WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

Red Hot Lava E-Liquid - 30ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 3mg, 8mg, 16mg and 24mg

Spiced, full bodied, powerful, mildly sweet aftertaste, Cinnamon lovers embrace this eliquid which is distinguished by its spiced, full-bodied flavor profile. The long lasting cinnamon flavor is mildy sweet yet powerful on the palate.

Suggested flavor pairing: Tobacco, Tobacco Pure, RY-4


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Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Red Hot Lava e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Letitiaon 2/13/19
    Love the red hot lava! Would give 5 stars but hate the new brown bottle!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Pamelaon 2/5/19
    Only flavor I purchase - best, hands down but the new bottle is HORRIBLE! The darker plastic makes it hard to see how much is left in the bottle an d getting the juice out is difficult. Please go back to the old style bottle!!
  • Overall
    Red hot lava
    Review by Richardon 1/27/19
    Love the red hot lava. Its my #1 primary juice i enjoy all day. Dont like the new bottles they come in because its hard to get the juice out but im sure they survive the shipping process alot better
  • Overall
    One and only...
    Review by Leroyon 1/16/19
    This is the only E-Juice I use. Love the cinnamon flavor, none of the local vape shops have this, or anything like it, but this one is worth ordering for me....
  • Overall
    Cinnamon Free of the Stench
    Review by Michaelon 1/6/19
    The cheapest way to get Cinnamon flavor free of the Tobacco taste others appear to be so mysteriously fascinated by, that is also free of the weird stench that comes with vaping juice from other sources. That is precisely why it is given five stars by me, because it is economically thrifty and still does its job better than its peers.

    Of course, on the new bottles, the words "warning" and "addictive" are redacted with the majik sharpy... That it is, or is close to being, the law... but the law is also stupid. It is an inanimate object, and as such is free of the ability to perform actions such as 'addictive', to do anything to anyone, think do I.
  • Overall
    Cinnamon Free of the Stench
    Review by Michaelon 1/6/19
    The cheapest way to get Cinnamon flavor free of the Tobacco taste others appear to be so mysteriously fascinated by, that is also free of the weird stench that comes with vaping juice from other sources. That is precisely why it is given five stars by me, because it is economically thrifty and still does its job better than its peers.

    Of course, on the new bottles, the words "warning" and "addictive" are redacted with the majik sharpy... That it is, or is close to being, the law... but the law is also stupid. It is an inanimate object, and as such is free of the ability to perform actions such as 'addictive', to do anything to anyone, think do I.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Amanda on 12/19/18
    Love the flavor. HATE the new bottle it comes in.
  • Overall
    Great product
    Review by Kimon 9/15/18
    Red Hot Lava is the best tasting cinnamon flavored e-juice out there!! Tastes just like the red hot candy you love!!
  • Overall
    My all time favorite
    Review by Chrison 9/9/18
    I always come back to this one. I might take a break that lasts maybe 30mils of another flavor but they always start to taste different. This one never does. Not for me anyways. Love this flavor!
  • Overall
    No 1
    Review by Charnelleon 9/3/18
    My favourite flavour!!
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kelleyon 8/11/18
    I have been vaping for years and have only use Red Hot Lava. I love the cinnamon flavor!
  • Overall
    Wonderful taste. I won't vape anything else.
    Review by Lillyon 7/20/18
    Wonderful taste. I have been vaping this for years and don't intend to change flavors.
  • Overall
    Review by Witkh 13on 6/22/18
    It is wonderstrukk that this was found by me, when first exploring vaping. It seems as if manufacturers of e-juice have this crazy compulsion to push tobacco flavors but I switched to vaping to STOP smoking.

    If the flavor was menthal, then that could be understood at least by me. The flavor of tobacco fails to be a hallmark of smoking. lulz

    What is worse is the absolute abysmal showing of the cinnamon flavor in most choices of e-juice. Maybe it's just a market supply/demand thing but it would be nice if there was more.

