WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tube Tank

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

An all-new revolution to the classic cartomizer/clearomizer setup...Tube Tanks are a vapers dream and helps you cut down on the amount of refills that need to be done maximizing your vaping time and pleasure!


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The all new Tube Tanks are a vaping junkies dream! These new tanks come as a complete setup that utilize a plastic tube that houses a classic cotton polyfil cartomizer that has a hole punched into it to allow juice being held in the outer tube to continually feed the cartomizer. This keeps the heating element and wick completely saturated at all times and in turn increases your vapor production and lengthens the life of the cartomizer.

Includes: 1 tube tank, 1 polyfill cartomizer and 1 Drip tip (4ML Tube tanks come with a 1.5 ohm Dual Coil Cartomizer and 7ML Tube tanks come with a 3.0 ohm Single Coil Cartomizer) Drip Tips for the Black Tube Tanks (both sizes) will vary from black and clear and for the Chrome Tube Tanks (both sizes) colors will vary between clear and chrome)

More Information:

  • For info on how to fill and use these, please check out the dedicated Tube Tank forum thread here: Tube Tank Filling Instructions
  • Cartomizer info: For the 1.5 ohm Dual Coil cartomizer we do not recommend using this at a higher voltage setting than 4 volts, we suggest using the 1.5 ohm only on the Inferno.  If you would like to vape at a setting of up to 6 volts, we suggest you go with a 3.0 ohm cartomizer to experience the full range of the Lavatube's voltage output.
  • The expected lifetime of the cartomizer is generally considered 1 month and therefore is not covered under the Volcanoecigs 1 Year limited warranty. Use at your own risk.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    great tank and last all day.
    Review by trentenon 3/24/14
    i love this tank. the massive 7ml capacity is great to last me around 1.5 days of use. have had no leaks with the tank itself but i have had issues with the cartomizers leaking. but as for the tank it is great quality and good build. this is a great product.
  • Overall
    Great product but...
    Review by Joleneon 8/9/13
    I had my tube tank for over a year with no problems, but then I put a new flavor of juice than my regular lineup and suddenly, CRACK. I didn't even know such a thing was possible, but after some research I found out that certain flavors of e liquid, such as citrus or cinnamon or honesuckle, have a tendency to crack polycarbonate tanks/clearomizers. I really loved my tube tank but because I love honeysuckle more I made the switch to a pyrex tank. It would be great if volcano offered either polypropylene or pyrex tanks/clearomizers, as both are immune from cracking due to juice reactions. Still a great product if your juice isn't especially acidic.
  • Overall
    Better than the old Tankomizers
    Review by gerryon 6/15/13
    First started using the inferno with the old tankomizers a year ago which totally sucked, they were cumbersome to use and gave the vape juice a bad plastic taste. these things are a vast improvement with no funny after taste and holds a lot more juice. my only gripe is that the drip tips are not the screw in type. these push in tips fall off way too easy.
  • Overall
    Review by Rickon 5/20/13
    Absolutely amazing , I use the Tank more often than dripping . Filling it is very quick and easy , and a fill will last me an entire day .
  • Overall
    a thing of the past
    Review by Johnathanon 2/23/13
    These tanks are made of polycarbonate plastic which reacts badly with certain liquids I suggest finding a better polypropylene tank or pyrex glass until Volcano decided to stock them for themselves
  • Overall
    Black Tank better for everyday use...
    Review by Neekzon 1/22/13
    Picked up a black tank for my spare battery, now i'm using it more. The bottom cap has a notch that locks the cart unlike the metal/chrome piece's round notch. It's strong enough a connection that I trust it in my pocket daily.
  • Overall
    Review by waylonon 1/15/13
    i just started vaping and the inferno is a huge step up from regular ecigs. i love it..
  • Overall
    Review by Patrickon 12/12/12
    I stopped using my inferno for about two years, baught this and it's amazing so much better than dripping and it's constant flavor. I've tried tank-o-mizers and etc this is def the best. Highly recommend
  • Overall
    This thing works get it!
    Review by timon 11/13/12
    I ordered this because my older inferno wasn't working out but this tube thingy is awesome and last all day long 3/4 full thanks Volcano for introducing this to vapar fans. Order the tube you will not be disappointed!
  • USB pass-through compatible?
    Review by Darrenon 9/25/12
    Can you use the tube tank on the USB pass-through device or is it solely designed for use with the inferno/lavatube?

