WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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RY-Four E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • RY-Four E-Liquid - 15ml

RY-Four E-Liquid - 15ml


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 16mg and 8mg

This classic, full-bodied mixture provides a warm vape that duplicates the perfect tobacco blend. The inhale is a rush of Vanilla Bean and sweet Caramel while Tobacco balances the body of the flavor with a mellowness that lingers long after the exhale.

Suggested flavor pairing: Menthol Burst


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Our take on a vaping classic. Ry-Four was the first flavor ever created for vaping and is a classic mixture of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel. Try one out today if you are a tobacco lover and you won't be disappointed!

Contains: 1 15ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE RY-Four e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    My favorite e-liquid
    Review by bf1989on 12/1/14
    This is My favorite e-liquid. Found it is too harsh at 16mg. I used to smoke Marbolo lights and found the 8mg doesn't make me miss cigarettes at all. Not too sweet.
  • Overall
    A good starter flavor.
    Review by Jillon 7/2/14
    50 years smoking ended when my Inferno with extra high RY4 arrived.
    Try this as a base flavor, add any other..by the drop....
    I'm in my happy 2nd year, you won't find better than Volcano. Vape on.....
  • Overall
    Nice flavor
    Review by Yokoon 2/1/14
    I read the reviews so I tried. Not too strong or not too weak, just perfect. I can smoke without mix another E-riquid. Very nice.
  • Overall
    You have to get this!!!!!!!!!!
    Review by Jacquelineon 12/28/13
    I have tried many flavors and love every one of them....but then i got RY4......and oh my god....this is awesome....i sadly only bought a 15ml.....trust me, monday is payday.....I WILL GET 30 ml....all other ry 4 i have tasted taste gross....to much husky tabacco flavor...this is perfect
  • Overall
    Review by Seanon 12/26/13
    Wow. Just...wow. I've found the perfect all day vape in RY-Four...coupled with the Inferno's new BCT tank this flavor really shines; mellow and full tones. A great lick of tobacco on the tongue with a lot of caramel and vanilla charater that lingers after the exhale. This is sheer enjoyment. This stuff hangs in the air and really makes the whole room smell fantastic.
  • Liquid gold.
    Review by LiveByTheCogon 6/11/12
    This is nothing like RY4. This is better than RY4. This is the best stuff I have ever had. Nothing compares...all day all night. If Volcano ever stops selling this without giving out the recipe I will hang myself....and that will be on you volcano.
  • Out of 10 stars... This is a 47!
    Review by Alexon 6/4/12
    I usually don't like tobacco flavored juices but this is my new all day vape and it's incredible! The tobacco is not too overpowering and the caramel is outstandingly the primary flavor I taste with a nice vanilla finish. This is gourmet stuff to spoil yourself with!
  • An everyday kinda vape!
    Review by Valerieon 3/28/12
    I wasn't too sure about this one when I ordered it, because I thought it would be too sweet, but it turned out to be right on the money. It's just enough of flavor without sweetness that this is my everyday vape, add a little menthol burst for variety and it's a solid winner.
  • cinnamon
    Review by bradon 3/27/12
    Ive tried several flavors from volcano they all seem to have a cinnamon base? Great if you like cinnamon. Not good to me.
  • sweet
    Review by Richardon 3/10/12
    4/5-- It's a great flavor, a little on the sweet side. Not that tobacco-y. I can vape it for a couple hours at a time before needing a change.
  • Very nice ry4
    Review by roberton 3/5/12
    When I got this I didn't think I liked it but after sitting for a few months tryed it the other day and it's very good most the bottle is gone now
  • I waited and now I'm a believer!
    Review by Skyconcerton 3/1/12
    The lightness of the tobacco taste, plus the caramel and vanilla flavor that pokes through and somewhat rolls around in your mouth is what makes this a truly committed VC vape for me.
  • Only gets better every order.
    Review by RAZORon 12/24/11
    Volcano's RY4 was my first juice. Aside from a couple other flavors I was experimenting with other flavors, I enjoyed it so much I made it my main vape. A few months back they modified the mixes. I can taste the sweetness of the vinilla, but my favorite part is the is the smooth lasting caramel flavor. Which is why I made this my all day everyday vape. Everyone should atleast give RY4 a try, chances are you will love it just as I and so many other do.

  • Love it...
    Review by webfloater2.0on 12/20/11
    i really like this flavor. i will admit i liked it better before the recipe got altered... like A LOT better... but it is still a good flavor. its a all day flavor for me a lot of the time, even though it took some getting used to the flavor change but i think its a bit lighter and a bit smoother.
  • not a fan
    Review by bigjeffon 12/16/11
    After hearing good things about RY4 I decided to give it a try. Don't like it. It smells like cough syrup to me and the flavor is not what I expected. Im sticking to Tobacco Pure till I find an alternative. Disappointed.
  • gonna try a lighter strength
    Review by ladydragonon 12/7/11
    i was intrigued by the blend however i got it in full flavor 16mg and i think it tastes like coffee syrup (tank or drip) .. BUT when im using the drip tip i use 2 drops of ry-four 16mg and 1 drop of pear-a-dise 8mg and the liter flavor and strength helps to cut down the syrupy taste but i still get the ry four flavor not the pear.. going try in 8mg soon
  • Only one for me
    Review by Donnaon 9/25/11
    This flavor is great. It's the only one that is not too sweet, or at least the sweetness is not overpowering. It reminds of the good flavors in regular tobacco, but without the bad tastes from a cigarette. I like it so much that I can't seem to finish other flavors of juice. A perfect juice - my favorite.
  • Good flavor
    Review by SLmanDRon 9/15/11
    Light sweetness, good flavour mix that's not overwhelming. It will hit my throat and make me choke. I have to inhale carefully. Maybe this is just typical with all the vapes. I don't know. I haven't vaped all the flavours.
  • So tasteful
    Review by Toddon 9/14/11
    This is so far my favorite juice. I enjoy the fact that it has a tobacco base, but with the caramel and vanilla over it, the blend is almost like a hookah. I suggest this to anyone that enjoys tobacco, but wants it sweeter. Also when you exhale the minimal smell that does linger, also smells great. Definitely getting a few more bottles of this.
  • Interesting flavor
    Review by Brandonon 9/13/11
    This is an interesting flavor, very sweet in my opinion. Though I considered Tobacco Pure to be sweet tasting as well.

    Love how the caramel and vanilla blend together with the tobacco. Still not quite what I'm looking for in the tobacco flavor though.
  • Unfair
    Review by Bobbyon 8/31/11
    If you walked into a Baskin Robbins & they Had only 10 flavor of 31 you would not be happy! These Flavors need to be carts
  • Awesome!
    Review by Michaelon 8/14/11
    Perfect juice, I love it. Sweet with floral tones, and a hint of tobacco.
  • Not Bad
    Review by defaulton 8/9/11
    I know this stuff is supposed to taste like a mix of tobacco, caramel and vanilla. Having manually mixed these myself for awhile I thought I'd give this a try. I like the stuff but the tobacco taste is very weak to me. To me this tastes more like a mix of tobacco, vanilla and cotton candy. Not bad, but not my favorite.
  • Great Choice
    Review by mobileon 8/6/11
    There is just a hint of sweet which is not overpowering. It doesn't lean towards fruity, nutty, or anything else in particular which is why I haven't grown tired of using it. It is also my favorite!
    Review by Jimon 8/2/11
    This RY4 is just fantastic, nice sweet tobacco goodness. If you've never tried RY4, or even if you have you've GOT to give this a vape. Outstanding flavor, solid throat hit, this is an awesome vape for anytime.