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Tube Tank BCT Heating Coils - 3 Pack

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  • Tube Tank BCT Heating Coils - 3 Pack

BC TubeTank Replacement Heating Coils - 3 Pack


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3 Replacement single coil, silica wick wrap made for the BC TubeTank system. Available in a choice of Ω ratings: 1.8, 2.5, 3.0 & 3.5Ω. Recommended for The INFERNO use 1.8Ω & for The LAVATUBE use 2.5Ω, 3.0Ω, or 3.5Ω. Learn more about care and maintenance of the Heating Coils.


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The BC TubeTank is powered by compact bottom feeding coils designed with an optimized single coil and silica wick assembly. The brass housing encloses the coil and the entire system is coated to prevent any micro-shorts.

The coils are equipped with the patented Ultra-Port™ saturation technology which enables eight exterior eliquid ports to evenly saturate the coil during use to provide a consistent and flavorful vape.

Varying resistance levels allow the user to equip their BC TubeTank with up to 3.5Ω of resistance. Recommended for The INFERNO use 1.8Ω & for The LAVATUBE use 3.5Ω. Learn more about care and maintenance of the Heating Coils.

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Maschelleon 8/20/15
    Fabulous product that allowed me to stop smoking. It's all I need 4 my vaping preferences.
    One gigantic problem has developed since the introduction and push of the BCTube Tank for the Inferno. Volcano is constantly out of stock of the monthly reolacement parts this tank requires.. 1.8 ohms coils and the O-rings that keep juice IN the tank.
    What good is a product you can't use? Sadly I left Volcano yesterday and bought the very same eLeaf Istick 40w tc mod that I discover Volcano just starting selling
  • Overall
    Easy to install
    Review by Crystalon 6/11/15
    Installation is quick and they last for at least 4 fills, which for me is about 3 weeks. Kept clean they can longer! I never pick up a cigarette!
  • Overall
    not bad bad
    Review by Alanon 1/5/15
    When the juice gets low, it always seems to leak. I can deal with it for what I get out of most of it. Lately they have been lasting longer.
  • Overall
    Love the tank and replacement coils
    Review by Willon 12/20/14
    I've been using the BC tube tank for the past 6 months and absolutely love it! I've tried many different tanks/wicks and this is the best one so far. I have not experienced leakage or the burnt taste that others have experienced. The tube works with all my batteries (I buy E-GO and other cheap ones on Ebay).
  • Overall
    Review by Orsonon 12/18/14
    I love this new BC Tank
  • Overall
    Not bad
    Review by Brandonon 9/29/14
    I had gone through 2 of these coils in 4 days using Volcano e liquid. But after switching it up to a different brand of juice I have had no burnt taste or as I like to call it "fresh from the hamper" taste. It is a 85/15 mix compared to the 80/20 of Volcano's liquids and it has seemed to help make the lifespan of my coils a bit longer. Maybe it's an isolated incident but either way still will give 4 stars since customer service is helping me out.
  • Overall
    Not too bad
    Review by Jordan on 9/27/14
    Purchased this and the BCT because Volcano was offering a sale on them. Overall it's a solid product. There are a few things about these which annoy me a bit, though. I noticed for some reason I kept getting burnt hits, even with enough juice to saturate the atty. I just got into the habit of taking a dry inhale every few vapes to get it wet.

    Another thing is price. three for $13? I can pick up five of these from another competitor for $12. I understand Volcano makes good products. They definitely put more R&D in their stuff, but a lot of times I feel like I'm paying for the Volcano name and not the product.

    On the other hand. The tank itself is very well priced. Their leading competitor is going to charge around $22 online and around $30+ in stores.
  • Overall
    gr8 but...
    Review by mixtoutvaperon 9/27/14
    ok my girlfriend and totally love the new tank, she hasn't had any problems but I have. It's probably because I inhale too hard I always get the burnt taste. So I'm on coil #2 and taking it easy on the vape and switched to watts instead of volts so far so good. 1 less star because I want to drag hard like on the old setups!!!
  • Overall
    1.8 vs 2.5 ohm
    Review by Kenon 9/23/14
    I'm using the Inferno system using 2.5 ohm coils with the 900 mah batteries., and 1.8 ohm coils with the 650 mah batteries. I couldn't be happier.
  • Overall
    I love these things
    Review by Pennyon 8/25/14
    I think these are a vast improvement from the previous system however I did remove one star because I have problems with some of the filters either not working or only working a couple of days.