    Volcano- Yes, but it will be bigger then the body of the passthrough...
  • Love the black one better!
    Review by Johnnyon 9/21/12
    The first tank I got was the metal one. It was fantastic, but after a couple of day, one side of the tank where the metal piece was would slide out easily. I had a few spills with it. I decided to buy the black one & I LOVE IT! It's a LOT LESS heavier. It feels so light in your hand. I also like the black one because it's not like the metal one. The metal one tends to have smudges when touching it, & it looks really dirty when the smudges build up overtime. The one side of the metal tube malfunctioning might have been a defect, but after trying the black one - I'm definitely going to continue buying the black tank.
  • great tanks
    Review by jasonon 9/10/12
    i have two of the 7ml ones now for both my lavatubes (wife took over the old one lol)
    the first one i ordered was great just flawless,the second one has some nicks and dents in it that i can only assume some dropped it when they were affixing the "tube tank" label,was more disturbed that after asking if they could send a replacement prior to me sending back the damaged one they just reply with a RMA with a return label ignoring my question all together they could have secured the tank with my credit card or something,and truthfully after spending over $500 in ecig parts from a company most would have just sent a replacement tank no questions asked,so im just going to keep the damaged one and order a new one and hope for a good one this time that way im not without my main ecig for several weeks.
    so my suggestion would be to buy two of these tanks in case you get a bad one you can send back the bad one without being without your new ecig for several weeks,
  • love tube tank
    Review by michaelon 9/2/12
    Hello every one this tube tank is great you don't have worry about filling it much but one thing is when using this product if you vape flavors with sugar in it your cart won't last but couple days like me I get extra sweetness in nine so if you want make the cart last longer lower your sugar when you order from off sites that offer it my last order waiting on lowered my sugar level so my cart last longer
  • 7ml Tube Tanks are awesome!
    Review by Garyon 8/31/12
    I just want to say that I love the 7ml Tube Tanks :) I was using blank cartomizers with a Green Smoke E9 battery and got tired of refilling the cartomizers all the time, so I decided to try a LavaTube with a large Tube Tank, and I've never been happier :) I can vape all day on one fill-up :) My main vape is the Kentucky Maplewood Blend from Vermillion River (just fyi their liquid works fine in a Tube Tank), but since I've bought Volcano products (I also use the mega-clearomizers for my non-main juice flavors and trying out new flavors), I've been trying some of their flavors, and really like the Choconilla Haze, too :) I don't even buy any Green Smoke pre-filled cartomizers any more!
  • Only thing needed is replacement parts
    Review by Ryanon 8/24/12
    After a few months of use, the bottom rubber stopper cracked on my second tubetank.. I have gone through about 10-12 cartomizers on it.. I just wish there was a way to replace the parts other than just the cartomizer [please think into this volcano :) ] BUT I am never unpleased with any volcano product.. I got my lavatube after i used an inferno for a month and a half... man If you DONT have a lavatube.. Your missing out! Don't buy other companies.. they may be cheaper(worse) or more expensive(not worth the extra $)

    have a good day and vape strong.
  • Hassle free
    Review by Angelicaon 8/23/12
    I got the Tube Tank for when I leave the house or go to work. I drip at home. Was using mega clearos, but I was constantly filling them! Got my tank four days ago, filled it, took it to work four days straight, with my Red Hot Lava in it, so I caped every second I could get, and my tank is only half gone. Easy to fill, no extra needle caps needed. Flavor is great! Awesome vapor!
  • Great..but
    Review by Matton 8/21/12
    I LOVE the tank as apposed to the drip method (1 day of vapor vs 6 hits.. no brainer) and i cant notice a difference in flavor but the only thing i was disappointed about that i learned later is certain ingredients in certain flavors discolor the tank. it leaves a beige residue similar to a fishtank that just will not come off. Id like to just purchase the clear part and not the whole kit again- seeing as the clear part looks horribly dirty after 1 week of use. (root beer fluid did this). there needs to be an option just to purchase the clear outer casing of the tank because im 100% sure im not the only one this has happend to. if that becomes an option 5/5 stars all day
    Review by Joshuaon 8/17/12
    I've been hesitant to get this for the 6 months i've been vaping, and i decided on my last order i'd give it a shot. And i could not believe i've waited this long!! THIS THING IS AMAZING!!! I owe being analog free to the mega clearomizers, but i wish i would have got this back then. Look forward to many more months to turn to years using this with my inferno.
  • Best decision i have ever made.
    Review by Williamon 8/17/12
    I have been using several different products in the last 2 months trying to get vaping down to a science and become less of a hassle. I have to say that the Tube Tank makes vaping so insanely easy and pleasant that i now could never imagine going back to analogues. I fill the tank up once twice a day (i'm a pretty heavy vaper) and i'm done, i've had it for 2 weeks so far and it hasn't leaked a single drop (i've tested it and left it sitting overnight on a paper towel to make sure) and with the inferno batteries i get a consistent heavy vape with a decent throat hit. I can't remember a single time with this that i haven't gotten a good amount of vapor, which was every 2 to 3 puffs with all my other equipment.
  • Sticking with Tube Tanks
    Review by Joshuaon 7/4/12
    I originally got the magma and loved it with clearomizers. Then I got the inferno and used my clearomizers and liked it even more. Lastly, I got a tube tank and now im going to be sticking with this setup.
  • Sell the tank caps!
    Review by Jayon 7/3/12
    Sell the tank caps in the same colors as the tips....yeah, best ecig ever. A little fun at shows and for show...this product changed me overnight, keep it up!
  • Now im happy
    Review by Joshuaon 7/3/12
    Bought the 4ml Chrome tube tank and at first i was disapointed. The cartomizer wouldnt wick because it only had one hole on it. An air bubble kept blocking the hole even after prime (25 drops). I trashed the carto and bought another one that was pre-made with four holes near the bottom. The air naturally came out and wicks like a champ! No leaking and looks very sleek. I will be buying another tube soon and hope the carto has the same four hole style.
  • Bravo
    Review by Mileson 6/20/12
    I am EXTREMELY impressed with this addition to your lineup. I got my 4ml tank in the mail and could NOT be happier! This tank since i got it 6 hours ago has not run out since i filled it! FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS!!!
  • drip tips
    Review by Ryanon 6/19/12
    can you put different drip tips on this??

    Volcano- Yes, all drip tips except the Lava and Original Volcano attys
    Review by jacobon 6/16/12
    Don't waste your money on the black plastic tanks. They are cheap plastic and do not hold up well. Mine started leaking just after a few days. I have had no problems with the chrome metal tanks. I was told by volcanoecigs that they were the same, just different color end caps. WRONG.

