WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

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  • Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer

Tube Tank - Refill Cartomizer


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Factory punched replacement cartomizers in either a 1.5 ohm dual coil or 3.0 ohm single/dual coil configuration for your TUBE TANK.


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Our factory punched replacement cartomizers for your TUBE TANK are a steal! Pick up one whenever you need a replacement or grab a pack of five at a discounted price.  Configure them to your specifications and keep your tube ripping with the best, vapor, flavor and throat hit around!

More Information:

  • For info on how to fill and use these, please check out the dedicated Tube Tank forum thread here: Tube Tank Filling Instructions
  • Cartomizer info: For the 1.5 ohm Dual Coil cartomizer we do not recommend using this at a higher voltage setting than 4 volts, we suggest using the 1.5ohm only on the Inferno.  If you would like to vape at a setting of up to 6 volts, we suggest you go with a 3.0 ohm cartomizer to experience the full range of the Lavatube's voltage output.
  • The expected lifetime of the cartomizer is generally considered 1 month and therefore is not covered under the Volcanoecigs 1 Year limited warranty. Use at your own risk.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Biggest part of expense
    Review by Micheleon 9/11/16
    Floods easily. Biggest part of expense
  • Overall
    they work if you get a good one..50-50 gamble
    Review by Michelleon 12/20/14
    In the last year it seems the quality has gone way down. Sometimes you can open it up and look at it and notice right away how thin the filter/filler is..it looks more like mesh and is holey and not thick as when you get a good one. Then when you use them, you are lucky if they last 2 days. it is to the point a store not to far from my home, actually allows you to return them (if purchased there) because they have had so many recent complaints and they give you new one..which again is a gamble. I am so frustrated. They used to be good and last, now they are not at all reliable. Not only that, you waste alot of liquid filling em to try to get them to work. It is as if they want you to purchase more liquid, or upgrade. I am currently trying out different brands, as much as I prefer the Volcano.
  • Overall
    They last a month?
    Review by Lisaon 9/10/14
    It says in the description that these last a month. I've never gotten more than a week out of mine! I love this system and won't change to wicks but really? What am I doing wrong?
  • Overall
    they work
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    well these work but after a little use around 1-2 weeks and sometimes after a few days i find they start to leak onto the 510 battery connection and it isn't flooded and i am not drawing too hard it will seep liquid onto the battery connection without me even using it. i am in the process of dealing with this with the volcanoecigs customer service. hopefully they can help me fix this problem other than that they work good.
  • Overall
    Best I've tried
    Review by Anthonyon 2/27/14
    Experimented with others and I'm standing strong that this company is quality and I take pride in being a consumer..I can't complain but only compliment!!
  • Overall
    Love it....most of the time.
    Review by franon 1/9/14
    I am also having the same luck with the cartomizers. I buy 5 at a time and usually 2 give me trouble. Burnt taste and smell ,hard to get it to soak up the juice and just don't taste good. Always sounds flooded.
  • Overall
    So far so good!
    Review by Crystalon 5/23/13
    Been using this cartomizer for a week, used the suggestions of the previous reviews by filling it and letting it sit for an hour and haven't had any problems. Nice draw and good flavor :)
  • Overall
    I know how to make BETTER
    Review by PATTYon 5/11/13
    Buy the needle top cap. It makes it so easy to prime cartomizer without overfilling or getting liquid down the center hole. Caps also make refilling the tank a breeze! After priming cartomizer, take a few DRY (do not push battery button) hits. You will see bubbles coming up thru the liquid. This keeps it from having the burn taste because the cart is properly filled.You may have to do this during the life of the cart, but it is so easy, Try this. Believe me, I have been through all the pitfalls in the last 18 months. You will be amazed!
  • Overall
    Tried what Ruben suggested
    Review by Seanon 4/15/13
    Ok so I tried a similar thing as to what Ruben suggested. I filled a new cartomizer until I could see the the poly fill was moist through the wicking hole. I then put the white plug back in that they come with and put it back in the clear plastic bag. Then just let it sit for awhile (at least an hour). Put it in and it was good to go!!! I will try this a few more time and report back to you all. Peace
  • Overall