    For 12.99 for 3 that can get expensive.
  • Overall
    Way better than the original tube tank
    Review by Andrewon 8/18/14
    This BCT system is way better than the old Tube Tank system. No Leaks, but maybe a little spitting/gurgling from inhaling to hard. Just be gentle with this unit and you will never have problems 5 big stars.

    I love the coils on the BCT. They last long, produce big vapor clouds for only a .8 ohm single coil, and produce very good flavor.

    NOTE: Make sure you let your new coil "prime" after you put liquid in.
    Don't just put liquid in and start vaping right away. You will ruin your coil.
    Let gravity take effect and pull the liquid into the coils wick for about 10 minutes.
  • Overall
    Review by Anneon 8/17/14
    It's better than it was
  • Overall
    These definitly rock
    Review by Scotton 7/28/14
    I switched from using the old "carto" with the wool inside to these, and I was like WHOA!!! These rock The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars are two reasons. One, sometimes even with a new coil, I continuously get a burnt taste. I have learned to blow a gentle puff into the tank from time to time to break up any air bubbles in it and this helps. This only happens occasionally.
    The second reason is that I wish these would come in higher ohms. The 1.8 is good, but still gets kind of warm, especially with a mod battery using higher voltages. It would be nice to be able to have a choice for the 1.8, 2.0 or even a 2.2 ohm for a cooler vape with higher voltages. Please work on that Volcano. You guys make an excellent device in the Inferno.
  • Overall
    This System Rocks
    Review by mikeon 5/21/14
    Much easier to fill, Way more vapor, Doesn't leak ,LOVE IT!!!!!! Thanks to the Volcano Team for the R&D on all your Products. I have referred your Co. to many of my Friends and Family. Way better than Smoking those Gross Cigs.

    Mahalo Nui Loa
  • Overall
    Summary of Your Review
    Review by Carmenon 5/19/14
    Love it so much better than old one!
  • Overall
    They're product, but has flaws
    Review by Jasonon 5/11/14
    I really love this new tank system. These coils are much cleaner and more efficient than the old wick system. My only complaint is that my last 3 pack of these had 2 that slurped continuously. I made sure they had the o-rings attached above the threading and at different tensions to no avail.
  • Overall
    GREAT product
    Review by Jameson 5/5/14
    SOOO much better than the tube tank. Absolutely love this.
  • Overall
    Much better than the old system
    Review by Stephenon 3/19/14
    So much easier to fill or change carto! Much more vapor, reminds me of my days of smoking again. Sometimes I do get a hint of burnt something? Maybe I just vape too much. Lol.
  • Overall
    The New BCT
    Review by Jeannaon 3/8/14
    Love it!! It is so much easier to fill and I love the way it hits. So much better than the old system. I think the only complaint I have is that I have to sometimes clean the liquid from the tip but its only once in a while.
  • Overall
    Love it!
    Review by Courtneyon 2/26/14
    MUCH better than the previous tube tank system! I love it and it hits like a CHAMP!
  • Overall
    Review by Carmenon 2/5/14
    Awesome product
  • Overall
    BCT System
    Review by Karenon 2/3/14
    I love the convenience of this system. Be sure to take a few long draws before vaping as the electric hit will fry your throat if the liquid hasn't penetrated the atomizer, but once it is saturated with the liquid, it is a nice, clean, full flavored vape.
  • Overall
    Review by Joan on 1/9/14
  • Overall
    Love it
    Review by Alissaon 1/4/14
    Had it for about a week now and love it. So much better than the old system. Only complaint I have is that the new thicker eliquids you have to do a dry pull to get the juice to fill into the atomizer before almost every puff... It's tedious and inconvienent. Makes it hard to be inconspicuous and more than a bit annoying.
  • Overall
    BCT coils
    Review by Davidon 12/22/13
    I am pleased so far been using them for a few days now. A lot better then a cart. Nice hit and the flavor is better and it is a well designed system. I will definitely be ordering more.