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Electronic Cigarettes.

No really, we are. Here at VOLCANO, we embrace the fact that electronic cigarettes are making a marked difference in the lives of countless people everyday.

That distinction serves as our movtivation.



VOLCANO Fine Electronic Cigarettes® is a manufacturer and retailer of electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories and is headquartered in the beautiful state of Hawaii. The company was founded in August, 2009 by Cory Smith and Jos Burnett. In the years since VOLCANO has expanded its base of operations throughout the world in order to keep pace with the exponential growth of the smoking alternatives industry.

Our primary focus is bringing industry leading products to market that are customer centric. We currently have manufacturing and retail locations throughout the United States of America, the UK and Southeast Asia. With a proven track record of releasing quality products and providing exceptional customer service, VOLCANO’s reputation is one that any consumer can count on.

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Why Shop With Us?

Exceptional CS

Telephone support with friendly customer service agents. Informative forum with extensive product information. Video chat rooms for quick support from other users.

USA-Made E-Liquids

Highest quality USA made ingredients. Manufactured and bottled in the USA. Tested by independent testing facilities to ensure quality.


eCigs in multiple sizes to fit any smokers needs. Mulitple color options. Multiple vapor delivery methods.

Innovative Products

Mobile charging methods that help you vape on-the-go. Long lasting batteries that reduce charging time. Inter-changeable accessories that can be used together.


Multiple retail locations throughout the USA. FREE SHIPPING on any order over $50. FREE FedEx 2-Day shipping on any order over $100.

Customer Satisfaction

1 Year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. Weekly sales, clearance items, contests and giveaways. Customer of the week prizes.

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