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Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 15ml

Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 15ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg

Spiced, full bodied, powerful, mildly sweet aftertaste, Cinnamon lovers embrace this eliquid which is distinguished by its spiced, full-bodied flavor profile. The long lasting cinnamon flavor is mildy sweet yet powerful on the palate.

Suggested flavor pairing: Tobacco, Tobacco Pure, RY-4


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Contains: 1 15ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Red Hot Lava e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Calling all Cinnamon Lovers!
    Review by Kimon 1/30/17
    I happened upon Red Hot Lava as I'm a Cinnamon addict! Then couldn't find it anymore locally!! Found this site and LOVE IT!!! If you love cinnamon candy or red hots candy then give this a try, bet you'll love it too!
  • Overall
    My New Favorite
    Review by Red Hot Girlon 5/28/16
    Love it! Great Bold Cinnamon Flavor Definitely reminds me of Big Red Gum. Leaves a nice Cinnamon taste in your mouth. Highly recommend if you like Cinnamon
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Lindaon 1/22/16
    Love it!
  • Overall
    Review by Cathrynon 10/29/15
    I love red hot candies and this tastes JUST LIKE IT! It doesn't have any fakey taste like other company's flavors. After vaping, it tastes like I just ate a cinnamon candy. Don't have to eat the real thing with so many calories, now I just enjoy this.
  • Overall
    0 Nic is quite different
    Review by Michaelon 4/8/15
    I loved this flavor when I ordered it with 16mg nic however when I switched to 0mg nic there was a huge flavor fall-off. I contacted the company and basically was told there was no difference. My GF still vaps with the 16mg and I had her try my 0mg and she agrees that there is little to no flavor. Not sure if it was a bad batch. Originally ordered the 30ml 0mg and then the 15ml 0mg to see if there was a difference and there was not. Thinking of adding a drop off cinnamon extract to boost the flavor, perhaps that would help. The 5 stars is for the original 16mg bottles. One star for the 0mg
  • Overall
    e-liquid done right.
    Review by Carloson 11/30/14
    Volcano did an awesome job with this flavor . it brings me back every month for more .
  • Amazing
    Review by Rayon 2/26/12
    Many things about the ecig experience have pissed me off. Everything from charging batteries to filing the cartomizers. However, this liquid is the one thing that's going to keep me away from real cigs and on the whole ecig kick. This flavor is amazing. Because I'm just switching from real cigs, I ordered some tobacco pure and RY four juice as well. Vaping either of those leaves me wanting a real cigarette. I'm on about day 4 of the ecig thing, and I think I've finally converted. I've been playing around on my computer and drinking coffee for a couple hours, along with sucking on my ecig. I have yet to go outside for a real cigarette, though I have half a pack sitting on my desk in front of my. Something about the cinnamon kick in this actually satisfies my need for cigarette. I'm about to order another 60ml of this stuff so I can vape on it for the foreseeable future.
  • The Best all day vape!
    Review by Jameson 2/18/12
    I haven't found any other flavor I can vape all day. I always need to switch to avoid getting sick of a flavor. Not this one though. I will always have a 30 ml bottle of this. I think it tastes exactly like the old jolly rancher fire sticks...Amazing!!! Heaven in a bottle!
  • Delicious!
    Review by Joeyon 2/6/12
    Just received my bottle of Red Hot Today! Being a "dripper" I have had the bottle in my hand for several hours constantly vaping this very delicious flavor! Pure Enjoyment!! I think I have found my favorite flavor after several months of vaping!
    Btw.. The shipping was VERY fast! Thanks Volcano!
  • Need more cowbell...err I mean cinnamon!
    Review by Sherrion 1/28/12
    Good tasting juice, just lacked that cinnamon kick I expected. I was thinking red hots, but it was like diet red hots. Not strong enough cinnamon flavor for me.
  • Good good stuff
    Review by Inferno vaperon 1/16/12
    Mixed with the ry-four is a good one.. Waiting for some root beer sarsaparilla flavors..!
  • WOW
    Review by pet roosteron 1/16/12
    I am a neewbie to this whole ecig deal, about a month now. I have tried so many different juices over that time and generally I am dissapointed. Can't say that about this juice. Has turned into my all day vape. The taste is spot on with cinnamon candy. Fantastic sweet flavor on my tongue only really dry on the exhale. Since this is my first PG juice, perhaps that is normal. Wish they had the same flavor in VG so I could do a mix for the perfect vape coming in and going out!
  • WOW
    Review by Peteron 1/16/12
