WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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VOLCANO Vapor Cafe Coffee (Waipuna Rise)

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  • VOLCANO Vapor Cafe Coffee (Waipuna Rise)

VOLCANO Vapor Cafe Coffee (Waipuna Rise)


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This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

The house coffee blend used exclusively in the VOLCANO Vapor Cafe. Premium Grade-A Coffee grown and specially roasted to our specifications right here in Hawaii.


This product has been discontinued. Please see our new products here.

Since the opening of our first VOLCANO Vapor Cafe in Waikiki, Hawaii our house coffee blend has drawn a lot of attention and brought many coffee connoisseurs through our doors! Well now's your chance to try some of our premium Hawaii coffee served exclusively at the VOLCANO Vapor Cafe.

Our Premium blend (Named Waipuna Rise) comes in a medium or dark roast and is offered in either 8oz or 16oz sizes. You can also choose from whole bean or fresh ground, which ever suits your needs. The coffee is very smooth and has a velvety finish. Roasted with a hint of Vanilla and Hazelnut, its a true coffee lovers delight.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Review by Jeffon 3/27/13
    I won't even try to articulate the taste because I am just not on that level. What I will say is that it is the best coffee I ever made. It (med roast, whole bean) smells amazing- unground, ground and brewed. I tried the in-store HI coffee, expecting something like it. I was way off, this stuff is hard to beat!
  • OMG,you make COFFEE ? Oh I can't wait !
    Review by Mucky Pupon 6/12/12
    I didn't know Volcano made coffee ! Until just now that is..I've been in love with the liquids for months now,AND I'm a HUGE coffee lover as well.I am so psyched to try this as I have just ordred myself up a batch.I'm almost positive that this here lava java will flow and blow my mind.And I simply can't wait to try this.It will be next best thing to getting on a plane just to hang out with my Volcano friends @ the friendly Vapor Cafe.
  • Out-effing-standing Brew!!!
    Review by Tat2dRichon 11/9/11
    Based on my addiction to Volcano ejuice I was expecting good coffee, but Wow! I can only speak for the French Roast, whole bean. We brewed 2 cups at a time in Fiji Spring Water, medium ground, in a French Press.
    We had been drinking Jamaica Blue Mountain. By comparison the Waipuna Rise tasted clearer, somehow cleaner. It had a winey taste, fermented - in a good way. There was a very pleasant after taste that "hung-in-there" for 15 minutes or so.
    A very full taste, full of interesting notes. Obviously the vanilla and hazelnut, which I was afraid would be too heavy handed but to my relief was no more powerful than the natural pecan and dark chocolate alkaloids naturally occurring in the coffee itself.
    I just re-ordered, a pound this time. Oh, and the Blue Mountain? I'm afraid it will just have to go stale unless more people who I don't like well enough to give the Volcano stop by.
  • Fantastic Coffee!
    Review by gbfriendon 10/8/11
    I recently ordered the medium roast in grounds to try and was more than impressed. This coffee is absolutely fantastic!!! The hazelnut and vanilla is definitely present, but it is a balanced coffee overall. I am constantly trying coffees from around the world including Africa and Latin America, and this coffee ranks in the top tier of coffees I have tried! Get this coffee today! It is a bold coffee, smooth, and is a great way to begin any day!
  • Great coffee
    Review by Archieon 9/2/11
    Wow...that is GREAT coffee. Robust !!!!
  • Spoiled us
    Review by Angela on 9/2/11
    My husband and I love coffee, since getting this all other coffee is crap. Seriously we can't even get a decent cup at the diner. We've been too spoiled. Good Work Volcano!!