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  1. Premium USA E-Liquid - Aloha Apple

    Aloha Apple E-Liquid - 30ml

    On inhale, a crisp, fruity bite yields a mouthwatering yet sharp green apple flavor while producing a smooth and light finish.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol, Menthol Burst, and Salted Caramel.

  2. Premium USA Made e-Liqud Blueberry Breeze

    Blueberry Breeze E-Liquid - 30ml

    A dry, sharp beginning leaves the hint of a sweet flavor peak. The medium-bodied blueberry flavor lingers on the taste buds before offering a breezy clean finish.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol, Menthol Burst, Shaka Strawberry, Bonzai Banana

  3. USA E-Liquid Bluewater Punch

    BlueWater Punch E-Liquid - 30ml

    The bright citrus flavor of this signature VOLCANO eCigs blend provides a refreshing, medium-bodied experience. The fruity bouquet of blueberry, watermelon and fruit punch, makes it a best seller.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol, Menthol Burst, Vanilla Bean, Shaka Strawberry, Maui Mango

  4. Premium USA E-Liquid - Bonzai Banana

    Bonzai Banana E-Liquid - 30ml

    Recognized for its dense, long-lasting, ripe banana flavor, this bold yet smooth vape has a sweet, full-bodied flavor profile with a creamy finish.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Milk Chocolate, Shaka Strawberry, Jungle Fruit, Vanilla Bean

  5. USA E-Liquid - Cherry Lava

    Cherry Lava E-Liquid - 30ml

    A sharp, tart lead off quickly intensifies to provide a supple, sugary plum and cherry, medium-bodied flavor plateau. The finish is an explosion of cherry which lingers on the tip of the tongue.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol Burst, Bonzai Banana, Vanilla Bean, Pele’s Papaya, Pineapple Punch, Waikiki Watermelon, Surfer Soda, Hana Honeydew

  6. USA E-Liquid - Coocoo Coconut

    Coocoo Coconut E-Liquid - 30ml

    Sail to your own private island with this supple and satisfying, full-bodied coconut eliquid. Its luscious tropical, flavor presents a smooth, sweet identity throughout, with a long, satisfying finish.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Pineapple Punch, Vanilla Bean, Maui Mango, Kawika’s Kiwi, Pearadise

  7. Premium USA E-Liquid Grape Escape

    Grape Escape E-Liquid - 30ml

    A medium-bodied, sweet grape recreation, this mouthwatering eliquid provides a deep grape flavor peak with a mildly tart candy aftertaste.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol Burst, Menthol, Shaka Strawberry, Maui Mango

  8. USA-Made Premium E-Liquid - Halawa Guava

    Halawa Guava E-Liquid - 30ml

    On inhale, a refreshing surge of ripe tropical fruit gives way to medium-bodied, nectarous guava overtones. The result is a distinctively clear, fruity vape on every exhale.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Kawika’s Kiwi, Menthol Burst, Pearadise, Pina Volada, Pele’s Papaya, Shaka Strawberry, Waikiki Watermelon

  9. Hana Honeydew E-Liquid

    Hana Honeydew E-Liquid - 30ml

    A dense and ripe melon flavor overwhelms the taste buds as this brilliant, full-bodied eliquid reaches it’s apex. Accompanied by a potent yet sweet structure, the powerful flavor is balanced by a juicy honeydew saturation.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Menthol Burst, Lolo Lime, Ono Orange Cream, Pearadise

  10. Premium USA V-Liquid - Kawika's Kiwi

    Kawika's Kiwi E-Liquid - 30ml

    A simple and sweet, light-bodied eliquid. Kawika’s Kiwi gives way to a ripe and slightly tart, kiwi flavor profile. The concise eruption of clean citrus is completed by a mellow aftertaste.

    Suggested flavor pairings: Pipeline Peach, Pearadise, Pineapple Punch, Shaka Strawberry, Lahaina Lychee

  11. Premium USA Liquid - Lahaina Lychee

    Lahaina Lychee E-Liquid - 30ml

    This mellow fruit flavor is clean and clear. Its light-body is supported by a mildly sweet undertone, which is consistent throughout the vaping experience.

    Suggested flavor pairing: Menthol Burst, Maui Mango, Shaka Strawberry

  12. Premium USA Liquid - Lolo Lime

    Lolo Lime E-Liquid - 30ml

    A tangy and tart flavor distinguishes this light-bodied lime eliquid, which is a lively re-creation of a revered citrus fruit.

    Suggested flavor pairing: Maui Mango, Halawa Guava, Pineapple Punch

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19 Items

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