WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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  1. I got my package, now what am I looking at?
  2. Charging your batteries
  3. Cleaning your atomizer>
  4. Connecting a cartridge
  5. How to "Vape"
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I got my starter kit, now what am I looking at?

As you may have noticed, all of our starter kits come with a different number of accessories, and each one has it's own unique inclusions. But for the purposes of this how to, we will cover all the accessories that are currently available. If you order the deluxe kit, you will of course receive at least one each of the following:


Gift Box:

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette Gift Box

The gift box will contain all of the accessories for your starter kit and is of very high quality. Perfect for Gift Giving!



Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette V-Pack

The V-Pack houses a fully assembled V-Cig, an extra V-Cig battery, and 5 replacement V-Cartridges. It also doubles as a charger and can recharge your V-Batteries on the go using it's own Lithium Ion battery!



Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette V-Pack
The V-Battery is the power supply for you V-Cig.

V-Atomizer (in protective cartridge):

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette V-Atomizer
Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette V-Atomizer
Our atomizers come pre-installed in a blank cartridge to protect them during shipping.

USB Charger:

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette USB Charger

Wall Charger with USB Cable:

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette Wall Charger with USB cable

Cartridge Pack:

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette Flavored Nicotine Cartridges

Each cartridge pack contains 5 cartridges.

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Charging your batteries

The first thing you are going to want to do after receiving your kit from us is charge the V-Pack and your V-Batteries. Both the V-Pack and your V-Batteries contain advanced Lithium Ion technology and like most other high-end electronics such as cell phones, they must be fully charged before initial use to ensure that you always get the full use of the battery.

Charge your V-Pack
To charge the V-Pack, use the supplied wall charger and USB cable to do this. Simply plug the USB end of the USB cable into the Wall Charger, and plug the other end of the USB cord into the bottom of your V-Pack. Once all the connections are made, simply plug the wall charger into a standard wall outlet. You will notice that an indicator light will light up on the USB cable telling you that your V-Pack is Charging. When the indicator light on the USB cable turns off, your V-Pack is fully charged and ready to use. Make sure that your V-Pack and wall charger is connected as you see here:

V-Pack with Wall Charger

Our V-Pack can charge your V-Batteries about 5 times before needing to be recharged.

Charge your V-Batteries
You have a couple options when it comes to charging your V-Batteries; You can use the USB charger to charge with a computer, you can use the USB charger and the Wall Charger together to charge from a standard wall outlet, or you can charge them directly in your V-Pack. To charge your V-Batteries with the USB charger and your computer, simply screw the V-Battery into the end of the USB adapter, and plug it into any open USB port on your computer:
V-Pack with Wall Charger

To charge your V-Batteries with the USB charger from a standard wall outlet, simply screw your V-Battery into the USB adapter and connect it to the wall charger via the USB slot and plug it into a standard wall outlet. Make the connections as shown here:

V-Pack with Wall Charger

To charge your V-Batteries in your V-Pack, first make sure that your V-Pack is fully charged, then insert a battery into the second slot from the right (if you look straight into the V-Pack you will see the hole with the battery receptacle) and screw the battery into the pack.

After screwing in the battery you will see that the battery charging LED on the side of the V-Pack will illuminate letting you know that your V-Battery is charging:

When the light turns off, your V-Battery is fully charged and ready to use. It is very important to unscrew the VBattery from your V-Pack after it has completed charging. The V-Pack has a fail safe built into it that will drain the battery if you do not unscrew it to ensure that your V-Battery is not damaged. You may leave the V-Battery in the slot for storing, just make sure that it is not screwed in.

You will know it is time to recharge your V-Batteries when the indicator LED on the end begins blinking repeatedly as you try to take a draw on it. When you see this happen, simply recharge the battery and it will be good for another use. Our V-batteries only take about 30-45 minutes to fully charge and will last for up to 100 puffs on a full charge.

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Cleaning your atomizer

Our V-Atomizers are state-of-the-art and are self cleaning and do a great job at performing at peak levels for a long time. However, it is a good idea to do some manual cleaning in certain instances. When you first receive your kit, it is a good idea to rinse and dry the tip to remove any residues or lint that may have accumulated before you received it. To do this, rinse the tip under warm water and pat it dry with a clean towel and let it air dry for a few minutes. You might want to do this whenever you switch between cartridge flavors as well to rinse off any residual "juice" from the previous cartridge. Make sure to rinse this part only:

V-Pack for Charging

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Connecting a cartridge

Our V-Atomizers come pre-installed in a blank cartridge for safe keeping and will need to be loaded with a new cartridge when you are ready to take your first puff. To remove the blank cartridge, simply screw the atomizer with its blank cartridge into a V-Battery and pull off the blank cartridge.

Now, the V-Atomizer will be screwed into the V-Battery and will have the atomizing end exposed. Simply take a cartridge of your choice and slide it over the atomizer and push it securely into place over the atomizer.
Our cartridges are sealed on the inside with a piece of foil to keep the atomizing "juice" clean and fresh until initial use. The atomizer will puncture this foil releasing the juice onto the atomizer.Tip: To remove the foil completely, twist the cartridge around on the atomizer a couple of times and pull it back off of the atomizer. The bits of foil will be stuck to the tip of the atomizer and you can gently brush it off with your finger. Re-apply the new cartridge and you are ready to Vape!

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How to "Vape"

First off, you should know that smoking from the Volcano is a bit different than smoking an Analog combustible cigarette. If you try to Vape it the same way you would normally smoke a cigarette, chances are you’ll be pretty disappointed with it’s performance, afterall, it’s not an analog! We’ve spent lots of time with our V-Cigs and have gotten the best Vaping techniques down over time, as we suspect you will as well. To get a great hit of Vapor off of the Volcano V-Cig, we suggest you do a couple things; when you first add a new cartridge, or take your first puff after having taken a break, you will need to take a few short, primer puffs to get the atomizer warmed up and ready for use. Next, when you're ready to go through your routine of Vaping, think of a person who is trying to light a cigar...they take small puffs one after the other to get the stogie lit and then take a drag. This method works best in helping you get a great hit of Vapor. We recommend you take two or three quick puffs before taking a full drag to heat up the atomizer and get a good pull from the cartridge . So...puff,puff, (like you are smacking your lips together) and then take a nice pull and you should get a solid hit of Vapor. Keep at it, experiment, and over time you’ll find the method that works best for you too, we assure you.

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