WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 15ml

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  • Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 15ml

Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 15ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg

Tobacco Pure is derived from actual tobacco extract and provides a medium-bodied and leafy vape. Clean hints of roasted almonds, dried raisins and trace elements of clove make this an impeccable re-creation of a tobacco cigarette.

Suggested flavor pairing: Menthol Burst, RY-Four, Kona Coffee


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Tobacco flavoring in its purest form. Our Tobacco Pure flavor is derived from actual tobacco leaves and is the best representation of a true analog tobacco cigarette you will find anywhere. Try a bottle today and you too will become a believer!

Contains: 1 15ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Tobacco Pure e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

*Special Note: This flavor is made using actual tobacco leaves to create a flavor concentrate.  This makes this flavor the closest representation of a traditional tobacco cigarette flavor possible.  However, since tobacco leaves are used, this flavor does include tobacco specific carcinogens called nitrosamines.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Great Taste!
    Review by Darillon 3/3/15
    This is a great tasting E-Liquid!
  • Overall
    Review by Dianaon 3/13/14
    This will now be my daily vape! Just received it today and I love it!! Most other "tobacco flavored" e-liquids that I've tried from various places always have a maple syrup flavor to them. This is PERFECT! Thanks Volcano for a great vape! I'm lovin' this one!!
  • Overall
    Love it!!!
    Review by Yokoon 2/1/14
    Very smooth and sweet flavor. I love to smoke them self. I can smoke every day. Next time, I need to buy a big bottle.
  • Overall
    This is my favorite to mix with other flacors
    Review by Joan on 1/27/14
    I mix a little with any flavor I have and it is m favorite!
  • Awesome stuff!
    Review by Adamon 3/21/12
    This is my daily vape, never gets old, not too sweet, no weird taste or aftertaste, it just plain perfect. Every now and then I get a hit which tastes exactly like a cigarette without the bitter nastyness if that makes sense. I looooove this stuff
  • My favorite tobacco
    Review by Richardon 3/10/12
    5/5-- I really, really like this one. It is exactly what i was looking for when i ordered it. Its not earthy, woody, or caramely. Just pure, and crisp. love it
  • Excellent
    Review by Pmon 3/2/12
    One word Excellent tobacco flavor vaping from last 3 years tried many companies but this is the closest tobacco flavor and great throat hit one request to volcano please never change your juice formula for this its great perfect.
  • Great!
    Review by Jaynieon 2/23/12
    As a menthol smoker for many years, I started vaping with juice from a local store that was a mix between menthol and mint and that wasn't hitting the spot and realized that I needed the taste of tobacco in it to quit smoking. I tried a brand one offered and it left an aftertaste and drowned the taste of menthol. Your Tobacco Pure is the best that I have had thusfar and I also enjoy your Tobacco with little or no menthol. I never thought there would be the day I would say that!

    By adding different types of menthol or "menthol brands"I can have anything that I was formerly used to as a smoker and the transition has been wonderul.

    Thank you so much; upward of 40 years of smoking and I am thru and I am down to 0mg nicotine in the tobacco as I find the taste sufficient and smooth enough.
  • It's ok
    Review by Dominickon 2/2/12
    I got this with Bluewater Punch and I thought this taste alright. Probably not going to buy it again since I prefer the flavored ones. It does a fairly decent job of simulating the tobacco flavor. Probably would best be suited to someone coming over from analogs.
  • My "go-to" favorite liquid
    Review by Amyon 2/2/12
    I have tried other liquids (brands & flavors) ,and I keep coming back to Tobacco Pure for my complete enjoyment of vaping. I don't need anything else, because Tobacco Pure is, in my opinion, the cleanest and most pleasant vape available. I made the mistake early on in my vaping journey of ordering "Tobacco" liquid and quickly realized that there is a huge difference between the two. I highly recommend Tobacco Pure.
  • Excellent alternative to analog cigarettes
    Review by Tomon 1/28/12
    I was a 2-3 pack a day Marlboro smoker until I got a LavaTube kit and a 30 ml bottle of 24 mg Tobacco Pure from my brother as a gift a few weeks ago.

    This gave me all of the satisfaction of a regular full strength cigarette but without the "barbed wire" - I never looked back. Great throat hit, wonderful flavor that just got better and better as my taste-buds woke back up.

