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  • The MAGMA Kit - White
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The MAGMA® e-cigarette mimics the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette making it that much easier to make the switch. Its simple two-piece design offers convenience and flexibility for both new and experienced electronic cigarette users alike. With its top-performing battery life and retooled cartomizers, The MAGMA ® is a perfect fit for a smoker who usually smokes between one-half and a full pack of smokes a day.


The MAGMA® e-cigarette mimics the look and feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette making it that much easier to make the switch. Its simple two-piece design offers convenience and flexibility for both new and experienced electronic cigarette users alike. With its top-performing battery life and retooled cartomizers, The MAGMA ® is a perfect fit for a smoker who usually smokes between one-half and a full pack of smokes a day.

Each starter kit comes with 2 x 5-pack of USA-Made, premium e-liquid filled cartomizers in your choice of 3 different nicotine strengths. A pack of cartomizers is roughly equivalent to about 2.5 packs worth of puffs making them a tremendous value. We even offer blank black and white cartomizers which enables you to fill them with any of the over 30 VOLCANO e-liquid flavors we currently carry. The possibilities are truly endless. When fully charged you can expect nearly an hours worth of continuous usage from each MAGMA Battery. So what are you waiting for?

The MAGMA Kit components include:

  • (1) Gift Box
  • (2) M-Batteries (Automatic Draw with Red LED's)
  • (1) M-Pack
  • (1) USB eCig Battery Charger
  • (1) Wall Charging Adapter
  • (1) Mini USB Cable
  • (2) 5-Pack of USA-Made Prefilled Cartomizers in the strength and flavor of your choosing

This kit gives you everything you need to start vaping like a pro right out of the box. So what are you waiting for, give the MAGMA kit a shot today! You won't be disappointed.

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Magma User Manual

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Magma Product Video

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    It is okay, very neat but weak draws on battery.
    Review by Darillon 3/3/15
    This kit is okay, just make sure to get the high nicotine cartridges if you want a good throat hit otherwise if you get the low nicotine cartridges, you will not get any throat hits at all due to the magma battery are so weak they cannot give you a lot of vapor with low nicotine. The battery goes dead very quickly as well too, I suggest you buy extra batteries, at least two more so you will have 4 total to last you throughout the day. Especially if you are a heavy smoker like me. I am ordering a tankomizer so I have not yet to test that so I hope it will make me happy until then I will post reviews on my opinion of the tankomizer after I test it.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Lindaon 2/12/15
    i am very happy with my magma kit you get a decent hit and i'm very satisfied
  • Overall
    Exellent starter kit
    Review by Jay T.on 1/24/15
    This is an excellent starter kit with quality components. Cartomizers produce good vapor and the batteries last a good while. Nice that they have blanks available so you can use your favorite juices too. It offers more options than most of the standard PCC kits. Seeing it holds 3 batteries and it also handles the manual batteries too. I rarely use more than 2 a day so it carries more than enough for an ex pack a day smoker. Highly recommend this for the beginner and to someone that wants a convenient easy to use travel kit. If your gonna kick the cigs, This would be a good kit to start with!! Much higher quality that most other starter kits I have used!
  • Overall
    Aesthetic, Compact, Convenient, Durable
    Review by Kaleighon 12/29/14
    I like things to fit neatly into organized cases, and this kit delivers. Arriving with all its components nicely packaged in a gift box, it eliminates the need to wade through lists of visually unappealing modular components with no guaranteed compatibility. Quitting cigarettes is enough of a headache, so I wasn't exactly up for mastering the vapor world before buying.
    It's just all there and ready and new and nice. Even after gaining experience with the mechanics of vapor, I'd still choose these.
    The auto batteries are powerful and durable, withstanding all but the most extreme abuse (though I would recommend looking into manuals, as they have their own set of benefits). Similarly, the case is made of something incredibly durable that withstands the extremely harsh conditions of the ruthless environment known as the inside of my purse.
    Keep in mind that practically no physical components from other vaporizer vendors will be compatible with these devices. Volcano is a bit like the Apple computers of vaporizers in that respect: aesthetic but relatively isolated.
    Also, ALWAYS hold the bottom of the pack while pushing a battery into the charge slot. I actually managed to push the bottom out of it and expose the electronics. All in all, treat the kit nicely and it will do the same for you :)
  • Overall
    Magma Starter Kit
    Review by Gilon 9/20/14
    Overall I really like the Magma Kit. The only problem I have encountered with it is while using the M-Battery supplied with the kit. To me it seems that your draw on the ecig using this battery has to be ridiculously long to be able to get a decent hit off the product. When I purchased my unit I also bought two of the Mega M-Batteries - Manual Button which I am completely satisfied with. If it was up to me I would include the M-Battery - Manual Button as the standard battery with the starter kit. I do guess there are people out there that want it to look like a regular cigarette so they want it without the button but the control of the hit is much better with the batteries with the button.
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Kathleenon 9/8/14
    I am a newbie with ecigs, so it's hard to compare to other brands, but so far I'm glad I stumbled across your website to learn how to get started vaping. I am very pleased with my Magma kit. Having a rough start learning the technique for vaping, but it gets better every day. Because it looks so much like an analog cigarette, it is a godsend to me. I'm at the point where I can barely breathe. After just a week with the Magma, I can already feel a difference. I love the M Pack. It is so convenient to throw in my purse on my way out the door. My only complaint is that I"ve had some problems with the cartomizers and have reached out to Customer Service to resolve the issues. You really are making a difference to thousands of people who had given up hope of every being able to quit tobacco.
  • Overall
    Review by Jameson 7/6/14
    This is a big improvement over the lava system and I am glad I bought it, being refillable is what really sold me. Not only that but refilling is very affordable, I was concerned that a 30ml bottle might not last me very long (used to smoke a pack a day) but these cartomizers only need .7ml for a proper refill.

    The M-Pack seems to work well just make sure the initial charge is done before you use it, it took a bit longer the first time (all batteries usually do). The M-Battery needs to be seated properly in the M-Pack and I wasn't doing it right at first but it's very easy to check if it is properly charging thanks to the indicator window at the bottom of the M-Pack.

    The kit is just as it was shown on the instructional video and some other brands aren't as honest so I was happy about that. I intended to use this kit to cut down on cigarettes but now I realize that switching to these exclusively instead of cigarettes is going to be easy in use and cost.

    The point reward system is pretty fair and doesn't seem like an uphill battle to see results as most were for me. The only thing I dislike is that I ordered my kit 3 days before the 4th of July sale and missed out on some surprisingly good savings, but these things happen.

  • Overall
    Good product.
    Review by Victoriaon 6/27/14
    I already have the inferno and purchased the Magma Kit for convenience. The kit is very easy to use and everything works great. The only drawback is that the cartridges that are already filled only equal about 10 cigarettes per cartridge. In the future I will be purchasing a couple of cartridges that I can refill myself to make them more economical.. I have tried another brand of e cigarettes in the past and found they were way too harsh; The Magma is not harsh at all.

    I am trying to eliminate all regular cigarettes from my life, which I hope will eventually happen. I spoke to another person, and upon purchasing the Inferno they never touched another regular cigarette again. For me, it helps me cut back to about 10 per day. Its a rough habit to break (to put it mildly).
  • Overall
    Overall great, but could be better with a few fixes
    Review by Bretton 5/19/14
    I have been an avid user of the old V-Pack and batteries for years. Hands down the best cigarette like setup I have used. I was a little worried when I saw it was discontinued, but decided to give the Magma a shot. Glad I did.

    The batteries are a little larger, but they last so much longer between charges. They also seem to have a little more punch in the vapor department, although that could be because I am switching from older V batteries. Overall, these are outstanding.

    I do have a few issues with the new setup though.

