WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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SMOK Fit Kit

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The SMOK Fit Kit an all-inclusive, ultra-portable and versatile vapor pod system that features refillable 2ml pod cartridges and designed to utilize high mg nicotine salt vape juices. The SMOK Fit Kit features a simple draw activated firing system, a foolproof LED light battery life indicator and easy to refill 2ml atomizer cartridges.

The SMOK Fit Kit is furnished with a sleek pen-like design and makes an ideal choice for any user looking to get their hands on an easy to use, top-performing and reliable daily vape device that is designed to be used with nicotine salt vape juices.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The SMOK Fit Kit is a high quality all-in-one vaporizing system that is backed by a 250mAh rechargeable battery and easy to refill SMOK Fit cartridges. Furnished with a simple draw to activate firing system and backed by protection features such as an intuitive LED light battery life indicator and more, the SMOK Fit Kit is a top contender for any vaper looking for a device that is built for great performance when used with high mg nicotine salt juices. 

The SMOK Fit Kit is constructed from superior grade aluminum alloy for a superior device that features incredible durability. Lightweight in design and coated with a vibrant paint finish, the SMOK Fit Kit is built to withstand the wear and tear that comes with daily usage. Pen-like in shape with smooth lines and rounded corners, the SMOK Fit Kit is an ultra-portable and discreetly shaped device that is ideal for on-the-go vaping.

An all-in-one vaporizing system, the SMOK Fit Kit is specifically designed to satisfy the needs of the daily vaper who prefers a mouth-to-lung vaping experience. Its cleverly designed features have been perfected for top performance when used with high mg nicotine salts, which are specially formulated vape juices that deliver nicotine to the bloodstream at a much quicker rate than conventional e-liquids. The perfect platform for nicotine salts, the SMOK Fit Kit delivers a truly satisfying nicotine hit at a lower power setting and at a much more discreet cloud output performance.

The SMOK Fit Kit utilizes the SMOK Fit Replacement Cartridge System, these cartridges feature a 2ML vape juice capacity, with a built-in mouthpiece and are easy to refill when needed. The cartridge is press-fit for a secure placement into the SMOK Fit battery base. It features a single vape juice chamber with a secure rubber cover for mess-free use. If refilling a new cartridge, please let the device “sit” for 5-10 minutes to allow the vape juice to fully saturate into the cotton wick before use in order to avoid burnt tasting hits.

To take the guesswork out of vaping, the SMOK Fit Kit is outfitted with foolproof protection features such as a smart LED light battery level indicator that is located at the front of the device. Along with this feature the SMOK Fit also has an 8 second cut-off to protect the battery from overheating, along with short-circuit protection and low voltage protection.

To recharge the SMOK Fit Kit, use the included micro-USB port and plug it into the micro-USB port, which is located at the bottom of the device. It can either be plugged into a computer or can be used with a compatible micro-USB adapter (sold separately) and plugged into the wall.

Built with extraordinary features, exquisitely designed with a simple two-piece construction and made for use with nicotine salts—the SMOK Fit Kit offers the ideal vapor device for those who are in the market for a well-built and versatile vaporizing setup that delivers a satisfying mouth-to-lung feel and one that’s available at a wallet-friendly cost. 

** Always properly prime your device before use. We recommend that after refilling let your SMOK Fit Kit “sit” for 5-10 minutes to allow the wick to fully absorb your vape juice. DO NOT use the device right after refilling if a NEW cartridge is installed as you may experience a burnt hit.


SMOK Fit Kit Features:


All-In-One System

Draw to Activate (No Button)

2ML Vape Juice Capacity

Mouth-to-Lung Vape Feel

Designed for use with Nicotine Salts

Tight Draw Feel

Warm Vapor Creation

Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Vibrant & Resilient Paint Finish

SMOK Fit Refillable 2ML Cartridge System

Press Fit Cartridge

Ergonomically Designed

Ultra-Slim Pen Shape

250mAh Rechargeable Battery

Base Micro-USB Charging Port


Protection Features:


External LED Battery Level Indicator

8 Second Cut-Off

Short Circuit Protection

Low Voltage Protection


SMOK Fit Kit Specs:


Material: Aluminum Alloy Chassis

Wattage Output: 10 Watts – 16 Watts

Voltage Output: 3.3 Volts – 4.2 Volts

Charging Time: 45 Minutes

E-Liquid Capacity: 2ML

Battery: Rechargeable Internal 250mAh

Dimensions: 8mm x 18.4mm x 107.5mm


SMOK Fit Kit Includes:


(1) Fit Kit Pod & Battery

(1) Micro-USB Charging Cable

(1) Pack of 2 Replacement Fit Pods

(1) User Manual


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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Smok Fit kicks ass on the Juul
    Review by Steveon 10/29/18
    Bought this for my girlfriend, who was using a Juul, which is similar, but required her to buy expensive pre-filled pods all the time. The Juul pods cost $16 for 4 0.7ml, so all 4 pods in a pack didn't buy her much more than a single filling of the Fit's 2ml tank. And, of course, filling the Fit costs almost nothing!

    The other thing is that the Juuls were always breaking on her. We haven't had the Fit long enough to know yet, but I bet it holds up better. Even if it doesn't, the whole thing currently costs less than one set of Juul pods, so there's nothing to lose.

    She likes the way the Fit hits at least as well as the Juul...probably a bit better. I couldn't get her onto more hard-core gear, so I'm really happy I found this for her and got her off that Juul pod cost madness. And she likes my juice selections, so now we can share those.

    PS: My most used atomizer is a Smok Cloud Beast. I Love It! I'm using it sitting on a Smoant Battlestar.