    I am a neewbie to this whole ecig deal, about a month now. I have tried so many different juices over that time and generally I am dissapointed. Can't say that about this juice. Has turned into my all day vape. The taste is spot on with cinnamon candy. Fantastic sweet flavor on my tongue only really dry on the exhale. Since this is my first PG juice, perhaps that is normal. Wish they had the same flavor in VG so I could do a mix for the perfect vape coming in and going out!
  • Fantastic!
    Review by Warszawaon 12/17/11
    I'm a huge cinnamon candy fan so I had to try this one out - it really does taste just like Big Red or Red Hots! And the throat hit is one of the better ones IMO. Definite must try!
  • yummy
    Review by ericon 11/22/11
    yeah its really good, i had someone taste it without saying the flavor and he said it tastes like the big red gum
  • Absolutely love!
    Review by Lisaon 11/8/11
    ...especially when mixed with a little peach. Just the right mixture of sweet and hot!
  • Great Balls of FIRE!
    Review by Paulon 10/29/11
    I have tried about 5 other vendor's version of this. This is the best! It is my go to flavor! Perfect, spicy tingle on the tongue followed by excellent throat hit! I wish Volcano made a 24 mg nicotine strength, but the flavor and throat hit is so good that I rarely miss the nicotine as I do in less interesting flavors! Excellent Blend!
  • WOW!!!
    Review by TheHappyVaporon 10/26/11
    thats it WOW I could vape this all day, try 2 drops of this with 1 drop of blue water Punch in your drip tip YUMMM.
    Review by Debion 10/25/11
    I got this in the mail today, and I can't put my Inferno down!!! This even tastes strong to me, and I'm one of those people who like a LOT of flavor. I LOVE IT!!! Please don't ever stop making this flavor, I'm hooked, I may never use any other flavor again!
  • Amazing!!
    Review by sterlingon 10/21/11
    This flavor it just like the big red gum! When breathing in its starts out really sweet then u get the cinnamon hit. It seems to stay in the atomizer after changing flavors though so I have to wash it out with water, mix this with a hint of menthol burst and you get the thought hit too, does not really give ua throat hit by it self but that's y I mixed the too. 10/10. 5/5. Must buy! Review on the 8mg
  • Xmas potpourri!
    Review by Oriley-Bon 10/15/11
    I read these other reviews and was like "Oh my gawwd? It tastes 'EXACTLY like Red Hots'? I'm sold! I love cinnamon candy, especially "Hot Tamales". I also know these juices can't taste EXACTLY like the products they claim to taste like, but they can come close, right? Yes, but not in this case. This juice tastes more like you're vaping cinnamon scented xmas potpourri, which is fine if you're down with that, but they claim it's "a very close representation of the similarly named candies we all enjoyed as kids." I wish it was! But it's just.. not. *vapes* Ughh.. potpourri.. *cries*
  • If you like cinominnon.....
    Review by JDon 10/11/11
    This has to be one of my favorite vapes of of all time! If you like red hots!!!! This is your vape!!!
  • Yummy!
    Review by Angieon 9/30/11
    This is my favorite flavor after trying choconilla, tobacco, watermelon, and others. sweet and spicy!
  • Dead on flavor!
    Review by Danion 9/24/11
    This is a wonderful flavor, it tastes just like red hots. I vape this a lot and love it. I do have a dedicated clearo for it because it is a very strong flavor. Great throat hit, great taste, just overall delicious!!
  • Big Red!
    Review by Lennyon 9/13/11
    It tastes like I'm chewing on some big red yet there's no gum. Very powerful and overwhelming taste. Seems to linger in the tankomizer after your done vaping. None the less though it is an awesome flavor.
  • Red Hots /W Nicotine
    Review by Jasonon 9/12/11
    just like the candy red hots. this is the best by far i've tasted yet. now that's saying something. so far i've not found anything volcano makes i don't like. if you like cinnamon grab all you can and vape like heck. this is getting close to what even i call strong flavored and i like my flavors very strong. too bad we can't get this stuff even stronger like the difference between menthol and menthol burst. volcano, have you thought of any way to keep this flavor and make it stronger still? but i do still love the heck out of this. highly recomended. i'll probably keep this around all the time!
  • yum
    Review by ashley on 9/4/11
    this is my current all day vape it is so good taste more like big red gum to me if u like big red gum give this a try
  • BEST
    Review by joeon 9/4/11
    absolutely the best on the list!
  • How long does it Take
    Review by Bobbyon 8/31/11
    Put this in Cartomizers Please
  • Cinnizoom!
    Review by KLRSKIRon 8/25/11
    A great vape, nice throat-hit and really has a powerful flavor. It will however make your gear taste like cinnamon for quite some time after you move on to a different juice.
  • YUM!!!!!
    Review by Nicoleon 8/12/11
    This is sooooo good! My new favorite flavor!
  • Sizzling!!!
    Review by Jenniferon 8/1/11
    Woooooo! It's so good I almost want to drink it straight! It tastes EXACTLY like Red Hots!! This is by far my favorite ever! :)
  • Awesome
    Review by Robon 7/29/11
    Perfect flavor, great throat hit, not too sweet. Volcano really nailed this one.