    First off, the new method of just pushing the battery into the pack to charge it seems great. It saves you time from having to screw it in which is a God send when you are driving. However, the fit doesn’t seem that great. Just walking around with the pack in my pocket can wiggle the battery loose and stop the charge. It seems to be more of a problem with the two batteries that came with the kit than the other two I purchased. Just the slightest bump and the charging stops. This is a real problem when you are only carrying two batteries with you and the one on the cartomizer dies. You think you have another fully charged and ready to go, but you don’t. I am now obsessed with checking the pack every five minutes to make sure it is charging. A little tighter fit would help here.

    The other thing I liked about the old V-Pack over the Magma was the small piece of foam in the pack that was cut out to hold the spare cartomizers/batteries in the pack. The holes in the new Magma are slightly larger diameter than the cartomizers and batteries you put in them. That means everything kind of wiggles around in the pack. When I walk around it sounds like I am carrying a rattle in my pocket as the cartomizers slop around. I still have one of my old V-Packs and I pulled the foam out of it. It is a perfect fit into the Magma. I just need to get a little glue and it should solve the problem. I’m thinking that will help with the battery issue as well. It’s a little issue I know, but it is one of those finishing touches that would have been nice on the new version. They already have the piece available, just use it again on the Magma.
  • Overall
    suggestion for improvement
    Review by Beverlyon 3/18/14
    The product performs as advertised now that I have had to return parts. I think that a tutorial encompassing all ways to use the product(s) would be helpful for beginners. I did not know, for instance, that I would need a needle cap for the liquid in order to fill the blank cartomizers.
  • Overall
    good smoke
    Review by richardon 2/25/14
    I recieved my Magna in the mail, charged it up and have not put it down since. Good. strong smoke, easy to carry, not bulky like my stay at home Inferno, which is good, really good but a little to flashy and big for a social setting.
  • Overall
    Unexpectedly good
    Review by Danielon 2/17/14
    After using their Inferno system for a decent amount of time, I decided to give a more compact solution a try when I was on the move. Specifically, the Magma kit. I'm pleasantly surprised with the thing. It's handy that it allows one to store up to three batteries and six clearos/cartos, the recharge time from the battery pack is easily short enough to ensure no gaps in use, and it's quite easy to use. The only beef I have with it is the slightly finnicky nature of the seat batteries snap into for recharging, but it just takes a couple more seconds to get it snapped in properly.

    As long as you don't thud the thing around in a full backpack or take it onto a construction site, the M-pack can easily deal with whatever you throw at it (I'd still be reasonably cautious) and while simply held shut by a loose snap, the lid is unexpectedly secure. The flashlight and 'inside light' is a gimmick, and really doesn't need to be there. They could get much better internal lighting results by making the lid semi-transparent and ringing it with white low-profile LEDs.

    Overall, I am quite pleased with the M-pack, and glad I bought it, rather than carrying an inferno with a slightly more fragile large clearomizer everywhere.
  • Overall
    great product & idea
    Review by smokefreeatlaston 2/7/14
    have to admit i was skeptical when I 1st heard of this from a coworker. I smoked for 43 yrs & needed/decided to quit due to family health issues. was able to go cold turkey for about 1 mon but couldn't get over the habit "hump". by ordering the magma with 0mg nicotine, I am able to kick the "habit" gradually without the nicotine (which I don't miss all that much). I ordered prefilled tob flavor 0mg nicotine filters along with a bottle of tob 0mg e-liquid and clear cartridges. the prefilled filters are great. too bad I cant say the same about the flavor of the e-liquid for refilling. maybe you can do something to help bring the quality of the flavor of the refill e-liquid to taste more like the prefilled filters? OTHERWISE: 2 THUMBS UP
  • Overall
    New to Vapor...
    Review by Judion 1/1/14
    I have smoked for decades, but it's time to try to let that habit go, so I did a lot of research to find an alternative that could potentially help me quit. Now, I am new to this technology, but I have to say, it works quite well for me. I was smoking 1+ pack/day and am down to about 5-7 cigs/day for now. Pretty good for a week of use. I think I will eventually be able to quit for good.
  • Overall
    thumbs up
    Review by obguyon 12/30/13
    1st time user, unit seems straight ahead and easy to use, tankomizer is abit odd to fill but overall good purchase.
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Angelaon 12/26/13
    I had low expectations about this ecig only because I've tried a different one before and it was horrible, but this one is awesome. I also purchased a cotton candy eliquid (extra high) and it too was amazing. The only problem I've had is the clearomizer leaks some. Other than that, it's perfect. The pre-filled cartomizers are great too. Great vapor. Really smooth. Good customer service too. Will be buying more eliquids soon. Got a faithful customer here!
  • Overall
    great product
    Review by ericon 12/14/13
    Recently purchased for my fiance. I own the Inferno kit and like the Magma much better. Cleaner unit, no leaking carts all the time. Ditching my unit and buying one for myself
  • Overall
    Good basic kit
    Review by Jeffreyon 12/9/13
    It's good but there are a few things I dont like. The pre-filled cartomizers from Volcano suck. I got Bluewater Punch and Kona Coffee and they both had an aftertaste like burnt fuel oil plus 2 of my carts were DOA. I ordered a Lavatube for at home and will use this out in public as it doesnt draw attention.
  • Overall
    Feels Like an Analog
    Review by Jessicaon 11/22/13
    I was a Newport 100s smoker, and the Magma feels very much like an analog. It also lasts longer and seems more powerful than other analog-like brands I've tried in the past. I love the M-Pack, too, it's great for charging when I don't have access to a USB port. This kit has kept me smoke-free for nearly a month - and that's the longest I've gone without an analog in 16 years. I highly recommend it for smokers switching to vapor!
  • Overall
    Exellent Product!
    Review by Budon 11/18/13
    Best I have used thus far, portable, small and powerful. The power pack built in the case is great for a quick charge while on the go. I am highly satisfied with this product and will use nothing else. Highly recommend this product for the average smoker.
  • Overall
    Really Good Product!
    Review by jjb1130on 11/5/13
    30 years of smoking Marlboro Reds and ordered two for the me and the other smoker in the house. She likes her menthols and I have my full strength regular. We're both satisfied and the Magma size is just right for the hand - almost like really smoking but without the bad health effects. I work in a smoke-free environment (they said no e-cigs either) and no one knows! Others here have tried similar products and gave back in to the urge of a regular cigarette but I feel confident the quality of this e-cig will keep me satisfied. If you really want to quit - have tried the patches and/or medications and gums but had no luck - this product may be your answer - it has worked well for me now for two full weeks and I haven't had a strong urge to go back. Thank you Volcano!
  • Overall
    Awesome!!! Discover the change
    Review by Jeffreyon 8/27/13
    I got my Magma set up about 2 weeks ago and i just love it , It is easy to use and convenient to carry with you , you can charge pack and be good all day , not to mention I am a 20 year smoker who has kicked it because of this product...Don't get me wrong first couple of days were tough but these took the edge way off , now no more cravings and am enjoying being a vaper , I got the Kona Coffee which was great by the way , and Tobacco with my kit , not bad either , both had plenty of vapor and really enjoyable ...I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a lifestyle change , and become cigarette free, I just ordered 3 different flavors, looking forward to the experiment , my only gripe is that i think they should add more cartomizer flavors for us on the go that do not want to mess around with filling stuff up , I get this might not be the best business model , but how about flavors of the month on carto's so people can try new flavors , then if the numbers work go fulltime ect...but anyway thanks Volcano I love my new Magma Start up kit , and thanks for helping change my life i feel great being smoke free , and to the rest of you thinking about it , (It's Vapor you welcome)
  • Overall
    Pretty decent kit
    Review by Darcyon 8/8/13
    Been an Inferno vaper for awhile and decided I just wanted to try something different since I'm still exploring the ecig world. Magma kit isn't bad, got it with a pack of blank carts and a prefilled pack of tobacco pure. Only had one cart that didn't seem to work right (too much polyfill maybe? It was incredibly hard to draw). No big deal tho, got 4 good ones and they are easy to keep filled.

