WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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VOLCANO V-Pack - Black and White Sale

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  • VOLCANO V-Pack - Black and White


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A replacement/additional V-Pack for your Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack.

Volcano battery and USB charging cable not included


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

A replacement/additional V-Pack for your Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette Starter Pack.

Volcano battery and USB charging cable not included

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Won't charge Blu Premium or Premium 100 batteries!
    Review by JDon 3/25/13
    Bought this as a backup PCC for Blu.
    Lightning fast processing & shipping.
    Unfortunately, it will only charge Original Blu batteries.
    Volcano was cool about the misunderstanding.
    Said they'll email me a paid return label.
    Refund equal value in points.
    Ordered the power bank, since it will charge anything with a USB.
    Five stars for great customer service!
  • Overall
    Review by Djayfusionon 11/19/12
    High Tech cigarettes at its best. My old PCC wouldn't hold a charge on my "Blu". So i got a Volcano Personal Charge Carrier. Awesome love how it keeps track on the charge. Love how it has a little light for dim situations. I love it and others think its awesome. Thanks Volcano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Question
    Review by Valon 9/10/12
    Hi, can this battery pack replace the Blu battery pack?

    Volcano- yes
  • Question
    Review by Jonon 6/15/12
    I have some 306 batteries from another e-cig vender does this PCC tend to work with other batteries?

    Volcano- NO
  • Hasn't let me down yet!
    Review by Joshuaon 3/28/12
    Another great product!! The pack's charge lasts an entire day of continueous use. I just wish it came with a note stating, "hold bottom of button for 3 seconds to begin charging." If it did i wouldn't have felt so stupid when i called customer service cuz i couldn't figure out how to charge my batteries. Overall, great product!!
  • good case
    Review by poconojoon 11/4/11
    This is a great charging case. Holds everything you need when you go out. Battery life isnt a problem with this case. Good product.
  • Is it Just me
    Review by Bobbyon 9/9/11
    As fack the upgrade it way better the other however it seems the new Cartomizers seems very loose inside. The other pack they were very snug & tight. My other pack is the white I really don't see how the color has anything to with it but other then loose fit it Great upgrade!
  • Updated pack
    Review by Shandaon 8/20/11
    I went and order the newer updated version of the pack a little over a month ago and I'm happy to say it has gotten way better. Volcano added an extra slot for carry a second battery or atomizer and they also changed the design a bit and now you know when the battery is still charging or how much it has left to go as well as a light inside the pack for at night.
  • bad luck
    Review by Jasonon 8/7/11
    bad luck with two of these. One i dropped flat on the ground doesn't work which i figured. the second was dropped in a purse now it doesn't work and sometimes had to plug in the unit to be able to charge a second battery like it tripped and had to be reset plugging it back in
  • V- pack
    Review by mary214on 6/14/11
    I had a hard time with the light coming on in my purse and now the new ones have it on the side. Great job and well thought of. Love your e-cigs and I tell everyone no ones better then Valcano e-cigs. Thank you for good service too that means allot to me. Love the taste and they have helped me tons.... You just have to work with them and keep smoking until you get them down and use to them. Get a extra battery and atomizer. Good to have back up. Batteries do have a short time but if you have back up no big deal!!
  • Way better pack than any other
    Review by brailsback79on 6/8/11
    I used to have the 510 pcc and it was not even close to as good as this one. This pack kicks ass and actually works like magic and looks cool. I like the volcano cig better because it is more like a cigarette and the v atomizer must be pretty dang good because I like this one more than my 510. Don't forget about all the good flavors too. Much better place for ecig than any other company
  • How a pack should work
    Review by Shandaon 5/5/11
    I just got this earlier this week and I have to say I am very pleased. When I first started using ecigs I started with Blu and I got the starter kit with their pack and didn't work correctly, the light never actually turned off and if I left the battery in too long it would drain it. The worst part was it was really hard to know when the pack itself was actually dead which would often leave me with several dead batteries and no way to charge them. With Volcano I know when the batteries are charged, I know how charged the pack is and it even comes with a flash light. In summary the pack is a necessity.
  • Confused
    Review by Johnnieon 4/7/11
    Using the V PCC for the first time, it didn't work. Plain and simple. I can charge in the usual way but not it looks like I have a faulty PCC. Darn, I thought that this was going to be easy and pain free.
    It's funny, the first thing that came out of my Volcano Black Box was a Quality Control Card...IT said passed....Hey Volcano ECig QC People, how about making sure these actually work before shipping them off....Really.....For shame....

