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  1. The LAVATUBE v2.5 - (Device Only)


    Our LAVATUBE v2.5 E-Cigarette is the culmination of our teams R&D and is the most powerful and customizable e-Cig we currently offer. We've reworked the design of the entire device and are proud to bring you the most advanced vaping device currently on the market.

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  2. M-Pack


    A replacement/additional M-Pack for your MAGMA e-Cig Starter Pack.

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  3. M-Battery - Manual Button


    Take full control of the vapor production from your MAGMA with the manual button controlled MAGMA battery!

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  4. MEGA M-Battery - Manual Button


    Looking for even more battery life? Try our MEGA M-Battery with manual button control. They're nearly 3/4" longer and are nearly the same length as a standard M-Battery and Pre-filled cartomizer when assembled together.

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