    So, best part of this kit is convenience. Vapor production isn't bad, tho some juices just make more vapor than others. I wanted something easier to take to work and this definitely does it.

    My only complaint would be the case. I'm kind of picky about quality and find the case to be rather cheaply built. The light that supposedly illuminates the inside of the case doesn't really do this and the battery display screen is actually crooked. Does not take away from function but it is mildly annoying. Overall, I would recommend this kit for anyone looking for a convenient, easy to use set up.
  • Overall
    Not too bad so far
    Review by Rickon 8/2/13
    I've only had this kit a few days now but so far am liking it. I've been using the Inferno for a year or two now & am quite happy with it. Decided to give this Magma a try simply because it's smaller & seemed like it might be a better option. I really like the convenience of this set-up.. Everything you need in an easy to carry cigarette size pack. It's a little different than the Inferno as far as how you hit it, but I haven't had any problems at all. The hit is very good & strong.. lots of vapor. The batteries & prefilled cartridges last longer than I expected. The plus is, when one battery dies, you have an extra one on you plus a way to charge the dead one without needing a Pc or outlet. My main rave about this set up would have to be the major convenience it offers as opposed to the other kits. Btw: the prefilled cartridges are refillable.
  • Overall
    So Glad I Got This!!
    Review by Jameson 5/9/13
    Just received my starter kit today and couldn't wait to comment..Thanks Volcano!! This thing is freakin awesome. I am totally impressed. I quit smoking about 3 weeks ago with the help of Blu but needed something more. The magma makes Blu look pathetic!! Great taste, great vapor - just an al around great product.
    Customer service/order turnaround was great...I only ordered this 3 days ago and already have it!!

    Thanks again Volcano..great product and you have a new customer. I will be telling all my smoking friends to give this a try. My roommate is already sold and will be ordering a kit from you in the coming days.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Leahon 3/3/13
    If you are thinking of going with the cheaper option, this is worth the extra few dollars! Battery life is great, considering the type of battery. Easy to use and easy to fill. You have the option to vape it like you want it, using liquid of prefilled. Flavor and vapor production is much better than others out on the market today. The customer service and shipping time are also exceptional! This great for the beginner or the intermediate. Awesome for anyone who wants a wonderful vaping experience while maintaining the relative look and feel of a real cigarette!
  • Overall
    Great for on the go!
    Review by Richardon 2/17/13
    I got the magma as my 1st ecig. Great but I found out quick that its more of a device for light smokers. I have now moved to a lava tube for my heavy vaping and now use this for when I am out and don't want to use my lava tube!! Great product, Great Customer Support And Device!! Only reason I gave it 4 out of 5 one of my batteries already hit the dust but it will be replaced!!
  • Overall
    Not for moderate to heavy vaping
    Review by Nicholauson 12/29/12
    I am new to vaping. Co-worker introduced me to it and I have been slowly weening away from analogs. I started with this Magma kit which I enjoy however based on my vaping volume it's time to move to the Inferno and Tube Tank system.

    The Magma tends to dull some of the flavors compared to other systems so if you only have funds for 1 eCig I would suggest the Inferno instead...especially if you are a pack a day or more on the analogs.
  • Overall
    Love my Magma
    Review by Edon 12/5/12
    I purchased the Magma starter kit and received it about a week ago. It has quickly become my favorite way to vape. I have tried both using the tanks and the drip tip, and enjoy them both. The Magma is a great entry into the world of vaping. You can use it a variety of ways and it is very versitile, as well as easy to use. I highly suggest the Magma to anyone looking to enter the world of vaping.
  • Overall
    Lovin the Magma's
    Review by Levion 11/16/12
    oh, about the review I just made, I have only been vaping for two weeks & already notecing these dramatic changes,,, & they are changes for the good.... & I was a smoker for 13 years & now two weeks of vaping is making me feel better... like I said in the review I just did,,, my sence of smell has gotten better & things taste better,,, I'm just waiting for my lungs to finish cleaning themselves out (which they are in the process of doing),,, you guys are saving me & thank you,,, the Magma's are AWSOME!!!! :D
  • Overall
    Lovin the Magma's
    Review by Levion 11/16/12
    It's amazing,, these Magma's saved my life. 13 years of smoking & now I'm not a smoker anymore,, I'm a vapor. my smell has come back, things taste better & that's all from switching to vapeing,, Thank you volcano. I haven't tried the other kits yet but when I got the magma's I was impressed & sold.. :)
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Andrewon 11/8/12
    Started on the Volcano and eventually switched over the the Magma, wayyy better vaper with the Tankomizer. I'm converting my mom and my dad over to vaping after they've been smoking for 20 years, I think my dad would like the white pack better though. Any chance there will be any white kits by Christmas?
  • Overall
    Great Vape and Better Value
    Review by PlanBon 10/16/12
    I found Volcano a few years ago and as a curiosity purchase, I bought the Volcano kit just to see what it was all about. After toying with the Volcano for a few months I ended up back on Analogs because I wasn't ready to quit. So a few years later I am Back and ready to kick the analog habit. I'm 30 days into my Magma kit and have very few complaints. The vapor production is good but I do find myself chain vaping a bit, mostly because it's so enjoyable. I've had some battery issues but Volcano customer care was quick to respond and I had my new parts in a few days.

    The tankomizer is a great design and i've had no issues with leaks at all. I do how ever reccomend a manual battery, it seems I get better vapor production using it. I've recently moved on to the Inferno and am loving that as well..! Great Job Volcano.... Now we just need a Vapor Cafe in South NJ... Hint Hint !!
  • Incredible; superior product.
    Review by Courtneyon 9/25/12
    I've tried a lot of e-cigs at malls, you name it I've tried it except Volcano. I've heard too many great things about this company, and so out on a whim I ordered this kit. Cigatin, Blu, etc---are terrible in my opinion.
    With the magma? You get a fresh clean hit of A LOT of vapor, and it's not cold like the one's in the malls. It's nice and warm and swirling with so much flavor. The size is NOT as big as you think, and I was overly concerned about that. No, it's not fat, it's not bulky, it's not long (even with it fully put together), it's actually PERFECT.
  • Awesome product
    Review by Noeon 7/25/12
    Just want to say that i purchased this kit last week from our local plaza and have been back to them three times since, stocking up on accessories and stuff. I have been a smoker for 20+ years and have tried to stop numerous times. Being that i work for a health organization, I felt that it is time i start doing something good for myself. I have tried another brand of ecig before, costing me around $100.00 just for the starter kit, and it did not impress me. I did not get the vaping and smoke action like a real cigarette. I always having trouble with the juice in my mouth, or having to suck so hard, I felt like passing out. So of course after a few weeks I gave up and went back to analog cigarettes. But, thanks to Volcano, the magma starter kit is totally awesome. Vapor and smoke taste just like a real cigarette. I am almost completely off of analog cigarettes, and I just started 6 days ago. Thank you so much Volcano for offering such an awesome product!! Will definately be going back and telling all my friends about you!!
    Review by Witchesbrew269on 6/8/12
    I have to say, Ive had other ecigs and they do not come close. In most cases with juices The Higher the NIC level the less flavor, not with Volcano I got 6 different falvors in 24 and the flavor is better than any others at 16. The tank system is nice and with carts it is even better. Only thing about the kit I didnt like is the lack of instructions. Other then that I have to say top noch. battery life is good and vaper production is great. I switched from blu cig and I wish I would have found these first. More versital and better product all around. If you want to vape and dont want a large unit or you want some thing easier to manage when on the go, this is the kit to go with.
  • Great Starter Kit
    Review by Brianon 5/19/12
    This kit is definitely a good starter kit and miles above what I initially got at the gas station.... This kit will also save you money as opposed to buying pre filled cartomizers

    The vapor production is nice but the flavor leaves a bit to be has a bit of a plastic taste...