  • My first review wasn't posted so I will repost lol
    Review by Ryanon 6/11/12
    Well this thing is quite a tool. It was great while my first one lasts.. I love it aside from the need to use super glue to keep the cartomizer together.. after two days of use the connection base and cartomizer sleeve disconnected, I super glued, then the next day it redisconnected making me have to super glue. Today it has again disconnected.. Any advice Volcano? I am about to purchase another. I keep my ecig in my pocket, I assume this is not recommended in the pocket even if it is in the provided sleeve bag in the Inferno kit..
    First tankomizer lasted 3 days. This 2+2 days of super glue work. Must have been my luck

    Volcano- This rarely happens...so dont worry about future orders
  • Best Way to Vape Hands Down!!!
    Review by Christopheron 6/10/12
    Ok..so I wanted to wait a week or three before leaving a review as I was sorely disappointed in the tankomizer setup shortly after a week. I have been vaping on the 4ml Tube Tank for over 3 weeks now and all I can say is, "Thank God" Nothing compares to the convenience and quality of vape I get from this thing.
    I typically only have to refill it once a day. The cartomizer lasts at least a week before needing to be replaced. Replacement is a cinch and only costs $2.69 a piece when you order a few at a time. I keep several on hand, just in case. I would recommend 1) getting the tube sock because of looks and airflow (noise cancellation). 2) Don't use Bonzai banana with it (perhaps the sugar is too high) 3) Throw your Tankomizers in the garbage ( you will never want to go back)
    This is the closest thing to dripping that I have tried but is much more convenient and safe while driving. I have been vaping for 3 months now, and I have finally found the "Perfect Setup" You will not be disappointed!!
  • Very nice.
    Review by Damonon 6/6/12
    Just got one of these in today. I ordered the red/black finish 1.5ohm for my inferno. It looks nice, and produces a nice warm, thick, tasty cloud. The construction is solid and leak-free. This product is exactly as I had hoped for. Good job!
  • great for road trips!
    Review by trevoron 5/26/12
    I still prefer to drip, but that isn't an easy task when constantly on the road/behind the wheel. This is great. Just fill'er up and get to vaping! However...I don't know what the removable piece at the bottom of the threads is for...
  • Tube filling
    Review by jasonon 5/23/12
    If you don't want to use a syringe... It's easy to pop the top o-ring cap off using the cartomizer by pulling it down then mis-aligning it slighty, then pushing it back up. Then you can just drip the juice right from the bottle down the side of the carto like an Ego vision. Then pull the carto down (not past the level of the liquid) and gently push the carto back up. There is a danger of flooding the tank if you create a vacuum while pushing back up - but you can avoid that if you leave a little air room at the top while filling. If you do flood it, you can always blow the excess through on a paper towel.

    7ml at 5.5V on the Lavatube
    4ml at 4.0V on the Lavatube
    4ml on the Inferno
    *7ml works on the Inferno just not as well as the 4ml.
    Review by Mark J.on 5/5/12
    I absolutely love this GREAT addition I have for my Inferno! I get many, many compliments on it and it works very well. It blows away the competition, hands down. Very well made and pumps out heavy, tasty VAPE!
  • very impressed!
    Review by Aaronon 4/27/12
    I just got my 1.5 ohm 4ml tube tank with tube sock for my inferno today and it works great. the flavor and vapor clouds are so close to being as good as dripping that I might use it all the time, were it not for my enjoyment of different flavors. I noticed that the draw is easy when the slotted end of the sock is against the tank, more restricted when against the battery. I like the easy draw since I used to smoke dutch handrolling tobacco without filters. Infinitely better than tank o miser, which had insane slow hard draw, low vape, less than stellar flavor and leaked. this is a very big jump in performance, and I hope the duel coil is long lasting, Considering each coil is a cooler 3ohm wired in parallel and has lots of liquid to keep it from over heating it should. price is also very good(for replacements). My new magma atty's are also working very well, much better than my prior ones which I had to mess with for a bit before they functioned well. very well done. constant improvement and refinement, workin out the bugs. Someones taking pride in there work at Volcano and it shows!!
  • Very nice!
    Review by Brianon 4/18/12
    I got the black/clear and the black/red. Red is more pink than red, but still nice. I love the drip tip that the red comes with way better than the clear tanks black tip. Wish there was a way to get more of those clear tips. I got both as 7ml tanks and work great. No more filling up constantly and really catches the eyes of others lol hope a cop doesn't pull me over lol
  • question
    Review by Tonyaon 4/16/12
    This looks cool, can you use it with a Magma?

    Volcano- We do not reccomend
  • best product ive found so far
    Review by roberton 4/14/12
    i have tried every differant way to store fluid instead of dripping. i found that ecery tank system leaks except the tubetank i have been using it non stop sence i got it and its working great. i got the 4ml but will soon make a purchase of a few more of these and ill try the bigger one thanks volcano for such a great product
  • A Must Have
    Review by Brianon 4/14/12
    This is a must have for the LavaTube. Works great and can't wait until I get my red see-through! If they had a black see-through, it would be a little better to conceal in public. Just my thought.
  • Get One
    Review by BoomBapon 4/7/12
    This thing is NICE! No need to refill constantly anymore. Get for car rides. Great flavor and throat hit. Easy. Get one!
  • No more tanko for me!
    Review by Danielon 4/5/12
    I loved the Inferno tankos, but this blows it away. I purchased the 7mL model (I wanted as big of a tank as possible), I wish I read closer because it would be better with the 1.5 ohm carto and I didn't get one (will get one soon), but even with the 3 ohm carto in it, it is a cleaner flavor than the tankos and the fact that I don't have to refill 2 times a day really makes it a far superior product to the old tank systems. It is a must have for anyone using an Inferno or a Lavatube! Great job Volcano :)
  • Awesome Tube Tank!!
    Review by jasonon 4/3/12
    I initially bought the Inferno starter kit with both options then I saw the Tube Tank on the website. This is by far the BEST way to vape. Dripping and using the tankomizer cannot compare to this Tube Tank.
  • im confused...new to all of this!!
    Review by Jessicaon 3/27/12
    ok i have the inferno kit..we are on the go alot so which do i neeed?? the 4 or 7 ml and what ohm?? someone please help!! thank you!! also can this be used on both the 650 and 1000mah USB batteries?