    Review by Seanon 4/13/13
    I've used an Inferno for the past year almost. Awesome product. But 50% of the cartomizers work and the other half like others have said are terrible!!!!!! They make any liquid taste burnt. I ended up getting a LAVATUBE V2 (Which is awesome) hoping the variable voltage would help me adjust for crappy cartomizers. NOPE! So far 3 out of 6 cartomizers were bad. C'mon guys! $3 a piece and shipping from Hawaii to PA. I very much like your devices but you are killing me with the cartomizers. :(
  • Overall
    wish there was instructions for the prime, fill and use of this
    Review by Rubenon 3/28/13
    I got my LTV2 on december 26 and the first carto that came with it, last for a month. Now, and after 5 more of them, the cartos look´s like they don´t work propertly, no instructions, and just like always, fill them and then the tube, find out that let them seat for over 30 minutes after the prime and tube filling, will help them last longer and have better taste (not like burned).. Lava Larry, please make a video review about it.. all of your new customers will appreciate it. and I´ll give volcano 5 stars for the liquid taste, it´s the BEST !!
  • Overall
    Wish they were more reliable.
    Review by Williamon 3/8/13
    I am fairly new to Volcano, bought an Inferno about 2 months ago, but I can already tell these things are going to be what I dislike the most. I am having about a 50% success rate with these. Half are perfect, the other half....burnt. I would not have a problem with this, if only these things were not $3 a pop + the juice to prime them. That being said, the ones that do work are great and I could not ask for more. 3 out of 5 for the success to fail rate.
  • Overall
    best buy ever
    Review by DeeDeeon 3/2/13
    thank you . you saved my life.... : * )
  • Overall
    Quality control
    Review by Krison 2/14/13
    I'v orded a bunch of cartomizers from you and i love them, when they work. It would be great if you told your supplier to use better quality control measures.I'm gonna keep using them but you gotta do something.
  • Overall
    Faulty Carto's?
    Review by itsmeon 2/11/13
    I've been vaping since right after Christmas, and i pick up carto's in packs of 5.. i've had to throw away 3 carto's. After priming and taking the first drag it taste's horribly burnt. Threw them away and primed another one. Is there a way to get a refund? The signs at your locations say no refunds.. I do love the product, and it works for me. Haven't been smoking. Would be 4-5 stars if they were consistantly working, in my experience i've bought 10 extra carto's and 3 didn't work properly. Anyone else have this problem?
  • Overall
    is there such thing as a faulty carto?
    Review by Rylanon 2/6/13
    Love the product.. i pick up once a month. I buy in packs of 5.. just got my inferno on december 27th and i thoroughly enjoy it. By faulty I mean it tastes bad right after priming. .I've thrown away 3 cartos. What is it?
  • Overall
    Review by Prashanton 1/11/13
    I am almost reaching an year vaping volcano egigs I had inferno and now I have lava tube.... So far the journey is good but at some point always felt something is incomplete...... I think its the cartridge either 1.5 or 3.0 both needs some more good work..... Some are not good straight from the time you unpack them.... Flooding or not vaping good and they doesn't go even for few days..... I think I am now an expert vapor of Volcano ecigs that even in dark I can refill the tube tank .... Need a smiley icon here.... what I mean is that I follow the exact refill instructions but still some new cartomizer floods and have no life..... Volcano is best and some work on carto and everything will be solved....... I still give them 5 star coz they made me quit analog cigs
  • Overall
    better than boges
    Review by jordanon 12/17/12
    Bought the tube-tank as a backup tank. Soon as i started to vape i instantly realized these cartos performed WAY better than my punched boges (more vapor and no carto taste). in fact they were so good i drove back to the store and bought a pack of the 3 ohm and tossed my boges. currently vaping these cartos on my Cartomator (fits perfect) at 5.7 volts.
  • Overall
    Massive Vapor
    Review by DeathTrippon 12/12/12
    The amount of vapor is great, and the flavor is really good. But 1 month life-time is really pushing it. If you vape every day you will get about 2 weeks of life at the very maximum.
  • Overall
    A Necassary Evil
    Review by Joeon 12/12/12
    Unfortunately, the tube tank is by far the best way to vape with volcano. That requires you to stock up on these cartomizers, which when they actually work function flawlessly. However, in my experience at LEAST half of the cartomizers I order don't function properly straight out of the box. They are obviously very cheaply made and have some serious quality control issues. Hopefully this gets addressed at some point in the future as there is no other alternative for the best possible vape with a lavatube or inferno.