    I think the Tankomizers are very good... They are easy to clean and after a month they are still going very strong.. I have no doubt that the tankomizers will last me for a few more months,,

    The charging pack is great and its sexy...
    My batteries last me many hours ....although I am not chain vaping...

    I did have an issue with one of my automatic batteries going off by itself and Volcano issued me an RMA so that I can get a replacement...

    The manual Battery may be the better option as it wont be able to go off unless you press the button

    The tanks can leak....this is one of the more frustrating things.... you dont want to pull to hard on them...slow and steady... The good news is the tanks are also easily cleaned and I find that after I clean them they go strong for a few weeks with no leaking into the mouth...once they start to leak I just clean them out and let them dry and they are ready to go
  • Overall Performance
    Review by Johnny Blazeon 5/12/12
    This is the first e-cig that I have tried & I have to say that the magma is superb!!! It really works great.. The manual is the way to go. It really has help me cut down on my smoking. I have been vaping for about 1 month & a half & I am starting to try out newer things. I was not a big fan off the tank system, but if you get this kit add some clearomizer to it. I got both sizes mega & regular for home & my pcc. they work great. I haven't tried dripping yet but I am getting there. Thank you volcano for such great product!!!
  • Awesome
    Review by Jayon 5/4/12
    Just got my Tank Kit today i love it not one bad thing to say about it. I am not new to vaping and had try other products like Blu i was please with the function of the kit but everything else is garbage. I love the volcano smart pcc and the battery display great idea. The battery life was great. People complain about you have to push the button to start charging the battery serious people how lazy can you get. For the ex smoker remember the day you have to search all pockets to find that lighter pushing a button isn't bad compare to that. Lets get back to my review just want to get that out of the way. The pcc is very stylish shape looking.
  • Finally!
    Review by larryon 4/29/12
    After trying some of the cheap e-cigs, I decided to get a decent kit and try it for real. But what I got was the best kit imaginable. I cant put my magma down! I went from a pack a day to no real cigs the day I got it! After 2 weeks with not even a craving for a real smoke, I love my magma. My wife however doesn't like that I tell anyone that will stand still for a min. for me to tell them the wonders of the Magma! I got the clearo's with mine and the bottle tip to help with refills and I am definitly impressed! Thank you Volcano!
  • love it
    Review by jeremyon 4/15/12
    love it great vapor no leaks this is very worth the money
  • Great item but Needs More Information
    Review by Maryon 4/14/12
    I purchased this kit hoping that it would help me quit smoking after more than 30 years. I cannot tell you how impressed I was when I started using it! I had planned on trying it and then finishing off the cigarettes I had before making the switch. I still have those cigarettes as I never had the desire to go back to them. I started with the pure tobacco liquid but quickly ordered some of the other flavors. I was thoroughly enjoying my Volcano magma kit.
    Then, two days ago - on the day that would have marked three weeks without an analog cigarette - I had a problem. When I went to remove and fill the tank, the piece of the tank-o-mizer that holds the wick came out as well. I tried to take that piece off the tank and the actual wick slipped out of it. I tried to re-thread the wick using a needle but that did not work.
    I called customer service to see if they had any advice. I got the machine and left my name and number as instructed. My call was returned within a few hours and the customer service rep told me that the life expectancy on all of the actual unit pieces that produce the vapor, is 1 to 3 months so she seemed to be saying that my problem was within the expected time frame.
    When we got off the phone, I went online and ordered 2 more tank-o-mizers and paid for express mail delivery. Unfortunately, at this point it was late in the day and even express mail is taking 2 days to get to me on the east coast.
    Had I known how short the lifespan on the tank-o-mizers was, I would have been sure to have a back-up so I did not have to go through these 2 days without. I wish that had been explained in the description of the kit.
  • Its like there is hope
    Review by Williamon 4/12/12
    I've been a smoker for 13 years and am sick of it (the smell, feeling, etc.), unfortunatly I love to smoke in general... I met a random person out at the bars one night and he had the volcano e cig. I was blown away... I recieved my Magma Kit yesterday, and am nothing short of being giddy with excitement... Its like there is hope that I can escape the filth of traditional cigarettes, but am still able to smoke... Thank you Volcanoecigs for the quality product, I will be working on converting my friends...
  • Great entry-level kit
    Review by Kahaluuboyon 3/6/12
    My first ever Ecig purchase was this kit along with 2 extra batteries and another Tankomizer, so that me and my Dad could quit smoking.

    Dripping is bomb imo -- it is a small hassle and definitely not as convenient as the Tanks. Dad doesn't like dripping.

    Regarding the tanks: for us it was a great thing to start off with, but after a while, it left a little more to be desired. Don't get me wrong, people love them, but for us, we needed something more. I think if you smoked like a half a pack a day, the tank kit should be good for you.

    The Drip + Tank kit setup is great, as you can get the best of both worlds. The Tankomizer, just like every other atomizers, are hit or miss. (we are 2 for 3)

    However, attach a clearomizer or even better, a mega clearo to these batteries and you'll be in love. Even though we've both moved onto using Inferno batteries, we both still have our magma batteries in daily rotation with our Mega Clearos. (For different flavors)

    The size of this unit makes it so convenient to use -- wherever you are. In my opinion, that is the biggest pro of this kit. The only con I can think of is that you either love the Tank system or it'll leave with a bit more to desire. (easily fixed with dripping or better Mega Clearomizers)
    Review by Erneston 2/29/12
    I just got this kit and love the tank kit, have not tried the drip kit but i seem to be super happy with my tank kit. I thank Volcano so much and can now say that I have gone two weeks without a real cig. I now can same that i am a vaper and not a smoker THANKS TO VOLCANO
    Review by kristinon 2/21/12
    I just quit analogs with this baby. Never thought I'd do it and I can't imagine going back to smoking! Seriously, If I can do this ANYONE can! xo
  • Excellent for travellers
    Review by Ericon 1/31/12
    I started out with Blu, but their batteries wouldnt last much longer than an analog cig would! The high cost of blu carts were adding up, and they had many bunk ones to boot. I havent had any actual problems with my magma, and the performance has always been better.

    I bought the magma tank kit and loved it from the get go. Easy to fill, easy to use, easy to switch flavors = really convenient and solid performance. When the batteries are about to die, they dont produce as much vapor, then blink afterwards to let you know they need recharging.

    The Magma PCC is awesome, and I love being able to see the battery gauge to determine if it needs recharging at the end of the night. The light comes in handy at random times, although its not very bright.

    Cons: you have to match the flat sides of the tank with the air cutouts on the inside of the tankomizer. I scraped slits onto the outer cone of the tankomizer so i dont have to look inside to orientate myself before inserting a tank. This worked out well, but after a few cleanings the paint all came off so my two tankomizers are silver instead of black. I can now just scrape marks on the metal again instead of on the paint, so no biggie.
    Other con arrives when removing a tank. The tops are usually wet (not that it really matters). I just keep a napkin handy to wipe it off before putting the rubber cap on it for storage.
    Third and most major complaint: the PCC doesnt hold a fully assembled magma with tank. Sadly, you have to remove the tank and place it in its side slot for storage. Not a huge concern, but I miss being able to whip my blu out of the pcc, puff and put back in. That was convenient when walking from the car to the front door, or for other quick trips like that when I dont want to fumble with the pcc. I began using clearomizers, and since you cannot store a magma battery with clearomizer attached, you have to keep the tankomizer on it, remove it, then put on the clearomizer. I get better performance out of the tankomizers anyways, and if you clean them, they work and keep you happy.

    The Pros GREATLY outweigh the few cons I have with this. If volcano releases a larger pcc which holds a fully assembled magma with tank id buy it right away. Great vapor, nice flavor, and I can go a few days without needing to recharge or refill. No leaking issues with the tank kit, and have been using the same tanks and tankomizers for about 6 weeks now. Solid!