    However, this one abundantly satisfy a craving for Cinnamon. As another reviewer said, it's like eating candy. Remember to lessen the airflow through your tank to increase flavor.
  • Overall
    The Best!
    Review by Wellnow on 4/11/18
    Hands down the best cinnamon flavor on the market!
  • Overall
    Review by Darla on 2/14/18
    This is a good flavor. It’s like eating a piece of candy. Very satisfying. It’s the only flavor I order.
  • Overall
    Love red hot lava
    Review by ROBERT SANDERSon 11/26/17
    This is one of the best E-Liquid I've ever used. One of the first liquids tried that I really liked and still using it today.
  • Overall
    Red HOT
    Review by Maureenon 7/7/17
    No other flavor holds a candle to this one... love the burn!!!
  • Overall
    love the flavor!
    Review by Sherrieon 1/25/17
    this has a zing to it, invigorating!
  • Overall
    Can't Get any Better Than This!!
    Review by Mary Helenon 12/27/16
    Have tried so many different flavors and I am just so addicted to this. LOVE LOVE LOVE
  • Overall
    Very Powerful
    Review by Mary Helenon 12/27/16
    This tastes just like a Red Hot candy!
  • Overall
    Live it
    Review by Meon 11/9/16
    It is the best!
  • Overall
    The Flavor is Too Damn High!!!
    Review by Kayleon 9/4/16
    This juice is amazing. The only bad thing I can say about this juice is it ruins all other juices, because no other juice gives you such an incredibly strong taste BREATHING IN. It's like candy on-demand. The solution I've found is mixing this juice with other juices. Even just 4-5 drops will do it and makes anything else much more flavorful.

    Seriously, though, does ANYBODY know of a juice that tastes as strong as this?
  • Overall
    Love the flavor
    Review by celesteon 8/19/16
    Love the flavor
  • Overall
    Love the flavor
    Review by celesteon 8/19/16
    Love the flavor
  • Overall
    This is my fave !!
    Review by Nicoon 7/20/16
    I love this it's like the candy exactly and it's cinnamon flavour is fab love it .. Can only afford it on sale lol ! Dale please !
  • Overall
    This is the best
    Review by Wendyon 1/30/16
    This is the best tastes like the old red hot ...
  • Overall
    Review by Shereeon 1/5/16
    I mix Menthol Vurst with Hot Lava..an awesome taste
  • Overall
    can't get better
    Review by oneLoVEfagan on 10/7/15
    If you like cinnamon, hot tamales or those red hot heart candies, this is your flavor. I have tried looking elsewhere for a flavor that is comparable and nothing comes close to this!
  • Overall
    Review by Jeffreyon 7/1/15
    If you like candy red hots you will love this liquid. Best I have ever had.
  • Overall
    Holy Grail
    Review by Kimon 1/30/15
    This is the best flavor e-liquid of any brand I've ever tried. I would say that it tastes exactly like cinnamon candy but it's better than candy, seriously. The only drawback is that it's a strong flavor and after vaping nothing but Red Hot Lava for weeks I'm unable to taste any of my previous daily vapes! Bluewaterpunch and Cotton Candy are too mild for my tastebuds now, not that I'm complaining too much. It mixes very well with Apple Pie.
  • Overall
    Review by Timothyon 11/6/14
    I've always been hardcore against fruity or candy flavors. Mainly focused on tobacco, coffee, and maybe a few drops of milk chocolate.

    Thought I would vape outside the box when this appeared on the 'flavor of the week' shelf. Holy crap. My new favorite flavor. Tastes just a Hot Tamale. Now, if that had been described to me before I bought it, I probably wouldn't have bought it. Never would have occurred to me a hot tamale flavor would be good. Something about the mouthfeel and throat hit though, awesome.
  • Overall
    Best Liquid Ever!
    Review by MrsHeinkeon 9/16/14
    All time favorite! No one else's cinnamon compares!
  • Overall
    The best
    Review by Jasonon 5/19/14
    Ice tried them all this is a everyday vape.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Jennon 5/10/14
    I've tried many different favors but, by far, this is my absolute favorite. If you like red hots or Big Red gum, you won't be disappointed. Great throat hit, perfect flavor!
  • Overall
    My #1 Flavor
    Review by Sharonon 5/6/14
    Excellent flavor! Always keep one of my carts full of Red Hot Lava.
  • Overall
    a must have
    Review by Andrewon 2/17/14
    Amazing taste and vap. For a former smoker this really took the edge off and helped me get away from smokes. The taste is like a big red and just awesome. A must have or try
  • Overall
    My favorite, hands down!
    Review by Maschelleon 2/16/14
    For once a flavor tastes exactly like what the reviews claimed it did! This is the single flavor that I cannot, for any reason, let run out! I add just one drop to almost every single other flavor I buy! Red Hot Lava, Vanilla Bean and Choconilla Haze are the three flavors I never allow to run out! Red Wings is almost at that level of "Must always have on hand!" Like those three! This is a bold, sweet strong cinnamon candy flavor! It is not for people who prefer mellow flavors. It's just perfect!
  • Overall
    Review by Vaughanon 9/9/13
    I was truly skeptical of this liquid, but my wife told me to get it anyway. To be honest it tastes exactly like Big Red bubblegum. My wife says it tastes like red hots. What reminds me of this flavor is talladega nights. "If you don't like Big Red then F you!!!"
  • Overall
    Review by Audreyon 8/29/13
    I received the Red Hot Lava found it to be very tasty. So much flavor its like I am eating red hots or cinnamon candy. Delicious!