    Fix the consistency issues and this would be a 4 or 5 star product.
  • Overall
    What happened?
    Review by Jeremyon 12/7/12
    I've placed a couple orders from here, both times being some 3.0 single coils (which are awesome), and a tube tank. The first order went fine, but the second, not so great. It took just over a week for a set of 5 cartos and a tube tank to come in, and when I finally did get it, the boxes were crushed and just horribly packed. Luckily nothing was damaged, but I was not happy. However, I have them, so it's not like I'm going to send them back. Hopefully the next order is better.
  • Overall
    Review by Prashanton 10/25/12
    I am using Inferno with tube tank 7ml and 1.5 carto, It works fine but I would like to know if Lava tube is much better than the inferno.... You know how it goes from e-cig basic models to Inferno type and the need for more and more vape.

    Lavatube, You control the amount of vapor. So if you want more vapor then you are getting from the Inferno, the get a Lavatube.
  • Overall
    Keep Plenty on Hand
    Review by Adrianaon 10/24/12
    When I first started vaping, I overused one of these. The vapor got yucky and smokey. After visiting the vapor bar in Honolulu, I realized I overused it. As soon as I learned these need to be replaced regularly, I have loved vaping so much. How do you know when to change? When the taste goes bad, change the cartomizer. Its sooooo worth it!!!! And, the hit is so much better! Depending on how much you vape, this might be 2-6 weeks. For me, I vape a lot at night and changing the cartomizer every 3-4 weeks is perfect, but let your tastebuds decide. If your flavor is tasting smokey or harsh, change the cartomizer...well worth it!!!
  • 1.5 or 3.0
    Review by bruceon 8/23/12
    After going through carts after carts I acually enjoy the 1.5 dual coil over the 3.0 single. I'm using the chrome lava tube @ 4v to 4.5 volts. For me the 1.5 generates more smoke along with better throat hit and for me better resistance. It's like drinking a melted smoothie with a straw with a 1.5 compared to drinking water with a straw with the 3.0 single. I even wasted carts and liquids to come up with this conclustion just trying to have the same effect as smoking a real cigg.
  • Question?
    Review by Karenon 7/31/12
    I am still fairly new to vaping and plan on getting the Lava Tube...also the tube tank and tube tank cartomizer...what is the best setup for loads of vapor but not a strong throat hit?? warm is ok not hot...and what do I need to consider? I am a pack to pack and a half smoker and am wanting to go to vaping instead...

    Volcano- Lavatube with 7ml Tube tank
  • Love the inferno with tube tank
    Review by Jeanneon 7/19/12
    Been using the Inferno with tube tank for 3 months. Been analog free for about 7 weeks. I have read the reviews got the carto and see most people say the carto last 2 to 4 weeks. I am finding that it only last me 5 to 7 DAYS, then they flood. Can I clean and reuse them?
    Another problem--I bought 10 cartos on 6/21. As of today, I used 5 of them. but 2 of them I could not use because after I primed them they had a severe burnt taste immediately??? What causes this??? Can these cartos be salvaged???
    I really love the product, and the service
  • cartomizers
    Review by hawaiivaporson 7/5/12
    How can u tell wen to change a cartoon?
    volcano- Im guessing you meant Cartomizer...The cartridge will flood or will clog. I would recommend changing once a month.
  • Quick question
    Review by Spenceron 6/20/12
    Can you use the 1.5 on an inferno with the 7ml tube? or can you only use the 1.5 carto on a 4ml?

    Volcano- Yes, but the tube will be much larger in Diameter of the Inferno...but it works exactly the same
  • Excellent setup for on-the-go vaping, except...
    Review by Joshon 6/2/12
    The 1.5Ohm Dual Coil carts won't work on my 1000 mAH batt, only on my passthru batt. What gives? Still love my TubeTank though. Thanx
  • cartos
    Review by Hawaiianvapor808on 4/24/12
    the carto refills don't really last a month unless you vape small amounts in a day...when you're a daily user the carts last about 2 weeks tops...then you gotta change em out...so even though its cheap it could end up not so cheap... but it works well for the first week...thats from my experience....
  • Good and Bad
    Review by Thomason 4/22/12
    Starting off the lava tube is the most enjoyable product I've used since I started vaping 3 years ago. On the other hand i still think the tube tank and its cart. still need some work. The cart. often comes apart in my pocket, exposing the fabric inside and allowing the e-juice to leak out. This provides me with a very unpleasing supprise. But once again, when i can get my tube to cooperate i vape loud and proud. Long live Joe Volcano and to my fellow digi-smokers, VAPE LOUD!!!
  • Clean Vape!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    This gives a nice clean vape and love using this on my lavatube at 3.6v with the 3 ohm. Dual core just gets too hot and kinda burns the throat, but some like that I guess.
  • 1.5 Ohm on LavaTube
    Review by Georgeon 4/7/12
    I have read several places in the reviews that the 3 Ohm is recommended for the LavaTube. But the 1.5 Ohm produces more vapor.

    Why is it recommended that I not use the 1.5 Ohm on the LavaTube? Is it because of the control circuitry? Vapor is my thing, so I'm looking to maximize the vapor.

    Volcano- With the 1.5 ohms atomizer, you cant use the full 3-6 volt spectrum. At the same voltage, the 1.5 ohms is better vape, but you cant go up to 6 volts. So we recommend the 3.0 ohms cartomizers, as they can give you the full spectrum on the Lavatube.
  • 650 mah USB battery
    Review by Jessicaon 3/27/12
    Does the tube tank work with the 650 and the 1000 mah USB batteries??