    I almost bought a magma usb passthrough for use at home, but realized I could just buy an inferno passthrough for a few more bucks. Im writing this review before buying the inferno kit to have extras around! Ill be keeping my magma pcc in my bag *just in case*.

    You have a very happy, returning customer here Volcano!
    PS- analog free since buying this!
  • Magma kit
    Review by Michaelon 1/28/12
    Purchase this at the mall today with the tobacco pure full flavor absolutely love it. Would recommend this to anyone who smokes taste awesome smells good.
  • Perfect!!!!!
    Review by Richardon 1/6/12
    I started with the volcano starter kit 8 months ago. I left it in the back seat of my car and the whole thing melted and the batteries fried. I was impressed with the volcano kit but it was not better than real cigarettes. I decided to just get the magma kit and wow these are perfect. The battery life is better the taste and vapor are perfect. I even chipped the paint on my battery tring to ash it like a real cigarette while I was driving. If you get the magma kit you will want to get the drip tips with it. The costumer service is amazing they fix problems very well for a company of this size. Thank you Volcano
  • a la carte
    Review by chrison 1/5/12
    Several of my friends bought the magma starter kit, i ordered my kit all replacement parts and i didnt spend to much more, i got to choose the led colors, i got auto manual and the mega batteries, also the quality of the pieces are much better and they seem to rip harder than all my friends and the batteries last longer as well. This product is very great and FOR SURE worth it, Very sleek, dense piece of equipment. Outstanding job Volcano.Props
  • Great kit!
    Review by Charleneon 1/3/12
    I bought this kit 1 month ago. Loved it from the begining. I got the refillable cartridges and attomizer as well as the drops atomizer, I love the drop one because the vapor production and flavor is awesome. (too bad they don't last me too long, about 2 weeks each) I guess I vape a lot. But that's ok, I can just walk into the store and get a new on for about $8 bucks. Very worth it. The refillable atomizers last longer and gives me a more convenient option for when am not in the mood to "drop". The eflavors are also great. After a month of use I decided to graduate from the Magma to the inferno. It's bigger in size but is more convenient and the batteries last longer am very happy with all my purchases.

    Have been cigarette free for months and volcano e cigarettes are definitely helping. Am so happy I found you Volcano. Keep up the
    good work!
    .. Did I mention that customer service is the best?..
  • awsome product
    Review by pistillion 12/27/11
    i tried vaping about three years ago as the e cig was just starting to show up in malls which is where i purchased my first. at the time it wasn't practical for an everyday smoker mostly because of the battery life of the device which obviously limits the users ability for a smoking substitute. on top of that problem most of us faced there was the taste of the e juice that was used as most of these e cigs and juices where imported and to me was of low quality as far as taste goes. i recently ran across an add online promoting another brand of e cig that had a free trial and decided to try it out. the product sucked but the good thing about it was the taste had changed. so i did a little more research and came across a brand called blu. i know i know BLU is the devil but at the time i had no knowledge of the infamous and line of amazing products. so i ordered the original blu pack. now it would be a product i would buy again and recommend to friends and family IF volcano wasn't around. but volcano is around and they are now my number 1 e cig. i ordered the inferno w/ the tank and drip kit love it!!!!!! and i just order the magma. love you guys!!!! i am an MP in the us army and a heavy smoker and i never had the intentions of quitting untill i took my first drag of an e cig which had the closest resemblance to cigarette smoke i had come across so far. i am now smoke free going on week three and will never go back!! thank you guys you changed my life forever!!
  • Excellent
    Review by Scotton 12/17/11
    I have been using my Magma starter kit for about a month now and so far I have been very pleased. I purchased my kit at the main store and the employees there were very helpful and fully explained my kit and how to use it. I originally purchased the kit to help me stop smoking and I wished I would have discovered vaping years ago (I would have saved a lot of money). I went to smoking a pack a day to having almost no desire to pick up a cigarette again. But that's just a mental thing as I get all the nicotine I need from my ecigs. I have many friends that use other brands and I wasn't very impressed to say the least. I had one battery that wouldn't hold a charge, but, I took it into the shop with my reciept and they handled everything. If you're looking for an eCig, look no further. Happy vaping!
  • Amazing product
    Review by Michaelon 12/4/11
    Volcano did amazing work with this kit, i had mine for only a few days and I'm already thinking about getting an inferno because i love how the throat hits and vapor production is on keeping me away from cigarettes
  • A+ all the way around
    Review by Ryanon 11/16/11
    Love the kit, ready to use right out of the box (be sure to watch instructional videos before using).
    As a first time vapor I went by what friends had told me about the volcano products and placed the order.
    Well here I am three weeks later, still using the product and have been completely smoke free for the last week, no urge for a cigarette at all.
    Keep up the great work and the A++ customer service and Ill keep coming back and recommending you to friends.
  • Overall Nice kit
    Review by Jason S. from ILon 11/6/11
    Overall a nice complete kit.
    1.) I'm not particularly impressed with the tank-o-mizer that came with my kit.
    2.) I wish the PCC would automatically charge the battery instead of having to hold the button.
    3.) I wish the PCC would hold a battery with cartomizer attached, preferably with a mega-clearomizer attached.
    4.) I wish the PCC would store more than one tank-o-mizer, mega-clearomizer, or atomizer/drip-tip setup.
    1.) PCC is great for keeping you charged on the go.
    2.) Batteries last longer than it takes to charge one. (a real problem I've had with smaller batteries from other brands).
    3.) Great variety of accessories available.
    4.) Very nice quality and look. (very stylish)

    Would definitely recommend (and I have) to friends and/or family. Perfect for someone new to vaping, is a great replacement for the feel of smoking an analog.
  • This is the one to get
    Review by Idaon 10/13/11
    Been buying from volcano for 2 years now and have all the kits other then inferno. This is the best for less hassle on charging all the time. I am staying with Magma. Love the new battery look. I will tell all the people in the casino near by us to buy this one from now on. I pass cards out all the time for you guys. I get stopped to much! Love the new cartomizers they are just a plus for people to change over. I tried to vote to not let these get taken away and it kept saying I had my passcode wrong. I am all for yes keep e-cigs. They are great and more healthy for you.
  • Allot nicer looking battery
    Review by Idaon 10/11/11
    I bought a new one Battery and seen you put the nice look like on the volcano. They are what I am changing over to. I had to many batteries not work good for me in the white kit and black. Purple led black ones worked perfect but the red none of them work for me.These last and you don't have to charge so much. Lookin good guys! The needle top is just the best that ever happen to me and for you. Works to fill easy all of them. I have been off cigs now for 4 months and have no want for them again!! I did it at last. If I can do you all can... Never thought I could.
  • A-mazing
    Review by Gordonon 10/4/11
    i should have researched a LITTLE bit more before purchasing my first e-cig kit which was a blu pack, a little over a year ago. B definitely has improved its quality over that time frame, but this magma kit makes it look like a child's toy. i have the tank kit and i was questioning upgrading to this kit, because i owned a kit already, and figured i could "make do" with what i had, but now, i am GLAD i upgraded to this kit. the tanks, and tankomizer are the most unreal vaping device that i have come across, without sacrificing size, and mobility. the upgraded battery over the V pack and B pack gives the most amazing draws, while offering updated battery life. the draws are monstrous, and i find myself actually being satisfied with less pulls than before. it is an amazing system, and anyone on the fringe of buying/upgrading, i would not hesitate because it will be worth it in the long run. couple that with top notch customer service/warrant/products, and you have a top notch system worth starting out or even upgrading to. thanks for taking the time to read this, and happy vaping!
  • Great concept overall
    Review by Billon 9/28/11
    I started my switch with some crappy N-joy from 7-11 and that thing was garbage! I had hoped the Volcano would be different, and for the most part the Magma kit was above and beyond and couldn't be beat for the money too. Ive had this for almost 4 months now.

