WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Replacement/Additional Lithium Ion batteries in either Black or White finish with your choice of Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White, or no LED's for your Volcano Starter Kit. The V-Battery is 88mm long and is the smallest battery we currently offer. Simply charge em' up and they are ready to go!

This 90 mAh battery will last approximately 30 minutes between charges.

Regular Price: $10.99

Special Price: $5.99

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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Replacement/Additional Lithium Ion batteries in either Black or White finish with your choice of Red, Green, Blue, Purple, White, or no LED's for your Volcano Starter Kit. The V-Battery is 88mm long and is the smallest battery we currently offer. Simply charge em' up and they are ready to go! This 90 mAh battery will last approximately 30 minutes between charges.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Mostly good
    Review by Sethon 4/3/13
    These are good batteries I've ordered a bunch and never got a dud. There is a fake gold coating on the threads that pretty quickly gets worn off. I'm not sure where it goes, probably most of it gets sucked through the hole and goes into your lungs.
  • Overall
    Review by matton 2/23/13
    do these batteries fit with the blu cartridges? i dont want to order online from volcano and wait, blu sells their cartridges at walgreens so i can buy them anytime. but do these batteries fit? because the blu batteries are horrible.
  • Overall
    pretty good
    Review by Devinon 2/9/13
    well first of all, instead of buying the volcano starter kit,i bought this battery, two packs of cartomizers and a charger and i ended up spending alot less! the battery is nice, works ok,lasts a while,but the only problem i have with it is that the battery light only lights up about half of the circle. i have only fully charged it twice though so we'll see if it gets better.
  • Overall
    quick question
    Review by Jasonon 2/4/13
    Just wondering if I can use these battery's with a clearomizer?
  • Five star battery and customer service
    Review by Taraon 8/18/12
    I recently quit smoking and turned to vaping instead. I started on and eGo and love it however I still missed the actual feel of smoking. I tried two other companies before trying Volcano and was sorely disappointed.

    My first battery from Volcano would not charge on the charger I had and by this point I was ready to just toss it after the bad experiences I had with the other two companies. I submitted a ticket and was genuinely surprised at the swift and helpful responses I received from Shadowrelm. My first battery is being replaced and the second battery and charger I bought have worked wonderfully.

    The owner of the local vape shop was genuinely surprised at how well the volcano battery vapes being a mini. It is a perfect fit for small purses, easy to handle when you need an automatic and feels like a real cigarette. It was the one battery I needed to quit analogs for good!

    Thank you Volcano and your excellent support team!
  • Quick question
    Review by Brad on 6/3/12
    I'm looking in to buying the express starter kit and I was just wondering if these are the batteries for them and if these are compatible with the v-pack. This is my first time getting a ecig so I just want to know. If anyone tell me that would be great. Thank you.

    Volcano- yes
  • perfect
    Review by rawrrrdinoon 12/2/11
    these batteries are awesome, and they are what I first used to quit the sticks. sure, you have to recharge after about 20-30 minutes, but they feel exactly like a cig in your hand, and that worked wonders to curb the psychological aspect of quitting. 8 months later, despite having multiple devices including the Lavatube, I still use them on an almost daily basis.

    the draw is smooth. they are not set off by wind or loud noises like most other auto draw batts. I have 1 batt from my original kit (lost the other) that I bought 8 months ago, and it works even better than the day I got it.