    Volcano- Yes
  • What is the difference in the Atomizer specs can I use in the magma
    Review by Mariaon 3/8/12
    What is the difference in the Atomizer specs can I use in the magma
  • 1.5 vs 3.0
    Review by ronon 3/6/12
    if your looking for an exreamly high vape,get the 1.5 ohm cart. if you want to sit and work and work for a very small amout of vape then get the 3.0 ohm cart. it's up to you. i've tried both, and will stick with the 1.5 ohms.
  • ? On ohm's
    Review by Amberon 2/29/12
    I currently us a 1.5 ohm, on my inferno. I like a lot of smoke & flavor. What is the difference on the 3 single & dual coil?

    Dual coil 1.5 ohms is hotter and gives you more vapor then the 3.0 ohms single coil. 3.0 is best with labatube, and 1.5 is best with inferno.
  • This is the BEST!!!!
    Review by sharonon 2/23/12
    Thank you for whoever created this winner!! I have tried MANY gadgets & this one in my book is a keeper. I am a HEAVY vapor, quit REAL ciggs. 4 months ago. I smoked for 25 years & if it were not for products like this one I would fall off the wagon. This produces massive amounts of vape with great throat hit & I don't have too refill till the next day. In the beginning I had to adjust to the hit because I found it to be powerful, I also use 36 mg of juice which I need in order to remain smoke free. I'm still a newbie to vapin & with products like this I will never go back to real ciggs. again!!!!
    Review by Frosty09on 2/3/12
    I've been using the 4-mL and the 7-mL Tube Tanks for about three months with my Inferno 1000-mA batteries. These cartomizers are great. The vapor production is fantastic and the juice flavor really is intense.

    No more need for double-shots of flavoring in my e-juice. No more raw e-juice in my mouth. No more e-juice leakage.

    The whole Tube Tank and cartomizer set works GREAT.
  • great TH for a carto
    Review by Michaelon 2/2/12
    A great product and works like a charm. the only carto that gives me a decent TH. Not sure why some people are saying it's a steal at $3 though. It's just a single carto your getting, not a pack of them. $2 - $3 is standard for a single carto. Regardless, it's an awesome product when used correctly.
  • Best yet
    Review by Kyleon 1/29/12
    After years of looking for a decent system that worked for awhile, this is it. I'm not a carto fan, but I have been using this one for a few weeks now and it's going strong. I was an inferno tank user and dripper but this one works better and seems to last long. Great job!
  • Excellent!
    Review by Benjaminon 1/27/12
    I started off with a few other atty devices but this one is by far the best! It gives an excellent throat hit I only have to refill it every other day (I'm a heavy vaper), and it is super cheap to replace. I use the inferno and suggest the 1.5 vs. the 3.0. Also, try the red hot lava with this cartomizer if you love cinnamon candy! Thanks Volcano!
    Review by Shiftyon 1/27/12
    These are the best...please get them back in stock soon. Getting sick at the thought of not being able to use my Tube Tanks!!
  • Question
    Review by Jameson 1/20/12
    Does this fit both the 4ml and the 7ml?

  • My new fav
    Review by Shandaon 1/10/12
    Ever since I got my tube tank I quit using other attys. I love the price of replacements it's a steal. I do have a question, I know the single coil is best with the lavatube but would it damage the inferno super battery?

    volcano- No
  • ?
    Review by Billyon 1/10/12
    Is the 3.0 compatible with the inferno?
    Volcano- Yes, but a lot less vapor
  • question?
    Review by Brendaon 12/27/11
    How do you know when it is getting empty?

    volcano- the outer tube will have no liquid
  • Which one?
    Review by Scotton 12/24/11
    What is the difference between the two? Can I use either one?
    1.5 is suggested for Inferno. 3.0 is suggested for the Lavatube
  • Awesome flavor
    Review by Raymondon 12/20/11
    I can actually taste the coffee in my coffee ejuice now. These however do not make electrical contact with the 1000 mah Super Battery. They do work in the smaller 650 mah USB battery....
  • 3 ohm refill
    Review by Thrallon 12/19/11
    Got my refills the other day, finally filled a tank with Chocanilla Haze. Works great, I personally prefer the 3 ohm single to the dual coil, when on my lavatube. It gives you a lot more leeway on customizing your voltage setting, since it won't trigger the amperage limit.
  • Great flavor....
    Review by Frosty09on 12/11/11
    These dual element cartomizers are fantastic for intensity of juice flavor. I love them....