    I did have a lot of trouble with batteries at first. Im glad it comes with 2 batteries because the one of them was DOA. Then the replacement was DOA and only lasted for the initial charge. The Third one held a charge just fine, but you had to practically suck the liquid through tanks and carts to get the batt to operate. I did finally get a good batt on the fourth try, but i also ordered another backup M-batt. It would seem that the batteries that come with the kit are not as good as the ones you can order separately.

    The M-Pack has been great with no problems at all. It holds a great charge and does its job recharging. Its seems to be very durable as well. Ive had a few carts leak all over the inside of it and it still worked before i noticed the juice coming from the bottom. I cleaned it out and let it dry and its been fine.

    The USB chargers have held up very well. I went for the Tank-o-mizer option and its been great and easy to use. Refilling can be a bit messy at first until you get the hang of it. Always keep a napkin around when refilling.

    Overall, this thing has been a life saver and great to use. Ive been analog free since June. The wife was skeptical at first, but now she loves the fact i don't stink like cigs and depending on my flavor of vapage she says i actually smell better!
  • The MOST Impresive
    Review by Dogon 9/15/11
    I ordered this on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. Looks awesome. The LED on the front of the pack was an unexpected pleasure. Concerned that if I carry it in my pocket that it will actuate the LED or the flashlight (yes it comes with a flashlight. Astounding) and may drain the battery. Not sure if that will be a problem.

    Very high quality. I typically don't vape anywhere except on my computer. When I ordered I was looking at the inferno, but it didn't offer the option of ordering a pass though. After I ordered I viewed the video and the inferno has a built in pass through. Seems the only difference between this and the inferno is the size of the battery. I don't really use the battery as I just passthrough. I did the BLU but the production quality of BLU is sooo much lower, and they don't offer a passthrough. The rig is awesome and it provides clouds and the ejuice is fantastic. Ordering more flavors today. I have used cheap Chinese crap and BLU. This is so much better. If I had to do it again, I would just order the magma pass through, the atomizer and the drip tip as I like the drip. Got the tank system as well but haven't tried it yet. Will review that when I use it. I am simply astounded at the quality of this. So impressive. You have a new fan!
  • Don't hesitate to order this kit!
    Review by klmon 9/6/11
    If you're looking for something to replace analogs, this is what you need! I have the drip kit and I could not be PAID to smoke the real thing! I've tried everything out there and Volcano is the best company hands down! The customer service is outstanding! I am upgrading to the inferno for longer battery life but will always love the Magma! Do not hesitate ordering any products from Volcano!
  • Loving this kit!
    Review by Brandonon 9/3/11
    After purchasing a different kit from a local reseller I started looking around for a second kit, I planned on giving the first one to my wife. The kit I purchased only had pre-filled cartomizers, I wanted to make this a much more economical purchase so my new kit had to allow me to use my own juice and if possible work with my other PV.

    Well Volcano was the brand that filled all of those expectations and did so with flying colors. I fell in love with my first PV, I fell in love all over again with the Magma T. The Tanks make vaping more of an enjoyment and less of a chore than with dripping. I did have some issues the first few days, my Tankomizer always tasted burnt when I tried to use it. Took me about a tank and half of just mouth puffing to make it go away. Not sure if it was something i did or what but now it works GREAT!
    Even with that slightly bad experience, I will admit, I made a really good choice!

    If your looking for an awesome vaporizer with loads of options and easy to use then this might be the one!

    I give it 4.5/5 stars! I only dock the .5 becuase one of my batteries doesn't light up. But customer service is excellent and they are already starting the RMA process. Took them less then 3 hours to reply to my ticket. TALK ABOUT FAST! 5/5 for CS!
  • Can't wait to vape!
    Review by Christopheron 8/24/11
    I purchased the Magma starter kit a month ago after being a smoker for 15 years. Nothing and I mean nothing has ever made me quit cigarettes in one day! I havent smoked a cigarette in a month because of my Magma! I mean the options of flavors and the billowing vape it produces can't be matched! You can vape ANYWHERE with no after smell like you do with regular cigs! Vapeing is down right DELICIOUS! I plan on upgrading to inferno here soon, but Magma is an awesome kit. However I I would like to see the grey tips on the batts be more secured, since both of mine have come loose, not sure if i can super glue em back on!?! This really is the end all tool to traditional smoking! And did i mention its Delicious?!?! XD
  • Don't smoke it VAPE it from Volcano
    Review by Jasonon 8/21/11
    I love my Magma vaporizer! No way I'd go back to analogs. Now i'm recomending Volcano and their kits to every smoker that i know and care about. Personally i think this is much safer and healthier than analogs. Of course i'm no doctor. The only trouble i've had is the charge pack. The first one didn't work. Now i just recieved the replacement and it doesn't work. Volcano is extremely easy to work with and i have all the faith that they will fix the problem. Volcano has been good to me and from other reviews they have been good to everyone and they back the 1 year warrnty very well. I look forward to new products in the future. Cant see myself ever going to another company.
  • An Awesome Product
    Review by scotton 8/18/11
    I use to smoke b*u cigs and the V*por king and they were pretty good, but I finally got this baby in the mail and holy crap is it amazing. I got both the drip and the tank and it is awesome. The batteries last a pretty good while. Lots and lots of vapor and such good flavors. If you are trying to quit smoking this is the thing for you. I will recommend this to all my friends and anyone who is trying to quit. Thanks Volcano
  • Just want to know
    Review by Roberton 8/17/11
    Ok if the magma comes with 2 bat are you going to make the opion to come with both types of bats?
    Review by PurplePanda on 7/9/11
    I am 18 years old and this is the first ever cig I have ever tried... I am highly impressed with this outstanding product... I ordered it on Tuesday this week and got it Saturday... I got it with the Pineapple juice lite... I was smoking skylines and special blend and haven't touched it yet today... Thank you for my new favorite hobby
  • I love my MAGMA!
    Review by Jon 7/9/11
    I'm really impressed with the Magma. I got both the drip and the tank kits. The vapor production is great and the batteries (I got the manual ones) do the job.

    The M-pack is nice and fits plenty of tanks. Being able to charge the batteries on the go is a must. I had the first tank-o die before I could really use it. It kind of soured my opinion of tanks, the new one works great though. If you get the tank kit, I would order an extra tank-o with it just in case. I also suggest you get the USB Pass-through so you can vape while the batteries charge.

    This is a good kit for a typical smoker and you won't be disappointed with it. I find myself vaping a lot. Basically all day. If you are super hardcore you may want to look at the inferno. I'm kicking myself for not taking the plunge and just going for that monster vapor machine. :)