    otherwise Great Product!
  • I have mixed feelings about the new packs
    Review by Stacyon 11/6/10
    When I first ordered my kit, the pack had an indicator light that went off when the battery was done charging. With the new packs I have a hard time figuring out when my battery is fully charged. I like the pack. I can charge it in my car, as my car has an USB port. So, you see, I have mixed feelings.
  • I took it for a spin...
    Review by Aliceon 11/6/10
    I love this charger probably more than anything. I mean it's nice to know how much battery my pack is holding and it sucks not having my e cigarette when I need it the most. Though I remember putting mine through the wash! To my surprise it turned out fine after we let it dry out. Plugged it in and I was vaping again within minutes! Great product and it's defiantly a must have for anyone who vapes as much as I do!!!
  • Great!
    Review by Matthewon 10/23/10
    This is the greatest innovation in vaping I've seen. I love being able to charge on the go. nothing is more frustrating than having your battery die while you are vaping away. My old ecig didn't have this option and this product was one of the main reasons why I switched and one of the many reasons why I'll never switch again!
  • I like it but
    Review by Keoon 10/22/10
    This is really handy. It would be even better if I used carts but I drip. I REALLY wish they will come out with another one that will hold the bottles for those of us who only drip.
    I also wish they had one that would hold a Volcano AND a Magma.
    Other than that, I think it's great. It's very convenient. I like the feel of carrying a "pack of cigarettes" as well. It's great that you can have one charging up and have a spare ready to go.
    Review by DAVEon 7/15/10
  • this thing is awesome!
    Review by Samon 3/31/10
    i ordered this as a replacement for my blu PCC and this is much better in design and quality, the little battery life screen at the bottom was a great idea
  • V-Pack
    Review by Ashon 3/30/10
    This thing is a MUST HAVE! Such a Godsend when you're out and about! And keeps all of your e-cig accessories organized, similar to a real pack of cigs!

    There are 5 slots for holding extra carts (TIP: one of which I use to hold an empty cart with my spare atomizer inside, just in case I ever need to use the cart and/or atomizer while on the go), it has a slot to hold your spare battery (which you can screw in to charge), and one slot to hold your full e-cigarette. Pure genius!
  • Awsome
    Review by Mendion 1/23/10
    I love the way it makes me feel like I have that "pack" of cigarettes. The best thing is that you can use it to hold additional carts and it will hold a v-cig and a battery as well as charge the battery! Took me a while to figure out how to use it because I was always watching the charging light to make sure I unplugged the vpack when I was charging it, then I found out you can just leave it plugged in and I did that overnight after having some issues with charging and the next day it was working perfectly! :)
  • Great PCC!
    Review by Bradon 11/7/09
    I love the Volcano PCC. The matte finish is great, the screened logo is bright and stylish. The product works well and charges my batteries 5-6 times before needing to be charged itself. I love it so much that I ordered an additional as a back-up.

    It should be noted though that if you order the extra v-pack as an additional or a replacement that you will not receive a charging cord with it (at least I didn't). That would be my only complaint is that Volcano doesn't tell you that you don't receive a USB charger with the unit.
  • Excellent
    Review by D. Crandallon 9/17/09
    These personal charger / holder cases work really great for me at work. I am a heavy smoker and this lasts me my entire shift plus. I just charge it at night when I sleep and ready to go the next day for work. My old e cig from another company did not have this and I was always running batteries dead and having to order more of them to charge and carry in my pocket. This eliminates that problem. Now I feel very comfortable knowing I can smoke with my pack and two batteries. One in the unit and one charging.