    these batts are perfect for use when you don't have a spare hand to press a button to activate a battery, and they are light enough to hold them in your mouth.
  • good batteries
    Review by poconojoon 11/4/11
    I really like these batteries. Feels like a real cigarette in your hands. These batteries are not wind sensitive or noise sensitive. They work great.
  • Nice JOB!!!
    Review by Frankon 5/16/11
    Got these today. Noticed how much better they hit over my old blu's. Also noted I paid less than half of what blu batts cost! I haven't had these long enough to add other comments so I'll stick to that and just say they function better, cost less, and I for one don't care about colors. Black, white...is that all? Who cares? I'd rather get quality and have the cost down... Now, I would go over to the other guys who are asking 13 dollars a batt and ask if they come with custom logos and my initials engraved in them in 14k gold...but Volcano.....just keep doing what you are doing....getting us good stuff that works great and costs less. I love your company and love that I have been analog free 6 months plus after smoking 2packs a day for 24 years!!!!
  • new Led colors
    Review by carlon 4/26/11
    yeah would be nice to have more to choose from....but all around good batt
  • Great operation
    Review by closetmonsterrron 4/11/11
    works sooo much better than Blu batts. Blu batts turn on on the slightest vibration or breeze of air, but hard to keep on while vaping, but Volano batts never turn on in my PCC and i never have a problem with operation while vaping!
  • 5 Months!?
    Review by poopypauntzon 1/15/11
    Yeah this thing lasted through Summer, Fall and Winter w/o fail. Granted I had a Blu (sucked) as well as other ecig offerings. However! this thing kept going and going and well yeah, you get the picture... The unfortunate thing is that I outgrew the "V" and went for the Magma and that has yet to make me click my heels 3x's whilst wishing there was no place like home.
  • Always keep a spare!
    Review by Maxon 1/1/11
    The battery works great and can last for up to an hour of constant vaping, but let me warn you all to keep a spare battery on hand at all times. So far I've lost a battery, had a battery malfunction, and dropped a battery which ended up broken. The malfuntioning one started working properly again by the way, but still I was stuck for some time using a battery that didn't work properly. Don't forget that unlike cigarettes you can't just drive to the nearest gas station to get your fix with these. These batteries are great quality, sleek, sturdy, and fairly priced, but always keep a spare battery AND atomizer in the case that you accidentally lose it or break it, otherwise you'll be so sorry.
  • great battery
    Review by rawsydon 12/4/10
    battery works great. They used to come in Purple that looked like a black light. I hope they bring those back
  • Volcano rocks!!!!!!!!
    Review by Byronon 11/27/10
    I have had my ecig for almost a month now and absolutely LOVE IT. I original bought the kit with one v-batt then bought an extra. But unfortunately one batt was defective so volcano very kindly is replacing in but while I am waiting for that one I made the mistake and flooded my remaining batt so now I'm unable to vape. So I broke down and bought a pack of analogs....worst thing I ever did until now I didn't relize how disgusting theses things are. So the moral is try and have atleast 3 batt on hand for the price it won't hurt and you won't end up like me.
  • Great!
    Review by Matthewon 10/23/10
    This is my second and last e cig I've tried! I use my ecig on my breaks and lunch, while in the car and at the computer at home. I get about an hour of constant use from one charge. I would like more color choices but the black is pretty sweet. I got the blue led which makes it clear to onlookers that I'm not smoking but vaping!
  • More Colors
    Review by Bobbyon 8/9/10
    These need to come in more Colors
  • Nice
    Review by InternetMafiaon 8/6/10
    I get about an hour of constant vaping with the battery.

    I have the red and blue LEDs. For some reason the red work better than the blue, but whatever.

    They both do what they are designed to do.
  • Went back to v-kit
    Review by mary oregonon 8/6/10
    I really am getting to like it better b/c of it looks more girl like for women in the white. Battery life is better then any other e-cig I have had in past. Atomizers are WAY better. The magma is great when you first try to stop for the fact it gives you more vapor hits and makes you more satisfied. I am at last off reg. cigs. Yippee !and in the long run these e-cigs will pay for it self. Cigs. are to high now a days and taste horrble.. Magma needs to be pink or white for us girls. Please make one!! I will buy one.
  • Great Battery
    Review by Georgeon 7/11/10
    Life span for this is great I get about 30-45 mins constant use (1½ hours normal use) and sides of battery have small ridges that make it easier to hold onto.

    I ordered mine with a green LED and "vaping" in darker areas gives it a very cool almost eerie look.
  • good batteries
    Review by janon 7/6/10
    Battery life is good and overall the entire produce is best of all e-cigs I have tried.
  • Excellent
    Review by kcchiefsocdon 4/10/10
    The battery life is good. Usually last a couple of hours. A different selection of LED colors to choose from would be nice. Very pleased overall.
  • Batteries
    Review by Ashon 3/30/10
    Battery lifespan varies depending on use; I'll generally get at least a good solid hour out of mine (unless I'm vaping like crazy). LED color for mine is red. I'm hoping there will be some new LED colors to choose from soon though (only because it'd be nice to have an unnatural color, like blue/green/etc., so people would know right off the bat it isn't a traditional cigarette).

    TIP: Be sure to stock up on extra batteries & atomizers! The worst feeling in the world is when something isn't working and you are left without your nicotine fix!