    Rock on Volcano! You guys are Awesome!
  • Amazing alternative to smoking!
    Review by Haroldon 7/5/11
    This product is awesome. I've been a smoker for ten long years and I've had the magma for about two weeks and I haven't bought a pack of analog cigarettes since then. I love it. I went straight to 0 nicotine cause I figured since I really wanted to quit smoking I might as well start where there aren't any dangerous chemicals. I think I wasn't addicted to any nicotine but just the fun of having smoke blow out of my mouth is what I really enjoy. So now, with the magma ecig, I enjoy the zero mg, I enjoy the flavors that are available, and I enjoy the artificial smoke that I can blow out. Not only that, I went ahead and bought the Inferno just a couple of days ago. Overall, despite that there are a lot of ecig products out there, Volcano ecig's are my personal best. They do what is advertised and they in Hawaii, where I'm from.
    Love the Volcano Cafe by the way. I tried vaping at a Starbucks, but got busted cause they thought it was real smoke.
  • Magma T kit
    Review by TJon 6/28/11
    So I'm fairly new to this vaping thing and just recently got my magma after first buying a blu which I returned almost immediately. Well I've had this ecig for about a day now and so far I'm very impressed with this product, the flavor and throat hit are very good as well as the amount of vapor. I recommend getting the carto refill kit for putting the syringe tips on your bottles of e liquid because the caps on the magma's tanks can be somewhat difficult to remove at times so filling this way is just much easier. I wish that the tanks were bigger tho, as I find they don't have quite as much liquid as I'd like them to, also it would be nice if the blank tanks came with the hole already in the top of the cap, that way you wouldn't have to pre-punch the tanks and have to remove the knockout, its a relatively small complaint, I just think it would be easier that way. Also if they moved the charge port to the back right corner of the pcc so its out of the way and make the port for the tankomizer just slightly bigger so you could fit a sixth tank already attached to your tankomizer in the pcc, that would be great! Again just a suggestion that I think would make the Magma T that much better. But otherwise I'm very happy with this. There is one other thing, I took a hit of my magma last nite after putting a new tank on and it tasted terrible! It had like a burning sensation that was really bad. But after hitting it and not inhaling a few times the bad taste went away and all I could taste was menthol once again, at first I was worried that I had accidently burnt the wick somehow and ruined the tankomizer but it seems to still be working so hopefully it was nothing.
  • love my magma t-kit
    Review by kevinon 6/28/11
    it took me a few days to get use to it learning how to use it and getting it all started but thats the way it is with anything new but it is by way far the best kit i have ever used and i have used a few other companys im not gonna mention any names lol. but i made no mistake choosing magma there juices products are the best i highly recommend this product great vapor awsome taste. thanks for a great product valcano ...oh and the customer service is outstanding very fast shipping and response..once again highly recommend this product
  • Love the kit!
    Review by Hakuginon 6/24/11
    After over a month of using the Magma Starter Kit I have decided to post my review of it. I honestly have nothing really bad to say about the starter kit. I love the ability to charge my batteries on the go as well as while I am sitting near my computer. Everywhere I go I get asked where I got my e-cigs. When I ask them why their response is usually "My e-cigs don't provide nearly the same amount of vapor." After trying many brands of e-cigs myself I have to agree. the Volcano Magma kit is worth every cent. Quick advice though.. get a second atomizer and make sure you keep them clean for best performance.
  • Excellent
    Review by rosson 6/8/11
    After good reviews on the web and advice from friends. I decided on this Magma kit. I was a serious smoker for many years and knew I needed a very good e cigarette if I was to have a real chance at it working for me, to quit smoking. This kit comes with everything you need to get started, immediately. It was worth the upfront cost of $74.00. After that its just a matter of ordering more juice and other miscellaneous accessories to fit your needs. I am leaning on this Magma heavily to curb my urge to smoke. At first I wasn't using it that much because I still had some analog smokes around. So, I threw away my ashtray, smokes and lighters and was forced to use only this, and it has taken the place of real cigarettes. Make sure to give it a chance...and it should work for even the heaviest of smokers.

    Bravo Volcano, great kit/product. I'm 45yrs old and had been smoking since I was 10yrs old. I no longer smoke. This product worked where all other methods failed.

  • Magmanificent!
    Review by Rattleheadon 6/6/11
    I started small with the Volcano kit (love it!). Went big with the Inferno kit ( guessed it! Love it too!). Now I have it all with the Magma T kit, and it is the perfect happy medium!
    So far it is the best for travaling around with, long battery life for it's size, and with the new PCC I always have a charge waiting.
    The new Tankomizers for these are powerful! Plenty of flavor, and clouds of vapor! I am hoping for larger tanks though, as I finish a tank before I finish a battery (which again speaks to the good battery life!), good thing it comes with 5 tanks!
    They must have ironed out the glitch with the spikes, as so far the spike has remained firmly in place and is a real "chad" eater (experienced tank users know what Imean!)
    I would recommend this kit to any vaper new or pro.
    Vape on!
  • Great kit for those on the go.
    Review by R4zoron 6/5/11
    I am constantly on the go, so I was tossed up between Magma and Inferno. I picked the Mag kit due to the M-Pack. Its charging capabilites, storage options, LED display, and since I quit analogs May 29th (my wifes birthday), it is shaped like a pack of smokes, therefore helped with the mental feeling of carrying a pack of Red's. I was a fairly heavy smoker and the batts can keep up with me, especily since I have a spare ready to go. The LED flashlight oddly came in handy the very first night I had it. The batteries charge very quickly no matter the option you use, and last a good while. I am going to add the Drip Kit and Inferno kit to my arsonal very soon. Thank you Volcano.

    BTW I placed the order at 11:45pm from Virginia Beach, VA. E-mailed a question just after I placed the order, and got a responce within a few minutes. I know it wasn't midnight on the Big Island, but they work hard for us.
  • My Favorite
    Review by Eric on 5/25/11
    This is the perfect E-Cig for me. Ive tried many but this is the best by far.
    Ive been smoke free for almost 7 months now and saved well over 800 dollars with the switch. I'd swear by this product for anyone who smokes reg cigs.
    Going from Newports a pack a day to this was a breeze and my Doctor already asked me if I quit smoking because my lungs were so much healthier on my last visit. I cant thank Volcano enough for there product. Not to mention they have been SO understanding as far as customer service and any issues I had.
    Thanks again guys, you have added years to my lifespan.
  • I'm impressed, and thats not easy to do
    Review by Michaelon 5/23/11
    I have had the Magma T kit for around two weeks now and i'd have to say that it is the best 510 unit I have ever owned. Overall the design and durability are rather impressive. It is apparent from the moment you first piece together the device that you got your money's worth. I received a badly damaged kit, but the customer service department was very good about making it right, especially for a somewhat smaller e-cigarette supplier. Honestly, i've tried a number of e-cigarettes and although I have collected quite a few different models and use most of them on a daily basis, there really is nothing like a Magma 510 when it comes to throat hit, taste, style, quality, and value.
  • I'm impressed, and thats not easy to do
    Review by Michaelon 5/23/11
    I have had the Magma T kit for around two weeks now and i'd have to say that it is the best 510 unit I have ever owned. Overall the design and durability are rather impressive. It is apparent from the moment you first piece together the device that you got your money's worth. I received a badly damaged kit, but the customer service department was very good about making it right, especially for a somewhat smaller e-cigarette supplier. Honestly, i've tried a number of e-cigarettes and although I have collected quite a few different models and use most of them on a daily basis, there really is nothing like a Magma 510 when it comes to throat hit, taste, style, quality, and value.
  • Magma (T) Best Ever!!!
    Review by Zombieon 5/21/11
    I have and love my Magma (T) from the day I got it I have not wanted a single "Analog Cig." I use to smoke a little over a pack of analogs a day (about a pack and 5 cigs or so) now i go threw about 2 tanks a day so far. I plan on posting another review after a bit more use. Though so far my inital reaction to the Magma (T) is simple. Wow! I'm in love <3
  • Hot damn
    Review by Alexon 5/16/11
    I just switched to this product from a blu, and the difference in quality is tremendous. The vapor production is very high, and the throat hit makes me feel "home" again so to speak after giving up analog cigarettes. The tanks are very easy to deal with compared to carts, and the M batteries have a very impressive lifespan. Great product Volcano, you've completely won me over.
  • Very Happy with purchase
    Review by DTOon 5/12/11
    I've been using the Magma tank system all day today and it has worked great. This is the best product I've used. Tons of vapor, super easy to use. In my option, this is way better then using carts or dripping. If you're thinking about getting this, don't hesitate...this is the one. I prefer the manual battery and the vanilla liquid is really good. A+ Volcano.
    Review by nanopineiroon 5/9/11
    I love this ec but the manual battery its so bad, the juice goes all the time to the hands and mouth, i recomend the magma manual battery!!!
    Review by nanopineiroon 5/6/11
    This is great! A week ago I bought and almost no smoke analog, I would not buy the kit, since the load option and had wall is equal to that of any mini usb, the battery automatically do not like using it, I would spot fingers and the liquid goes to the mouth, but with the mega manual and manual, is an incredible experience !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And is cheaper than Smoking!