    Volcano- For the Inferno, I would recommend a 4ml Tube tank at 1.5 ohms and a tube sock for aesthetics.
  • Should have bought this first
    Review by Georgeon 3/25/12
    I recently purchased a 306DCA looking for a better way to Vape. It works fine, BUT, still have to keep dropping juice in, and that's more trouble than constantly filling the cartomizer on the DSE808.

    Enter the TubeTank. WOW! Exactly what I've been looking for. Fill the Tank, and Vape away. No constant refilling, and fabulous vapor.

    Bought the 7ML Tank, which works great on my SIlver Bullet when I'm at home.

    Have a 4ML Tank on the way to use on an ego battery when I'm out and about.

    WIsh I'd have found these Tanks sooner, but I guess after trying several other vaping methods it just makes me appreciate the Tank.

  • overall great
    Review by Williamon 3/21/12
    ordered one of these and a similar from a competitor, they both wicked up great, and fill easy too, for those of you who do go with the cheaper competitor, the twin holes on the bottom are nice, but only allow you to use a thicker fluid, where this tube tank is much better for all fluid and is better constructed, i wish it was as cheap as the competitor, but quality costs
  • Would order again, I use this one daily!
    Review by Andrewon 3/17/12
    I have several different systems and atty's but this one I use the most. The Tube Tank works great and the replacement carts are a lot more reasonable in price than buying an entire atty. Thanks Volcano.
  • Simply Pleasing
    Review by Lord Vaporon 3/15/12
    I am fairly new to Vaping. Started with a Blu then realized it was not holding up to the amount of vaping I was doing. I bucked up and bought an inferno kit with tankomizer?Drip and this beauty! I have this setup on my pass through at home and I unplug and go when I have to seamlessly! The Vape is nice very akin to dripping! A great addition to your Inferno kit and if you are wanting less hassle. You fill this with Juice and it lasts and last and lasts......
  • The "BOMB"
    Review by mikeon 3/15/12
    Just got my Tube Tank with !.5 ohm dual coil and it is the bomb , liked the tankomizer but this puts it to shame , its still a good product but the tube tank is the best . The vapor this 1.5 dual coil produces is incredible . People at the bar are jealous because I can vape at the bar and they must go outside to smoke . Haven't touch an analog in 4 weeks ! Thanks to Volcano ! Keep up the great products . Will always buy Volcano
  • Awesome after I figured out.........
    Review by Nevergobackon 3/14/12
    First let me say. Smoked cigs for 18 years at a minimunlm pack a day. A friend turned me on to vaping a few weeks ago. Ill never go back. I bought the entire inferno set. I explained im on the go alot, and the tube tank was recommended along with the drip setup. So i went all out. Guy helped me get it all set up and how to use. Even tried it out while i was there. I told him, i really didnt like the feel of the pull on the tube tank. So he suggested the sock. I plugged in when i got home and went to vaping. I was happy with all of it dripping except the air pass thru on the tube tank. I already had the sock on it. So my friend came by and i took a look at his. Same setup. It was then i figured out the problem. This may be obvious to some, but for those who dont know. HERE GOES. On the bottom of the tank where it screws in at the battery. There is a circle with the sides cut out. (Looks like a race track). Make sure you DONT see this when u are assembled. If you do. Take it apart and make sure that it sets inside the bottom rubber piece of the tank. After you refill make sure it is setting in properly. The air pass thru will almost all go away. Much better powerful consistent vaping. If this helped out, happy vaping.
  • Just plain AWESOME!!!
    Review by Michaelon 3/14/12
    I had ordered the Inferno system with the tank - o - mizer set up ( new to vaping and had only used a e cig starter kit). Tank-o was good for about a week, then started tasting really burnt. I thought " oh no, another crappy kit". Then I saw the tube tank set up, decided to order it and give it a try. Got my tube tank on 3/14/12, and all I can say is "AWESOME!!". Plenty of vape, decent throat hit, volcano team- thank you so much for this product. I think you have changed yet another thirty year smoker. To my vaping brothers and sisters "keep it flowing :) "....
  • Hands down the best
    Review by sharonon 3/12/12
    This gadget is the best in my book & I left a well deserved review on the replacement carts review page. This tube tank is top quality, I've tried a "replica", version on a different site & this one wins hands down, this version IS TOP QUALITY BEST!!!!!! I love it & who ever designed it genius!! Produces mounds of vapor with great throat hit you can taste, 5 months smoke free now & will NEVER go back to real ciggs. again!! Thanks Volcano for making your top quality products available for me.
  • Amazing
    Review by Nickslife89on 2/28/12
    This is truly the best way to vape. Once you find a flavor you enjoy load it into this bad boy. Get a cool acrylic drip tip and pop in on your inferno. Ahhh simply amazing
  • Great
    Review by Clinton 2/21/12
    This is now my new way to vape. Haven't tried the other type of coil yet, just remember they don't come with the sock, so don't forget to pick one up.
  • q?
    Review by fredyon 2/19/12
    Can you use this on the volcano e cig?

