WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Suorin Drop Pod Kit

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  • Suorin Drop Pod Kit
  • Suorin Drop Pod Kit
  • Suorin Drop Pod Kit
  • Suorin Drop Pod Kit
  • Suorin Drop Pod Kit

Suorin Drop Pod Kit


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The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is an ultra-portable and versatile all-in-one vaporizing system that features a refillable 2ml cartridge that is designed for use with salt-based nicotine e-liquids and regular vape juices. The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is furnished with a simple draw activated firing system, an intuitive LED battery life indicator and an easy to refill 2ml atomizer cartridges.

The Suorin Drop Pod has a resistance range of 1.3 to 1.4 ohms and fires at a maximum output of 13 watts. All-inclusive, sleek and easy to use, the Suorin Drop Pod Kit is the perfect choice for users looking for an ultra-portable and convenient everyday vapor device.


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The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is a beautifully engineered all-inclusive vaporizing system that is powered by a 310mAh rechargeable battery and the easy to use Suorin Drop Refillable Cartridge System. Furnished with an ultra-convenient draw-activated firing mechanism and backed by an intuitive LED light battery life indicator, the Suorin Drop Pod Kit makes for the perfect choice for users looking to get their hands on an easy to use vapor device that is perfect for use with nicotine salts and great as a daily vape setup.

The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is machined from construction grade zinc alloy for a resilient device that withstands the wear and tear that comes with daily use while remaining lightweight, yet has a solid feel in the hand. Uniquely designed, the Suorin Drop Pod Kit features an ultra-ergonomic water drop-like shape and at a size that is compact and discreet, fitting perfectly inside a user’s palm. The Suorin Drop Pod Kit features a vibrant finish and a rubber-like feel for a secure grip while in use.

The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is an all-inclusive vaporizing system that is engineered to satisfy the everyday mouth-to-lung vaper. Its ingenious design has been perfected for use with high MG nicotine salts, which are specialized vape juices that delivers nicotine to the bloodstream much quicker than conventional e-juices and at a lower power setting. An ideal platform for nicotine salts, the Suorin Drop Pod Kit delivers a satisfying nicotine hit at a lower power output and at a much more discreet size and performance. 

The Suorin Drop Pod Kit utilizes the Suorin Drop Cartridge System, which features a 2ML maximum vape juice capacity, an integrated mouthpiece and are easily refillable when needed. The cartridge is magnetic and press-fit for a secure fit to the Drop Pod battery. It is built with a dual vape juice chamber with a secure rubber cover. To refill, both covers must be lifted open to allow air to pass through while refilling occurs. If the cartridge is new, please let the device “sit” for 5-10 minutes to allow the vape juice to fully saturate into the cotton wick before use in order to avoid burnt tasting hits.

The Suorin Drop Pod Kit is powered by a 310 mAh rechargeable battery and is perfect for the vaper who prefers a warm mouth-to-lung draw evocative of the tight pulls from a tobacco cigarette. The device features an integrated Smart LED Light Battery Indicator that is located inside the Suorin Drop Pod. When a user pulls off the magnetic press-fit refillable cartridge of the device, two LED lights on the immediate left and right of gold-plated connection will blink BLUE indicating the device is charged and ready for use. If the lights blink RED, the device needs a recharge before being used. To recharge, the included micro-USB port can be plugged into the micro-USB port, which is located at the bottom of the device. It can either be plugged into a computer or can be used with a compatible micro-USB adapter (sold separately) and plugged into the wall.

Engineered with exceptional features, beautifully designed with a simple two-piece structure and created for use with nicotine salts—the Suorin Drop Pod Kit presents the perfect vaporizing device for users looking to get their hands on a well-built and truly capable vapor setup that delivers a satisfying mouth-to-lung feel and one that’s available at a budget-friendly cost.


** Always properly prime your device before use. We recommend that after refilling let your Suorin Drop Pod “sit” for 5-10 minutes to allow the wick to fully absorb your vape juice. DO NOT use the device right after refilling if a NEW cartridge is installed as you may experience a burnt hit.


Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit Features:


Simple All-In-One System

Pull to Activate (No Button)

2ML Vape Juice Capacity

Engineered for Mouth-to-Lung Vaping

Designed for use with Nicotine Salts

Tight Draw Feel

Warm Vapor Delivery

High Grade Zinc Alloy Chassis

Vibrant Finish

Rubber Coating for a Secure Feel

Solid Feel In Hand

Suorin Drop Refillable 2.0ML Cartridge System

Magnetic Press Fit Cartridge

Ergonomically Designed

Ultra-Compact Water Drop Shape

Gold-Plated Suorin Proprietary Connection

310mAh Rechargeable Battery

Base Micro-USB Charging Port


Protection Features:


Internal LED Battery Level Indicator

Remove 2.0ML Cartridge to reveal inner chamber & Dual LED Lights

>> LED lights will flash BLUE = Battery Fully Charged

>> LED lights will flash RED = Battery Needs Recharge


Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit Specs:


Material: Zinc Alloy Chassis

Wattage Output: 13 Watts

Charging Time: 45 Minutes

E-Liquid Capacity: 2ML

Resistance Range: 1.3 Ohms – 1.4 Ohms

Battery: Rechargeable Internal 310mAh

Dimensions: 12mm x 49mm x 73mm


Suorin Drop Pod Mod Kit Includes:


(1) Suorin Drop Pod

(1) Micro-USB Charging Cable

(1) 2ML Atomizer Cartridge

(1) User Manual


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    Review by trishon 2/22/18
    Absolutely amazing it's nice and small but definitely delivers in the flavor and cloud category so far I love it