needle tip.
  • If you don't have, BUY!
    Review by Alexon 5/4/12
    This thing is so useful. A must have for clearomizers and the best refill accessory for carts, tanks, or anything else you have.
  • awesome product
    Review by Nathanon 3/2/12
    ill start off by saying i wasnt pleased with the first one i got, seemed as if the threads were bad on it as it would leak if it wasnt EXTREMELY tight, and if i took it just a little to far past that point it would pop back to about 1/2-1 turn on

    ordered 2 more of these the other day hoping i had just gotten a "lemon" or something
    put both of them on my bottles and it threaded on perfectly, didnt have to crank it down and it DIDNT LEAK

    i was rather amazed that both of my new ones worked perfect

    they also seem to inject juice a little bit quicker as well compared to my old one *which btw isnt but maybe 2-4weeks old*

    so overall ill 7.5/10 considering the first one wasnt so great
  • Great
    Review by Robert on 2/29/12
    These things are top notch, helps with getting that last drop of juice out the bottle. The only thing is, I kind of wish they offered a hard top with them instead of the plastic because I like to keep these in my pocket and end up sticking myself, maybe something volcano can consider in the future.
  • I love these things!!
    Review by kahaluuboy on 2/19/12
    I have at least 10 of them. Prolly grab a few more when I get more flavors. I don't like to cross contaminate. Plus a bunch of juice is left in the cap, should u want to put it on a differen bottle. (Kinda wasting juice, IMO) Easier to fill up your tanks, a must have for clearomizers, and u can fill a tube tank to brim. The only thing that is better for a Clearo, would be a syringe. Also don't over tighten these bad boys. I cracked a few bottles by doing that, which caused juice to leak at the seam of the needle cap. I wish that volcano would sell empty bottles with or w/o these bad boys. Would make mixing juices super easy.
  • GREAT.... less mess.
    Review by Frosty09on 2/16/12
    I had purchased one of these months ago. Yesterday, I found it and put it on a 50-mL bottle of my favorite e-juice. NOW... there's no more using the standard bottle tips as they are provided.

    This filling needle is a whole lot less messy... and it works great on my Inferno Tube Tanks. I'll be ordering several more of these as spares.
  • Better than the cheap made syringes.
    Review by Jasonon 1/15/12
    This is definetly better than the old syringes and the flimsy tips that came with it. Another good idea is 3ml syringes and 20 to 22 gauge needles modifyed by grinding of the sharp tip so you can keep up with mixes better considering you have a way to measure amounts. These caps are unbeatable if you don't have mixing on your mind though. The price is right and they are sturdy. Keep you some on hand as they are handy.
    Review by MANTRAon 1/3/12
    Makes filling tube tanks, tanks for the tank o mizer, and even dripping very simple. Just push off the the tip of the bottle screw on ur needle tip and ur ready to fill ur tanks with ease. I've seen the blue soft needle tips that comes with the clear o mizers. and i have a pack of clear Os on the way but when and where do i get that blue syringe i've seen in the videos at?
  • Reputation Savor
    Review by Rooster 0-6on 12/14/11
    I used to pop the top off my tanks to refill, it was messy and time consuming. The syringes saved time but made me look like a junkie. These are PERFECT... just make sure to pop the tip off your bottle before installing the needle cap.... had to go to the forums to learn that nugget of info.
  • cheap easy way to fill
    Review by Gordonon 12/10/11
    this product does exactly what it aims to do, and it makes extremely easy at the most cost effect price point. the ONLY gripe i have, which isnt really a gripe because the product works awesome, is that the metal needle tip is a little too large to fit the clearo holes, but with it being a little larger than the needle tip that is included with the clearos, the flow is much more powerful and fills that much quicker. is there any plans to reduce the size of the needle any bit? like i said, the product works perfectly, but it is a little too large for the clearo holes to fit comfortably in. still, GREAT product in my eyes for a measly 2$

    volcano- we wanted the guage to be very tight in the clearomizers to prevent leaking and also to fill quicker.
  • woth it
    Review by PHILIPon 12/9/11
    it would great if the empty bottles were sold with these.
  • Time Saver!
    Review by Matthewon 12/5/11
    Love these things! It's great for refilling the Inferno Tanks on the go, and now I can take my clearos to work without the sideways glances the syringe causes.
  • Doesn't fit the liquid bottle
    Review by vjon 12/4/11
    The idea of this seems good. The problem is that the needle tip doesn't screw on to the liquid bottle, so liquid kind of goes everywhere. You can reduce the dropped liquid by holding the needle tip to the liquid bottle firmly while refilling the cartomizers.

    Volcano- NO, you pull the tip off of the bottle, once you screw off top. Then screw tip onto bottle.
  • essential
    Review by rawrrrdinoon 12/2/11
    these caps make the refilling of any delivery system fast and easy. toss a few in your order, and you'll spend more time vaping and less time prepping.
  • Pretty cool item
    Review by Keiffon 11/29/11
    I have used this on cartos, clearos and my ghetto syringe mods... It works pretty well. It's definately better than carrying around what looks like a junkie kit (Inferno case containing syringes filled with brown tobacco juice). The only con with this is that the needle it too thick. I often core-out sections of the silicone cap by the fill holes. This isn't a huge problem but can lead to leaking if they've been bored out and left laying on their side.
  • Threading
    Review by Chaddon 11/28/11
    I do not buy my juice from volcano. The nic mg is not high enough for me. I vape 24mg. They don't fit on bottles from othe vendors. The threading is different. And that sux. Not volcano's fault. But people should know before they buy. Otherwise it's a great idea
  • oops
    Review by Jacobon 11/25/11
    Delete my last review. After looking on the forum I saw that I gotta remove the tip from the bottle lol. Good thing the forum is there!
  • Meh...
    Review by Rooster 0-6on 11/12/11
    I love the concept, but I ordered two of these tips and they don't fit on the 16mg bottles. Did I order the wrong size, or is it one size fits all?