    Volcano-yes, but it will look funny
  • Lavatube
    Review by Roberton 2/17/12
    I bought my first inferno kit and was very pleased with it, now you guys have come out with the lavatube. I am happy with it and it gives me a new way of vaping. thanks again you guys hit the spot (a # one) Robert r 02/115/2012
  • Awesome vape, awful aesthetics.
    Review by Johnathonon 2/15/12
    Wow...just wow. WAY better than tankomizers and *almost* as good as dripping. Big, huge vape like when dripping but no constant refilling. This thing is awesome. My only caveat: it's ugly as hell. Needs a sock/sleeve/something so it doesn't ruin the look of my beautiful Inferno. Nicotine-junkie I may be, but the assembled product looks grossly akin to a filled syringe...not a look I'm going for.

    Volcano- We already have it---http://www.volcanoecigs.com/tube-sock.html
  • Where were you eight months ago!!!
    Review by Superfrogon 2/12/12
    As a 'used to be' high end PV user, I've tried a number of set ups including feeders/tanks/auto dripper. Now that I'm getting back into vaping (still don't have the time I used to), I picked up two of these to go with my new LT, as I'm replacing gear that I had to let go. Systems like this don't get better or easier.

    The 3.0 ohm Cartos are smooth and wick very well (do wish they came closer to 2.5 though like Magma). It's like dripping without the hassle. The vapor and the flavor match **ALMOST** to the magma atty, which is very good. Haven't tried the dual coil yet, next run. Easy to fill by bottle (just pull the tank up off the carto a bit), should be a piece of cake with the needle tip or similar mod.

    I HIGHLY recommend this to us 'Old' guys and new PV users alike. Onen note, the 4ML isn't as effecient (it has less head pressure when full) than the larger 7ml; however, the 4ML does better fit size wise to the Inferno (and should still be kick ass with the dual coil).

    Home run yet again Volcano.
  • A mixed blessing
    Review by Davidon 2/12/12
    If you have one particular flavor that you vape a lot, this is great for being able to fill and not having to refill for days. That being said, it's not the absolutely most wonderful thing that a lot of people say it is. At the heart of this thing, it's still got an old-school cotton-filled cartomizer that mutes the taste of everything and thus, you'll never get the same bold flavor out of it that you do with dripping straight into an atomizer. No matter how much you clean it out, it's going to taste like the last flavor you had in it in for a while and you can see the two colors of the e-liquid mixing together inside the tank, even if you wash out the tank and end caps and blow through the cartomizer until it looks as dry as a bone. Being stuck with one flavor that's mixed with a cotton-y taste for days isn't that appealing, but only filling it up a little keeps it from wicking properly, so I find myself dumping out a considerable amount of e-liquid when I get sick of one flavor. It works great, but just be aware of what it does to the flavor. It's similar to pouring your favorite e-liquid onto a bed sheet and then licking it off. Other than that, the ease of use and convenience are great. It's a step in the right direction away from the traditional cartomizer, but it's still a few steps away from what I was hoping for.
  • I Feel Gangsta!
    Review by Paulon 2/9/12
    Just got this bad boy. WTF this is the best thing ever! Once you try tubetank you will never go back. Amazing!
  • Awesome but I have 2 requests.....
    Review by Caseyon 2/5/12
    This is the best system to date, for sure but I would like to see 1 thing changed/fixed. I would like the silver tube tank caps be able to sit the cartomizers flush like the black ones. I also would like to see the o rings for the tube tank sold individually. Other than that, this thing is amazing. Thanks again Volcano!
  • question
    Review by Derikon 2/3/12
    Good and fast in shipping business. I bought two pieces of mod LAVATUBE, something wonderful. I'm thinking of buying 2 pieces Tank Tube 7ml, but something I do not like?.Other company have 5ml and looks similar in size. Is it 100% 7ml Tube Tank or is it smaller?.Can anyone give the size of the breadth?.
    Review by Hernanon 2/1/12
  • Easily the best!
    Review by Earlon 2/1/12
    I have been vaping for over 2 years and this is the best atomizer I have used. I recommend when filling for the first time or if you run it dry to leak juice into the top to get cotton or fabric inside wet . Typically last me 2 days before refill but its so easy to refill I refill it when it get 1/3 full. Hasnt leaked and I am very happy with my purchase not to mention the replacement carts are only $3 a piece- when ever they come back in stock.
  • Wonderful!!!
    Review by CincyAngelon 1/25/12
    Just received the the new tube tank for my Inferno and was vaping away straight away!! Been vaping for a year with Inferno and tankomizer and this new tube tank is FABULOUS!! No more filling little blank tanks, just fill the tube tank and vape vape vape away. Would definitely recommend getting tube sock for the finished cool look. Big KUDO's to Volcano who just keep coming out with great new products!!!
  • Wonderful!!!
    Review by dlarue*********on 1/25/12
    Just received the the new tube tank for my Inferno and was vaping away straight away!! Been vaping for a year with Inferno and tankomizer and this new tube tank is FABULOUS!! No more filling little blank tanks, just fill the tube tank and vape vape vape away. Would definitely recommend getting tube sock for the finished cool look. Big KUDO's to Volcano who just keep coming out with great new products!!!
  • cant wait for my tube tank
    Review by Bradon 1/23/12
    i already ordered it because of the hassle with the drip tip and atomizer. ive been off real cigs for a couple weeks now i like this product way better
  • awesome
    Review by lorianneon 1/22/12
    I have been vaping for over a year and tried many different set ups, some from this company and some from others. The tank system seems to provide the most overall consistent experience. The vapor, flavor, and throat hit are great. I'm I heavy hitter and I've been getting a solid 7 or 8 days on the cart. I've only experienced two problems with this, I had one cart that was just bad, it tasted like burnt cloth. Thank goodness it wasn't my first or I wouldn't tried it again. I also had the top o-ring of my tank break. I didn't know what the problem was at first, it caused the cart to flood and I thought that the cart was the problem so I changed it. It flooded the second cart too and that's when I noticed the broken o-ring. A trip to the hardware store and all was good again. I will say even with the broke o-ring the tank didn't leak. I am so impressed with the value of this, the refill carts are very inexpensive and the tank itself is incredibly sturdy, mine lives in the outside pocket of my purse and still looks brand new.
  • MUST HAVE!!!!!!
    Review by Jeffreyon 1/17/12
    If you like to vape alot you have to get this! Good throat hit alot of vape and you dont have to refill it alot.
  • tube tank on lava tube
    Review by chadon 1/12/12
    This is a perfect match on the lava tube. Looks good and works great.
  • The Big one works better than the small one
    Review by Brianon 1/6/12
    The Big one works better than the small one
  • OMG excep...
    Review by Trevoron 1/4/12
    Wow it should almost be a crime to invent something so good. the throat hit and vapor is better than dripping and its almost the same diameter as the inferno so it doesnt look out of proportion. im only experiencing one tiny problem. There's no resistance when taking a drag, to be specific its like sucking air threw a straw. i havent seen anyone else post about it so i'm assuming i might have done something wrong or maybe the absence of the cone on the inferno has something to do with it. other than that its perfection on a stick.
  • Very Convient
    Review by MANTRAon 1/3/12
    I purchased both sizes but only using my 4ml on my inferno until my silver lavatube arrives here on the 5th. Sooo excited btw. But the tube take works great when always on the move and don't have time for refills. I orderd 2 more, a 4ml and a 7ml with the chrome option to match my silver lavatube. also the inferno sleeve to make it pleasing to the eye with the 4ml tank. But this is a must have for anybody who wants huge clouds and no hassle of dripping and refilling smaller mods. I went from a pack and a half a day of marlboro for 8yrs right over to vaping and loving it. and the tube tank really helped with the crossover bc the first week i went through a ton of juice but with out the hassle of dripping or using the tank o mizer which is still great but tube tanks is where its at. WAY TO GO VOLCANO shout out from Nashville!!
  • Best system to date ! ! ! !
    Review by Caseyon 12/29/11
    I absolutely love it! Great flavor, clouds, and I only have to fill it once a day. I was told that they would be coming out with some shorty cones that would make the tube tank look more flush on the inferno.. I guess this would not really be a cone but you get the idea. Thank you for any info you can give me on this matter. Also, if you have plans on making this item, when will it be here and will there be choices in color. Thx
  • Badass!
    Review by Ericon 12/28/11
    I recieved one of these as a gift. I wasn't aware of them until I was given one and I must say that I've never had a vape this good!

