WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 30ml

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  • Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 30ml

Tobacco Pure E-Liquid - 30ml


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New Improved 50PG/50VG blend available in: 0mg, 3mg, 8mg, 16mg, and 24mg

Tobacco Pure is derived from actual tobacco extract and provides a medium-bodied and leafy vape. Clean hints of roasted almonds, dried raisins and trace elements of clove make this an impeccable re-creation of a tobacco cigarette.

Suggested flavor pairing: Menthol Burst, RY-Four, Kona Coffee


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Tobacco flavoring in its purest form. Our Tobacco Pure flavor is derived from actual tobacco leaves and is the best representation of a true analog tobacco cigarette you will find anywhere. Try a bottle today and you too will become a believer!

Contains: 1 30ML Child proof bottle of PREMIUM USA MADE Tobacco Pure e-Liquid in the strength of your choosing.

Ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), Nicotine (optional), Natural and/or Artificial flavoring.

*Special Note: This flavor is made using actual tobacco leaves to create a flavor concentrate.  This makes this flavor the closest representation of a traditional tobacco cigarette flavor possible.  However, since tobacco leaves are used, this flavor does include tobacco specific carcinogens called nitrosamines.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Cannot Live Without New Bottle
    Review by Aaronon 11/30/18
    I was so happy when my order arrived and it was magically in the new never lose a drop of juice again new bottle tinted to keep the flavor fresh! Since we are now on the east coast I am so thankful for the new bottles. The heat & humidity reach high triple digits and with the new update the juice I must have is no longer in danger of being ruined by the weather. I Love the ease of use especially since I have arthritis in my hands. I’M HOPEFUL ALL THE BOTTLES WILL GET THE SAME LOVE!! The Tobacco Pure is a staple in my juice list and I put it in everything I vape. WAS A HEAVEN MIX WITH THE CLOVE WHICH MUST RETURN ASAP!! Vape
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by Stevenon 11/7/18
    This is the best!
  • Overall
    Great product!
    Review by Stevenon 11/7/18
    Great flavor and service.
  • Overall
    The best of the best!
    Review by Michael on 10/21/18
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Cherylon 9/29/18
    Hope you never stop selling this. Its the only juice we like
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Phillipon 8/23/18
    I mix with menthol burst and it gives the right throat hit and nicotine.
  • Overall
    The best of the best!
    Review by Michael on 7/14/18
    Very clean, almost no residue, almost no smell. It is possible to vapor it where one is not supposed to: workplaces, hospitals, etc.
  • Overall
    Spot on and not misleading
    Review by Bonion 6/10/18
    Knew th product and gave what I wanted one time.
  • Overall
    Tobacco pure e
    Review by MICHAELon 3/8/18
    Enjoy this product and the larger size. .offering specials and discounts help.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Jo-Daleon 2/15/18
    I started with this product to quit Marlboro ciggs, it works great!
    Haven't smoked a Marlboro in 5 months!
    Mahalo Volcano!! (Ewa Bch)
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kathieon 12/1/17
    The closest thing to Winston cigarettes. It's been over 4years since I've had a cigarette. 46 year addiction!
  • Overall
    Best tobacco flavor ever
    Review by Heatheron 6/21/17
    No sweet taste. Most tobacco vape liquid tastes more like molasses drenched pipe tobacco. This is the closest to a cigarette flavor, but better because it doesn't leave any after taste in your mouth.
  • Overall
    Best Tobacco Flavor
    Review by Kathyon 7/12/16
    I've been using this for several years - there is no comparison if you want true tobacco flavor.
  • Overall
    Have found nothing in comparison.
    Review by Janon 7/7/16
    Been using it for over 3 years.. Have found nothing in comparison.
  • Overall
    Review by Jimon 6/4/16
    So real and mixes well with oth flavors
  • Overall
    Great eLiquid
    Review by Bassamon 9/27/15
    5 Stars, Great Tobacco e-Liquid
  • Overall
    Best and only product I will use!
    Review by Angelique on 9/3/15
    Best and only product I will use! No horrible perfume taste or smell. Excellent quality! Always fast dependable, affordable shipping! 5 star product for sure! Thank you Volcano....
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Ashleyon 8/31/15
    My favorite!
  • Overall
    BEST Flavor on the market
    Review by Dustinon 6/26/15
    I tried Volcano products 1st & tried others brands only because of *free* coupons or was waiting on my Volcano order and each & every one I tried can NOT compare to the taste or quality of Volcano juices. All of the "other" brands either tasted like baby powder or tasted like the smell wet & moldy socks! And, I'm sorry but their "free" promo coupons explain it all! Neexlees to say Volcano is the only option when it comes to ecig juices-hands down! Please don't change anything its perfect already!
