WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Surfer Soda E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Surfer Soda E-Liquid - 30ml

Surfer Soda E-Liquid - 30ml


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

This authentic, carbonated cola eliquid offers a mildly sweet and medium-bodied experience. The warm inhale levels out sharply, providing a tangy citrus aftertaste that provides a big finish to a classic flavor. Mix with a fruity flavor to duplicate any traditional fruit soda.

Suggested flavor pairing: Cherry Lava, Shaka Strawberry, Blueberry Breeze, Vanilla Bean


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Need a refreshing vape upon exiting the ocean after an epic surf session? Well Surfer Soda's got you covered! Our new Surfer Soda flavor perfectly recreates the flavor of a classic Coca Cola soft drink. Mix it with our Cherry Lava for an awesome cherry coke flavor or make your own creation. A great vape mixer or even better on its own! Give Surfer Soda a try today and enjoy the waves of vapor!

Contains: 1 15ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Best Flavor, but always sold out.
    Review by Peteron 8/1/15
    This is probably my favorite flavor made by Volcano, but it is ALWAYS sold out. Can we please increase production on this flavor to meet demand?
  • Overall
    Love Flavor, Hate that Volcano is Always Out of Stock in 30ml Size!
    Review by Laurenon 3/10/15
    I love this flavor and it appears to be VERY popular. So popular that it has been sold out in the 30ml size for 2 months now.

    Wish Volcano would recognize the high demand and increase production/inventory.

    If not, then they should be willing to offer a deal on 2 of the 15 ml bottles for the same sale price as the 30ml. Come on, Volcano... step it up.
  • Overall
    Best Flovor yet!
    Review by Kelseyon 3/5/14
    I love this flavor! It taste just like Classic Coke. It has even cut down on my soda consumption. Great flavor and amazing vape. I really enjoy this flavor, and it has completely helped me quit analog cigs. It is my staple flavor. I have tried allot of the fruits and I have found they were missing something. I found it with this flavor, and I love it. Best one yet!
  • Overall
    My Favorite
    Review by Davidon 2/4/14
    I was skeptical at first but once I started vaping this, it is now one of my favorite E juices. I enjoy the flavor I get from this on the new Inferno BCT tank. I find it perfect just the way it is and will always have it on hand.
  • Overall
    it's ok
    Review by jimmieon 8/31/13
    i don't think it's an actual cola taste.more like a cola gummy with a kick.i toned it down with a 50/50 flavorless liquid and it's much better tasting
  • Overall
    closest taste yet
    Review by Alanon 2/14/13
    I'm like Nick. I really did'nt have very high expectations for this flavor. It is the flavor of the week so I said what the heck only $8.99. I said "WOW" That's all I have to say.
  • Overall
    Pick this one up
    Review by Donon 1/31/13
    Good flavor, pretty strong, but not too thick and not too sweet.
  • Overall
    Not so great
    Review by Steveon 1/15/13
    I'm a big soda lover, so I figured this would be right up my alley when looking for an all day vape. I was quite disappointed with this flavor, as it tastes nothing like soda. The aftertaste is very strong, though the TH is pretty strong. I tried mixing this with Cherry and Vanilla, but could not tone down the overpowering taste of the Surfer Soda. I love most of Volcano's flavors, but I would not recommend this one.
  • Overall
    Very Good
    Review by johnon 6/7/12
    Just got it and already noticed it does not have an overpowering after taste. Very light and smooth.
  • A get
    Review by Sharon on 4/11/12
    Really like this one. Soda.
  • Great flavor and TH
    Review by Jorgl8779on 3/15/12
    Got this about a week ago. I've enjoyed it a lot. At first it tasted like something familiar but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Then the next day it came to me. It tastes like the rootbeer gummies that I used to love so much.