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Volcano Electronic Cigarette

Standard Power Starter Kits  

Finding the right e-cigarette starter kit has never been easier. VOLCANO e-Cigs has two standard-power
electronic cigarette starter kits that include everything you need to start vaping right out of the box.
And to top it all off, any e-cigarette starter kit purchase includes free shipping* and some kits include a bottle of e-liquid!

MAGMA E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Single handedly redefining the age of vaping.

MAGMA E-Cigarette

Although small in it's stance, The MAGMA® is truly a workhorse that will provide you with puff after puff of vaping performance.
The MAGMA® is tailor made for smokers who fall within the half-a-pack of cigarettes a day range.

Power Packs.

Charge on the go with the M-Pack

Flavor to go.

Prefilled cartomizers in 10 flavors

As close as it gets.

Similarly sized to a 100's sized cigarette

INFERNO E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Electronic cigarettes have never looked so good.

INFERNO E-Cigarette Starter Kit

The name says it all - Extended battery life, power, and consistent vapor production just as you would expect.
The INFERNO® is our best selling device and is a perfect fit for a pack-a-day smoker or more!

Charging simplified.

Mini USB. Hassle Free.

Revolutionary tank design.

Fill and go.

Define your style.

8 eye-popping colors to choose from.

Variable Voltage/Wattage Starter Kits  

Get maximum battery life and vapor production with our best-selling variable voltage / variable wattage
LAVATUBE® starter kit. The LAVATUBE® allow's users to control the battery power and deliver the highest quality electronic
cigarette vapor. All variable voltage/wattage e-cigarette starter kit orders include free shipping* and a free bottle of e-liquid.

LAVATUBE E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Yes. It really is that hot.

LAVATUBE E-Cigarette Starter Kit

Sitting at the top of the heap of the vari-volt-watt-vaping heap is our all-new LAVATUBE® Version 2.5.
Lightweight, feature packed, and beautifully contructed like no other. It's time to take your vaping to new heights.

Dial it in.

Fully adjustable power output.

Power for days.

Removeable rechargeable batteries.

Pro feature set.

Battery voltage & atomizer ohm checker.

Make a connection.

Standard 510 threaded connection


Lightweight, durable aluminum.

Vape the rainbow.

10 classy colors to choose from.

Premium USA-Made E-Liquids  

With a selection of over 39 flavors in 4 different strengths including zero nicotine, we've got your tastebuds covered!
You can even mix and match flavors to create your own signature mouth watering blends! Bottle Sizes include 15ml and 30 ml.

Premium USA Made E-Liquids

Prefilled Cartomizers  

Get your favorite e-liquid and a heating element all rolled into one with our top-performing prefilled cartomizers!
Choose from a selection of 10 of our top-selling flavors! We even carry them as blanks so that you can fill them yourself!

Prefilled Cartomizers

What makes VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes
the best-selling brand?

Fast & Free Shipping

  • •  All orders over $50 receive FREE shipping via USPS Priority Mail
  • •  All orders over $100 receive FREE FedEx 2 Day shipping
  • •  Orders are typically mailed out the same day of purchase

Outstanding Customer Support

  • •  Customer service call center with live representatives
  • •  Extensive forum for community assistance and engagement
  • •  Live video chat boards for instant support

The Best E-Cig Starter Kit Selection

  • •  Standard and Variable Voltage/Wattage starter kit options suited for all users
  • •  Wide selection of vaping accessories for all of our starter kits
  • •  Multiple colors tailored to suit anyone's personal style

Loyalty Rewards Program

  • •  Earn FREE rewards points with every qualifying e-cigarette purchase
  • •  View and share your points in your customer account dashboard
  • •  Control your point redemptions for awesome discounts

The Best E-Cigarette Warranty

  • •  1 Year Limited Warranty covering any manufacturer defects
  • •  Zero cost replacements of defective items
  • •  Quality tested to ensure customer satisfaction

Why Volcano E-Cigs is the Best E-Cigarette

Premium USA-Made E-Liquids

  • •  All e-liquids are made in America and batch tested to ensure quality
  • •  Over 30 flavors of e-liquid to choose from in 4 different strengths
  • •  Weekly discounted e-liquid flavors to help you build your vaping arsenal

The Smarter Alternative

  • •  No ash, No tar No Offensive Odors
  • •  Save thousands of dollars every year when you make the switch
  • •  Freedom to use your e-cigarette almost anywhere

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