  • Overall
    This is my go to daily.
    Review by Russon 6/20/15
    This is my go to daily.
  • Overall
    the real thing.
    Review by Jimon 5/26/15
    My go to juice that I love. It got me through quiting after 51 yrs.
  • Overall
    Best of All
    Review by Bassamon 2/21/15
    Love it.
  • Overall
    Review by Jimon 12/22/14
    Great go to juice.
  • Overall
    Review by Shellyon 11/30/14
    My favorite flavor!!!
  • Overall
    The best tobacco flavor.
    Review by Auriannaon 10/27/14
    This juice is the closest flavor replica to real tobacco. Don't try other juices if you want true tobacco taste. Tobacco Pure is the BEST.
  • Overall
    Definately the best tobacco flavor
    Review by Mikeon 10/25/14
    Pretty sure i'll be completely cigarette free after 5 days using this. However disappointed the don't suggest a banana pairing. I got three drops of a banana e-liquid from a buddy and I thought it was a perfect pairing.
  • Overall
    Review by Jimon 10/1/14
    Awesome CIG killer in the Lava Tube!
  • Overall
    excellent throat it tastes the best from all the other tobacco e liquids I've tried.
    Review by Nancyon 5/19/14
    Awesome vape all day! Wasted my money trying other so called tobacco flavor e liquids
  • Overall
    The BEST tobacco flavored liquid
    Review by shannonon 4/11/14
    This is the BEST tobacco flavored e-liquid ever!! Do not bother trying other liquids made by other companies as I have! I have ended up throwing them all away after one try...gross!!!! This will be my tobacco flavor from now on...I do add menthol...love it!!!!! Didn't think I would ever stop smoking ciggs...but my step mother introduced me to Volcano and I have not had a cigarette yet...4 months..so thank you Volcano..I have Lava tube!!!
  • Overall
    My first and go to flavor
    Review by Jimon 10/24/13
    After smoking for 51 yrs this got me off cigs finally, Im still ordering it because it's awesome taste. I'm cig free now and will start trying other flavors like RY4 than others. I thank the VA Doctor who recommended Volcano, I have an Inferno and a Lava Tube with an awesome array of accessories, I'm ready for anything now. Thanks Volcano.
  • Overall
    Review by Tomon 7/23/13
    WOW this flavor became my favorite after the first hit. The smell and flavor is the best I have ever had! I would recommend this flavor to anyone!
  • Overall
    Review by Bazuemagueon 6/19/13
    I have smoked for 25 years. In the last week I've been using this e-liquid with my Inferno, I have not wanted to smoke. It tastes and feels like smoking - I enjoy vaping this so much I'm ordering more but stepping down from 16mg to 8mg so I can puff away without baking my brain with nicotine. To me this tastes like some kind of fantasy cigarette that could never exist in reality, the perfect mix of tobacco flavor and a little sweetness, with none of the harshness of actual tobacco. After trying every smoking cessation product out there I expected to be disappointed once again, but the Inferno is really working for me. Yes, nicotine is bad, but this beats inhaling actual smoke. Thanks, Volcano.
  • Overall
    Very smooth and tasty
    Review by Markon 5/6/13
    Tobacco Pure is hands down the best E-liquid I have ever tried (and I've tried many from different manufacturers). It's smooth, natural, and very clean tasting. No after taste, no lingering smells, and no overpowering cigarette flavor. Even though It's my go-to daily vape, I'm giving it four stars because $20 for 30ML is an outrageous price tag.
  • Overall
    Natural, Satisfying and Smooth
    Review by Jackon 4/24/13
    While the juice doesn't emulate the flavor of a cigarette, it has a very natural tobacco flavor; since there is no smoke involved, it's impossible to replicate the flavor of a conventional cigarette. The throat hit is pretty intense (at least for the 24mg variant) and it definitely satisfies my desire to smoke; the addition of tobacco leaves produces an effect that is exactly the same as smoking a traditional cigarette.
  • Overall
    love it
    Review by joshon 3/20/13
    Its amazing to me how much this tastes like a real cigarette.. I get the same type of taste I did while smoking..its not as strong of a taste but it is real close ..I love it good job volcano
  • Overall
    great flavor
    Review by Gabriel on 3/13/13
    Love this juice taste like real cigarette
  • Overall
    Good taste!
    Review by Adamon 3/4/13
    I went straight from analog cigs to this flavor. To be honest doesn't taste like tobacco or "pure" tobacco I should say but it taste GREAT! Is kinda bland but has a sweet flavor and after taste. Wouldn't be able to vape this forever but for a couple of weeks or a month its good.
  • Overall
    not bad at all
    Review by noah on 2/13/13
    i bought this with extra high strength. its pretty good ! has amazing throat hit. when someone asks to try it they usually cough because its more intense than an average cig. the taste is pretty good ! like most tobacco liquids it has a tiny bit of a sweet taste to it but i dont mine. im vaping it in my inferno tank right now. i find it really good if you add a little bit of the mauna dew to it.
  • Overall
    Better than I initially thought