    I have been smoke free since Mother's Day 2013
  • Overall
    Just outstanding
    Review by Robert Ton 7/8/13
    There will never be a time this isn't in my bag. It is beyond out of this world.
  • Overall
    My go to flavor so far! Perfect!
    Review by Julieon 6/25/13
    This was my 1st flavor. Perfect throat hit, perfect flavor. Sweet and tasty! Very strong flavor compared to the rest I've tried. And smells awesome too! I was a menthol smoker but can't stand the menthol juices I've tried, I always wished there was cinnamon cigs, but this is even better! I ordered "lights". I've been smoke free for just under 2 months! (Im using the Inferno w/ tube tank and I couldn't be happier! I started quitting with Blu and they are a great place to start but just not satisfying enough for me for long term.)
  • Overall
    Review by joeyon 6/22/13
    I love this can't put it down looks eating candy but it isn't sickening sweet love it
  • Overall
    very good cinnamon
    Review by Nathanon 5/30/13
    yup, this is the cinnamon that will take the gold. I've tried a bunch of other brand juices, and this one is the best, MOST INTENSE cinnamon flavor. got the 24mg nic so the TH & flavor was awesome. vapor was OK, but that's good cause this will linger a bit in the air, and forever be coating your atomizer or cart. so dedicate one Atty or cart for this flavor and you won't be disappointed. will order again.
  • Overall
    Nice Kick!
    Review by Jenniferon 5/3/13
    This liquid has a great kick of cinnamon and a wonderful aftertaste. Perfect for those of us who enjoy a little spice in life.
  • Overall
    Holy Vapes!
    Review by Joshuaon 4/15/13
    Better than I could have imagined! I'm vaping Red Hots candy or Big Red gum. A very familiar cinnamon flavor we probably all enjoyed as kids at one time. Sweet and juicy vape, almost edible. May sound gross, but it literally makes me salivate. Satisfies food and coffee cravings it's so good. This one met all my expectations and then a whole lot more. Sometimes I mix with Sharks Clove for a cinnamon spice, but that's only messing with perfection.
  • Overall
    my favorite!!!
    Review by doloreson 3/12/13
    If you love cinnamon candy of any kind then this one is for you! The flavor is so amazing that I just can't seem to stop! It tastes just like Big Red gum! I have always been a cinnamon lover and every time I vape this flavor it takes me back to my childhood days of eatting red hots and fire jolly ranchers. This and Choconilla Haze were the first flavors I tried from this company and I give them both a standing ovation! You won't be disappointed.... if you like cinnamon that is lol.
  • Overall
    Review by Peteron 3/11/13
    really yummy. does not taste like splenda or sweet and low like other sugary liquids. kinda makes me hungry and then totally satisfied by the type of flavor this has. yep. order it.
  • Overall
    My Very Favorite Of All Flavors....
    Review by MsAbigailon 3/5/13
    I'm new to vaping just now going on into my 3rd month, and I have to say that I credit Red Hot Lava as my saviour from ever going back to analog cigs. I absolutely love-love it, and I vape it all day in my wonderful new Inferno. The only problem is that I haven't so far found a flavor I like as well, or better!

    But, I'm still trying new flavors, and have ordered just about every week getting something new to try. I have mixed a blueberry from another company with RHL and it is mighty tasty, kind or reminds me of a Juicy Fruit flavor?! But for the most part I vape just the straight Red Hot Lava w/o mixing it with anything.

