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Earning Points

So you're interested in the freebies huh? Well you'll be glad to know that we've come up with a great points and rewards program that not only gives you credit for your purchases, but also for the friends and family that you refer to the Volcanoecigs store!

Point Values:
  • :: $4 dollars spent* = 1 VOLCANO Point.
  • :: 5 VOLCANO Points = $1 discount off the total price of your cart!
  • :: Refer a friend who makes a purchase = 25 points!

It's that easy! So sign up today and get started earning your free rewards!

*Shipping and taxes are not included in calculating a points reward for a purchase.
*Points cannot be earned and spent on the same transaction.
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Viewing Your Points

Viewing the points that you've earned is a simple task. Simply begin by logging into your account at the top of our site and navigating to the "My Account" Page:
Members Area
Once you navigate to the "My Account" page, you can view your "Points summary".

You can also view a complete summary of your earnings from the "My Points & Rewards" Section:


Referring a Friend

Referring a friend is easy and a great way to rack up a lot of points really quickly. We've made the process as easy as possible by giving you your own personal refarral code, referral url and have an auto-emailer that can send emails to all of your contacts! To access our referral system, visit the "My Referrals" section of your "My Account" page and choose the referral method that works best for you!

Referrals and Invitations

Transfering Points

Hey there your points...do with them what you will!

Know a friend who's running short on some cash but needs to get some supplies? Want to reward a family member for deciding to make the switch? Well sending points is as easy as 1-2-3!

You can send points to anyone with an active account right from your "My Account" page! Sending them points is as easy as sending an email!

Surprise your family and friends on those special occassions with Volcano points and share the gift of vaping with the hottest electronic cigarette on the market!
Send Points


Using Your Points

Using your points is as easy as earning them!

Before going through the checkout process, visit the "My Cart" page and use the points slider to apply points against the total in your cart for huge discounts. You can completely control how many points are used with every purchase and even maximize your discount to take full advantage of your earnings!

Spend Your Points
Loyalty Points and Rewards Program