    Review by Jonathanon 1/28/13
    This was what I got with my starter kit after reading the good reviews and not wanting to get some crazy flavor I may not like right off the bat. It was decent at first, but I wasn't too crazy about it: Not a lot a flavor and what I thought was an odd after taste. So I ventured away from Volcano to try out another USA made tobacco e liquid from elsewhere that was getting rave reviews on multiple vaping forums. I hated it. And I can't emphasize hate enough. I had even tried it in a brand new cartomizer just in case in didn't mix well, as well as let it sit for a few days to the flavor could be fully matured. The other stuff's after taste was wretched and there wasn't as much throat hit. This made me realize how special tobacco pure was in it's simplicity. I've since made it my all day vape (occasionally mixing it with some Choconilla Haze to stave away any flavor boredom). Everyone's tastes are subjective and I'll no doubt occasionally venture away from Volcano for other flavors, but for my tobacco liquid, I'm sticking with this stuff.
  • Overall
    Review by Jaynieon 1/26/13
    I tried this early on after beginning vaping after only having tried another brand's Marlboro. I found it to be great for mixing and straight with Menthol. I have several other brands sitting around but I always come back to this. I think I have finally learned my lesson. I also love Volcano plain Tobacco for it's slightly sweet taste for vaping in my larger device. I use Tobacco Pure in my more cigarette like device for the effect.
  • Overall
    Review by Danon 1/24/13
    I got this with my Lavatube 2 at 16mg and it's OK but far from tasting like real tobacco to me. I'll keep it around for mixing and for something different once in a while.
  • Overall
    My thoughts
    Review by Jameson 12/5/12
    Much like everyone else I chose this as my free bottle with my starter kit.
    The liquid isn't bad by any means but it does seem a bit bland and isn't something you want to vape for a month straight.
    That being said it's great for mixing to give any flavor a more analog taste, or for mellowing out a strong flavor.
  • Overall
    Review by larryon 12/1/12
    I like this juice! Its the closes i found of a real smoke.
  • Overall
    Tried others...
    Review by Paulon 11/28/12
    I am always looking for good juice on all websites. I always come back to Volcano's tobacco pure. It is my all time favorite juice. I read reviews about how another tobacco flavor is better on other sites... I have not found a better tobacco juice. I have a lot of full bottles from other sites collecting dust and always run out of my tobacco pure from Volcano.
  • Overall
    Review by Angela on 11/27/12
    Great Flavor....One of My Favorites So Far! And It smells Great
  • Overall
    My favorite tobacco
    Review by Ginaon 11/9/12
    Tried this for the 1st time at Vapercon. I am a juice snob & very picky about tobacco flavors. This is the cleanest, purest flavor. Good TH, not harsh and no sweetness to it which is what makes it tobacco pure IMO. Its just perfect for me. And the guys at Volcano were so nice and put up with all my questions. Was a pleasure to meet you!
  • Overall
    Was good, but...
    Review by Billon 11/8/12
    I got run out of the house by my lady when smoking analog cigs. Thought by getting the Pure Tobacco juice, that it would allow me to vape while sitting at my puter. But, alas, it smelled too much like an analog, and I got run out of the house again. But, I liked the flavor, and the smoothnes of the product. Good move, Volcano!
  • Overall
    Too Sweet
    Review by Elizabethon 10/16/12
    Way too sweet for me. Tastes nothing like an analog cig to me. I wish there was something that tastes more like an analog cig but I haven't found it yet. RY-four is my favorite flavor so far. It's the only one I've had that isn't too sweet to me. Any other juice suggestions? Or a way to cut down the sweetness?
  • Overall
    My all day go-to vape
    Review by Ericon 10/9/12
    Been through two bottles of this juice and it is by far my all day vape. I don't exactly get an analog cig *flavor* from this juice. I find it tastes more like a fresh, unlit analog cig *smells*, if that makes any sense to you. Fresh tobacco with a hint of raisins almost. Love it.
  • Wow
    Review by Lukeon 9/4/12
    It is amazing how much this tastes like a real cigarette. I quit smoking a while back and went through many different e-cig companies, I always went with the tobacco flavor they offered. It seemed like the flavor always tasted like something sweet and never even close to tobacco. I just tried this product and it almost feels TOO much like smoking a real cigarette! But i'm not complaining, this is great.
  • Yum
    Review by Jesseon 6/12/12
    This is what I vape all day long, it's simply delicious. I'm not getting the flavor of analogs from this however, it's more like freshly squeezed tobacco leaves for me. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Crisp
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    Found out that my cart in my tank was faulty so that's why I thought this was terrible. Used it in my atty and is very clean and crips taste. Not my favorite taste, but worth using.