    I popped an anodized tip into mine and have been using the Magma USB pass through, rather than my Inferno. I'm going to recommend this to every vapor I know.
  • You just replaced my inferno attys!
    Review by Ellen S.on 12/19/11
    Thanks!! Im totaly switching from my inferno attys to this new tank setup This is beyond awesome!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this thing.. with my own custom juice im blowing as much if not more then i was with the inferno atty and the 7ml tank holds enuff juice i only need to fill it once a week! This is the best invention to date. Thank you! And keep those attys priced so good so i can stock up!!!! :D:D:D Dual coal FTW!
  • 3 ohm choice
    Review by Harryon 12/16/11
    Waiting for a 3 ohm choice on the 7 ml before ordering one of these puppies AND a new lava tube.

    Gota be a BOMB!!
  • This works for me
    Review by Nealon 12/13/11
    I'm confused what resistance cart came with the tank because if I order more then I'd like to get one I like better. I assume a higher resistance is more smoke? I'm a pack a day smoker but this is less effort than stopping to buy another pack which is less effort than killing and carrying carts to last the day. I don't even notice or miss the marlboros anymore. My inferno batteries are getting used more than I have used them in the past because I was always switching back and forth between Volcano and a pack of smokes. Waiting to hear back about the Lavatube I gave as a gift and we'll see if that works better. Definitely agree with comments about soaking the cart overnight and making sure it is fully wet wicked before apply power. I rushed my first try and noticed how it improves with use.
  • Pure Sex!
    Review by Zer0Coolon 12/12/11
    For the longest time I had to use Low Res Atty by it self because nothing would come close to the amount of vapor and throat hit that it would provide for me. Now there is a new playa in town and his name is "Tube Tank" It does everything that a Low Res Atty would do and you dont have to refill it for days!!! Days vs minutes = SEX ))) So happy. Thank you Volcano!!! Cant wait to get my Lava Tube to test it with. PS: Using Inferno 4 now.
  • THE BEST so far for vaping....
    Review by Frosty09on 12/11/11
    On 2011-12-09 I received my order of Tube TANKS and spare Cartomizers. In less than two (2) minutes I was vaping clouds of pristine vapor with my INFERNO.

    The Tube TANKS are so easy to fill and use. I applaud the Volcano folks for this innovation for vaping.