    This stuff literally saved my life.
  • Pretty dang close!
    Review by Curton 1/17/12
    It's been 3 weeks since a real cigarette. This is the closest surrogate after 23 years of trying to quit. It tastes good..actually it tastes better than cigarettes and the 16 mg is enough to keep the cravings at bay mostly until I"m finally over it. I do find I suck on this Inferno all day long but it lasts a long time and after doing the math I think it's going to cost about a third of the price of real cigs and I've been smoking a pack and a half for 2 decades. The fruit flavors just add a bonus!
  • Very nice
    Review by Jonathanon 12/17/11
    Very very close to the taste of tobacco. Honestly it tastes as if you are drawing on an unlit cigarette. Pretty good flavor, im impressed. I vape this all day easy.
  • Not bad!
    Review by Lindseyon 11/29/11
    I was excited to get this after I was getting somewhat tired of the regular Tobacco - being it had that caramel taste. I'm extremely happy and this is now my favorite to help me in quitting. I started about 2 weeks ago, only snuck one cigarette ;p, and this is the best comparable flavor to a cigarette! When I actually tried a cigarette, I was like wow...this flavor is so much better than a real cigarette. Love it.
  • Amazing Tobacco Flavor
    Review by spektrumon 11/28/11
    I'm mostly into tobacco flavors and I've tried many from many different vendors. This is by far the best tobacco flavor I've ever had.
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good...
    Review by Bonsaion 11/16/11
    It seemed a little sweet at first but this really is great. It definitely has a true tobacco flavor with just a hint of, well i'm not sure. Something sweet ala caramel or maybe vanilla. This was what I was hoping for in the RY Four, which is still quite good, but not as good as this.
  • Great starter and mixer
    Review by Pyroclastic Vaporon 11/12/11
    I purchased the Tobacco Pure with my intial order to Volcano. This was my first "real" experience vaping. Boy was I glad that this was my first juice choice. It gave me enough of a taste, like an analog. I think the other flavors would have made me miss my cig's. Now that I've been vaping for a few months, I probably won't buy this one again. Not because its not good, it is...But there are so many other wonderful flavors to choose from. Never thought I'd get into flavors, but its happened. I still have a bottle of this and I'll probably use it as a mixer, it works great that way too. I hope you guys don't ever change the recipe on this one because it really is a good one for a newbie to start out on. I use the 16mg strength, on an Inferno with the mega clearomizer.
  • Amazing juice!
    Review by Shawnon 10/17/11
    My first starter kit, I played it safe and ordered up some vanilla. By the time I ordered again, I was tired of vaping nilla everyday, and tried the Pure Tobacco.

    This stuff is truly amazing. I just got my big 30ml bottle today after draining my 15ml bottle very quick. Stuff is that good!
  • Great taste
    Review by Idaon 9/30/11
    Really smooth taste and less sweet but just awesome taste.
  • Its my favorite
    Review by Xlnton 9/17/11
    Just started vaping for a month now. Never smoked an analog since I did. I use Tobacco Pure as my main choice so far . Its such a Great,smooth flavored taste.
    P.S. Volcano products ROCK>>>>
  • Where's The Cartomizers!
    Review by Bobbyon 9/12/11
    I long Does it really Take take to put This Flavor in Cartomizers! Really!

    It takes a few minutes....just buy blank cartomizers and a bottle of Tobacco Pure
  • Tobacco Pure in a Cartomizer!
    Review by Brandonon 9/10/11
    Tobacco pure is an excellent flavor, I do believe it tasted best in a cartomizer otherwise it was a bit sweet for my tastes. I had a left over classic tobacco cart from Blu and I used the tobacco pure to refill it. BEST FLAVOR EVER! It completely over powered the crappy classic tobacco flavor from Johnson Creek. It reminded me more and more of an analog cigarette.

    This was my daily vape for the last week next to some Johnson's Creek Espresso. Let me tell you the difference is night and day. Volcano juice vapes SO MUCH BETTER!
  • Best Tobacco Flavor
    Review by Coleon 9/6/11
    I've tried other tobacco flavors and they are usually too sweet but this one isn't. I like to mix it with menthol. Mixing the two is the closest I've got to recreating camel menthols.
  • In a word: Excellent!
    Review by Mikeon 8/25/11
    While I won't exactly attest to how close it emulates real "tobacco", I find the taste extremely enjoyable. I was worried about what I've hear about a lot of juices being overly sweet, not so with this. Silky with a hint of caramel.
  • I'm in love!
    Review by essiejoyon 8/15/11
    Closest tobacco yet and truly very tasty! Slightly sweet. What you always wished analogs tasted like when you smelled an unlit ciggy!
  • Tobacco Pure flavor
    Review by Russellon 8/14/11
    This is by far the "BEST" tobacco flavor I have had the pleasure to vape. 100% satisfied with this juice.
  • tobacco pure full flavor
    Review by clifford j.on 8/7/11
    im a camel non filter smoker,so i look for tobacco taste in my juice,this ejuice is smooth not too sweet flavor.its not harsh or nasty strong,its worth trying for sure.