    Volcano- one size fits all...you need to take the top tip off of the bottle, snaps right off. Be careful to not spill liquid on you. then you can screw on needle tip.
  • Great!
    Review by Lisaon 11/9/11
    Such a simple little inexpensive tool that makes things soooo much easier!
  • Awesome
    Review by Kyleon 10/27/11
    Clearos need a couple of fills for the "break-in", but then it's all good. Great job Volcano, great product.
  • Awesome
    Review by Robon 10/26/11
    I can't believe it's taken so long for this to be available. Definitely get a few of these instead of the syringes!
  • good and bad
    Review by DeeAnneon 10/21/11
    well its a good idea but I squeezed the bottle and yes e-juice went into the cart but also all over they need to make a seal so the juice we are paying for only ends up where it should and not running out the opening so like I said good and bad have a good one guys and keep vapping :)

    volcano- your doing something wrong...did you take off the top on the eliquid bottle then screw in the tip? shouldnt leak anywhere....
  • Love this new accessory!
    Review by Phnipon 10/15/11
    I just got mine today, what a great idea! Makes it so much easier to fill the cartridges, no more chasing the cap of the cartos around. Syringe never worked well for me, this is trick! Great idea! Love it!
  • Well good that I thought of it. It works great for me
    Review by Idaon 10/13/11
    I see they have them in another place but you have to order tons of them but at least I made the suggestion for it. I love them. I hope others find it to be the best tool ever. It is for me. Other then getting the burnt taste allot in them to soon. I think it is best to pop the top but to much hassle. The fill them use over are best for saving money. I am going to use the prefilled for on the go only.
  • Great fro tankos, too!
    Review by gbfriendon 10/13/11
    No more pulling off the little caps on your tanks to fill them! Just grab the tank and fill it up! One word of caution: be careful when filling your tankos because the liquid can great an air pocket, prohibiting any liquid from entering your tank. To solve this, remember that slow and steady wins the race. These are a must have on the go because it takes so much less time than the traditional method of filling your tanks. Highly recommended!
  • Love it!
    Review by Yvonneon 10/11/11
    Ordered one for me and one for a friend and we both adore this cap. It's a teeny bit thick for the cartos, but you can get it in there. I much prefer this to the syringes - so much sturdier! You'll want several -- I'm getting more today.
  • You NEED to Get This!!!
    Review by Dino1977on 10/10/11
    It's funny how something so small, inexpensive, and simple can have such a drastic impact on my electronic cigarette experience. This make filling clearos, cartos, and tanks a breeze.
  • Not to sure of these
    Review by Johnon 10/7/11
    Great idea! But I found some drawbacks when I "re-capped" five juice bottles. The bottle caps went on three 30ml bottles and two 15ml bottles.

    When using the the 30ml bottles I found no problems. When using the 15ml bottle I discovered liquid seeping out of the bottle at the cap.

    The other thing I noted when using the needle tip cap I was unable to judge the amount of juice I was putting into the cart. I had nothing to reference the level being dispensed except the bottle label.

    It will, for me, be a learning experience to figure out how to fill the cart better, but the bottles are much harder to squeeze with the new caps.

    I guess I would have been better of to buy a syringe so I could properly dispense the correct amount.
  • awesome!!!
    Review by Danon 10/7/11
    blunt tip needle is exactly what i was looking for. and to have it directly to the bottle is even better. no more syringes, just straight from the bottle to the carto :):):).
  • Best addition to vaping kit!
    Review by Leslieon 10/5/11
    You really can't beat this for $1.99. I purchased one and it makes filling absolutely any vapor delivery method super easy. I'll be buying more so I can keep all my favorites capped with one of these.
  • Just what I asked for
    Review by Idaon 10/1/11
    My total way I said how to make it! Perfect!! I am excited to get it and tell everyone on facebook I got no credit for the idea. I don't believe it came from a vaping party in vegas.
  • Excellent
    Review by love2vapeon 10/1/11
    Genius! The most superior way to fill or top off carts. Need only one hand to pop off lid, turn over and squeeze! No more cramming syringes into tiny bottle necks only to waste liquid that clings to inside of syringe and no more of the tedious drip and rotate method that wastes excess liquid on sides of cart. You will want one for every bottle!
  • Glad to see you got these.
    Review by Idaon 9/30/11
    Be lots easier for on the road to fill up a carto again. This is a big deal to me. Hope others enjoy it to. you can always put it in a plastic bag incase of a leak. I have some other ideas but will not say now...
  • o.k this is my idea
    Review by Idaon 9/28/11
    I told a sweet person named Shadow in customer service and said all how this is made. I get some credit here! I got 2 of them tonight. I said a cap to fit on liquid that had a tip to fill. So I invented this! Great idea I thought. A little strange it happen...

    Volcano- This has been around for almost a year before we ordered them...we just have a better version.