    I was really amazed at the undistorted full flavor of my e-juice and the intensity of that flavor. My custom blended, double-shot, 80%-VG menthol was almost overpowering... though I quickly adapted to getting the robust flavor with each draw. The dual coil cartomizers are fantastic.

    Thus far.... there are not any e-juice leaks from any of my filled TANKS. And I have not received any raw e-juice to my mouth - which was an intermittent problem with all of the other methods I had tried.

    Around the house I am using the 7ml TANK and when I go out of the house I'm using the 4ml TANK.

    Cheers to the folks at Volcano for bringing well-designed Tube TANKS to the vaping public.

  • Got it today.. Wow!!
    Review by bryanon 12/10/11
    You can actually taste the flavors way better with this.. ! Ordered the large one for my inferno, I am a heavy hitter and constantly filling my tankomizers.. This thing is great..! I will be downsizing as smaller one I heard is more flush with inferno battery.. This thing holds a lot of liquid, and being the heavy hitter that I am, I don't feel bad downsizing as the flavors and nicotine levels hit you like a brick to the head.. I will down grade the nicotine to 8 or even zero now with this monster.. Will see how this thing holds up cause seems like a lot more savings too, as replacement cartomizers are less than 3 bucks... I am very happy with this..!! Cheers volcano..!! Keep up the great work,.!!
  • Tube TANKs are a vapor's dream....
    Review by Frosty09on 12/9/11
    I received my order of Tube TANKS and Tube Cartomizers yesterday. In less than two (2) minutes I had one filled and was vap'ing strong clouds.

    The intensity of the flavor from my liquid was a major surprise. Actually... it was almost overpowering. I'm used to it now... and it struck me how inadequate the other methods of vaping are.

    Around the house I'm using the 7ml TANK on the INFERNO. When I go out I'll put the 4ml TANK on the INFERNO and take a spare, charged, INFERNO battery.

    The only problem I have found is that the button guard will float aimlessly now when attached to the INFERNO.

    If the VOLCANO folks made a button guard that would attach firmly to the INFERNO with a Tube TANK... I wouldn't have any complaints about this great product.

    If you don't have a Tube TANK yet... cash in your aluminum cans and order several.

    Cheers to the VOLCANO folks....

  • Great Product
    Review by tavetc13on 12/8/11
    I really love the tube tank, I love the fact I can see very well when it needs refilling, and filling is a breeze, thou are there any tips like the blank tanks for the inferno?
  • Solid
    Review by Julianon 12/5/11
    This is a good product, for the most part. I have only the Inferno batteries to try this with, and so far, I have had a consistently good draw on it, fairly decent smoke, and no burning flavors, and no issues. I personally would like thicker smoke, and I think this will be achieved with a battery like the lava tube. With the Inferno, I prefer the taste of the clearomizers. They produce better flavor, but I am fairly sure that with the lava tube, the tube tank will perform much better. I already have a favorable view of this product, and I think it will only get better with the right product pairing.
  • Sounds great but one question.......
    Review by Caseyon 12/3/11
    I am really excited to receive the new 4ml tube tank for my inferno. The only thing I question is the cosmetics of how it looks on the inferno. Have you thrown around the idea of making a center cap piece to make the inferno flush to the tube tank? Thank you for any info.

    Volcano- should be coming next week
  • Can you use on MAGMA??
    Review by okiedokieon 12/2/11
    can you use this tank on the magma??

    Volcano- no, this is suggested only for a Inferno or LavaTube
  • Pretty good
    Review by Peteron 12/1/11
    I just picked up a few of these for my Inferno. The flavor comes through fully, and refilling is so easy its incredible. I can finally vape all day with no issues. It has also been surprisingly easy to switch flavors up on the same cartomizer without too much bleed through.

    My only complaint is I am getting significantly less vapor than on other methods.
  • Very Nice Less Hassel!
    Review by roadkillon 12/1/11
    I really like the the Tube Tanks! They look good and work GREAT!! No more refilling small tanks all day. Just fill this baby up and it should last all day!! Be sure to fill the carto up after filling the tank to avoid any dry hits.
  • Much Better
    Review by STEVEon 12/1/11
    I have had this tube for about an hour now all i can say is no more tankomizers. I forgot how good the juice flavors are with tank they tasted like crap compared to this no more burnt plastic taste easy to fill. Vapor production is acceptable and the replacment cartomizers are cheap enough to buy a dozen at a time. Although i dont think you want to walk around with it in your pocket?
  • Works great!
    Review by Heatheron 12/1/11
    I considered making my own tank mod before, but just never got around to it. When I saw this on here I had to try it, and after vaping it for a couple of days I've been pleasantly surprised. Definitely a worthwhile buy, IMO. With the juice I'm using (a menthol burst/RY4 mix), I feel the vapor production and flavor is equivalent to when I drip. Works just as well as my clearomizers, without the issues you can have with some of them (such as burnt taste or wicking).
    My only worry was replacement price, but now I see there are affordable cartomizer refills available.

    Only downside is how much ejuice I'm using up because it holds so much and I don't have to worry about refilling as often. ;)
  • amazing product
    Review by catmanon 11/29/11
    i have tried everything, and this by far is the absolute best investment i have made since i started vaping. easy to fill, and lasts a good while. only recommend getting the needle tip bottle topper for filling with ease. great product volcano, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A must have for on the go vaping!!!
    Review by Jaredon 11/28/11
    I purchased 2 of these as soon as they were available. All I have to say is AWSOME!!!! I am vaping these with my inferno, until the Lavatube is released and the vapor production is amazing. Easy to fill with no hassles, no siryge needed, great taste with no burnt taste or over heating. GO VOLCANO.

