WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 15ml Sale

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  • Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 15ml

Sharks Clove E-Liquid - 15ml

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A spicy delight that's been around in leafy form for centuries has now been brought to you in liquid form.  Our Sharks Clove is a smashing rendition of traditional clove flavors and will be sure to put you in a state of nirvana with every puff!

Contains: 1 Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE e-Liquid in the strength and size of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Spot on
    Review by Sydneyon 8/30/14
    Tastes just like the real thing, maybe a little sweeter. I love it!
  • Overall
    Clean Clove favor
    Review by Darinon 7/17/14
    Nice Juice to use as a base....especially for a former clove smoker.
  • Overall
    close enough!
    Review by jordanon 12/28/12
    just picked this up tonight and its great! I've bought other clove juices from other websites but they either taste gross, overpowering (burns the soul), or leaves a bad after taste. personally this isn't my all day vape because cloves are best for drinking =)
  • Overall
    Fantastic flavor
    Review by Robinon 12/3/12
    I was a clove smoker and when they made flavored cigarettes illegal to sell in the US I quit smoking. But I am a social smoker so eventually went to analog cigs again. After quitting and starting back several times I went with the Inferno. I love it. The liquid sharks clove is fantastic!!! Add some menthol and I have my flavor back,. I just ordered a couple of new flavors, candy cane and red lava. Can't wait to try them.
  • Overall
    They got it right!!!
    Review by Adrianaon 11/13/12
    Originally, I was hesitant to change to vaping because I was a clove smoker (djarum) and wasn't sure I'd be happy with the other flavors. I found I really love coo coo coconut and vanilla as my regulars. At the time, they did not have a clove flavor. But, I immediately loved vaping so much more than analog clove cigarettes, that I didn't miss cloves anymore. Now, I have the best of both worlds and more. The new clove flavor is fantastic and I recommend to anyone who is used to smoking cloves. But, after you are sold on vaping, give the other flavors a chance. I love coconut, vanilla, lychee, and clove the best right now, but there are so many flavors to choose from... Branch out and have some fun!!! I will never go back to analogs. Who likes stinky hair, clothes, and breath?!?! These leave no residual smell and are much more gentler on the lungs and throat. Go for it!!!!
  • Overall
    This is amazing!
    Review by Ericon 11/5/12
    This flavor is fantastic, and very close to a djarum clove cigarette. I've smoked cloves for years and was having trouble making the switch from analog cigarettes. This flavor has made it so much easier. The taste strong, but not overpowering. A little bit sweet, but with the bite you'd expect from a clove. It leaves an aftertaste of spice that is just perfect. Even the exhaled vapors smell great. It mimics the experience of smoking a clove so well I catch myself looking for my lighter.
  • Overall
    My new goto and all day vape
    Review by Clinton 10/21/12
    For some reason this flavor reminds me of surfer soda flavor. This really taste like a djarum, Its really won me over and I'll probably always come back to this. One of the few not overly sweet flavors.
  • Overall
    Review by Ericon 10/16/12
    I ran out of menthol burst 2 weeks ago and began using all my other flavors I havent touched. I couldnt take it anymore, and went to the volcano stand. Tested this out, and immediately bought a bottle.

    Excellent! Tastes like clove gum. It is lightly spiced and very smooth. I havent even touched my menthol burst since buying this. Its not menthol but its got a wonderful taste. Immediate favorite in my book. Some of the fruity flavors have not jived well with my analog smokers. Im sure they will all love this. I smoked cloves on occasion and never stayed with them. To me, this tastes like old timey clove candy moreover than clove cigarettes.
  • Overall
    Ended up as a mixer
    Review by Matton 10/14/12
    I was so excited to see a clove flavor from volcano i instantly ordered the 30ml without a second thought. On arrival i got a fresh carto out and filled it up. It was crazy harsh unless you warned up the cart. Its not quite as harsh as the other clove flavors out there but its too intense for me. I let my room mate try it who has an inferno and he immediately coughed. It does however add quite a bite when you mix it that isnt too intense. just add 30-40% of the liquid as clove and it wont burn your soul
  • Overall
    Pleasantly surprised
    Review by Ericon 10/9/12
    Wasn't sure what to expect with this one. I have tried Clove juices from other companies and had mixed reactions. Some (mostly from China) are way too heavy & over-done while others are pretty weak-cheese. This is a great recipe! I vape it on an Inferno/TubeTank combo with a 1.5ohm carto. Good TH and moderately thick vapor on this particular e-cig rig. Subjectively, the taste is not overly clove-y with a nice finish that doesn't burn the throat. Not quite the flavor-level of an analog Djarum, but that is fine by me. Bravo Volcano!
  • Overall
    Pleasantly Surprised
    Review by Ericon 10/9/12
  • and the winner is..
    Review by BigJuiceon 9/25/12
    I have tried everything clove and from the honeybaked ham flavor to the what felt like a chem burn in my throat. I had given up, clove just wasn't meant to be vaped. When Volcano released this I thought if anyone could get it right it would be Volcano, and I'm happy to report they did it again. This is as close to a djarum as it gets. It's got a great throat hit but still comes off smooth leaving just the flavor of clove behind and not the burn that other juices I've tired do. My hat is off to the master mixologist that finally made this flavor work for me!