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  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE
  • BC TubeTank - LAVATUBE

LAVATUBE BC TubeTank System


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The LAVATUBE bottom coil TubeTank complete with Ultra-Port™ Saturation Technology offers longer lasting coils and a durable construction. Configured with a universal 510 connection, removable stainless steel drip tip and a 3.5Ω coil ready to vape out of the box.


The LAVATUBE BC TubeTank has a reconstructed base plate which optimizes airflow through the proprietary heating coil technology to enhance flavor and vapor production. The coil life has been extended and is configured with 8 perforated holes ported around a single wrap silica wick.

The LAVATUBE BC TubeTank tank well holds 3.5ml of eliquid and is constructed of durable food grade plastic that can withstand most every eliquid on the market. The tank comes equipped with a 3.5Ω coil however, varying resistances of coils may be selected from the heating coil product page.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Heavenly tank!!
    Review by VprGrlon 9/29/14
    If you don't have one, what are you waiting for??? Easy as 1-2-3 and it vapors like whoa! Just get it!
  • Overall
    Great tank!
    Review by moger76on 9/22/14
    I have been using the new bc inferno tank for a while and love it. I got the new tube tank and it's by far the best tank. It works great on the inferno battery.
  • Overall
    Review by Liisaon 9/4/14
    This is the best! It's so easy to fill and easier to vape. This is what I've been waiting for. Thank You!!!!
  • Overall
    Absolutely Fantastic
    Review by KLRSKIRon 9/4/14
    FedEx just dropped off my latest delivery which included the new BC Tube Tank. These are so much easier to fill, prime and draw. Better flavor was the first thing both my wife and I noticed. Included is a really nice stainless-steel tip as well. Very solid materials and construction all around with this tank.

    A GREAT upgrade Volcano, THANK YOU!
  • Overall
    Very Satisfied
    Review by Thomason 9/3/14
    I am very pleased with the improved vaping production of the BC Tube Tank compared to the original tube tank. The tank offers larger, cleaner puffs with little effort. Refilling and coil replacements are easier than ever plus it does not leak like its predecessor. Jut one thing for any doubters: You will need to get accompanied with the right amount of suction for your draw throughs to ensure that the coil gets saturated without causing momentary leakage. However, once you find that right amount, you can say goodbye to leaks and hello to clean, tasty, leak-free vaping!
  • Overall
    So far so good
    Review by Krison 8/30/14
    Got my lavatube BC tubetank system and so far so good. More flavor, and more vapor than the orginal lavatube tanks. It is also easier to fill and requires only limited priming. It did leak the first time I used it but that's because I didn't tighten the base enough.
  • Overall
    Huge improvement over "old" school tube tank
    Review by Johnon 8/26/14
    I just got my BC TubeTank today and I immediately fell in love with it. You mean I don't have to spend 5-10 minutes seriously concentrating on priming a coil anymore???? I am so on board with that. Time from out of the box to my lava tube and vaping: 60 seconds at most. If you are familiar with and appreciate the quality of vapor that could be achieved with one of Volcano's original products: the drip atomizer, then you will love this tube tank. The quality of the vapor produced in terms of flavor and amount is astonishing in comparison to the old tube tank system. All of the removable pieces (with the exception of the drip tip of course) now screw on and off so no more worrying about sliding pieces in and out of place. Overall first day impression: IN LOVE. Keep up the good work volcano. Products like this are the reason that keep me coming back to this website.
  • Overall
    Just what I've been waiting for
    Review by Crestonon 8/26/14
    I love this tank. It's so much better than the tube tank. no more flooded cotton and carts. wonderful job guys. I went back to the inferno until this was released.
  • Overall
    Perfect Tank for the Lavatube
    Review by Alfredon 8/25/14
    I just got the new Lavatube BC TubeTank. It's perfect. I really love my lava tube. I like how it's easy to add e-juices, and the coil system is easy to replace. It Vapes easy and you get a lot of vapor when you use it. I highly recommend this product.
  • Overall
    You must buy this if you use the LavaTube
    Review by Williamon 8/23/14
    I use a BC TubeTank on my Inferno, and love it. I use my TubeTank when I'm driving or not in a position to use a drip atomizer. The original TubeTank always seemed to dull the taste, and I found it useful only for stronger flavors, but would miss the subtle tastes that I get when dripping. The BC TubeTank however does not mute the taste. It is almost as good as dripping.

    Based on my original experience with my Inferno, I had high expectations for the LavaTube version. I was not disappointed.

    The tank itself is solidly constructed. Cleaning is easy (and a must, those coils will get dirty quickly). With my Inferno, I found that with regular cleaning, my coil would last for months (my current record is 7 months). And compared to the original TubeTank, it is a breeze to prime and set up.

    If you use the original TubeTank, you must simply buy this. You'll never look back.
  • Overall
    Awesome tank!
    Review by Keoneon 8/23/14
    Much easier & faster than the cartomizer tube tank. Five stars all the way!
  • Overall
    Aug. 2014 new BC Tube Tank
    Review by Dr. Joeon 8/22/14
    The new stainless steel Volcano BC. Tube Tank
    System is without a doubt the best atomizer around. Easy pull and tons of Vapor . I use the
    3.5 Ohm option with 16 mg Tobacco Pure and
    I love it. Recommend. This system to all.
    Helped me quit Tobacco smoking over one year
    ago. This is the best. Dr. Joe
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Melvinon 8/22/14
    I love this NEW tubeTank system. Beautiful build...solid quality! I will keep buying them.