    By the way, when will the LavaTube be available to the public????
  • Great Way to Vape, One Concern
    Review by Nathanon 11/28/11
    This works really well... It provides the vapor production you would expect from a regular cartomizer and it holds a lot of liquid. Refilling couldn't be easier.

    Only one concern... It would be really nice to be able to buy replacement cartomizers. One of my favorite ejuices is pure vg, and it's difficult to justify getting only about a week out of such an expensive attachment. Replacement cartomizers, if they were as cheap as regular cartomizers, would reduce the cost a lot.

    replacement cartomizers now available
  • Awesome!
    Review by vapordivaon 11/26/11
    This is hands down the most awesome way to vape yet! It's a teeny bit tricky to fill the first time you do it, but just follow the directions given in the forum and you'll figure it out pretty quickly. After that, it's all glory! Tons of vapor, clean taste, long-lasting. OK, so it looks a little bizzare atop my Inferno battery - who cares? Actually, it's fairly cool looking and you will get lots of people asking you about it. The lanyard even works with it,--well, it doesn't stay directly over the manual button but it holds your Inferno just fine. I LOVE this thing! Now, how long will it last? For the price, I hope a while - but if it goes even 2 weeks, I will be more than satisfied.
  • almost as good as dripping
    Review by Scotton 11/26/11
    Just got my 4ml in today. The structural integrity of the unit is stellar. It feels very solid. Using a needle topper for the liquid took more like 30 drops to prime the polymer filling, and ended up leaking a little out of the bottom after blowing a little bit of air from the top (y'know, to help clear out bubbles near the coils).

    Overall, the flavor (volcano's RY-four) came out clean and not muted at all, as some cartos tend to do. TH isn't as strong as regular dripping, but it comes REAL close.

    The included drip tip is indeed a delrin. Solid plastic, but the hole was a bit small, so I swapped it out for my delrin swirl drip tip. Looks better, and also seems to have a tighter fit.

    For now, I'll be leaving this on my Inferno USB battery at home, while taking my regular low-res atty on the go. No clue as to how long a mostly-filled tube tank will last, but I was able to fit a good amount of liquid.

    Also, while pushing the carto back up after initial filling, the edges of the carto lip ended up slicing a tiny piece of rubber from the top. No big deal, just gotta be reeeeeeeeeeeeeally careful pushing it back up through the tube.

    tl;dr, great little device. Great job, Volcano.
  • Love it
    Review by larryon 11/26/11
    Just got mine today! follow the instructions on the website on how to fill it if you get one. good flavor, good vape, it is kinda crackly at first but that goes away. Thanks Volcano!!!! another home run.
  • They look slick, and pump out the clouds!
    Review by monarch79on 11/25/11
    I have two 4ml tanks, and they are both performing admirably... I have been using them exclusively for the past four days, and they are (in my opinion) better than the more expensive carto-tanks out there, and I've had a few.

    I really like the look of the tanks, very sleek and slim, and the DCC pumps out the clouds without distorting the flavor of the juice. What more can you ask for?
  • Awesome
    Review by Dennison 11/24/11
    The Lava tube is the best thing Ive seen from the vamping industry. Its an idea thats been developed over the course of many failures and they finally got it perfected. The hit is the better than I could hope for. I use it on my inferno and love it. When filling I still had one of the needle tip caps and it made the process a lot easy.
  • Take it from your boy, E...
    Review by Eazy Eon 11/23/11
    If you are staring at the pictures and thinking to yourself "Man, this looks awesome but it just sounds too good to be true...", then you are sorely mistaken my friend. It is just as awesome as it looks. In fact, it looks even better in person on your device and hits harder than Muhammad Ali. That's right folks, put this on your battery and watch the bubbles float up like a butterfly and sting like a bee with the throat hit. Good times. Highly recommended.
  • Simply amazing!!!
    Review by Paul Kon 11/23/11
    Vaper production and taste of my favorite tabacco juice is unbelivable. This is a must for every serious vaper. Great job Volcano!!!
  • This thing is awesome!
    Review by nitrojugaon 11/23/11
    This is the best heating element I've used. It holds enough juice to last me and most people a whole day. The flavor from this is awesome and I love the sound of a sizzling cartomizer. If you are hesitant to buy this because of the price, don't worry. You don't have to buy this whole system when the cartomizer dies. Volcano will soon have replacement cartomizers, so you just take out the old cartomizer and put the new one in. Volcano, thanks for another AWESOME product! :D
  • LOVE IT.
    Review by Roberton 11/23/11
    Not only does it get even more people asking questions because it looks like some sort of strange health device , or something. Looks pretty cool. :] Come out with some different colors , of course Volcanos gonna tell you they work great straight from the box , my advice is to fill both the tank and the carto and dry prime it ( inhale without button pressing ) and let it sit overnight and dry prime it 4 more hard times before you inhale it. Otherwise you run the risk of smoking primer for quit some time. Once you get it going , its got flavor just like a drip. Thanks Volcano , get some more colors. Red , Blue and the like.
  • Consistant Delivery
    Review by Davidon 11/22/11
    If you want consistancy on every drag, forget dripping. Get this instead. Cartos are hit and miss but this is dead on and awesome.
  • cant wait for my tube tank!!!
    Review by justinon 11/21/11
    just ordered my tube tank and i must say that i am very excited to receive it! hope they release a pre punched mizer soon though... a larger tank would be nice for home use aswell :)