    Thanks Volcano, I love all of your awesome things and will be a customer for life, because I will probably "never" stop vaping. :-))
  • Overall
    Pleasant Accident
    Review by Bradleyon 2/18/13
    I asked a friend to order "Red Wings" for me but he ordered "Red Hot Lava" instead. I dislike cinnamon greatly but have to say that this was a very pleasant surprise! Very good taste on it's own. Also, a very good flavor to add a single drop to other flavors as a flavor enhancer. For anyone that vape's with Menthol, I highly recommend adding a drop of "Red Hot Lava" to enhance the experience!
  • Overall
    Review by Alfredon 1/14/13
    It tastes just like Red Hot chewing gum or Hot Tamales candies. If you've never had that before (I feel bad for you), the easiest way to explain it is cinnamon, sugar and fire. STRONG taste. Love it.
  • Overall
    My personal favorite
    Review by Nathanon 1/8/13
    I've been vaping on the inferno for about a month now and have tried 5 flavors. This one is my favorite by far. It has great flavor every hit and the throat hit is great. It doesn't get old for me either. I vape this all day, all week. Highly recommended.
  • Overall
    very tasty
    Review by Tracon 12/26/12
    one of my favorite flavors! Mix it with menthol burst and even taste better. If you like big red gum you'll love this.
  • Overall
    Review by Trenton 12/23/12
    I have tried many other flavors, but this is by far may favorite. I vape this flavor all day!
  • Overall
    Review by Maschelleon 12/18/12
    I tried, and liked, several volcano flavors and then this came along and WOW! Blew my taste buds away! I love this strong, candy sweet, cinnamon flavor! I have this straight every day! The only other flavor I liked straight (that I have tried) was the Bonzai Banana. I used to have to have Bonzai Banana every day....now I have to have THIS flavor every day too! I do think the higher the nicotene content, the stronger the flavor. No "mixer" needed, but the strong cinnamon flavor, when added to some of the milder flavors, really adds that extra "something" without overpowering the other flavor. Was able to quit smoking fully last month when I got my hands on Red Hot Lava!
  • Overall
    Flavor with A Bite!
    Review by Courtneyon 9/25/12
    Tasty, Tasty, Tasty. This one really hits all of my mouth, gets a full body of flavor and hits my tongue going in and going out, this is the best flavor I've tried so far.
  • mmmmmmmm
    Review by Damonon 8/25/12
    I souly bought this off the review taste like red hots. This liquid is amazing, I will be a repeating customer over and over. I have the blu. But i will be buying lava tube next.
  • OMG!
    Review by Angelicaon 8/23/12
    I looooove cinnamon candy! This stuff nailed it! My mouth feels so fresh after vaping this stuff! Was a little apprehensive before trying afraid it was going to burn my throat and lungs, but it has the flavor of a certain 100 proof cinnamon schnapps with gold flakes without the burn! DO NOT change a thing with this liquid! You have a winner!
  • Pretty Decent
    Review by Erichon 8/8/12
    This is not the best cinnamon flavor I could have expected overall, but it's pretty good, I can't complain the initial cinnamon flavor is pretty strong on your tongue, but it's not like most of the volcano flavors where you can also taste it on the exhale.

    Rating overall about 4 / 5

    *Note: Mixes well with the Aloha Apple Flavor.
  • Cinna-Awesome
    Review by BigJuiceon 6/19/12
    This is THE BEST cinnamon you can buy. I started with Volcano - Red Hot Lava and decided to venture out and see what other juice was like.. HUGE mistake. When it comes to cinnamon there is no comparing. This tastes like cinnabears, which taste like pure deliciousness and who doesn't like pure deliciousness!?! Don't vape something that tastes like wood go Volcano!
  • Very Very Good
    Review by Joshon 5/10/12
    Absolutely delicious!
  • Best flavor yet
    Review by Fredon 4/9/12
    If you like red hots, you going to love this. They nailed it, Great Taste with a hint of cinnamon. I vape it all day. Well worth a try.
  • Love it!
    Review by Stacyon 4/8/12
    If you love cinnamon red hots candy, you'll love this. It tastes just like a red hot. By far my favorite flavor!
  • Fun Flavor
    Review by Moon 2/29/12
    Red Hot Lava is one of the flavors I always keep on hand. It reminds me of Big Red gum. Its sweet, spicy, and cinnamon and provides one of the better throat hits. It does not have an odd "artificial" taste as some liquids do. I do not use it as an all day drip but I'm usually unscrewing the cap for a few really good throat hits at the end of the day.
  • freakin wow
    Review by Bobbyon 2/28/12
    this is redhots in a bottle with a fire jolly rancher chaser, not much else needs to be said. TH is great and vapor is plentiful