  • Magma T
    Review by Andrewon 5/6/11
    I originally popped my cherry with the Inferno T kit, as it came highly recommended from a friend. After a month of use of the Inferno, there was a lot of leakage of liquid and it was just messy after a while. I'm on day 2 of the Magma T, and it is a world of difference.

    The Magma T provides a sleek sexy package, with a ton a vaping power. I cant comment on the battery life yet, I haven't drained it yet. There were a few design changes in the tank going from the Inferno T to the Magma T, and it is greatly appreciated because it seems to do a better job on preventing leaks.

    One thing you guys don't mention on your site, which i think some people will find useful are the dimensions of the product. The Magma T is about 4-1/2" long, and a little thicker than an analog, incase you guys were wondering. (Extended battery adds 1-1/2" for a total of 6")

    I also got the extended battery, which comes with the other tip (which i think is trying to resemble the tip of an analog). I think you should put the extended tip on all of the batteries, its a cool look.

    One thing I did notice...When I screw in the the tankomizer to the battery snugly, there is a whistling noise when I inhale, and this is for both batteries. I have to consciously keep an eye on how tight the connection is, and loosen it, if it is too tight, which is kind of annoying.

    Another small nuiance, maybe this is because I'm anal when it comes to some things, when assembled, all 3 different pieces (Tank, Tankomizer and battery) don't line up correctly. Meaning its not a straight line (maybe 1 or 2 degrees off), it might be just something about me, when I used to be a plumber's assistant, being level is extremely important.

    All in all, a powerful product in a small package. Overall, I'd rate this product a 4/5.
  • one question
    Review by davidon 5/5/11
    can the T atty that comes with this also use pre-filled cartridges?

    volcano- no
  • favorite e-cig to date!
    Review by Antonioon 5/4/11
    i downsized but still wanted the tank-o-mizer so i bought this and loved it even more than the inferno due to size, portability, and the PCC, the only problem is the tanks leak easy for me, idk why
  • Magma T Kit is amazing
    Review by Michaelon 4/28/11
    I just received my Magma T kit today and I couldn't be happier! It is simple to use and quite effective! The smoke is there and it is full and rich! I would definitely recommend this to everyone who wishes they could smoke anywhere and freely again (Especially to those in Illinois, New York, and California)!
  • Question...
    Review by Carloson 4/28/11
    I just have a few questions before I decide to purchase this product... I'm trying to purchase the Magma (T) and I was wondering how long is the battery life? Also... How long does each cartridge last, ie is it equivilent to a pack or half a pack of smokes or is it equivalent to one smoke? How long does a bottle last generally, how much can you get out of it so I know if I should order multiple ones? and what's the difference between the regular menthol and the premium usa menthol? Hope to have these questions answered soon as I'm sure a lot of people out there are also wondering this... and so that I can pass word on to others that I've told about this site! Thanks!

    volcano- each filled cartridge is equal to a pack of cigarettes........a bottle will last a average smoker and new vaper 7-10 days......Premium menthol is made in the USA, and regular was made in china and is discontinued.....
  • Magma T
    Review by Debora on 4/26/11
    Shipping time is outstanding! I really like the tank system. Great taste and vapor, but the tanks are too small. The atty only lasted a week and the tip fell off of one of the batteries. Maybe I just got a lemon? I contacted customer service the said they would be happy to replace battery. Battery life is way to short so I ordered a mega battery and mega cartomizers. I have kinda given up on tank systen because of short atty life. Cartomizers seem to last longer than atty. Maybe I'll try the tankomizer dispite cracking issues. This is becoming way to hobby like.
  • New To Vaping & Loving It!!!
    Review by Kitty Katon 4/20/11
    I decided to quit smoking after a bad Asthma attack a couple weeks ago. Yeah I can hear the voices now..."If you have asthma why are you smoking?!" Any who. I decided to get an ecig to help me quit. A Co worker has one and she hasn't smoked for a month!!! So I decided to look into it. After much research I finally decided upon The Magma T Kit. Let me tell you it is totally worth it!! In a short week my asthma hasn't bothered me once. (I work in a casino so you can imagine) The first time I used my ecig I wasn't used to the vapor but now I have no issues and it tastes GREAT!!! Blue Water Punch. Need I say more? I love being able to easily refill the tanks. The entire unit isn't as bulky as I thought it would be. The size, for those of you that are curious, It's longer than a ***** Wide, but just about the same width. So the transition was easy for me. The simplicity of charging on the go is great and I only need to recharge three times a day. Plus the video on the Magma T kit is what sold me. Showing the viewer what's in the kit and how to use. Thumbs Up!!!! Thank You So Much Volcano!!!!!!
  • Question
    Review by Adamon 4/10/11
    What menthol does this come with? It just specifies a 15 ml bottle of full flavor. Does it have nicotine? If so... how much? I would purchase this now if I know it comes with the 15 ml bottle of 16 mg premium USA menthol.

    volcano- yes it does
  • Legendary
    Review by Lorenon 4/7/11
    I just have to say I am really pleased with my Magma. My financee purchased the DuoPro which uses carts and I was really unhappy with it because it was hard to get a decent hit with it. With the magma I get a perfect hit everytime... if you are trying to decided between carts or tanks I heavly suggest going for the tanks.

    Thank you Volcano I am one happy customer!!

    Also I really suggest buying a syringe with your kit. I had to hunt down an eye dropper because filling the tanks can be a bit complicated without.

    volcano- you do not need a syringe...this is the easiest tank to fill just pop bottom off and fill with your bottle of eliquid to 90%...thanks for the great review
  • WOW!! Full review after two days with the Magma (T) kit
    Review by Stasison 4/7/11
    When the Magma (T) Kit became available I couldn't wait to try it. As a former Magma user who switched to the Inferno (T) for the raw vaping power and refillable tanks, I was already quite familiar with how the tankomizer design worked. But of course I was a little skeptical as to how well a smaller tankomizer version could function on a cigarette sized e-cig like the Magma.

    All I could say when I first tried it was WOW! The construction is solid... the blank tanks fit snug into the tankomizer so there's no leakage or juice getting in the mouth (like with the old Magma carts). Even though the tanks are smaller than the Inferno's, there's no foam insert so it holds more liquid than I first realized, and combined with the more liquid-efficient tank delivery, a full tank lasts a good while!! And with the additional tank storage in the M-pack, I never run out.

    As far as the new Magma batteries, even though I had already made the progression to manual batteries with the Inferno, I liked that they included both an Auto (inhale activated) battery and a Manual (push button) battery in the kit. I love manual batteries because you're not wasting any lung capacity to activate them which gets you more vape, but I was extremely impressed with how the new auto Magma battery functioned together with the Tankomizer. It is highly sensitive and thus very accurate in being quick to fire up and delivering LOTS of vapor!! I would never have guessed that I'd enjoy taking "drags" again. ;)

    Now this doesn't mean I'll be ending a love affair with my Inferno, for they both have their practical applications. I'll just be vaping more openly in public with my sexy new Magma. (Now when newbies ask to try my e-cig I can hand them the auto unit without fear of them getting liquid in their mouth or hands. :)

    I honestly can't think of anything negative about this setup. I highly recommend it to anyone new to E-cigs as well as any veteran vapers who would like something compact but don't want to sacrifice convenience or vaping power.

    Thank you Volcano for another homerun!
  • Magma (T)
    Review by Jameson 4/6/11
    I ordered my Magma T kit on Sunday the 3rd and received it on Wednesday the 6th (of April) and i am pleased with it so far. Really the only thing i would change is the strengths of liquid nicotine they have for us to choose from. I ordered full flavor of Blue Water Punch i believe. I am not getting much of a throat hit but it produces a lot of vapor. The Magma T is quite a bit smaller than what i am use to, i still have my ****************** which is a lot bulkier which that doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Overall, I am glad I made this purchase but i just hope the atty and battery lasts a good long while even with good maintenance care.